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By Jay
Vancouver, BC
Seems to work
July 17, 2021
We have a dog with joint issues and were recommended these chews. We have been giving our dog these for years and it appears that her joint issues have improved significantly. I highly recommend.
By Ellie M.
It's helping my 15 yr old Australian Shepherd
December 29, 2019
I have a 15 year old Australian Shepherd with bad hocks and knees and this is helping to keep her mobile. I elected to not do surgery because of her age and she only goes from her bed to her potty pads and a few steps in the house, but as long as she's able to do that-I'm not ready to let her go. This product is allowing me to keep my best friend a little longer.
By Ljolly
seems to be working
February 22, 2019
i have been giving my senior lab this twice a day as his back legs are really bad they are becoming paralyzed, I swear his walking is getting better.I believe it is due to the Glycoflex.
By Busters m.
Glyco flex
September 14, 2017
My dog was diagnosed with joint problems. My vet recommended this produce. The dog feels better, in under 3 months, I can tell by his movements getting in and out of the car. They seem to be tasty as well!
By Sohee
Seoul, Korea
Very good products for legs of dog
February 13, 2017
My puppies have trick knee, so I found this one is good for dogs which has trick knee. It was my second time to buy, and my puppies are getting better. Thank you!
By Katie m.
excellent product at an affordable price
November 13, 2016
This product was recommended by a vet tech after her dog was hit by a vehicle and made a full recovery. I decided to try it out on my 10-1/2 arthritic gal who showed marked improvement and flexibility after struggling for months just to get up from a sitting position. I could not be happier with the result !
By Mary
Brooklyn, New York
Best brand
June 30, 2016
I love this product. Very effective for my dogs and a great price.
By dboxwell
Iowa City, IA
Works great!
June 28, 2016
We have 2 Shelties and a Golden Retriever....they all take it and love it. I can refer to these as "treats". One of our Shelties is 12 years old and was having trouble with sore joints and getting up and he is jumping around like a teenager again! We will definitely be purchasing more and more! THank you!
By Rottiegirl
San Antonio, TX
Best Joint Supplement
June 25, 2016
Tried many joint supplements to aid in easing the pain of arthritis for my Rottweiler. Found Glyco-Flex 3 to help the most.
By Amy
It's really awsome
April 27, 2016
My dog has a back pain. so he tried Joint Max, Cosequin etc. but it didn't work. Only Glycoflex iii helps my dog. I'm really appreciate for it
By Hammerbake
Glycoflex 3
February 16, 2016
Amazing product..after a month or maybe 6 weeks my 8 year old Bernese mountain dog seems to have more mobility, better flexibility ease in getting up etc..cosequin did not provide this! Highly recommend for the senior dog! A must have..
By Marcia
Houston area
My Dog Will NOT EAT the Chews
January 15, 2016
After 2 months, my dog either refuses to touch food that I have broken up the chew and mixed into wet food or she will pick out almost every little broken up piece. AND AS A CHEW, NO, NO, NO - or at least that's her who knows if they work or not - since she won't touch or taste them any more. Guess I need to go back to Cosequin.
By Nancy
North Central Florida
Great Product
December 21, 2015
Been using it for years for my older show dogs
Croton On Hudson, NY
Glyco Phenomenon!
December 1, 2015
My 8 year old Golden Retriever thanks you from the bottom of his heart for this product. Reilly was in pretty consistent pain from Arthritis in his rear leg and was having difficulty getting up and enjoying a normal day. He has now been on Glyco Flex III for about a month and the results are just incredible! He is running around the backyard, jumping on to the bed (bad habit :)) and literally has no pain. He is a "puppy" once again. Thank you so much!!!
By Dalebe
Very good product, recommended by my vet
November 24, 2015
My two dogs, chocolate labs, 11 and 12 years old, have had both ACL's done approximately 5 years ago. They do have some arthritis but still love to play and swim. I believe this product is very beneficial for them and so does my vet. I highly recommend them.
By yoo m.
November 23, 2015
It's a low price. Very good. The product not available in Korea
By Josie
Lynchburg va
greatly improved pets walking
November 8, 2015
This was recommended by my Vet, and has really helped . My pet was a rescue and had been malnourished from birth ,causing a lot of joint damage. Very thankful that this product helped him so much.
By susie
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
October 22, 2015
soft chew easier for our older dog to chew, appears to enjoy taste and doesn't resist taking it
By Sandi
Lancaster, PA
Chews are great.
September 29, 2015
My dog runs to get his Glycoflex. It is helping and at almost 13, he is not limping.
By Donna
Tulsa, OK
My Lab loves these.
September 22, 2015
I received the product very quickly, in just a few days. My Lab mix is 15+ yrs. old. and has developed weakness in his back legs. The GlycoFlex has really helped him, and he loves the soft chew "treat" twice a day.
