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By Anonymous
New jersey
Great toy for active cats
November 21, 2020
He played with it and used it in multiple ways and he Enjoyed it great toy great quality the batteries die fast but it’s worth it
By Cat22
Cat Loves this toy!
March 6, 2019
My cat is more active now that she has her new String Toy! She's a 10 year old cat and acts like a kitten while playing with her new toy!
ProsKeeps cat active
By Tricia47
Denver, CO
Great interactive cat toy...
February 11, 2019
I have had a String-Ama-Fling for my last two kitties. It wasn't made prior to that or I would have had one. Kitties love the action of the string going round and round and disappearing and reappearing. It used to have two speeds. (slow and fast) However, I notice that the recent model only has one speed now. (maybe too hard on the motor?) Sorry to see that feature go. It created more interest. Anyway, it is a great product and a great idea. My kitty loves it!
ProsSturdy, hardy, kitty entertaining
ConsJust one speed now.
By Gu3mom
Not at all what I expected
October 13, 2018
The toy itself is incredibly simple; nothing to explain or justify the cost. I incorrectly assumed (my fault) that it was on a timer and would stop after so many minutes. Not true. You have to be there to turn it off AND they recommend staying close by to supervise! If I'm going to be right there anyway, I can play with my cat myself, I don't need a toy to do it. I wanted something to provide entertainment and enrichment when he has to be by himself. This isn't it.
ProsFun for some cats.
ConsMust supervise & turn off manually.
By Pat M.
Sterling Heights, MI
The best
January 19, 2017
I've had 3 cats, and they have LOVED this toy. I've never had any problem at all with its operation. I think it's best to let it operate for no more than 5 minutes at a time so that the cat always finds it a novelty when you turn it on.
By Dora
Best cat toy I've ever purchased.
January 19, 2017
My three cats love this string toy. They sit in front of it waiting for me to turn it on. So glad I found it.
By sara
December 29, 2016
all the 3 kitten-cats love the fling-a-ma string they have about shredded the string they even fight over it.
By Mike
Edina, MN
Either my cat is a dud or you need to be a kitten
October 24, 2016
We debated for a while before buying this toy. Our cat loves to chase thread and strings so much that we need a robot to play with him. It turns out though that he wants a person to play with him. All he does is watches the string go around and round with this toy. He is about 6 or 7 years old though. I think that a younger cat, or a kitty might like it better. There is a little bit of a motor noise when it runs, that might be bothering my cat Rocket. We rescued him with no tail and are not sure what happened to him. Motors freak him out.
By Carol
January 21, 2016
best purchase ever along with the catnip cat sack. My cat enjoys the flingamastring so much and I enjoy watching her; she really gets into it and sometimes goes around the corner and spies on it before attacking it again. Love it!
By Pam
Sanibel Island, FL
January 11, 2016
My kitties love this toy. From the 4 month old to the 15 year old. The only problem is that it stops and you must pull the string, turn it off, and restart it. You need to keep the roller at the bottom free from fuzz, hair, etc., but that isn't what's making this one stop. No matter, not much required to restart it, once you figure out what's happening and how to deal with it. They (16 at the moment, 501 (c) 3) all love it!
By Snowb
awsome product
January 8, 2016
my cat really enjoys playing with her Christmas present
By Mitzie
Muncie, Indiana
Not As Much Fun As Expected
January 8, 2016
My cat was a bit uncomfortable with the noise from the motor, at first, but has played with her Fling-ama-String a couple of times. She definitely prefers her Turbo Scratcher, so I'd recommend that cat toy to others before I'd recommend the Fling-ama-String.
By Doreen
Seymour, CT
Favorite Christmas Toy
December 26, 2015
My 3 cats (age 2 1/2) are enthralled with this toy! It kept their interest for long periods of time and one of them sits by it meowing for us to turn it back on. Great purchase! My sister-in-law saw our cats enjoying it so much, she plans on getting one for her 2 cats as well.
By TenneSue
Johnson city, TN
Good toy
May 27, 2015
Durable. Fun for kitties. Toy can take a lot of pulling and bounces back. This is my third one. I have even repaired previous ones with needle and thread when the elastic becomes saggy.
By June
String broke Fling-ama-String Cat Toy
May 5, 2015
I bought this toy for my cat who was bored and constantly licking her tail. She had so much fun chasing and attacking the string I had to put panty liners on the back side of the toy to absorb the sound like the door was about to fall down (I live in an apartment) and that worked extremely well. After a couple hours of play time 6" of string either broke off or was chewed. I don't consider this acceptable and need to know if there is a replacement part or can it be fixed. I have recommended this toy to friends and family and hope they don't have the same experience.
