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By Dpic
Long Island, NY
Works great
August 1, 2019
I have two golden retrievers 13 and 5 years old. I have used joint max for years and find it keeps my dogs active and pain free into their advanced age!
By Donna
Pearl, MS
Worth the Money
May 29, 2019
Joint max triple soft chews saved my fur baby. That fur baby being a boxer with a finicky taste. He has arthritis in front shoulder and was whimpering in pain, the vet had him on meds that was highly expensive as well as making him groggy most of the time. I tried several soft chew products, that he just would not eat no matter how hard i tried to hide it. Joint max he gobbled it down, and wanted more. I got him off the meds, and only on the Joint max triple strength chews, and he has been on this now for 3 years, with no side effects, running, jumping, and being his large self. The pain has not returned since having him on this product. This is well worth the Money!!!
ProsLives up to doing the job needed for your pet
ConsNo Cons here
Been using for our 3 Labs for 8 years
April 30, 2019
Started our Labs on Joint Max since they were 2 years old. We started with double strength and recent years moved up to triple strength. Our Labs are athletes and hunters very active. I will always believe Joint Max is what keeps them highly mobile. We highly recommend these for all breeds.
ProsMobility + vitamins
By Doogie
Dogs are enjoying their new treats...
March 7, 2019
We have four dogs, two of which are getting up there in age. 3 pitties and a Schnauzer. Tank, a red nose pit was limping pretty bad with join issues. After a month of taking these, he is showing signs of being feisty again. Glad we found these.
By Chef K.
Review for 2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)
January 19, 2019
It's a great product. Best way to get my baby her vitamins and she enjoys it.
By Wanda J.
Dogs love em.....
August 15, 2018
I have four dogs all mixed of different breeds, age ranging from 9 months till almost 10 years old they love them as their morning treat along with their fish oil capsule great product been using for a few years now very pleased.
By Robin
Cary, NC
Great Joint Supplement!
July 18, 2018
We've actually been using this product for years. We first used it with our 3 English Mastiffs until they passed. We are now using it for 2 more Mastiffs. This product helps with flexibility and activity.
By Boobear
Ellijay, ga
Great product, great price,SLOW SHIPPING!
April 10, 2018
Absolutely great product and very good price but shipping takes Forever. Paid for expedited shipping, 2day But so far it's been one week since product has arrived at my home. Make sure you order at least a week out before you run out. My dogs have been off it for 7 days now because of their shipping.
By 1imaginarygirl
St Paul, MN
Must have for giant breeds
April 9, 2018
My Newfoundland started presenting joint issues at only 2 or 3 years old. We started him on Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews right away, and he's been taking them ever since. We could see the difference it made after running out of Joint Max for just a few days. My boy is now 12 years old, and we just added carprofen to his regimen for a little extra comfort. He's slowing down, but he's still trying to catch all those squirrels and rabbits.
By Craig
Prescott, AZ
Joint MAX success
April 9, 2018
My (almost) 9 year old standard Poodle Anticipates/demands her Joint MAX chew morning and evening as she has for many years. She bounds up and down the stairs with no hint of any arthritis problems. I take the same supplements myself but fail to make it upstairs with the same speed. Perhaps I should switch to Joint MAX.
By Petmom
Great stuff!
August 17, 2017
I have 3 dogs who love this stuff!!! Made a huge difference with my 12 yr old dog's ability to climb stairs.. I can really tell the difference!
By Heidi
Waterford, WI
Use Daily
July 23, 2017
We use these daily for our 11 yr old lab mix. It works great. We've use Joint Max Triple strength for all our dogs for years. Highly recommend.
By DakotaSky
Miami, FL
Joint Max soft chews
July 22, 2017
My dogs love them as treats. And the added benefits are amazing. My dogs are very active and need a supplement such as Joint Max triple strength soft chews. I always order the two-pack for additional savings.
By Vicki
Joint Max Triple Strength
July 9, 2017
love this product. My dogs think it's the best treat so they eat it readily. I have given it to my 150lb Rotty to ease cracking joints. It helped him to get up and down much more easily. I have also used it to help heal two of my pitty mixes. Both of them tore their CCL, at different times. I opted out of surgery, and for 2 months limited activity, lease walked to potty, and crated during the day. Along with 3 Joint Max Triple strength chews a day, the tares healed and no surgery was needed. They both run and play like puppies. The same amount of inactivity is required to heal from the CCL surgery. If my dogs can heal naturally and not have to take the risk of surgery then I am all for it. I've used this product for all of my dogs with mobility issues and I believe it works wonders. I highly recommend it for ailing dogs and twice a day just for maintenance for the comfort of your dog and to prevent any injuries.
