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By Arnie
Have used for more than 15 years
December 7, 2012
All of the feliway and comfort zone products have been very effective with resuce cats and our family cats. Highly recommend for any anxiety or stress related behaviour.
By Joanie
Feliway plug-in refill
December 4, 2012
Even though this product does not stop our cats from spraying/marking territory, it definitely calms them in a multiple cat household and we have a very small house. I continue to buy this product every month to help keep peace, quiet and contentment among the tribe!
By Julie
Toronto, Ontario
Great Investment
December 3, 2012
This product seems to work with my cats. I see the calmness in them. It also helps with the marking situation. They used to go outside the box, but every place I've used Feliway, within a couple of weeks of daily use, the problem has disappeared.
By Patty
Fulshear, TX
It really helps a stressed out kitty!
November 29, 2012
We used this product for our 2 cats when we moved. They never seemed the slightest bit stressed. One of our cats is extremely shy and suffers from any disruptions to her surroundings. Feliway has helped her tremendously!
By Pet L.
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
November 27, 2012
Shipment was fast and product was exactly what was described.
By Joan
Salem, Missouri
Feiway Diffuser refills
November 25, 2012
Best product ever, calms my cats, makes for a happy home.
By Cat m.
Suggested by son who had product suggested by vet
November 23, 2012
I know the day the difuser runs dry because my cats begin to fight. I was skepticle but am now totally convinced this product works! Wish it worked on humans!
By Eyasta
San Jose, CA
I think it helps a bit
November 15, 2012
I've used Feliway diffusers on and off for a few years, especially when our newest cat adopted us. (He had a habit of spraying since we have other cats in the house.) Although Feliway isn't a "magic pill" for this problem, I do think it lessens the tendency to urine mark. They seem a little more relaxed.
Weston, FL
November 13, 2012
Ever since I plugged these in all around my house I have not had 1 incident! My cat has been accident free for almost a year :)
By Flo
Feliway Diffuser
November 7, 2012
Helped one of my cats calm down and not attack the other one!!!!
By Bren
Love the product
November 7, 2012
This really works for my cats. I have 4 of them and I know for a fact it works.
By Killer K.
Los Angeles
Feliway Diffuser
November 6, 2012
Cat, 15 years old, has been trouble his entire life! In previous residence he had marked constantly, even though he has been neutered. Tried Feliway off and on in old residence, but didn't work so well due to the odors from his previous markings. Moved to new home, new construction, decided to try Feliway again and without any other scents in the home, he has not marked once in over a year! Still a mean cat, but no marking!
By ctnbl
still spraying
November 6, 2012
Have an older male cat that used to go outside to do his business. Now he stays inside 27/7 since moving to a new home. He has ALWAYS been territorial! Always! I have tried this diffuser in my other home and would still have issues. Have bought it again thinking because of different open floor plan needed to plug in more at one time. Still doesnt work. Maybe its just my upset territoral boy! Good luck. Doesnt work for us and I bought alot at one time since it was a better price. Will keep trying!
By GIna
good product
November 6, 2012
This stuff helps calm aggressive or nervous behavior and all of its consequences. Works well.
By scooter t.
beaumont, tx
works but not like i thought
November 6, 2012
It does work but seems more effective right after putting a full bottle in. The cats still fight but seems to be a little less. Gonna try it a few more months.
By Marconnie
November 4, 2012
My vet said to try this for our 4 cats that are unhappy due to the new stray we took in. The oldest cat is still chases the newbie, but maybe it could have been worse. We're not giving up on the Feliway!
By Elisa
Good value
November 4, 2012
Buying the refills in bulk saves a lot of money
By Elisa
cats are getting along
November 4, 2012
I introduced a stray pregnant female into my home and she had five kittens. They are getting along better than expected and I attribute at least part of that to Feliway.
By judy
Glendale Arizona
It works!!
November 2, 2012
I have been using the Feliway diffusers for about a year after reaching a position of thinking about taking my cat back to the Humane Society. He was so out of control with his marking in the house I was constantly cleaning & watching & trying to get him to stop but nothing I did helped. I got on the internet to see if there was anything on the there that might work. After reading about Feliway I ordered some & almost immediately noticed a difference. As time went on I became convinced that the Feliway was working so I would recommend it to anyone who has the same problem. Give it a try & I think you'll agree with me. Thanks Feliway
By Peggy
Washington DC metro area
Necessity if Using Diffuser
October 30, 2012
Great price and hopefully the diffuser is working with your cat.
