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By Mickey
Chicago, IL
Surgeon recommended
August 14, 2012
After my Chow had a CCL operation, the surgeon recommended keeping him on Glyco Flex. He's been on it for several years now and keeps moving well despite that surgery and luxating patella surgery.
By ricki
great product
August 12, 2012
My girlfriend told me about this product when my Lab hurt her leg, it worked really good and she is running around like her old ( 8 ) self again. I still give her one a day to maintain her health.
New York, NY
Soft, Chewy and Tasty Supplement
August 3, 2012
My dog just gobbles these up. We have tried a number of other brands and types, but these are the only ones my chihuahua will eat. They are the perfect supplement if your dog is experiencing any joint problems. Within 3 weeks my 6 year old dog went from sulking and limping to playing and running. These coupled with heat laser treatments have given him a second puppy life.These are the best.
By jmh
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
July 30, 2012
Very reasonable price compared to other sites. Looking forward to the future results for my pets.
By Elaine
Good price!
July 24, 2012
Price was quite good, easy to put with meals, good product
By Zoey
Exactly the Same that the vet sold!
July 12, 2012
But almost half the price. Thank you for offering us an affordable alternative. Our dog loves those things and they do actually help her with her luxating patella's.
By Muddyjeep4x4
Shillington, Pennsylvania
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
July 4, 2012
Sydney just loves these chews. Its a treat and its good for him.
Fulshear, TX
Vet recommended
June 19, 2012
I was taking my 4 year old dog to acupuncturist for a joint issue. She recommended these chews and sold them in her office. They were more expensive at her office, so I was very pleased to see them offered at Entirely Pets! The chews seem to help her knee and she loves them!
By Dog L.
Great Purchase
June 15, 2012
Product came quickly. Our Vet recommended this Glucosamine product for our dog's joints. She spits out pills, but this product is the easiest solution without compromising on efficiency. Our dog loves the taste, so she gets the dosage she needs without any of the hassle. She thinks they are treats!
By 1Dog L.
Best Joint Product for our Dog
June 10, 2012
This is the best joint supplement we have purchased for our Chow mix. He has endured a hip surgery and elbow surgery and still is excited for his two walks every day. He moves more easily and does not seem to be in as much pain. This is the fourth different supplement we have tried and this one has worked the best.
By A
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
June 6, 2012
Our dog won't eat these either! They are a good size, and even when broken down into smaller bites, he still won't touch them.
By none b.
joint medicine
June 1, 2012
My N.C. vet recommended this product for my older 60 pound girl. It's amazing...she can walk and run like a puppy. It's very easy to give in the treat form...the flavor seems to be one she likes. Great stuff.
By Rose
Great price
May 30, 2012
My Vet said my 14 yr old Rott/Pit mix needed this product. I am very happy with the product and it is half the price on this site than what my Vet sells it for. Shipping is very fast.
By satisfied m.
Churchville, PA
best arthritis support supplement
May 30, 2012
I have been using this on all my dogs for years. They love the taste and only see it as a treat from Mommy. I know I'm giving them the best joint supplement to go along with their regular pain medicine. I have a 14 yr. old Springer Spaniel & a 7 yr. old Golden Retreiver. I've also given it to my Black Lab.
By Sheriboo
Spring Hill, Florida
There's a pep in their step... Again!
May 24, 2012
My 9 year old female Rhodesian Ridgeback had been crying every time she laid down or got up. I also noticed that she could no longer jump on my bed. After some x-rays and a vet visit it's been determined that she has arthritis and minor displaysia. The vet suggested that I start giving her and my 9 year old male Ridgeback Glyco-Flex III soft chew tabs and amazingly enough, they work! I've already noticed that she is back to her old self, so much so that I ordered some for my cats too! Awesome product.
By LucyBee210
Brooksville, FL
Can't Get Any Better Than This !!
May 3, 2012
Every time I order the Gloyco Flex III bite size chews I am amazed at the service I receive. Not only does my dog love them but they arrive almost immediately. You can't ask for better service.
By kif
best purchase ever
April 27, 2012
great experience! already had a friend purchase the same product from you guys. very pleased and will be a repeat customer
By Kris
Indianola, Iowa
Great Product
April 24, 2012
I have a large 8 1/2 year old black lab. A few years ago, he stopped meeting us at the door when we arrived home and he stopped getting up on the couch or bed - not necessarily a bad thing but it was out of character. I called the vet and she suggested arthritis was causing this change of character given his age, size, and breed. I started giving him glucosamine supplements as recommended per his weight. Within a few weeks, I noticed a great improvement. I am happy to say, he's now back to his lovable younger self!! I love that he seems to feel well again. We even play frisbee! I attribute this change to this product and am thankful my vet recommended it!
