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By Di
Always satisfied
May 30, 2012
As soon as the Feliway diffusers in my house run out I know it because my three cats get fussy and start bugging each other, like they always do when there is no Feliway. I have a cat who urinates on rugs. She's kind of stressed and when I spray the rugs lightly (NOT near the cat) she does not urinate on the rugs. It's my miracle find and I have used it for 5 years.
By grannylo
Hartford, CT
great product
May 30, 2012
ive been using this product for at least 3 years and it works beautifully for my kitty - no anxiety as long as I have it running
By Not C.
Charleston, SC
Not Certain
May 30, 2012
While I think the Feliway Diffuser is helping, my male cat has not completely stopped marking the plastic cabinet we have in the pantry. I use the Urine Away product that was also recommended for when he does mark it but he has not quit completely. I never know from one day to the next if I will find he has marked the cabinet. Sometimes it's a week or more but just when I think he has stopped he does it again. I've been using both products now for about 5 months. It's definitely better but he's hasn't stopped completely.
By Leila
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
May 30, 2012
came promptly,saved me money over what I would have paid at Petsmart
By NP3
Love Feliway
May 30, 2012
We've been using Feliway for a few years now and really enjoy the product. It helps calm our cats.
By mebtink
I am sooo heppy I found this product
May 7, 2012
I have 2 cats. One is 10 and one is 7. The 7 year old is very insecure and not social. He tends to hide and get nervous at the slightest thing. He just learned he could spray, so this entire time I have been dealing with him marking by urinating. We live on the first floor in a condo and there are stray cats that come on the patio that stress him out. He would then urinate in the corner closest to the sliding glass door. I have since cleaned that area and put a litter box, a cat tree and started using the Feliway. Within a week I noticed a difference in him. He is more social, and spends more time with the "family" - me, my dog, the other cat and a parrot. I can't tell you how happy I am that I found this product. If I had only known about this product 7 years ago, he probably would have had a happier life. But, at least now he is happy!
By julieann22
Great product with one HUGE flaw
April 30, 2012
I have ordered this item many times since moving into my new home. Prior my cats were urinating on about everything. I was extremely nervous about how they would respond to the move, adding to their prior habits which almost caused me to get rid of them. I loaded my house up with three diffusers prior to the move in and then have kept them running pretty consistently since. I can tell when they have run out because about a week later they start getting a bit testy with each other. I have no doubt about it from my experience... this product made keeping my cats possible. Its nice to feel confident that they are more peaceful and happy. The HUGE flaw, and to me its a big one, is that regardless of what the label says, these have never lasted even close to a month. At $12+ a pop, that makes for some pretty expensive tranquility. I received feedback from the manufacturer defending the 4 week time frame and suggesting that its my plugs, or location, or the moon being in the 7th house. I have moved my diffusers around to multiple places and nothing changes. In fact, both empty pretty close to simultaneously though they are on different floors. This is the problem when only one company has a product... they can get away with a 30 day promise that only lasts 2-3 weeks. But if I could ever find a competitor (and the product works so well I am tempted to BECOME a competitor), I would defect in a minute. I think consumers need to put some pressure on the Feliway folks around this. With three diffusers running in my home full time its costing me nearly $50 a month.
By Sal
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
April 28, 2012
I have three cats and I use it all the time. I believe it keeps them calm.
By porky
feliway diffuser
April 25, 2012
We have a large number of rescue cats who don't always get along. The Feliway diffuser seems to have a calming effect on them and the number of disagreements has gone down since we started using this product.
By Breeanne
Love It
April 24, 2012
Feliway helps all 3 of my cats (all sisters); two are very shy and it helps them not hide and to feel more confident, and one sister has occasional aggressive tendancies and it keeps her behavior in check. It makes for a calmer home.
By Tracy
Pittsburgh, PA
Feliway defusers and refills for calmer kitties!
April 17, 2012
These Feliway products do work to keep a calmer household of four cats! When they are empty, then everyone seems a bit more fussy with each other. They keep the three year old cat from making the 13, 14, and 15 year olds too crazy! I use them in different rooms, especially near the kitty pans..would recommend them to help with any behaviour issues!
By 3 k.