By Joan
Salem, Missouri
Great Product
October 28, 2012
Fellway Diffusers are great. Makes my kitties happy and content.
By Margie
Kenosha, WI
product and service
October 26, 2012
I really do like this procuct, it does work keeping my three cats calmer. Also, the delivery service can't be beat. I get my order usually within 2 days, even if I order on the weekends.
By Anne
A must for stressed cats!!!
October 24, 2012
When the cats must travel the diffuser calms them (I use the spray in their carriers & a light mist in areas until diffuser takes effect). Feliway has helped with marking and general bad behavior of two male Himalayans.
By Deb
Mason City, IA
Wonderful Product
October 23, 2012
This purchase was donated, and is being used at the Humane Society of North Iowa and Mason City Stray Animal Shelter. Attached is a photo of an adopted rescue cat, Petey.
By Rhea
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
October 23, 2012
This is an excellent product for multi-cat households!
By bheystek
Great for cats with "adjustment issues"
October 23, 2012
We've had a cat with marking issues that these help make him feel more comfortable.
By Deb
It works!
October 22, 2012
What else is there to say other than, "It works!" My cat never pees or sprays when I'm using the diffuser. When I stop using it, the upsetting behavior begins again.
By J C.
October 22, 2012
I purchased the Feliway diffuser because we adopted two cats and wanted to make the transition to their new home easier. The Feliway worked and the cats seem to have suffered no stress adapting to their new home. One of the cats was hissing at the other one, but once the Feliway arrived and I plugged it in the cats calmed right down. It really works!
By DeDe
Harrison, Ohio (Near Cincinnati)
Smartest Purchase Ever
October 22, 2012
This product saved my sanity. I was so tired of washing my granddaughter's bed linens. I keep a Feliway Diffuser plugged in and every couple days I spray the bed lightly with the Feliway Spray. I watch the cats. They walk into the bedroom and right back out. So awesome,finally.
By grannylo
Hartford, CT
very good product
October 22, 2012
works great with my kitty, i've been using feliway since shortly after I adopted her from humane society when she was 3 years old - she is now 7.
By Linda L.
Feliway Diffusers- The Best Way!
October 22, 2012
The Feliway Diffusers work very well for my cats. I have 2 females vying and 1 male bully. This product works well and your PRICES are GREAT!
By Poppies738
Corvallis, OR
Worked immediately
October 22, 2012
My cats were urinating on my bed and becoming aggressive in conjunction with several environmental changes in their routine and home. I plugged this in, and within a half an hour they were more playful, using the litter box correctly, and we were all far happier.
By tessdcat
baltimore md
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (48 mL)
August 22, 2012
my boy cat is quite a character, thinks he is the center of the universe, gets himself quite upset if his environment changes. used the fusers when I went on vacation for 10 days leaving him and my Zen female cat with 2 visits a day by the cat sitter. He got a very good report card and I believe he was able to relax due to the fusers.
By Kelly
Chicago, IL
Feliway works for my kitties
August 10, 2012
This helps keep the peace among my 3 cats. One of the females will pick on the other female, but with the Feliway diffuser she stops her aggressive behavior.
By Becky
August 10, 2012
I am so impressed with this product. Our persian was always extremely jittery at any noise and was very afraid of storms, to the point of drooling during them. We have been using Feliway diffusers for a couple of years now at the advice of our vet. Our cat now is relaxed during the times when he used to freak out! At first, we always knew when the diffuser was empty becuase of his actions, but now we only replace occaisionally.
By stacey
Harrisburg, PA
good but not quite 30 days
August 7, 2012
I like this product. I feel it helps my cats but it didn't last 30 days. It was more like 22-25 days which was disappointing.
By legoe
cheapest anywhere
July 31, 2012
I'm very happy to have found a cheaper alternative to the vets office which is 2 hrs away from me & my cats. Thank you.
