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By Yola
Ontario , CA
not sure
January 5, 2017
my boy did not want to eat even when I crumbled in food
By Georgie's m.
Annapolis, MD
Georgie my best friend
February 2, 2016
I like the fact that I can count on getting Georgie's melds in a timely fashion.
By All P.
Better Alternative to Capsule Supplements
September 24, 2015
Tried the chews as my dog will no longer take his capsule supplement. These are easier for him to chew and cost less; however, the odor is off putting - even for my four legged friend. I have to hide it in his food. The product would be a real winner if they could improve the odor.
By Margie W.
North Georgia
Liver Chews are GREAT!
August 4, 2015
My Siberian Husky has been taking Vetra Liver Chews for several years. Our vet diagnosed there were some problems with her liver and he suggested giving her two of the liver chews daily. She loves her liver chews and will beg for them if I forget to give her the evening dose. Snow is 13 years old now and doing very well. This is a remarkable age for a dog of her size. We are careful to feed her properly and maintain a healthy 45 lbs.
By Missy
Med for liver
April 16, 2015
Great customer service! Will be ordering more of my dogs items from the company
By De
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews
March 25, 2015
Vetri Science makes high quality products, but unfortunately this one contains herbs that gave my dog diarrhea. I had to return it for store credit.
By Sydney
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews)
March 16, 2015
Amazing!!! Really Works!!! After 3 weeks, my 12 year old husky with arthritis and liver issues is a lot walking more and sometimes even tries to run. This is much better than putting him on pain meds.
By Mandy
Must Have
January 17, 2015
These liver chews are a must to keep our German Shepherd's liver functioning while she is on her pain medication. She eats them willingly twice a day. Our vet is amazed as she is almost 16 now. Thank you for carrying this product. They have added years to her life.
By Jen
Middleburg, PA
My Dog Loves Them!
January 16, 2015
My dog has been taking these for the past 2 1/2 years to support his liver function because he suffers from Copper Storage Disease. They were recommended by my vet, and help keep his ALT liver value down. Plus he loves them and they're the only 'treat' he can have.
By Frances97
Chicago, IL
Easier to give than pills
August 22, 2014
This is a wonderful idea although in order to get the proper dosage, you will need to give quite a few so it can be pricy in comparison to giving pills. However if you can't get your companion to take a pill, this is definitely better than nothing! The only downside is that some dogs who are finicky don't seem to like it after a period of time. Chow hounds think it's great.
By Winnie
Liver treats
July 24, 2014
I was using these because my vet recommended them. My three Jack Russells enjoyed them for quite a while but now they will not eat them.
By Lyrical
Didn't work for my dog
July 17, 2014
No matter how I try to disguise the chew, ground up in his food, etc. he will not touch it. So disappointed after all the reviews that dogs loved this product. Waste of money for me. My dog is not particularly a picky eater either. Expensive try for me.
By Gail
Vetri- Liver Canine chews
June 15, 2014
This product helps my dog get her liver enzymes to the proper levels. I have decided to give her half of one each day for the rest of her life to keep her levels where they should be (she weighs under seven pounds and the vet said it was okay to give her half a chew).
By Nita
Olive Branch, MS
Easy to give
April 2, 2014
The bite size treats are very easy to give and my dogs love them.
By Mia
Boulder, CO
Vetri-Liver Canine
March 31, 2014
These soft chews have helped my corgi get her liver enzymes up to where they should be, according to my vet.
By lrb945
could be a life saver
March 5, 2014
my old elkhound was diagnosed with a mass in his liver. he was very feeble; so, we decided not to subject him to any further procedures. i thought that the vetri-liver chews couldn't hurt at this stage and might even be helpful. i have been astounded at his improvement. it's almost as if he was gone for awhile and has returned to us! i can't know for certain that it was the chews that brought about this miraculous transformation, but you may be assured that he will get his daily"dose" from now on.
By Jean
Cary North Carolina
Vetri Liver Tabs
February 13, 2014
I have been receiving the Liver Tabs for my Rhodesian Ridgeback for years. I have found the product comes through the mail packaged very well . I have never had a problem with ordering or receiving. I am very pleased with this company and would recommend it to anyone.
