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By Robert
Great Value
January 19, 2014
Considerably cheaper that I can purchase this product at any Vets office and exact same product.
By petm0m
Westerville, OH
January 14, 2014
I give these to both of my pups for joint relief. They both love the taste and they seem to help the 14 year-old. My vet recommended starting early with the 4 year-old.
By Rich
Southern Colorado
GINGER says "Thanks."
January 11, 2014
I have used Glyco Flex for many years. I have had retired racers (Greyhounds) for 30+ years with great success. I bought the Glyco Flex III for a friend's dog (Ginger) when I saw that she was hobbling noticeably. Ginger is an old dog and she was grinding to a halt. It's been three weeks and I was amazed to see Ginger up and playing with other dogs at the dog park. All credit to Glyco Flex III.
By Hunters M.
New England
Glyco Flex III
January 6, 2014
These are wonderful and my dog hunter just loves them. He doesn't know that it's to help him with his arthritis, all he knows is it's another treat that he gets and that they taste yummy! He was on the hard pill type one's and I decided to go to these because we have to give him just 1/2 so these are so much easier to break in 1/2. These work wonderfully, hunter used to limp alot before taking these and now he does not limp at all. If your dog suffers from arthritis, give them these and they will be feeling better in no time.
By Ginger's M.
Pueblo, CO
It really helps!
December 30, 2013
Ginger, my large mixed breed dog has arthritis in her front legs (elbows). She has been on other glucosamine and Rimadyl products but they were not helping as much as I had hoped they would. She's only 11 years old and is in good health otherwise. I hate seeing her in pain and unable to enjoy our walks, hikes and trips to the dog park. I started Glycoflex 3 almost a month ago at the recommendation of a friend at the dog park. Within approximately 2 weeks, I could see a marked improvement in the way she was walking. She even runs after the ball now and seems to be feeling a lot better. I admit that I was skeptical, but I honestly think this product has helped her and I will continue it for as long as she is with me, which hopefully will be many many more years.
By NIkki
Fort Collins, CO
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
December 16, 2013
The product is great. Our lab loves them.
By marnjw
these really work
December 16, 2013
These have made a huge difference in my German Shepherd's ability to walk and play.
By Pam N.
Oakland, CA
Glyco Flex Chews
November 19, 2013
These chews are affordable and really effective for my elderly dog of 17 years. He couldn't lift his leg on our outings and now he can. Pam
By Jakie
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
November 13, 2013
Jakie likes the smell and flavor so much he tries to open his container himself. He thinks it's the best treat ever.
By PBuchanan
Medina, OH
Really see the difference!
November 12, 2013
We bought this product for our 2 foster basset hounds - Bo and Belle. Belle has spinal arthritis with some of the vertebrae fused and Bo has an old injury to his back leg and has buckshot in him. A friend had given us 1/2 a bag that her dogs didn't like and we definitely can see a difference. I bought from this website because the price was GREAT because we are paying for this ourselves and not the Rescue group.
By Dawn
My dog loves them.
November 4, 2013
My dog has been using the treats for 3 weeks now and his mobility is greatly improved. Before he was limping around first thing in the morning and especial at night. Now there are no signs of any pain. We recommend this product to anyone that has a pet that may benefit.
By ChristineCP
Pittsburgh, PA
Awesome product
October 23, 2013
Does everything it claims. Makes your dog feel so much better. I have used Glycoflex on 3 dogs already and have significant improvements in ALL of them! Highly recommended!
By lcason
Southlake, TX
Sampson loves them!!
October 22, 2013
These were recommended by my Vet, and Sampson loves them!!! And, I really believe they have helped him. However, my Vet was charging me $115.00 for the exact same thing, and same quantity. I only get theme here now!!
By Nori
Parma, Ohio
Great choice to keep pets running
October 22, 2013
Our 7yr old Lab Ronin loves taking the chewable GlycoflexIII , he thinks it is a treat. Ronin is a ball maniac and the GlycoflexIII helps him to keep running almost non-stop for the ball. He is seven years old but acts like he is 4 yrs old and can keep up with our 2yr old Lab Keeley. When Keeley is close to Ronin's age she will be started on the GlycoflexIII too, it's awesome stuff!
By Karen
West Bloomfield, MI
Vet Recommended!!
October 16, 2013
When Beau, my black lab, turned 5 my vet recommended putting him on a joint supplement. She was quite directed in her recommendation that I use Glyco Flex III. Just look at my handsome guy! He is so very fit and I am a committed Glyco Flex III user. Entirely Pets pricing goes a long way when you are dealing with a senior dog and senior Morgan Horse. Thank you Glyco Flex!
By Chin m.
My guys love em
October 15, 2013
This product has increased my dogs(4) mobility a great deal and they love them, act like they are the best treat they've ever had
By Pam
North Lakewood, WA
Keeping my old man going
October 11, 2013
We started on II then moved on to III when Mister aged to 11.5. He is bright and interested in his environment and recently picked a five year old Ridgie girl to live with - can't be all bad !