By Rita
Pineville, NC
Best Product Ever
July 24, 2012
I have been using this product for a few months now and my cat seems more calm and peaceful. I will definitely be purchasing more of this in the future. And the prices are excellent!! Thanks again!
By Mattie
Feliway works
July 14, 2012
It is a great product for cats who are nervous, and need a calming effect without the use of drugs.
By davispet
My cats are getting along better...
July 12, 2012
My two cats used to fight a lot plus I brought a foster kitty into the mix, so there was a lot of stress among the cats. Since I started using this again (I've used it before and my cats also got along better then), my two cats are getting along better and the interaction between them and the foster cat are a little more playful. Before they just always beat him up, now when the kitten runs up to them they are slower to knock him silly and they actually play with him now when he wants to play, until he gets a little too carried away for them of course!
By Cat P.
Homer Glen, IL
Calming Essence
July 12, 2012
We have two cats: one is an alpha male, who sometimes can be quite aggressive; the second is a timid female. When the Feliway diffuser is activated, there is a marked difference in the male. He is calmer and does not stalk the female. The female becomes calmer and stops over-grooming. Feliway is fantastic! Wish we had known about it sooner.
By Kytti
Liberty, NC
Feliway didn't work here
July 9, 2012
I had a cat that was being a bully to a couple of the other cats so decided to try Feliway. First, I found out that Feliway triggered my allergies and caused sinus headaches, so I had to move the diffuser I had in my bedroom. Second, one of my cats must have hated it, because she began wetting about 4-5 feet from the diffuser....on the couch in the living room and on the floor in the back part of the house where the second diffuser was. This wasn't something she'd been doing before I added the Feliway. So rather than preventing urine marking, it started it in my house. It was expensive to try it, but now I know it doesn't work for my cats!
By two b.
feliway diffuser
June 23, 2012
great price; cat still pees where he should'nt...
By catmom
Boston, MA
part of bigger solution
June 22, 2012
I have one cat who urinates on clothing, bed, furniture, etc. when he's stressed. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to stress him out! With medication from his vet, 3 feliway diffusers throughout the house, and increased petting/grooming, this behavior gets under control and his elimination stays in the litterbox. I'm not sure how well the product works on its own, I only know that for me it's working as part of a larger solution.
By Mo
Feliway fan
June 19, 2012
I have a very anxious kitty, & the feliway diffuser seems to calm him down. Otherwise he has "sprayed" & urinated in areas of the house, & sometimes it takes days to find where he has marked his spot. Entirely Pets has the best price that I've found for this product. I would highly recommend this product.
By Joyce
Best purchase ever
June 13, 2012
I love diffuser for my cat. she started biteing me. She has stopped biteing. Thank you. Joyce
By Kendy
Lansing, MI
Great Price
June 7, 2012
I am testing out Feliway as an alternative to medication for a high stress cat in my home. At pet stores, this product is $25/refill with a refill needed at least once a month. Through Entirely Pets, I was able to get three months worth for just a little more than I spend on 1 at the stores. Looking forward to purchasing more.
By Mary A.
Good product
June 7, 2012
Feliway helps to calm two of my cats that don't always get along. It makes the aggressive cat a little less nasty, and the other cat a little less afraid to hang out when she's around. I plug one in where each of them sleeps. It doesn't remove the problem completely, but does reduce the tension. It's definitely worth a shot if you want a calmer multi-cat household. And the price on this website is excellent!
By ecgnyc
Can't Live Without it
June 2, 2012
Feliway is a life saver. For me and my cat. He is so much calmer when used. I know when to refill because he changes. Ordering with Entirely Pets is easy and much less than buying in the retail store or at the vet. Great product I have recommened to several friends AND recommended they buy here.
By darecka
Peoria, AZ
Best Pruchase Every
May 31, 2012
I have a very nervous cat and he does great with this product. Even our Vet has promoted it to her other clients because how well it works. Many times, due to the situation outside such as stray cats, upset my cat and his muscles tighten to where he has a problem using his litter box. I've placed them right by his boxes and he'll take a sniff of the Feliway and it takes just a moment, he then gets in and is able to go. When I'm out, he digs and doesn't go. He crys a lot and starts running around like a wild cat. Thank you FELIWAY!!! I now have a happy, CALM cat.

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