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Paw Paw, MI
Great Product
September 14, 2015
I have a beagle/basset, she has dwarfism in her front legs. Prior to using the Glyco-flex she would limp if she ran/played too hard. I have not noticed any limping since giving her the glucosamine supplements and she really likes the taste
By Dog L.
Very good product.
September 8, 2015
I've used the perna mussel for years for my goldens. Great product.
Monterey, TN
Like GlycoFlex classic
May 23, 2015
Have used this product on a senior dog who has ACL joint problem with success. He seems to be more comfortable and at his age, he will not do well in surgery. I do look for special prices when available, since he gets the meds morning and night. Thank you for offering it
By Cathy
Rowley, Ma
Glyco Flex Classic
May 17, 2015
Excellent product! Found the best prices here and prompt delivery!
By TwoDogs
Great Product
May 4, 2015
I've been using GLYCO-FLEX CLASSIC for many years, Dogs love it. The Girl was hit by a car before I got Her and it helps with Her hip.
By Steve
Allentown, PA
Super Pills for an old dog
February 14, 2015
My 13+ year old Cock-a-poo (22 lbs.) has bad joint problems with her back end (knees and back). One super pill a day (for the past 3+ years) and she does not have half of the problems and Vet visits she used to when she was 10. Great price and fast shipping!
By Doc
Wilmington, DE
September 17, 2014
I've been using this product for many years for my german shepherds. It was recommended to me by my Vet at the time. It does a lot of good for their hips and joints.
By KelleyA
Good stuff
June 20, 2014
My vet recommended this years ago for our lab showing signs of early hip dysplasia. She gets one a day and really doesn't have any problems so long as we don't play fetch too much.Entirely Pets has the best price in the subscription service.
By Chester
Indianapolis In
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
May 10, 2014
Seems to help joint movement, bad hips and joints make moving around difficult
By monkey
Good product
April 14, 2014
Dog injured her hind legs - knee joints - and started using this during her recovery. Appears to help and still using it as she ages - hopefully for comfort in joint mobility.
By Riz48
Western New York
Our dog loves this product!
March 16, 2014
Our vet recommended we get glycoflex to give to our 2 dogs to help with arthritic joints. Since then, we lost one of our girls, so I purchased these for our dog Oreo. You had the best price I could find. When we got them, I wasn't sure she would take them without having to sneak them to her in something. Oreo takes them with no issue, chews them up like treat and that is it. She has not been taking them long enough to know if they are helping, but even if they help some, it is worth it. I would definitely recommend this product.
By Cathi
Grand Rapids, MI
Great price for a great product!
January 14, 2014
I have been using Glyco-flex Classic for my dog, ever since he was a puppy. It keeps his joints in great condition.
By fleasrus
joint pain
November 13, 2013
I really don't know if glyco-flex does that much good, but it doesn't hurt. He is getting to be an older, but active, dog. He tore his ACL a number of years ago, so anything that helps with joint pain is good.
By Jen
Very Good Product
October 24, 2013
I have a 13 year old collie that suffers from arthritis. We started her on this product a year or two ago when she was having trouble limping. Very soon after starting the limping disappeared. She now has some trouble getting up, but she is old for a large dog and I think she'd be in a lot worse shape without this supplement.
By wt
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
September 11, 2013
All of my dogs are on this product and have been on it for years
By Do o.
Glyco Flex
July 28, 2013
My German Shepherds are young so I see no dramatic needed improvement. However, I do feel that regular daily dose is helping to keep their joints healthy. Good product.
By anne
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
July 24, 2013
started using this product months ago, as per recommended by my vet, when my German Shephard's started growing really quickly. He is still in the growing stage and I use it everyday as a preventative.
By lynn
Great product
April 29, 2013
My 10 year old Bulldog has arthritic feet, these pills help him move more comfortably, I also give them to my Boxers along with their Joint Max Triple Strength and my aging crew are staying mobile and able to go for walks daily with us. Entirely pets has reliable products and wonderful prices
By Bon-Ton B.
Smoky Mountains, TN
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
March 1, 2013
Using this product to help my older dogs get around. My vet recommends keeping them on it for a continued wellness treatment.
Great for active dogs
February 5, 2013
I've been giving this to my 10 year old lab since he was a puppy. It was recommended to me by an ER vet when my older dog starting having joint issues. To date he is doing great and my other two labs are on it also.
