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By cje
Good Nutritonal Supplement
September 12, 2013
After my beagle's surgery to have her gallbladder removed she had further complications with eating and digestion. Fortiflora helped give her the nutrition she needed to get back to her old self.
By Friend A.
San Mateo, CA
Excellent Product
September 4, 2013
My German Shepherd has a sensitive stomach and the Vet recommend FortiFlora. I've had him on it for several years and it does make a difference in his stool. The Vet's prices were a bit high so I was pleased to find the item on line 30% cheaper. Your prices are reasonable and the service is outstanding. Thank you for being so prompt with delivery.
Cherry Hill , New Jersey
Great product
August 27, 2013
I use this product every day and my dog Loves it. It is great for her digestive System.
By Kathy
August 14, 2013
It is a great product for my dog who has a sensitive stomach which requires special food and a med to calm his stomach. A great price too; the vet's price is too much. Thank you for providing this product at such a great price.
By BlueBlue
Leesburg, VA
Excellent product
August 14, 2013
I like to always have Forti Flora on hand. It is very helpful for getting canine digestive systems back on track after using antibiotics, and settling upset tummies.
By Mylassie
Great Product; Great Price
August 10, 2013
This is a great product at a great price which I highly recommend.
By micknchet
Rochester, NY
Great purchase
August 6, 2013
while we fostered our dog she was given FortiFlora for her loose stool. After we adopted her our new vet had us try a bland diet but it didn't seem to work at all and she had no other issues so we found that we could purchase FortiFlora online without a veterinary precription and have been using it since - it works great! Our dog has firm stools and she can eat basic dog food now - no special diet and no issues, fantastic!!
By Claudia
Swansea, MA
August 6, 2013
This is a great product for controlling diarrhea in my Shih Tzu / Maltese. Have been using this product for 2 years; it's easy, the dog doesn't mind it, and most importantly, it works!
By MsL
Flagstaff, AZ
August 2, 2013
My dog is a rescue dog who spent a lot of time wondering in very cold weather. When I rescued him he obviously had some health problems, including his digestive system. I started by giving him one envelope of the FortiFlora every day and now I've tapered it to sprinkling an envelope twice a week. I really like this product. Charley seems to like it too!
By MoscowMom
Bristol, RI
Love this product!
July 31, 2013
I have two German Shepherd Dogs and they both have, true to the breed, sensitive stomachs. One of them really has digestive issues so I sprinkle a packet of FortiFlora on his food every morning, and it really helps to keep his bowels working properly.
By Bobo's M.
Great product
July 28, 2013
Our dog has a sensitive tummy and this product really helps.
By mishka01
Las Vegas, NV
Works great
July 28, 2013
I was not aware of this product in the past. Am using it when my dog suffers from diarrhea and it works great. Easy to use and no side affects.
By teresalp1
lakeway tx
July 19, 2013
Helps my dog that suffers from pancreatitis
By Loose d.
July 16, 2013
Fortiflora worked very well when my nursing mother had a loose stool. I have since used it again on a nursing mother and keep it on hand when any dog needs an intestinal boost.
By kinger
Works like a charm
July 9, 2013
When our dog is having loose stools, this really helps her feel better and gets her stools back to normal.
By westiemom
Milpitas, CA
Good stuff
July 3, 2013
Having a dog or two with loose stools is never fun, this product really helps.
By Super D.
FortiFlora Canine Supplement at a fantastic price
July 2, 2013
Veterinarian sold me one box for my White West Highland Terrier at 31.99 a box. That is one heck of a markup in price. Buying from Entirely Pets is saving me a fortune. Looking for other savings from Entirely Pets.
By Babe
June 17, 2013
Improves overall health, improves digestion and promotes good bowel movements.
By Audi
June 12, 2013
Great product,great price and excellent service. I will again be ordering from you in the next couple of days. Thank you
By 4-Quarters R.
Bell Buckle, TN
Seems to be Helping
June 5, 2013
We have a Beagle with intermittant stomach issues and coprophagia. We decided to try the probi as a possible way to help with these issues. It has almost been a full 30-days since we started him on Forti-Flora and so far his tummy doesn't seem to be giving him the troubles. The coprophagia seems to be better but not gone. We are hopefull that by continuing with this supplement, we will see even more improvement in another month. There was no other place online to purchase a proven, probriotic supplement like this online at a better price than right here!