Feliway Diffuser
March 30, 2012
If you have multiple pets, you need the stuff. It really works.
By SmileyAnn
Long Island, New York
Great product:Feliway Diffuser and refill
March 29, 2012
I have reviewed this before, but will do so again. This product is not only good for inappropriate urinating but for calming cats also. When the containers run low my one cats starts to get very nervous and the other cats starts to pick on her. I keep two plugged in on opposite ends of my home and they work very well in keeping cat harmony in my home. I highly recommend these especially for households with more then one cat.
By Bige
Keeps "Floyd" in line
March 27, 2012
My cat Floyd is easily spooked by smells wafting through the windows, loud noises and unknown visitors. The Feliway diffusers keep him using his litter box. And the price is a lot less than at national pet stores.
By Karen
Lancaster, PA
It works!
March 27, 2012
We installed 2 Feliway diffusers in one large room of our new house a few days before the cats arrived from our other house (the plan was for the cats to stay in this one room for about a week, until they adjusted). Within one day, the cats were noticeably calmer, rubbing their faces on surfaces around the room, and the following day they were ready and eager to explore the rest of the house. I have sprayed calming spray around different areas in the rest of the house, and it seems to be helping as well.
By Jen
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (48 mL)
March 22, 2012
Works great at keeping my cat from urinating all over everything.
By moline
Greeley, Colorado
always quick service and product works well!
March 19, 2012
we have used the Feliway product for the past year or so to help with cats marking in the house. We had a change in our household and were moving kids out and furniture around and it was just too much for the kitties (3) and so we started using this and have continued to use it regularly to help with any set backs. The marking has stopped and we feel this has been a success.
By Foxylady
Feliway Difuser
March 19, 2012
This product has made a difference! My three cats were scratching door frames, carpet and furniture before I bought this product. I now am on my second one. I thought nothing could ever help, but seems to have made a behavior change. Thank you.
By Shannon
Ann Arbor, MI
Cat calming method
March 16, 2012
Feliway never fails to calm my cats down during times of stress, such as a move.
toronto ontario
March 16, 2012
UNBELIEVABLE....only wish i could buy in Canada..(you can at vets..but expensive). my sisters cat was doing some really nasty peeing in places she should not...(peeing in jacket for eg) feliway stopped it right away..i would suggest this for any one that has this type of problem....
By Pilgrim
Feliway Diffuser Works!
March 14, 2012
Made a believer out of me! This product was recommended by my vet, who suggested it would reduce the post-operative stress on my injured cat. I thought, "If I can't smell it, it can't work!" - But it does!! My sweetheart is definitely calmer, especially when in the room where the Feliway diffuser was located. Now I use them in most rooms of the house, especially where my baby spends time! Highly recommended!
By Van
Works Great
March 12, 2012
This stuff works great for my cats. I use the diffuser in every room and the spray in between when needed. Try it you have nothing to lose.
By Sippy
San Pedro, CA
Feliway Chases Problem Away
March 4, 2012
The Feliway Diffuser system WORKS!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! My feral cat, Star, had an excessive grooming problem...bald spots on her stomach, front and rear legs. Our vet recommended Feliway. Within a month of starting the Feliway she was a contented kittie again. We continued it for an additional month just to be safe. She's stopped the excessive licking. The bare spots have filled-in and she is beautiful once again. The Feliway mellows her out without drugs and is undetectable around the house. An easy and effective solution to the problem!
By grannylo
Hartford, CT
works great
March 2, 2012
have used this item regularly and it works beautifully to calm my cat
By kokopeli
it seems to work
February 29, 2012
By dude
Highly recomend
February 29, 2012
My cat was starting to spray things. I tryed the plug in feliway and he quit. Have been using for years. Just plug it in & forget it, check once a month.
By 3 M.
Feliway is a life saver!
February 23, 2012
We have three cats, 2 males and a female, and Feliway has saved our sanity. All 3 cats are shelter rescues, and our big (18+ pounds) male is very food-insecure and very territorial. Mealtimes and open windows had gotten to be major problems (fighting over food and spraying whenever a neighborhood cat came by.) I'm not saying that Feliway is a bottled miracle, because we did have to do some behavior modification techniques as well, but Feliway was a major part of the turnaround. We put one diffuser in the kitchen where the cats are fed and one next to the window where all the neighborhood cats like to come by, and the problems have reduced drastically! We order a 3- or 6-pack of Feliway and just keep the diffusers running all the time. This stuff is totally worth the price!
