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By wasabi
Brooklyn NY
Best products and best service ever!!
December 12, 2011
Very very fast delivery! Very very nice service! I love it!
By Six c.
Kitties love this and it works
December 10, 2011
All six of our cats love this stuff and will eat it from a dry dish, no wet food needed. It is really helpful for occasional diarrhea and keeps them in tune. The price on this site is much better than at the vet's (they charge list price) so Entirely Pets makes it easy to keep a box of 30 packets on hand.
By Linda
great product
December 9, 2011
my 21 year old cat had been vomiting and this product seemed to eliminate it. Great for lower digestive problems too!
By maisie
Good for cats with intestinal issues
December 7, 2011
Encourages cats to eat and is helpful with irrritable bowel.
By bengalgirl2
Fort Wayne, IN
Life-saver product
December 6, 2011
We had dealt with an irritable bowel problem with our cat for years until we hit on the magic bullet of food with Fortiflora. I had ordered this and given it to the cat two days before his Vet appointment to schedule a bowel biopsy. My Vet was please to say that our cat had firm stool during his exam and he has been fine now for a few years. I continue to use Fortiflora daily.
By HChan
My cats love this stuff
November 29, 2011
I am not sure whether probiotics really do great things for cats, but I continue to use them because it seems logical for good health. I give this 5 stars only because all of my four cats love to eat this stuff, so it's a very easy product to give. I originally got this brand because of my vet's recommendation; I have one cat with IBD and she thought it would be helpful for that.
By Numminum
Review for FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
November 26, 2011
Cats absolutely love this probiotic. I sprinkle it on top of their dry food and they eat it up!
By Lisa
Irving, TX
November 26, 2011
My cat loves the taste of FortiFlora. It helps him stay regular - which saves him multiple trips to the vet and me a ton on vet bills. Very satisfied customer!!
By SuperE67
This stuff really works!
November 17, 2011
This product helps with diarrhea and it is in a flavor the cats really love. Just mix with a little water or sprinkle over canned food.
By Piccolo
Pittsburgh, PA
Very Good Product - Our vet recommends!
November 1, 2011
After our vet prescribed this probiotic for our kitten to help with GI disorder, we found your website. Your price is HALF of what we paid at the vet!! Since our kitty will be on a probiotic for a couple of years, we were glad that we could get this product cheaper! Thanks!!
By psychopat
finnicky digestion
November 1, 2011
My Ragdoll cat, prone to digestive upset, perhaps even pancreatitis, has benefited a great deal from adding probiotics to her diet.This product does not need to be refrigerated, which is a big help.
By RoseyO
Greenough, Montana
Wonderful product
October 25, 2011
I purchased this for some adopted kittens that just would not get over diarrhea, even after trips to the vet. This has worked brilliantly. They are improving every day. Highly recommend!!
By jls
Review for FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
October 20, 2011
Good supplement, that was suggested by my vet.
By molly
Review for FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
October 18, 2011
Worked well on kitten with loose stools, kept things moving towards a more solid stool even with 2 antibiotics being given. Nice to have one more tool to use when you need it.
By Peaches
Ellenwood, Ga
FortiFlora for Felines
October 13, 2011
I have a new kitten that has an intestinal enzyme problem. The Vet recommended that I start using FortiFlora in her food. After one packet was used, her problem was immediately corrected. I continue to give it to her and she does not mind it in her food. Your price was much better than the Vet's price. I would recommend this product to anyone whose pet has a digestive problem.
By dozer
seems to work
October 6, 2011
Have been giving this to a 5 month old kitten with diarrhea. It seems to be working--his feces are begining to have some form, but they are still stinky as heck. However, he does not like the taste at all. He will not even eat it in canned food, which he normally loves. I have been making a paste of it and either rubbing it on his forelegs for him to lick off or drawing it into a syringe and squirting it into his mouth to get him to take it. I also tried Bene-bec, which he likes but it does not seem to be working as well. Probably depends on what their actual problem is.