By char
Great Product
May 22, 2013
I was introduced to this product by my vet; but it is so much cheaper to buy online. It works great to sprinkle on my GS dogs food. It takes care of diarrhea really great. I give it to them every day to help with their digestive tract.
By pja17
Palm Harbor, Florida
worked for my dog's loose stools
May 19, 2013
By Beans10
Troy, MI
Excellent Product
May 16, 2013
This product has helped my dog with his never-ending intestinal issues. I mix one packet with his special vet food, twice daily, and his intestinal issues remain good. I would be afraid to stop using this product because I can see a huge improvement.
By brgunter
Columbia, SC
Effective for digestive problems
April 23, 2013
This has certainly been good for our 15-year-old cocker who has battled digestive disorders for several years. She has done very well on this product and we intend to keep her on it. It was prescribed by our Vet, but trying to buy it from the vet is cost-prohibitive. Over twice the price it is here, so we're most grateful to find it here.
By smoothfox
SF Bay Area, CA
Works great
April 20, 2013
My vet recommended this product and I now use it after giving our fox terrier her beef rib bone to curb the diarrhea that usually happens after she chews on a big bone!
By merrilee
Review for FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
April 17, 2013
Fortiflora helps my dog's occasional stressed stomach. It stops the diarrhea after 2 or 3 packets.
By ray
St. Gabriel,La
Safe, Nutritious, plus Affordable!
April 9, 2013
Our pet yorkie "Pepe" loves Fortaflora sprinkled on his food. He has chronic inflammed intestines and takes a steroid med. just for the intestines. While this helps, it was not enough; there were still flareups. Since we began Fortaflora Pepe's life is better...much better. Thank you "EntirelyPets," for offering this healthy and affordable product. Pepe thanks you too...Woof!
By brownie2000
Great for use with antibiotics
April 1, 2013
My dog was on antibiotics for a while due to a skin issue. The antibiotics bothered her stomach (room-clearing gas and soft stools), but when I started using fortiflora, her digestive issues lessened. I sprinkle it on her food and she has no problem eating it. The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that although entirelypets has the BEST price on this product (and I searched extensively), it is still on the pricey side. If you suspect your dog might need a large quantity of fortiflora, look into the 6-pack that entirelypets offers.
By Phil1336
Key West, FL
Keeps Stools Firm!
March 27, 2013
Our Vet recommended this Product to keep one of our Golden Retriever`s stools firm. One Packet a day sprinkled into her Meal seems to do the trick. Vets price was so high, she should have been "wearing a Mask"!
By dr1044lull
meds for the old man..
March 24, 2013
We have a 14 year old plus male border collie who was slowing down a little too quickly for me, so we got him back on the fortiflora meds for dogs... I'm thinking about giving him 1/2 a packet instead of a full one. Man...its like he's half his age again. He is running and chasing our boxer pups and going up and down stairs like he hasn't done in years...I'm sorta concerned he might over do it if he's not carefull. Nice to see him with energy and stamina again.
By Jan
Newport Newx, VA
great purchase
March 23, 2013
I order Forti-Flora canine every month and Entirely Pets ships immediately. I usually receive my order within three dage and that is so great. I will continue to order from Entirely Pets.
By Jon S.
Great Product!
March 22, 2013
Great product for my dogs! Great Price, Fast Shipping!
By Nori
Parma, Ohio
Sensitive stomach tamer
March 5, 2013
Ever since our chocolate lab was a pup, his stools were always loose and we always had him checked for parasites which came up negative each time. We tried special diets through his adulthood and still had loose stools after awhile. Recently we have him on a no grain dog food that has been helping for some time now and our vet recommended to also mix in with his food, fortiflora canine supplement, to help ease his sensitive stomach. It's been fairly solid stools for awhile now with the combo and we're all happy and thankful that we had started using fortiflora canine supplement for our dog and will continue to in the future! Thank you again!
By Kim
The Best!
March 2, 2013
This product has helped "solidify" my 13 year old Cocker Spaniel's "output" for the first time in her life. Have used it with my Schnauzer and Catahoula with the same results when they had issues. I will continue with this product.
By Cindy
Review for FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
February 28, 2013
This works well for digestive issues including prevention. I use it daily, mixed in some plain yogurt before a meal. Dogs love it.