By qwertyz12
Columbia, MD
Great service from EntirelyPets
February 20, 2012
EntirelyPets had the best price around for the Feliway Diffusers and delivery was very quick. Time will tell how well they work. I adopted an older cat and he and my other older cat aren't getting along too well yet. They seem to have relaxed a little after starting the Feliway diffusers, but the instructions say it can take 30 days, or even up to 45 for older cats, to see the desired effect.
By Missy
Feliway Works Great!
February 19, 2012
What a great product! I have a hyper cat who can be so sweet & loving but then attack me & bite me the next minute. Ever since I plugged in Feliway he doesn't attack me or bite me at all anymore. He is much calmer & acts like normal cat. He even acts happier when the Feliway is plugged in. If it runs out he goes back to biting & acting terrible. He doesn't attack my other cat anymore either! Now he is sweet all the time thanks to Feliway! I will never go without it again!
By rob
Aurora, Colorado
crazy cat help
February 10, 2012
We first bought the feliway product at the recommendation of our vet. Our cat was going nuts at the loss of our other cat and a recent move. our cat Bentley was waking us up at all hours all night. Our vet sold us this product for 52.00 for the plug in and 1 bottle of cat pheromones. it worked great. Then I found the product on-line at for just 12.99 insted of the vets 28.00 for refills even after the shipping of 4.95 this is a great savings. We will always buy from entirelypets and now we are looking at the dog products for our two shepherds.
By Charliet
Pittsburgh, PA
Feliway comes through!
February 7, 2012
Feliway refills are always welcome at our house! With four cats who sometimes don't always get along, these work! Plug in a full one and watch things calm down..when the dispensers are empty and dry, things get more stressful among two of them, who bicker sometimes.
By Meow
Big help for a Cat Filled House!
February 2, 2012
We recently had a kitty addition to our already overflowing home and one of our older cats was none too pleased and began urinating outside of the litterbox. We put one Feliway plugin in each room where we were having the issue and it has improved by 95%. HUGE help! Hooray Feliway!
Miracle Product
February 2, 2012
This product turns my anxious, misbehaving cat into a mostly calm and well behaved cat. I will use this as long as it's made.
By TK999
This stuff really works
January 29, 2012
Much cheaper to buy this wonderful product here. If you've never used it and are can change kitty lives!
By Bettylafea67
Brooklyn, New York
Great product and Great price....
January 28, 2012
I moved into a new apartment a few months ago and my feline friend had some trouble adjusting. I started using Feliway and within a month, he was back to normal. EntirelyPets has the best price for the Feliway refills.
By catservant
January 27, 2012
Our male cat started "marking" after we pet-sat a young dog for a few weeks. We tried many things before the Feliway; luckily for him, it worked. We tried stopping the Feliway after 1 month, and he started "marking" again, so we are probably stuck with long-term use. He is really a lot of fun and a very affectionate Tonkinese.
By adog
good purchase
January 27, 2012
behavior problems for cats i would recommend trying feliway plug ins and spray
By Suegirl
Lorain, OH
Helps with multiple cats
January 17, 2012
We have 6 cats - they get along, most of the time. One of our younger cats is very "touchy" and has anxiety. We have her on meds from the vet, but the Feliway really makes a difference for her. I notice the difference in her personality and demeanour right away when I plug in a Feliway. It doesn't seem to affect the other cats, but it's worth it for the one it does affect. Has reduced her inappropriate urination dramactically!
By Sissy' M.
Cary, NC
Feliway works wonders
January 17, 2012
My 15 yr old kitty lost her brother of many yrs a year ago. She cried every night between 3 and 4 a.m. I bought Feliway for her room and immediately noticed that she was less distressed. Many months later, I doubted it was still having an effect, but I noticed that her Feliway was in fact low when she started crying more. I won't be without it now. She has finally started sleeping through the night, 15 months later. Give it a try for similar situations. I prefer the room diffuser to the spray which smells syrupy to me.