By Juanita
San Diego, CA
Helps active dogs with joint issues
October 11, 2013
Our 3 active dogs get miles of off-leash walking every day. They chase deer, rabbits, squirrels, cats... anything that moves. Oftentimes they have joint issues as a result. We started using the Glyco Flex III supplements after a torn ACL, instead of having surgery. The ACL is healing nicely. 2 of the 3 dogs love the taste and think of the supplements as a treat. One of them is picky and needs to have it shoved down his throat.
By roxy
Grand Rapids, MI
Highly recommend
October 10, 2013
These were recommended by a sport med vet for my active dogs who participate in K9 sports.Dogs are currently 5 and 4, and have been on these for 2 months now. Their motion seems a bit more at ease. From what I've read, these are the best supplements to get. So far, I agree!
By Shibamom
Hilton Head, SC
Love this product!
October 8, 2013
I have been using Glyco Flex for a while now (years) and it is the best product. My Shiba Inu's love them, they thinks its a treat, and its good for them! LOVE glyco flex III!!!!!
By Pupper
Complete supplement
September 30, 2013
Our dog loves the taste of these and I love the balanced ingredients. Works well!
long island, ny
Best Price on Internet
September 29, 2013
Product is prescribed for a dog with arthritic back legs. Seems to work well as dog now has "spring" in his steps. He waits by his bowl every morning for his "treat". We even give it to our other dog who has no issues. Vet said it wouldn't hurt her to use it preventively.
By spaniel
Great Product
September 18, 2013
Works well and my dogs love the chews better than the tablets.
By Barb
Best Product/Best Price
September 18, 2013
My vet gave me samples of Glyco Flex III for my 8 year old beagle-she had been having serious joint issues for about a year. My beagle liked them and I wanted to continue the therapy. I could not afford to buy this product from the vet so I checked your site and found the exact product for less than half the price. Thank you for making this product affordable! I will pass your website info onto my friends.
By Zenobia
Detroit, MI
Wonderful Product!
September 16, 2013
My Vet recommended this product for my 8 year old German Shepherd due to hip problems. She loves the flavor and it doesn't upset her sensitive stomach (like several other products I used previously). However, I was disappointed when my last order arrived hard and fused together. When I complained to Customer Service, I was issued a fresh bag; free or charge. Great product! Great Customer Service!
By zenadog
Kent, WA
Glyco-flex to the rescue!
September 12, 2013
I have a 16 yr. old shepherd/golden mix. She has very weak legs & difficulty moving about. She has taken Glyco-flex III for a few years now & is doing great for an old gal. She loves the taste of the little bites & "asks" for them every night as part of her routine. It's a great product that our vet suggested when she was having moving issues a few years ago. We wouldn't go without it---and Zena reminds us how much she loves the product.
By Nina
Yelow Lab
September 11, 2013
My Yellow lab was having a difficult time getting up from a lying down position. I started him on Glyco Flex 111 about 4 months ago, and he is doing just great now. He will be 13 years on Oct 1..and I will continue to keep my beautiful "Beau", on this product for good.
By kcamaro
san diego, Ca.
This stuff saved my dog from surgery!
September 9, 2013
My female Pit Bull was hobbling so badly, sometimes not even using one of her back legs. She used to be a super athlete, but after about age 7 things began to change. We were looking at ACL surgery on both legs but I wanted to try this product first. After about 2 months she showed great improvement, and she's been on this stuff ever since.........and will be for the rest of her life! She never limps anymore at all!!!
By livnsherm
Spokane, WA
Keeps her young
September 6, 2013
Our 9 year old corgi was born with lots of hip and leg issues. She has been taking Glyco Flex III for several years now. We were happy to get them from Costco @$49 a bag but they stopped carrying them and I found them on Entirely Pets for $29 a bag. . .same item. She loves them and so do we.
By Mitzi
Charlotte, NC
Glyco Flex III
September 3, 2013
My veterinarian first recommended these to me - and I have used them for a number of years with excellent results. I have had 4 dogs in the age bracket that needed supplemental joint care -- they love these and I have never had the need for prescription meds.
By Otis's M.
Central KY
Great Stuff!!!!
August 25, 2013
I bought this in combination with Dasuquin. The two products alleviated the mild and yet persistent arthritis symptoms my 8 year old Chessie was experiencing. SInce the supply of Adeuan ran out I needed an alternative that did not require a prescription. My Vet was too slow in responding to request for an alternative. I found these two products with reviews on this site and they work wonderfully. He is back to his normally dorky playful self and I couldn't be more grateful. He looks forward to his daily "treat". Definitely worth every penny. I have tried other products that claim to the same thing but this is the only one I have found that actually works. Thank you for making a great product!!
By Larry I.