By Tony
Syracuse, NY
February 8, 2014
Good price. Prompt shipping. Of course a vetriliver is a vetriliver.... but these (unlike some I purchased elsewhere) are almost completely whole. I have come across more than a few bags from other sellers of the same product where the treats look like they were beat up by a gorilla and then steamrolled. It's frustrating when regulating your best friend's diet to not know the exact amounts of anything you're feeding him. But these have been great! Almost entirely intact so keeping a steady dose is easy (and I think more enjoyable for my little buddy too)
By Frank1939
Florence, KY
Vet Recommended
January 8, 2014
The vet thought these chews might help offset the symptions of Cushings disease for our small Westiepoo. He has been taking them for about 8 months. We don't know if they have actually helped because we don't know what the progression of Cushings would of been without them. He seemed to really like them at first but over time has been less and less interested in them. We mix them in with his regular food and eventually the chew is consumed.
By Eli
Great Purchase
December 16, 2013
I had purchased this product from my local vet first time around. However, I am much more satisfied with the purchase from EntirelyPets both for the price and the product and service. Will purchase again.
By Cheryl
Suggested for use by a Veterinarian
October 18, 2013
Our Vet determined our dog needed the liver chews as a supplement to his liver function, which was not up to par. It has helped him, determined by bloodwork. Of course, our dog scoffs them right down as he considers them a treat. Must be very tasty as he loves them.
By Shopper
Three Lakes Wis
Great purchase
August 13, 2013
The price is Great is half of what I paid at the Vet clinic.Seems to be helping,will have blood work done soon.
By Pita's M.
quick service
July 28, 2013
Pita's liver and kidney panels were very high and he was very sick. He quit eating and the vets wanted an enormous amount of money with no plan as to what was wrong...just more expensive tests.. When Pita was a year old he had high liver levels and was put on SAM-e's. I thought I would try the Vetri Liver chews. He has improved at a much lessor cost and no bad drugs.
By tulips26150
Chicago, IL
Great Liver Supplement
June 12, 2013
I had received a sample bag from the vet for my dog's Cushing Disease. So I searched the internet and found the Vetri-Liver chews at this site and most cost effective. Great product and have been using for 3 to 4 months now. My dog thinks the chews are a treat. I would recommend anyone needing a supplement for canine liver problems to definitely buy this product.
By alisk
Our Dog Loves These!
May 6, 2013
Our 12 year-old Schipperke, Monte, had poor liver function readings based on his recent trip to the vet. The vet recommended these snacks. He gets so excited at night for these that he leaps around like a puppy in anticipation. I'm so glad that we found these on EntirelyPets at about half the cost of buying them from the vet!
By Gizzy'sMom
Casselberry, FL
Recommended By Vet
April 20, 2013
I won't know for another five months or so after Gizmo has his next blood work. Because his liver enzymes were high his veterinarian suggested I give him Vetri Liver Chews and order them online. After reading several reviews online I ordred them from EntirelyPets. Giz is a 15 1/2 year old Peke-a-poo. He is very deaf, kind of blind and pretty senile, but a love nontheless. I'm trying to keep him going and if Vetri Liver Chews accomplishes that, I'm all for it.
By joan
Stephens City Va.
Review for Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews)
April 5, 2013
Always pleased with the cost of the chews. Just about half the cost as at the vet. Very pleased with time of delivery. It was three days from the time we ordered that we received the chews. Great service.
March 18, 2013
My dog has liver and kidney issues, that had slowed her down. My Vet recommended the liver chews to help her liver functions. That was 2 years ago and my dog has been a happy normal 11 year old dog.
By Lonny
Helps my dog
March 3, 2013
My dog has elevated liver enzymes and this has helped to lower them
By olbill
Herod SE Ill.
very satisfacty
February 22, 2013
have ordered several times - delivery has been prompt and correct very good service - great savings
By Dog C.
Cleveland, OH
Good Value Products
February 5, 2013
I purchase all products my vet prescribes from this site if at all possible. Best price for the products.
By Rachel
Savannah, GA
Yes I would reccommend.
January 19, 2013
I was put off by the smell, but my miniature poodle, Amelia, eats them right up. She just started on them so don't know yet if they have improved her liver enzymes. Will have her checked in a few weeks.
By Wicky's M.
Marion, nc
Great Product
November 6, 2012
My vet put my schnauzer taking this and after his first bag I looked on this site to see if they carried it and luckily they did and at a 3rd of the price. These are really soft and i use them to put my dogs prescription pills in. After urine testing his liver is still functioning normally we will be using these for a long time.
By wjc
South Arkansas
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews) Ve
October 31, 2012
Product was recommended by vet. Can tell my pet is doing alot better. Using this product because pet is on arthritis medication and this strong medication can hurt the liver.
By Bailey
Liver Pills
October 23, 2012
My dog thinks they are treats so eats them without a fuss. She has been taking them for several months and her liver function test have improved.