By judy
Glendale Arizona
Worth the price !!
January 14, 2012
I was having a problem with my male cat "marking" all over my house & wearing myself out scolding & trying to stop him when I caught him doing it. I purchased Feliway Diffuser products & within a month saw a difference. I've been using it every since & he has calmed down so much it is like having a different cat in the house.
By mana m.
January 6, 2012
I am just not sure yet IF its working. I have cats at my business who have sprayed and we now do not let them in the store. At home my 2 males are still spraying outside and in the house. I can not tolerate it in my home. I have 2 diffusers in 2 rooms and I spray certain areas they have sprayed with aresol. Last night one of them sprayed again but not in a room where the diffuser is so I am just not sure about it. I can not afford to buy 6 or 8 diffusers for every room. My 2 older males are spraying every where since I brought home a rescue baby female kitty who tears up everything so that is why we got her the cat charmer. My husband is ready to get rid of all 3 cats at home ;(
By rnjen63
December 29, 2011
Can I just say...amazing?! My previously 'scardy-cat of the universe' is now highly visible and present! The first ten years of his life we probably actually saw him for two, now...he only goes to the 'panic room' when he knows the vet is coming or he thinks someone is coming over that he doesn't know. Thanks, and keep making this great stuff!
By Gumby98
Salem, OR
Hair-raising Product!
December 19, 2011
My Cat, Satin, began pulling her hair out about two years ago. I was constantly picking up clumps of hair all over the house and on the furniture. It was frustrating for Satin and my household. When I first tried Feliway I couldn't believe how fast it changed my little cat from her nervous habits. She is now a calm and more lovable cat. She gets along better with my other cat, and she no longer has the "startle" response that she used to have. I can't say enough good things about this product. Satin was a rescue cat and had very nervous habits since I got her 5 years ago. She is a changed cat, and no more hair to be raised from the carpet!
By Renee
Great stuff!
December 7, 2011
I have used Filaway for 7 years now. It has helped to calm all 3 of my cats. I use the plugin year round! I can tell when I run out too! I think my cats appreciate that I use it. :)
By kwhite100
Charlotte, NC
Good for Cats with Anxiety/Nervousness
December 5, 2011
I have a cat who is nervous at times who was periodically marking territory outside the litter box and sometimes even pulling tuffs of hair out if anything changed slightly in her world. Feliway really helped calm her down
By Bellanyc
New York, NY
Not sure if this works...
December 4, 2011
...but I don't want to risk it not working by not using it anymore. My only complaint really, is that the device doesn't sit tightly in the socket, and because it droops slightly, it needs to be replaced while there is still some liquid in there. Other than that, I believe it's worth trying
By DeDe
Harrison, OH
It Saved My Sanity
November 29, 2011
Our 2 new sibling strays did not spray until 1 yr.of age. I had to wash 2 bedrooms of linens every day until I read about using the Diffuser. They had 3 accidents the 1st month but none after that. I also use the Feliway Spray in conjunction the Diffusers. SAVED MY SANITY! I love this product. truly!
By Fluffylumps' M.
New York, NY
Keep it stocked.
November 23, 2011
I have a bottle being diffused at all times. My 3 cats rarely have cause to be at each others' throats, but when it runs out, I do notice that one cat is more easily irritated and prone to hissing. I just keep it going at all times and things seem to go pretty smoothly. Good investment, and good pricing for the pack of 3.
By darecka
Phoenix, AZ
Very needed Purchase
November 23, 2011
My cat was abandoned as a kitten and locked in a house for 30 days. He is easily startled and upset by outside noises and other animals outside the house. He will actually go up to the Feliway and sniff it to calm himself. Without Feliway, Buddy has a very medical problem with the litterbox and his bladder. KUDOS to the inventor!!!
Salem, OR
Hair pulling Kitty
November 22, 2011
My 5-year cat is a rescue cat, and has been nervous since I got her 2 years ago. I doubt that she was ever an indoor cat before I got her. Anyway, she is so nervous that she's started pulling her hair out in clumps. Within a week after I got the Feliway plugged in her whole demeanor changed. She is much calmer and more accepting of the love I have to give her. She even asks to get brushed now!

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