By stormy
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
January 1, 2013
at the advice of my vet, i started giving these to my 12 year old dog. he manages to climb the stairs more easily and just moves better.
By Kirby's M.
Northern California
Happy Joints!
November 10, 2012
My big NewFoundland blew out both ACLs when he was a puppy. He has been on a regimen of joint support meds since that time. The Gycoflex tablets are a part of his everyday supplements. I am convinced that the combination is of great help to his aging hips/knees. He is over 11 years old!
By cink
Pittsburgh area
Great purchase
November 7, 2012
The last several times I purchased this product I have purchased it here from Entirely Pet. They have had the best prices. The Vet recommended this product and it has worked very well for my dog.
By Kris
Keeps em young!
October 23, 2012
I have a big old dog and a young little dog. Each gets Glyco -flex everyday. My old dog may be slower but still can run and jump like my little dog. I know it is because of the suppliments.
By Kdog877
Great product
July 24, 2012
This is the second bottle of this product I have used, before Kobi took this medicine she could barely walk up the steps after being active with other dogs in the community. Now that she has been on this medicine she is more active and pain free. Thank you
By The N.
New Hampshire
She is like a puppy again!!
July 22, 2012
Our aging female boxer suffered from shoulder pain and lameness. She would go for a run and limp for days after. Our wonderful Vet reccomended this product and after a few weeks she is running and playing like she did at one year old. We love this so much we started giving it to our 6 year old male boxer as well. I have no doubt that this product improved out girls quality of life and put smiles on our faces as we watch her run and play. THANK YOU!
By Jen
Great transaction!
May 30, 2012
Always fast delivery of quality product!
By Barb
Glyco-Flex Classic 600mg
April 23, 2012
My dog has been taking this product ever since he had knee surgery. His surgery was in 2/2011 and he has recovered well since. I'm not sure if it is because of the Glyco-Flex or not; but I will not stop giving it to him because he is able to run, swim, and play like he has never had a problem with his knee.
By amae22
Glyco-Flex 600mg
March 27, 2012
These pills really seem to help my 8 year old Great Dane. He also loves the flavor!
By Jen
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
March 10, 2012
Great product! Very effective for our Rottweiler's arthritis.
By jmtelcom
Dog hip joint problems
February 19, 2012
I've been using this product for 8 - 10 years right after the vet said that as a two year old med - large dog she would need both hips replaced because of lack of cartilage in he hip joints. While the Glyco has not "cured" that problem it has kept her still active at the age of 12 years. She will occasionally loose her back legs on slipperly floors or when running and making tight turns but still she will run!
By misvan1
Baltimore, Maryland
Stopped me from putting my dog asleep!!
February 12, 2012
I literally had to take my dog to the vet by carrying him in a blanket. He was yelping and in so much pain. The vet did give him a shot so he could examine him. I was told he arthritis everywhere except his head and jaw. He told me that he would give him 7 days of an rx then he wanted me to put him on Glyco Flex. (He even takes these himself) I did and prayed!! Jag has not had a single wine or yelp since. I also have told my son to get these now for his dog as she has some rear leg issues. I'll let you know! But, THANK YOU for these as I get to have more dog with my dog whom I love as much as my children!
By LAP6886
Western Mass
great product
January 30, 2012
I have given this to my 2 pups (2 yrs in April) since they came home at 8 wks. Both are big breeds (Black Lab & Greater Swiss Mountain Dog), so anything to help keep bones strong is worth it to me... warding off lameness is a good thing...also Entirely Pets has best price on the internet
By deano
Review for GlycoFlex CLASSIC - 600mg (300 Tablets)
January 25, 2012
excellent product will buy again. great price too!
By Barb
Alden, NY
My dog needs this product.
November 7, 2011
My dog has no problem taking these pills. He readily eats them. He is almost 100 lbs and had surgery on his knee. I'm not sure how much they help him; as he has been taking them since his surgery. The price on this website is quite a bit cheaper than if I buy them from the vetrenarian.
By Svetlana
October 15, 2011
Great product, Great price. I have used this product for relieving joint pain in old dogs for 10 years and will continue. It's a great treat too, they love it!
By Bob
Melbourne, FL
Good for Lab with Allergies
October 2, 2010
I had my lab allergy tested and found a list of ingredients he can no longer eat. I had to find a replacement for his Joint supplement and Glyco-Flex fills the bill. I have all 3 of my dogs on it with no problems.

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