By Syd
Williamsburg, VA
It REALLY works!
June 26, 2011
Our older cat has had IBS for a while now and our Vet suggested we try this, after B12 shots, change of diet, blood tests and several visits to see her. After four days we noticed a direct change in the bowels habits of our elderly cat and a return to her normal routine. Life seems to be good for ALL of us now. AND it's MUCH cheaper online than through out Vet!
By marghm
Great digestive aid
February 22, 2011
A vet recommended Fortiflora for my 13 year kitty with who suddenly developed some very smelly poops. Not only did it get rid of the smell she loved it as does my 12 year old male cat. I sprinkle it on their dry food and both are clearly eating with more vigor and having good solid poops with no problems. This is worth trying.
By Roz
West Fargo, ND
Initial taste test run: Success!
November 2, 2010
Both of our 7-year-old cats were rescued from the mean streets as kittens, They brought us not only their silly, charming ways, but also chronic cases of giardia and clostridium (an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria). The clostridium (also known as the "C" in "C-difficile" in animals and humans) rears its ugly head a few times a year. We know it is back when we notice either blood in the stool, on the floor, or on their bottoms!! A stool sample always confirms this. The vet has only prescribed "Flagyl", an extremely bitter-tasting medecine that we usually have compounded into liquid form. No matter what flavor is added, both cats HATE being given this med and generally freak out!! I asked the vet about this product as a way of keeping the bacteria on track, and she agreed it was worth a try. However, I found it very annoying that this was not recommended during the MANY times we needed to treat them. I decided to try a 'test run' on Gabe, the more finicky of the two. Since another reviewer mentioned it smells like boullion, which it does, I mixed the packet, about a teaspoon of powder, with a little water and some pieces of his dry food, and he LOVED it!!! Next time there is a recurrence of the dreaded bacteria, I will probably give him or Buster this for a week to see if it clears up. Sorry for the 'half-review', but I wanted to include it in case your kitty is as "Flagyl"-phobic as mine :)
By skysky78
pleasanton, ca
very effective, inexpensive treatment . .
May 17, 2010
. . . for feline colitis. Our cat loves the taste as well.
By K V.
February 16, 2009
This Product has helped all my cats. It is wonderful. Thank you.
By Robin
December 6, 2008
My cat has pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. He had been on Prednisone and Metronidazole and was cranky and hungry all the time. My vet recommended FortiFlora and within three days, my fun, affectionate cat returned! And My cat loves the taste!
By desi
no more diarrhea!~
December 3, 2008
Our 2 year old feline, had diarrhea for about 4 days, before we decided to take her to the vet, to be treated for it, and at the same time, be treated for a simultaneous infestation of fleas. Our vet gave us a box of Fortiflora. Though Fleas can cause a cat to get diarrhea, once we mixed this powder with her food, within 24 hours, her diarrhea was gone. The fleas, treated with a pill, and liquid flea control on the back of her neck, are under control, as well. She, and our other feline, who is 3, love the taste of this powder, almost smells like chicken boullion powder. They will eat it dry, as well, but I mix it into their food, and they clean their bowls, like I hadn't fed them in days. Stuff settled her gas, and diarrhea, and will use it a few times a week, to maintain happy stomachs~
By Sari
miracle in a packet
April 17, 2008
Following a radio actice iodine treatment for hypothyroidism my cat experienced frequent bouts of diarrhea. This was prescribed by my vet and my cat has never looked or felt better!
By ViVi
My cats love it!
January 17, 2008
The vet seems surprised about this, but 2 of my cats love the FortiFlora. They eat it, dry, right out of the package. Our third cat doesn't really need it and doesn't enjoy it as the other two do, but he does eat it within wet food (I'm thinkin' it probably won't hurt him to ingest it though it wasn't prescribed for him). When we stopped giving the cats FortiFlora, one of our little guys got really sick so it looks as though we'll be feeding them this for quite some time. Thanks for making this more affordable! ViVi, Bill, Sammy, and Raphael

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