By summerluvin
San Jose, CA
worked well
February 21, 2013
My dog was treated for giardia & hookworms. Her fecal was negative, but was still having diarrhea. The doctor recommended this product. It helped get her back on track. Her stools are normal now.
By rotten
Value Purchase
February 18, 2013
Our dog has been taking Fortiflora for several months. She has to take several medications and the Fortiflora has been a great for her health.
By BoxerLover
San Fernando, Ca
February 6, 2013
After my boxer puppy (I own her mom and she is a pup we kept from her only litter) was bitten by a tick and got lyme disease was put on steroids and got the runs because the medicine. I was advised by the vet to buy this product as it is the ONLY one of its kind that guarentees it has live cultures in it to aid my girls digestive system and help her stool firm up. I havent noticed much of a change. I do see it now as being more formed rather than a puddle so it has to be working in some ways. I would buy more.
By Harry
Roanoke, Va
It worked
February 6, 2013
Harry had been having issues with diarrhea for years. All the Vets he had gone to could find nothing wrong. Our last wonderful Vet also could find nothing seemingly physically wrong with Harry but suggested we try FortiFlora. The change was dramatic. While he is not perfect all the time he is 90% better and we plan to keep him on this product. Give it a try.
By Barb l.
Berlin md
Great product
January 31, 2013
I have used this product in the past when my dog Stranger was very ill. Now I want is on hand when my boys have an upset stomach.
By Bee
January 28, 2013
Thank you for supplying FortiFlora at a reasonable price. My scottish terrier needs this for her stomach she has allergy issues and other stomach issues.
By sherry
FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement
January 24, 2013
Greyhounds rescued from dog tracks become lovable, excellent family pets. However, they have to make many adjustments to fit comfortably within loving family life. One of them involves their diet. On the track they are typically fed substandard raw meats and as a result, they usually suffer with worms and plaque-ridden teeth. As they undergo the transition from track life to family life, one major change is their diet. It typically can take a while to find out what kibble works best for their digestive system. ForiFlora has been an excellent supplement to make this transition easier and quicker for these loving dogs.
By Sandy
January 24, 2013
Would definitely recommend this. My dog has a touchy stomach and as long as she is on this she has no problems with diarrhea .
By Nori
Parma, Ohio
Praise for Fortiflora canine
January 20, 2013
Our chocolate Lab"Ronin" has always had a sensitive stomach for all his 6 years, trying different foods seemed to help at first but ended up back with soft stools. We now have him on a grain free dog food plus giving him the fortiflora on his food once a day. "Ronin" now enjoys eating his food and his stools have firmed up and he feels better which makes us all the more happy that we have found a solution to his sensitive stomach with the fortiflora supplement.
By Patrick
Dallas, TX
January 18, 2013
Great for rebuilding the canine flora. Obviously less expensive than the vet - in my case about $7.00 (net of shipping). fast delivery by EntirelyPets.
By OG's P.
Atlanta, GA
Works well
January 17, 2013
Our old dog can have incontinence problems, and FortiFlora helps us prevent many accidents by keeping him on a regular schedule.
By Chuck
Roanoke, Va
Life saving product
January 15, 2013
My 13 year old Corgi was near death. After about a year and a half of different anti- biotic medicine, our Vet recommended FortiFlora. Today she is still with us and doing well. I'd recommend your product to anyone.
By Stacy
Fortiflora canine for a nervous traveler
January 3, 2013
Amazing product! Our sheltie gets mucousy stools and diarhea when we travel so we sprinkle half a pouch on each meal with a little water to make it like gravy and she gobbles it up (she has had it in water alone and loves it too). The result is incredible! Her stools are back to normal in no time, she calms down, and our travels are much more enjoyable. If you know you have a dog with gut problems I strongly recommend this product.
By Orbitsblu
Milwaukee, WI
Vet recommened
January 2, 2013
The first time I tried this product was when my vet recommended it for one of my dogs that had colitis. It worked really fast and really well. Recently another dog was having stomach issues and my vet prescribed it. The dog,who is a picky eater, loved the taste of this, especially with a little water mixed in to make a gravy. It helped his stomach and I keep using it just so he stays on a good schedule. He is 13 years old and needs all the help he can get!
By Sierramom
Lake Worth, FL
Great Product!
January 1, 2013
I have been using Fortiflora for years now for my two White Shepherds. They seem to digest their food better with this probiotic and I will continue to use it. First recommended by our Vet.

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