By gq
Los Angeles
cats love it, but durability is poor!
June 11, 2014
All of our cats love this toy, however they have broken two of them and shredded the strings quickly. This product needs to be built a lot better to withstand what cats do...otherwise it's a great product.
By Kiki
Jersey Shore
April 11, 2014
My cat, Looey, loves this toy. It's his favorite!
By Ocicat M.
West Palm Beach, FL
Love it!
March 25, 2014
My 3 active cats (almost 2 yrs old) love it. One of them can lie on the floor and play with it for hours. The only down side is they end up eating the string. The upside of that is you call customer service and they will send new strings and it is easy to sew on. It is just kind of a pain that you have to do it. But since they enjoy it so much and my participation is minimal, I don't mind so much.
By deb
March 1, 2014
One of the cats will paw the fling-ama-string for me to come into the room and turn it on. The other cat loves to lay under it and let it hit her in the head then attack it. Few toys both of them love, but this is one of them. Keeps their attention for 5-10 minutes or so, but is a treat for them when they decide they want to play with it each day.
By Curley
February 16, 2014
I have two cats, Jessie and Muffy. Jessie, an intelligent cat, looked at this toy with interest at first but then walked away and never played with it. Muffy, a younger cat than Jessie, loves this toy and plays with it every day without fail.
By Karlie
Worth the money!
September 18, 2013
I really like this product. It is so easy to use- just put it on the door and turn it on. My kitten (who is a piece of work) is fascinated by it. She has not tried to catch the string yet, but does love to stare at in while in attack position. I think this is a GREAT buy for cat entertainment!
By Dee
We wore out the first one!
August 17, 2013
One of our Persian kittens all-time-favorites!
By Paula
Best toy I've bought for my cat
August 7, 2013
My very frisky 4 year old cat usually won't play with any toy for more than a few minutes or very often, and I've bought him just about every toy out there. But he just loves this string toy and will play with it for at least 30 minutes at a time and plays many times during the day. We've been through several of these toys. I do wish they would make replacement elastic bands , that is the only problem with them - my cat stretches the elastic out and the band won't rotate and "fling the string" . But since my cat will play with the toy so much, I buy a new one whenever he's stretched the old one out. He's my little kid and I want him to be happy!
By bunty
Belfast Northern Ireland
Best cat toy ever made
July 22, 2013
My daughter's cat just loves this toy. I bought 2 one for my house and one for her house (he comes to stay with me). I paid high postage and package but it was well worth every penny. He has made friends with it but still tries to strip the string form it and I just love to watch him play with it.
By dd
Oh so fun !
June 20, 2013
This thing is neat ! When I don't have the time to play with my cats or if they are bored, I just turn this on. My cat will come running when she hears it. Sometimes they just lay there and catch the string but it keeps them occupied. I would buy this again and yes....cats would buy this if they could !
By Satch's m.
Fling-ama-String cat toy
May 28, 2013
My cat loved this and played it to death, literally! Only problem that I had was with the elastic strip that held it to the door. It stretched out faster than I'd hoped, but maybe that was because of the work out it received from my BIG guy.
By Michaelangelo
Savannah, ga
fun for old and young
April 4, 2013
I can't say that they both love playing with it all the time, but it certainly gets both my kitten and old kitty's attention - they'll sit and watch the string go by if not play with it every time we turn it on. We have had no safety issues - I just am careful to stop it when the string is retracted completely inside.
By selumom
Cat lost interest fast
March 6, 2013
My cat loves to follow a string if my husband or I am pulling it for her but she lost interest fast in this toy.
By noran
Lakewood, CO.
Seems to be very sturdy
February 21, 2013
I'm always concerned about how my cat's toys will stand up to her energetic attacks on them. So far Fling-ama-String has met the test. She will spend ten or fifteen minutes analyzing the string movement before she attacks it. She will play with it for an hour or more.
By Calico C.
They love it!
February 12, 2013
It keeps the cats busy! They come running when it gets turned on - fast speed. The string falls down in a random pattern so the cats are surprised when it does make contact. This is my second purchase; the first one lost its roller at the bottom where the elastic comes 'round. After the elastic gives out (and the string raveled) I used my own stronger elastic and leather string/trim from the fabric store as a replacement... doesn't wear out. (It's not the motor that gives out on this toy but the elastic... replace it with a stronger piece.) Make sure to use re-chargable batteries.
By Eviction
Makes my life easier.
January 27, 2013
This is the second Fling-ama-String toy I have purchased. The first lasted for almost a year before my cat totally destroyed it. This is his favorite toy and he can literally spend hours playing with it as well as sitting and simply watching it go round and round. I no longer have to wait for him to be in the mood to play. I will buy another when he breaks this one. The Fling-ama-String toy has made my life a little bit easier. Thank you!