By Grannie
Glyco Flex III soft chews helps her arthritis
September 15, 2015
Have been giving the soft chew to our border collie for a few years. She loves them and looks for them every morning and night. She has arthritis in her hips and knees. When she climbs steps you can hear the crackling in her joints but that does not stop her. Yes, she is also on pain meds but I believe the Glyco Flex III soft chews have made her life a lot easier. She loves going out to the barn to feed the horses with me and playing with the kittens. OH, by the way our "little girl" just had her 15th birthday on September 10, 2015.
By Katidid213
Williamsport, MD
Best Joint Supplement
September 12, 2015
My dogs love these joint chews. The high-dose of minerals is well worth the price.
By Gigi
Venice, FL
Great Value
September 4, 2015
After trying other products, the Vet suggested Glyco Flex for the treatment of my dog's arthritis symptoms. It's an excellent product and comes in a chewable form. After purchasing this product from my Vet for about a year, I discovered Entirely Pets on-line. Same product and costs about 40% less than in a Vet's office.
By Missy
Lafayette In
Great Product!!
July 29, 2015
I give these chews to all 3 of my dogs. They are 7, 8, and 10 yrs old and these chews help them with any joint pain they may have, They came recommended by my vet and the dogs all LOVE them!!
By mrsedd
Tucson, AZ
Works Miracles
July 21, 2015
My energetic lab mix tore both ACL's needless to say, he deteriorated very quickly. Losing much of his strength and bulk in his hind end. During my price checking at local veterinarians for an affordable solution, one suggested supplement therapy along with water treadmill and a non-evasive laser treatment which is supposed to promote blood flow in the joint. The supplement that I was provided for him seemed to help a little as well as the physical therapies we signed up for. At least he was able to get up without crying. We just couldn't keep him from running which would put him down again. I did countless hours of research across the internet. Tried a couple of others and then landed on Glyco Flex III. After the initial higher dose recommendation period and maybe 2 weeks of maintenance I got home from work, opened the door and here he came, all 80 pounds of him jumping at the last second. I assume he thought I was physically capable of catching him. Instead I dodged his jump in order to save myself. Since then, there seems to be no stopping him. He runs, jumps and plays, his hind end muscle has returned to it former size. It has been four years since we started supplementing him and have had no problems since! He is now 9yrs old. Attached picture is of him during one of the 9 water treadmill appointments. Shows his diminished back end compared to his large shoulders which were compensating for the rear. Give it a shot, it truly works miracles.
By ChloeK
Great product
July 14, 2015
This really helps my golden retriever. She is 12 and has been stiff in getting up, but these really help her joints.
By fran
glyco flex lll bite size chews
June 28, 2015
keeps my pets bones strong and would recommend this product.
By palmer
rochester, in
Great Product
May 27, 2015
I am very pleased with this product. My dog is a senior who had ACL surgery at least 7 years ago. My vet recommend these and she has been on them ever since. She is now 14 years old and still runs around like a pup chasing the cats. She thinks of them like a treat!
By deebirds
Wichita, kansas
Great price on chews
May 13, 2015
It was a great price on their chews. It was shipped very quickly. Thanks
By Yoyo
New York
A Great Value
May 6, 2015
I cut these in fourths and give one piece to each of my two big Maine Coon Cats twice a day. My vet had recommended that I get the larger canine product after I balked at the cost. This is much less expensive than purchasing the feline Glyco Flex III.
Apparently these are yummy!
April 28, 2015
These were recommended by my vet as my dog has calcification in her spine. They are not treats, but my dog thinks they are. If I forget to give one to her at the right time, she follows me around until I do. We break them in 4 and do physio exercises (twisting) with them. (She's pretty small.) She loves her Glyco-Flex and is as excited by that word as by "treat".
By Gordy
Longwood, FL
Works For Our Dogs!
April 22, 2015
We've used this product for years - it was recommended by our vet. It seems to work for our dogs!
By Don
North Carolina
good for the joints
April 20, 2015
The only set back.... I haave to force my dog to take them
By Nettie's m.
Pataskala, OH
Great stuff
April 16, 2015
Nettie is an 8 year old Aussie. When she was 7 I noticed she was having trouble climbing stairs and jumping on and off the bed. Tried a different joint supplement at first and it seemed to help at first but then she started having trouble again. A friend recommended Glyco Flex III. I ordered some and within a couple of weeks I could see a noticeable difference. I couldn't believe it. The stuff is amazing and she really likes it.
By boyspsychomom
Rome, NY
Not The Same Quality
April 15, 2015
The soft chews are much drier than the ones that I have gotten in the past. My dog used to chew them right up with no issue these I have to disguise so that he will eat them. The packaging is different not sure if you are getting them from a different supplier but they are definitely not the same quality that I am used to getting. Very disappointed!