Weston, FL
Great for older dogs with bad hips
August 20, 2013
We have been using this product for the past 2 years with 2 of our dogs following a recommendation from our vet. It seems to help. The dogs think its a treat and expect it every morning.
By barneyboy
Fairport, NY
Glyco Flex soft chews
August 11, 2013
My three Goldens have been on Glyco Flex since they were a year old. They are now 8, 9 and 10 and doing beautifully with no signs of any joint disease. I'm sure that Glyco Flex has been helpful in keeping them happy and pain free.
By baileysmom
Dog loves them
August 7, 2013
I've used these for years with several of my dogs and feel they make a significant difference in the support of arthritis and other muscular problems. The dogs eat them like a treat....
By Jake
Pulaski, Va.
My Friend Jake
July 26, 2013
My oldest dog Jake has arthritis, and the vet put him on a hard but chewable pill for hip joints and pain. He did not like the pills and would not take them even though they were chewable. I got on the internet and found Glyco Flex chewables and Jake loves them. I honestly believe if it wasn't for these chews we would have lost him. But thanks to the chews he can get around better and seems happier. Thanks!
By Boomers D.
Omaha, NE
Flex III Helped an old dog
July 24, 2013
Before our vet recommended Flex III our 13 year old male border collie could not go up our stairs in the house our get into our suv. About a month after we started Boomer on his daily Glycol Flex chew we noticed an amazing increase of agility. One year later he is bouncing into our suv and acts like a dog half his age. We are very happy for him and thank full for Glycol Flex III.
By annilu
Excellent product
July 20, 2013
I have a 12 and a half and a 13 and a half on glycoflex. Both are doing well.
By Eileen1954
Williamstown, NJ
What A Difference In My Older Dog!
July 19, 2013
My Lhasa Apso is going on 13, and she's beginning to have issues with her back and hips. Put her on a tiled floor, and she "skates" her way down into a sitting position. I've been using these chews for about a month, and she's improved in leaps and bounds - quite literally! Before the chews, the only time she'd run is when it's was time for a treat; now she runs along in the back yard, ears a flappin'! WARNING - you will find your previously sedentary dog gets in your way alot more.
By Pax'sMom
Seems great
July 17, 2013
We've been using these instead of the tablets and Paxton enjoys them a lot more. His mobility has improved over the past month.
By casper
ardmore, ok
works great
July 17, 2013
started my bassett hound on this about 2 years ago. she no longer limps or has problems climbing stairs.
By Becca
Kansas City area
Best product I've found!!!
July 14, 2013
My old dog, Buddy, is rather particular with his supplements. After they quit making the one he really liked (a level-3 like a beef gravy), I was hopping around from product to product. He doesn't like most chewables (they tasted bad to him, and dry/crumbly) but these are like treats! He loves the chicken flavor, and actually looks forward to them! I can tell since he started taking these on a regular basis that his movement has improved, which isn't bad for a 14 yr old! Thank you!!! Please DONT STOP MAKING THESE!!! Or change them!!!
By lsc
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
July 10, 2013
love this product, starting using the 1st stage when the vet noticed alittle arthritis at 6years of age..he is 12years and doing great...
By Kody's M.
Great Product
July 9, 2013
My dog has to have the Glyco Flex because of his bad hips. And, he apparently likes the taste. So its a win-win situation as I don't have to force to take it.
By dancer
July 3, 2013
My Sammie just turned 105 & she has been on these for about 3 yrs. I have noticed a difference in her agility. She is still an old girl but she is still enjoying a good doggy life with your product
By Mac
Great Purchase
June 23, 2013
I recommend this product... I think it helps to give my dog comfort with her arthritis.
By Leialoha
Memphis Tn
Increased quality of life for the Corgis
June 10, 2013
We have three Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Our eldest, at five, had to have spinal surgery because of a burst disc. The others are starting to slow down. This product has, more than any product I have ever used, has returned the mobility to all three. It is truly amazing.
By Kiran
good product and savings
June 4, 2013
Bought this product from our Vet to help with our dogs hip problems. Entirely pets saved about 75% from Vet. Dogs love them. Eat them like candy and is good for them!!
By 12345
new york, ny
great product
June 3, 2013
my dog is 14 and had bad joint problems that started a couple years ago. I've been using this product for about 8 months now and she has not had any issues since. I would definitely recommend the product and would recommend buying it from this website. It was a good price and came super quickly.
By llm
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
May 26, 2013
These chews have made such a difference for my senior dogs mobility. Happy Dogs!!
By Cindy
Reno, NV
Best Product for Dogs with knee problems
May 9, 2013
I purchased Glyco Flex lll when my Great Pyrenees blew out his knee and we opted not to do the dangerous surgery on a giant breed dog. The cons to do this surgery had me searching for other alternatives and a product to help him. My vet suggested a glucosamine/chondroitin type supplement. So I started giving him this product and within weeks there was improvement and withing a few months he was not even limping. I was amazed and so happy we didn't opt for the surgery. I recommend this product highly. Cindy

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