By golden g.
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
April 21, 2012
I purchased glyco flex III from my vet originally as she likes all her senior golden retrievers on this supplement. I checked on entirely pets and they had it for less. So I have been buying it here ever since. It's a great product. My dog loves it. She knows when it's time to get it and waits as I open the package and drools on the floor. She gets around a little better also. This is much better than the other "treats".
By robin
best price online
April 13, 2012
not too sure if the glycoflex is working yet but it was recommended at the vet office and after much research entirely pets has the best price and service! my dog loves the taste too.
By cw
Really works
April 5, 2012
my old English Pointer 16 years has been taking this for a year. He still jogs with me but not as far as he did as a young pup
By dogmom
Glyco Flex III
March 19, 2012
This product is magic. Our 16-year-old dog with hip dysplasia had become progressively reluctant to take walks. About a month after starting Glyco Flex III, she became more active. She now walks at least a mile total every day and can even negotiate tiered steps on one of our trails. Even better, Entirely Pets has the lowest price I can find plus really fast shipping.
By Janet
Sautee Nacoochee, GA
Tripod tested
February 28, 2012
Our vet recommended this product because we have a 3-legged dog who has arthritis and hip displasia. Due to her amputation (traumatic) she will never be a candidate for hip surgery. Therefore, we need all the palliative help we can get and this product is a great help.
By Daniela&Maxx
West Lebanon, NH
Perfect results after 3 weeks
February 23, 2012
My Dachshund Maxx has joint problems and since I feed him 1 Glyco flex III chew every day he feels great and started to play again like a little puppy! I am so happy that it worked! Thank you Vetri Science!
By Curly
Pup Again!
February 11, 2012
Our second bag with our nine yr. old Golden and she's like a puppy all over again. From 2 months ago where she couldn't jump up and walked slow to where now she's back to a kid again, running with the younger dog, daily wrestling events between the two and a happy smile. Thanks!
By ValerieR
Great product for older dogs!
February 8, 2012
I heard a vet recommend these on National Public Radio a year or so ago. They have been extremely good in increasing the mobility of our 14 1/2 yr. old Polish Lowland Sheepdog! highly recommend them!
By Tracy
Colorado Springs, CO.
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
February 7, 2012
I have been giving Glyco-Flex III to my basset hound for many years. These soft chews have been the best thing for her. Basset hounds tend to get joint problems and she was having quite a bit of trouble a long time ago and since I started her on these, she has been great ever since. She is 11 years old and still going strong. I highly recommend these to anyone with a four legged friend with joint problems. They were talking surgery at one point, and of course I did not want to put her through that, so that is when I started these. Needless to say, my furry friend has never had to have surgery. I am a firm believer in Glyco-Flex. Try this before you go to the other extreme :) It is truly, great joint medication.
By Mary
Saved my bulldog from surgery
February 7, 2012
I've used this product for years now..have tried other joint supplements but Glyco flex has worked the best for my Bulldog
By wevenden
Made a great difference in my two dogs in less tha
January 21, 2012
I have two boxers that weigh about 75 lbs each, they are almost seven years old and their hips are starting to show age. As soon as I put them on Glyco Flex lll I could see a difference in their activity level. I plan on keeping them on Glyco Flex from now on.
By sparky
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
January 18, 2012
We have a 10 year old boxer with alot of hip pain. A vet tech recommened this product. It has helped him tremendously, he is now able to go for walks again
Ballston Spa, NY
Best Product Ever
January 18, 2012
Our pet would not eat the regular GlycoFlex III tablets but loves the soft chews which he needs to take after leg surgery for the second time.
By MichelleLeonard
Bolingbrook, IL
Glyco Flex III
January 18, 2012
A friend referred us to this product after one of our min pins was having joint problems. Once we started using this product, we saw results and have 3 of our dogs on it now. This has really helped out our dogs; just seeing them be able to stand without their legs give out is AMAZING! I would highly recommend this product and have to others that have the same problems with their pets. Thank you for making a wonderful product that exceeded our expectations!
By Happy S.
Bluffton, SC
Greatest joint Supplement!
January 17, 2012
I had tried many different brands, spent a lot of money on Joint Supplements just for my dogs not to eat them! Then Glyco Flex III was recommended to me and the dogs just love them! I will recommend this product to everyone, it is the best! The dogs think they are getting a treat...and they dont even know its good for them!
By Madeleine
Review for GlycoFlex 3 Canine (120 Soft Chews)
January 13, 2012
I am a 15 year old Westie and my vet has had me on this for over 2 years as the legs are getting a little stiff. It has kept me relatively active and not so wobbly after my long naps. It is a little smelly but is good along with dinner. I won't turn it down.