By Tig
Lakesite Tennessee
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
April 14, 2015
My Golden is 12 years old. He was having a lot of issues with his hips and back end, sliding and slipping. He didnt appear to be comfortable even going down the few steps off the back porch outside. After his first month of Glycoflex 3, he moves faster and steadier. Glycoflex has not cured anything but I can see that it gives him vitality and mobility to enjoy himself more. Quite possibly, it resolves some issues with joint pain as well.
By Milos m.
Jacksonville, Il
Super treat!
April 12, 2015
Glyco Flex has worked wonders for my dog. We started him on this about 2 years ago on the Vet recommendation for his hips. He had also torn his ACL in his right rear knee. This has given him back flexibility in all of his joints. Milo will be 14 in. July 2015 and he runs and plays with the neighbors 2 year old beagle!
By Monty's m.
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
April 9, 2015
My dog is 11 years old and has occasional problems with her joints. This product has helped a lot. And she will eat it just like a treat.
By kenjac
Cedar Springs, MI
Glyco Flex III (120 Bite-Sized Chews)
April 8, 2015
Our pet is named Roxie. She is a Golden Retriver, now 7 years old. She has been on Glyco Flex since a pup, along with her dog food that contains glycosamine and chondroitin sulfate. She runs daily and thus far, no joint problems (as is common among large breed dogs). We will continue to supplement her diet with Glyco Flex III. Thank You.
By Kat-W
West Palm Beach, FL
Great product
March 31, 2015
Highly recommended and sold by our wonderful holistic vet, but much more reasonable prices for long term care.
By Jo
Limps No More
March 24, 2015
Suke, my 7 yr old Golden Cross, started limping and slowing down. My daughter recommended Glyco Flex 111 from her vet - but it was quite expensive there. While re-searching it on the web I came across Entirely Pets - and bought it for half the price and it arrived in 2 days. Suke Limps No More!
By Cindy
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
March 23, 2015
unfortunately, my almost 10 yr old samoyed/golden is particular in his treats....tried everything to get him to eat 1, but no luck. He spits them out. Recommended to me by friend who's labs love them! Sorry.
By lucka
Vancouver, Canada
Good Supplement
March 17, 2015
GlycoFlexIII (chews) Our border crossis getting this supplement for about year. She is 13 years young. She did slow down but Glycoflex really helps with her mobility. It is very a good supplement. Too see any results has be given for a few months. In our case we could see diffence in 8 weeks. She does not glycoflex flavour but I put it in her food. I believe that it can be purchased in pills also.
By Britt
Glycoflex III
March 16, 2015
I have an 8year old German Shepard x Rotty girl and she has been on this for two years. This stuff is great! She loves Frisbee so when she got older and started to slow down we were recommended this product and it works great! She is happy and healthy and just as active now as she was as a pup! Love the product and have gotten three friends on it already!
By Pomgrrl
Alberta, Canada
Excited to try
March 4, 2015
just started my senior pom on this product so I am very excited to see how it works for her!! I was recommended this product by a ton of people in the pom group we are in. Very fast shipping! Also- If soft chews are dry, place a piece of bread in the bag. it will soften them up!
By lindag
Wynantskill, NY
Dry and unappetizing
February 25, 2015
I couldn't even get my dog to eat these so I returned them. They may very well work fine but the first step is getting them into the dog.
By Kass
A beneficial product
February 24, 2015
I have a 5lb Yorkie and a 9lb Morkie. I give the Yorkie 1/2 a chew and my Morkie a full chew, every other day, after I clean their eyes. This is their "treat". My Yorkie loves them and my Morkie tolerates them. Ive been using this product for about 2 years now and will continue to purchase through entirely pets. Very fast shipping and best cost I have found thus far.
By Kathrine
Pottsville, AR
Arthritis Supplements
February 19, 2015
This is the first time I have used the Glyco Flex chews. We have an older, very arthritic Australian Shepard mix named Panda who has been taking these for about 2 months. These seem to be helping her as she has gone back to taking 4 mile hikes with me and our younger dog, Lady Bug. For several months she would start to walk with us and then stop after about a quarter to half a mile. Now she stays with us for the entire walk!
By BarbsLabs
Mpls. MN.
wouldn't go without this
February 17, 2015
I have 2 black labs, 7 and 14. Before that I had a basset that was 13. This has got to be the best product in the world, if any of my dogs had limping, I started them on this right away, and it helped completely. I think the secret ingredient is that "perna" that is in the chews. They love them. I give them to my dogs daily as maintenance, I wouldn't want to run out of these. I have 2 (human) friends, that have also started their dogs on this.............It really really does work............
New Bern, NC
Essential For My Onyx
February 4, 2015
I have an 11 year old black lab. I started her on sea jerky years ago when she was slow moving on getting up and down. I got the Glyco Flex from my Vet and it has made such a difference in both my labs and pugs movements and agility. My lab loves to chase her ball and play, and without the glycol flex she would be down and out. It really makes a difference in their mobility. The cost of the product from entirely pets is approximately $30 cheaper than the vet. BIG SAVINGS!!

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