By Jane
Flingamastring toy
January 14, 2013
My cat loves this. It intrigues her and keeps her playing time after time. I'm going to get one for my daughter's cats. I was worried that like many electronic toys, it would "get old" after awhile and she would ignore it. Not so. My only wish is that the batteries would last longer (sigh).
By mstarat
Grain Valley, MO
Cats love it
January 11, 2013
My cats love this toy. Although a few love it too much, I had hoped this toy would keep them busy while I did other things but I have to monitor them with it since a few of them grab the string and hold onto it.
By Pud
Lots of Fun
January 6, 2013
Our 12 year old tabby doesn't seem to lose interest in this toy. The other more timid cat is afraid of it, but then she is afraid of most things. The only thing I haven't figured out is the two speeds. The switch has two positions: on and off, even though it is labeled as Off, Speed 1, and Speed 2.
By Me
My cats LOVE this toy!!
January 4, 2013
The fling-ama-string is a great toy that totally interest and engage my cats. This toy has even brought back playfulness to my quiet kitty. :)
By KattLady
December 28, 2012
This toy is great. You MUST use rechargeable batteries unless you have an endless supply of them but aside from that this toy keeps my cats entertained. This is actually my second one as the first one got soo must use and abuse my cats finally killed the motor in it and yet the still played with it!! I really hope they keep this toy available for a long time...
By shel
It is a grreat purchase.
November 21, 2012
Out two new Bengal kittens just love it and play with it whenever I turn it on.
November 18, 2012
By B&C
Santa Fe
November 6, 2012
Our cat love to play with everything, except the "Fling-ama-String Cat toy. He looked at it and walked away. We tried to coax him time after time over the period of several weeks, but he found it uninteresting and unchallenging. Save your money.
By Beanstew
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
My cat's favourite toy!!!
November 6, 2012
I have bought these previously but I now find they are hard to find in the UK. I felt bad when I saw my cat sitting at the bottom of the door where her toy used to be attached....a heavy hint indeed! She is thrilled that I managed to track one down. I do not regret the international shipping costs as it keeps her very entertained!!
By debjoy
October 23, 2012
My 2 year old male Siamese LOVES this !! As soon as I turn it on he is right there and ready. On the slower speed it would stick sometimes, but never on the high speed. He has played for hours with this, best cat toy ever invented.
By Toeknee
String Cat toy is actually used
October 23, 2012
One of those toys the cats like more than the box it came in! Out of the 3 cats that have been introduced to it, two are active in playing with it to the amusement of the cats and we humans, the third cat does some heavy looking on!
By catspots
greenville, tx
July 31, 2012
the string breaks too easy. would not buy again
By betty890
St. Louis, MO
My cats love it!
July 25, 2012
This toy is so popular with my cats that I had to order a replacement after 6 months of use! It does tend to go through batteries a bit too frequent. One suggestion: Add a timer to the toy!
By calico_77
Everyone should have one
July 21, 2012
I have actually bought 5 Fling-ama-String Cat Toys , one for myself and 4 for my other cat loving friends. My friends son even made the comment that I buy the best cat toys ever!
By Donna
Franklin, NC
Fling-ama-String Cat Toy
July 20, 2012
We have five cats, no kittens. I wanted to give them something different to do that I didn't have to stand and operate. When we first hung the toy on the door, all of them were interested. In the end, only one cat still plays with it. I don't turn it on every day. Newby lays on the floor and bats it but gets bored soon. If the toy varied its game instead of being predictable, I think the cats would like it longer.
By Sandy
Great for kittens
March 24, 2012
This item would be a great toy for kittens. Older cats may or may not be attracted to it. It's a bit pricey but if your kitten continue to love it then it's worth it.
By cbabc37690
Auburndale, Fl
Entertaining toy
March 19, 2012
Both of our cats are older but they do enjoy chasing the string. Fling a ma string keeps their interest for about 30 min at a time before the go on too something else. The product is well made, as our male cat is strong enough to pull it off the door. I would recommend this toy especially for households with young cats.
By squasch
interest wanes quickly
January 11, 2012
I have a 'watching paint dry' cat and a chase everything cat and both get bored with the same rhythm it goes round and round with. I'd say it would depend on the cat but even my very playful one gets bored with it quickly
By gerry
Northern Illinois
Fling ama String
January 9, 2012
I think the product should be enticing to all cats, however, mine shows no interest at all. I haven't given up hope, each day I turn it on and try to lure her to it. She has slapped at the string one time..... So, there is hope.

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