By wjc
south arkansas
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews (60 Chews
August 21, 2012
Purchase this product from advise of veterinarian. Pet is on arthritis medication and liver function enzymes were high. after two weeks on this product, pet is feeling better, walking better, and over-all, just doing great. will check his blood again in 3 months. This pet is 10 years old (lab). yes, I will continue this supplement since i can really tell my lab is almost like a pup again!
By Buddy
Vetri Liver Crumbles
August 1, 2012
Not too happy with this bag of Vetri-Liver bites. Half the Chews were broken in peices instead of whole chews, at least they were soft enough to mold together and serve it as a whole.
By Mcable
marion, nc
Great Product
August 1, 2012
His vet recommended this and getting them there was $60 a bag so they are half price here. He take s 1 a day and they are so soft i can stuff his pill in them which is great! He has a protein losing neropathy and this is a supplement to help with his liver health through his illness which is in control since oct '11 now. Def recommend it
By Morgan
Somers, NY
Best Price
July 28, 2012
Our vet highly recommends Vetri-Liver tabs for my senior dog whose liver counts are off... and... my dog LOVES these chewables. Your price is about $ 10 per package lower than vet !!!
By annievt
Johnson, VT
Daily Routine
July 25, 2012
We've been giving this to our aging dog for several years and she is doing just great. She happily has her "snack" two times a day.
By Mo J.
Jacksonville, Florida
1/2 the price my Vet charges
July 21, 2012
The exact same product that my Vet charges 2x's more for. It has really helped with my dogs liver enzymes, which are out of wack due to his arthritis meds. This is a very good product, but the smell could be improved!!
July 17, 2012
By Debbie
Vetri Liver Canine Bites
July 14, 2012
My dog loves them and gobbles them down with no probelms. I can't tell if they are doing the job, though, as the last blood work-up he had done indicated the liver numbers were slightly elevated from the first time. There could be more going on with him than we know - he is 11 and he had a rough life before we adopted him. Overall, his numbers are not high, but my vet recommended the supplement to try to maintain or decrease those numbers.
By georgiasunflower
Product works
June 28, 2012
I am happy with the Vetri-Liver Chews. Though they do smell terrible, my dogs love them, and they have helped to reduce my dogs' liver numbers. One is on a constant trmt of mild Steroids due to allergies which is bad for liver, and the other is 10 years old and starting to age. I recommend these to anyone who's dog needs Liver Supplements.
By Sandy
Liver Chews
June 19, 2012
The dogs love them so they are easy to give and I don't have to disguise them in anything.
By Nancy P.
Tuscaloosa AL
Corrected Liver Enzymes General Well Being
June 12, 2012
Routine pre op lab work showed elevated liver enzymes, Orie, our 11 year old standard dachshund 34 lbs. Vet recommended Vetri-Liver. Completed 60 day regimen. Retested, enzymes normal. Orie's general well being improved to the point that he seems much younger and energetic than 11 year old. He is also on Alaskan Salmon Oil for his coat and joint health. But after 60 days on Vetri-Liver he looks great and feels good too. He had slowed up a bit but now is ready to go on walks, boat rides, and swims in the river. I asked my vet about adding Vetri Canine Plus Senior as a general supplement after seeing all the great ingredients and the good response from taking Vetri-Liver. He gives Canine Plus to his dog and highly recommends it. He said Vetri is a great company with hight quality ingredients in their products. They research and formulate for specific needs. Now I'm ordering Vetri Canine Plus Senior for Orie.
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews
May 4, 2012
I've been feeding Vetri-Liver Chews to my 12.5 yr. old Mini-Schnauzer (Bailey) two times/day since Sept. 2011 as recommended by my Veterinarian, for liver disease management. Vetri-Liver Chews are easy to feed and Bailey loves the taste ! More importantly, this product, in addition to a high quality petfood diet are preventing Bailey's liver disease from escalating further.
By Nigel
Troy, MI
Vetri-Liver Canine Bite-Sized Chews
April 28, 2012
My dog loves these and takes them like a treat.
Entirely Pets Rocks
April 24, 2012
I have been shopping here since my miniature Schnauzer was diagnosed with a terminal kidney problem caused by her immune system attacking her kidneys. We were told at the time we might get a year and a half more with her, even on the strict diet and medication regimen. It will be two years in May and she is going strong. I get numerous products from Entirely Pets and thank God for them and the vets.
By Elaine
Sparks, NV
April 15, 2012
I was very pleasantly surprised by the pricing and the short shipping time. Saved 47% compared to product at the veterinarian's.

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