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By Hannah's D.
Great product !
October 10, 2011
My white German Shepherd has hip and spine problems. She is 12 years old. She has been taking Glyco Flex III for about a year and there is a huge difference in mobility. She can run short distances and jump up in her car!. She hardly limps like she used to. Great Stuff ! Highly recommended!!!!!!
By gb
Glyco Flex 111
October 6, 2011
I have been using Glyco Flex with my dog who is a senior with hip problems and I wouldn't be without it. Not to mention that the service was great and half the price that my Vet had charged
By Marcia
Excellent product
February 22, 2011
My 11-year-old female shepherd Ilsa was beginning to show signs of a problem in her hind quarters. I went from Glycoflex II to III and now she has improved tremendously and her hips are straight again and she can "almost" but not quite get back on the bed again. Great product and has put her up and running with her brother Brock, also a shepherd who I have on Glycoflex I as a preventative measure. Great products.
By fawve
swear by this stuff
January 30, 2011
My dog has been taking this for over five years. She had three episodes of paralysis of her hind legs before I started her on Glyco-flex III. My vet recommended this for her and she has done extremely well ever since . . . no more episodes of paralysis. I will give it to her as long as she lives. She is 12 years old now.
By lindaezri
Roanoke, VA
Great Joint Help
August 3, 2010
I give have been using Glycoflex for many years and currently give Glycoflex III to my 11 yr old Lab mix who is still competing in agility. It has helped her stay active and strong even into her double digits.
By Kris
Great product
May 4, 2010
I had our Rottie on Cosequin DS and decided to change to Glycoflex III. He has crooked front legs and is experiencing degenerative joint disease as he ages. He is doing wonderfully on this product. My vet also agreed when I told her I switched him to this, that it was an excellent choice.
By fivefriends
Glyco-flex III
March 22, 2010
This product is absolutely amazing. My dog started limping after strenuous hikes and has also showed stiffness in the morning. After giving her Glyco-flex III for only one week, she stopped limping and can go for hikes several days in a row. I definitely recommend this product to any dog owner who has an older dog that is affected by arthritis.
By Dana
Works like a charm
August 4, 2009
Our 12 yr old Aussie mix has been taking this for over a year, mostly as prevention against arthritis. Thanks to Glyco-Flex, she is aging extremely gracefully, and has never developed arthritic symptoms. She still hikes, runs with our 2-yr-old pit bull, and recently climbed several peaks in the Adirondacks. I heartily recommend this product.
By Lynne
June 23, 2009
My 11 year old 70 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier developed a severe limp after years of chasing squirrels and balls. The Vet confirmed degenerative arthritis in both hips and I could see the spurs on the xrays. He sold me a 120 tab bottle of GFIII for $88 and when it came time for a refill, I found this site. After being on it for 3 months at two tabs per day, my baby is running around like a puppy again with no visible limp. I am sold on the product, but as the Vet explained, you need to have periodic blood work done to make sure your dog is not developing Diabetes, which could be a side effect of long term consumption. The new GFIII formula only requires on tab per day, so that may make a difference.
By Mary
This is GREAT stuff
June 4, 2009
I was given this supplement by my vet for my 8 year old Chihuahua that has arthritis in his hips and knees. It took a little while (4 weeks) but he is moving much better and seems happier.
By Marko
Use it
May 12, 2009
Our 12 year old Dalmatian girl Betty Blue, had a cervical disc herniation last year, since than she has been taking GF3 for almost one year, she can climb up and down stairs, she even likes to play outside with young dogs, what a product,to bad it is not for human usage
By Diana A.
Highly Recommend!!!
December 25, 2008
Our American Bulldog has horrible hips. Bi Lateral CHD. We had TPO surgery one her best hip but the other side was too bad. I put her on the GF3, it's been 3 months now and I'm back for a re-order! She is running like a wild thing, back to her training and we are thrilled to have our girl back to her young self! She is only 14 months old. I woudlnt be without this product!
By stacy
Wonder product!!!
September 25, 2008
My 13 yr old aussie has been on this for 2 yrs. Except for the fact that she was 11, the vet would have liked to replace her hips and knees 2 yrs ago. She bounced back to her younger self on GF3 and still jumps on the couch and in the car and climbs stairs. Accept no substitutes!
By Jan H.
Almost a Miracle
September 23, 2008
Our Jack Russell, Mark, is a geriatric dog. He began having trouble in one hip. When the vet did the x-rays, she found that he has congenital arthritis in both hips. She prescribed a 1/2 tablet dose every day for him. He now moves like he did when he was young. He can once again climb steps, play chase, run, and walk without pain. How wonderful to have our "puppy" back!
By Nicole
May 31, 2008
My basset-corgi mix used to limp a little after every long walk or hike (3 - 4 miles). I started giving him these tablets every morning, and after a month or two the limp is completely gone. This is an excellent alternative to giving drugs, and I highly recommend it.

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