By Jan
Sharon, PA
Glyco Flex III (120 Bite-Sized Chews)
January 12, 2012
Since they weren't for me I can't comment on the taste but Bella loves them and I was surprised when the order came so quickly. I'm very happy with the service from Entirely Pets.
By Erin H.
Big improvement
January 5, 2012
I started my 8 year old lab on Glyco Flex II two years ago and saw a huge improvement in her mobility, since she has arthritis. She started to need a little more pep in her step the past year so I bumped her up to Glyco Flex III and she has way more energy. This product is great!
By none
Glyco Flex III
January 2, 2012
I know that this is a very good product as I have used it before. But I don't remember the "bites" getting rock hard so fast. I need to crumble it up for a dog who does not like it and it is a small problem. Is there something I can do to keep the "bites" moist?
By Lovemyshiba
Bluffton, SC
Awesome Product!
December 27, 2011
It was suggested to me that I give my dogs some sort of joint treatment. I have tried many products from powders sprinkled on their food to pills, but when I came across Glyco Flex III it won my dogs over, they think they are getting a special treat! My Shiba Inu's love the delicious chicken-flavored, soft chews, and it provides maximum support for joint function so that they can live a full and happy joint pain free life!
By dog l.
Allentown, PA
Excellent purchase.
December 17, 2011
This product certainly helps, we have a dog who injured her ACL in August 2011, she has been on this regiment since then. So far she is showing inprovement we are hoping to avoid surgery for her. Good product, does what it claims to do.
By Nancy
Dunnellon, Florida
Fabulous Results
December 12, 2011
I would recommend this product to any person with dog 8 years old or older - the results were astounding.
By rocket
Glyco Flex 3
December 10, 2011
Excellent product, excellent price, fast shipping
By Lab l.
Mooresville, NC
Awesome chews!
December 6, 2011
We have 4 Labs, one recently diagnosed with arthritis in her hip. My vet gave me a sample bag and after 2 weeks, we've seen a marked improvement in her mobility. Plus, they LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! The drool puddles start as soon as I open the bag!!
Charleston, SC
Glyco Flex III-Amazing results
December 6, 2011
We adopted a retired 9 years old female German Sheperd who was very active in Schluzhund. She was on a arthritis medication, but just not working for her. I researched and discoved Glyco Flex III. She has been on it for almost a year and we can really see a difference in her front legs. She runs daily with our three year old male sheperd and has no problems keeping up. Very happy and so is she!
By robindowerhs@yahoo c.
Shenandoah, Pa.
Helping to Heal
December 4, 2011
Not sure that it's helping, just bought it, so I will let you know in the future.
By Happy C.
Long Island NY
Same product - at a fraction of the price
November 30, 2011
It was the same product the Vetnarian was providing us, but at a fraction of the price. it was delived to our door step, no hassel. I will definatly be using them for my futire needs.
By Boxer M.
Plattsburg, Missouri
Glyco Flex III
November 27, 2011
My boxer grand-dog, Dempsey, has had hip stiffness and minor dysfunction for several years, ever since he was run over by one of my mini donkeys who don't appreciate dogs in their pasture. My son started him on Glyco Flex III about two years ago and has seen remarkable improvement. Dempsey is eight yrs. old and he runs and jumps like a pup, just amazing. So when my German Shepherd, Brandi, the rescued dog with every problem known to man, who is only four, was proven by x-ray to have early hip dysplasia I immediately ordered some Glyco Flex III for her and started her on it. Since she is not having any obvious dysfunction or disability yet I'm hoping to give her an advantage by starting her before rather than after she starts having problems. I'm hopeful that this will work as well for her as it has for my good grand-dog, Dempsey.
By vitusdude
Good Stuff
November 13, 2011
Has brought new life to my pit bull mix. Highly recommend.
By My m.
Seattle, WA
Best investment for my Bassets!
November 9, 2011
We have two aging Bassets who have been on glycoflex for 4 years, so before they became senior. We swear by this product that was introduced to us by the veterinarian with whom I worked. Our 11 year old is our "ever ready" doggie as he can walk and play and turn on a dime, anytime of day. Our 8 year old had back SX 2 years ago and is feeling strong and flexible again. We will keep them on this super product for the rest of their lives and start early with our next addition to our family.
By dee
naples, fl
prompt service
November 8, 2011
The price was a good value and the product arrived sooner then I expected. Great service great product! Thank you
By Mary
Stephens City, VA
Easy and Fast!
November 7, 2011
An excellent product and a very easy way to purchase. There were no problems with the ordering process, the paying process or the shipping process. I received this product fast...which meant that my pet received it fast so it could start working. I will definitely consider this company for all my pet's needs!

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