By Captainmom
Works great
June 9, 2017
Have been using this for two years on my older dog. She's now 13 (Golden Retriever mix) and it really seems to help her joints. She keeps up with her younger buddy on our 1-2 mile walks easily, and sometimes even joins in a rabbit chase.
By Dancer234
Las Cruces, NM
Works well
May 6, 2017
My 8 yr old arthritic lab mix has good response to the glucosamine supplement. She still does not act like a puppy, but we can really tell the difference if she does not take the supplement. She likes the chews, and takes them without any problem
By corky
Delmar, NY
Review for 2-PACK Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)
April 11, 2017
Our dog loves the chews but they have done absolutely nothing for his joints other than to give him loose bowls.
By colla
Vacaville, CA
Joint Max Triple Strength
March 24, 2017
My 13 yr. young Doberman has made great strides since taking this supplement. He can now venture upstairs and zips around the terraced backyard like never before! An amazing product which I continue to reorder. Thank you!
By Stafford Z.
North Texas
Love this!
March 22, 2017
Use this for 16 year young Rhodesian Ridgeback and our two 5 year old German Shepherd's. Ridgeback has a bounce in his step! Basically preventative maintenance for the two German Shepherds because of being large breed that is prone to hip issues.
By herdabout
Hamden, CT
Excellent product!
February 22, 2017
Excellent! I have been a happy repeat purchaser of Joint Max for years now, my dogs love it and flourish on it!
By Sharon R.
Corpus Christi, TX
Great Joint Relief for my dog!
February 6, 2017
If we do not give this to our dog, she is limping a alot. We had also used it for our other dog, and it worked great for him, as well. I am really grateful I found out about this product. It makes a huge difference in their quality of life.
By Bug
joint max
January 23, 2017
used for dogs health. dogs love and beg for more each night before bed
By Himbertoni
Great product, price, service!
January 11, 2017
We really love this product. We have 4 dogs taking this twice a day so we use a lot of it & it seems to help their mobility issues as well as the twice the price joint chews! Our shepherd is 10, the Inuit with only 3 limbs is 9 and our middle girl is going to be 8 while our Mr. Bailey just turned 7. They all have better quality of life since using these chews!
By Choppersdad
These work
January 5, 2017
We have used these for our last three dogs. They work well.
By Kathleen
Atlanta, Georgia
January 5, 2017
I just LOVE this stuff! I have been giving this to all my dogs for years and it makes such a difference. I would highly recommend to anyone to has a dog as it gives them a great quality of life as they get older.
By Nicole
Something has changed!
September 17, 2016
I have been ordering these for a couple of years for my lab mix and not only did they seem to help her but I would throw 3 of them in her bowl with her food and she would eat them. As I saw another reviewer mentioned that something has changed and her dog will not touch them any longer either. They must have recently changed the flavor or something but its terrible because I have to try to force them down her now.
By Saint l.
Nashville, TN
Great product
August 16, 2016
This product is easy to give and the dogs love the taste.
By Hirschfh
Laramie, WY
Seems to help
August 4, 2016
Dogs like it very much. Be careful where you store it. Seems to work very well. I used the product for years. My dogs seem to be active much later in life.
By Ron
Will by again
June 15, 2016
Very good ,my baby loves them. How she can run,go up and stairs.
By cappy
Easton, PA
Joint Max Soft Chews work wonders
April 23, 2016
When your beloved Golden Retriever gets to be a certain age (7-8), you give him these. Our guy gets 4 treats twice a day before breakfast & dinner. He absolutely loves them & they give him joint/hip benefits
By Joan
Avon Park, FL
Joint Max
April 21, 2016
I have 4 dogs that I give this to for joint problems. A couple of them wouldn't be walking around much if not for this vitamin given daily.
By Capt
Marathon FL
Best product anywhere
April 7, 2016
I have a 14 year old lab that has been involved in field trials for 8 years all over the US and at his age have never had anything work as well as this
Triple strength Joint Max
March 20, 2016
I have used this product for years with my senior pups and for those heading into those senior years. I feel it gave those with some joint problems a better quality of life. Plus they love the taste and I pass them off as treats when it's time for their meds. Win, win.
By don
Great product
March 3, 2016
We purchased the 2 Pack of triple strength soft chews for our 10 year old Springer Spanial and he runs around like a puppy again
By sprout
Clinton, MS
great product
February 27, 2016
I can tell when I forget to give these to my dogs. It helps them a lot.
By Marge
Houston, TX
Dogs Favorite For Years!
February 9, 2016
I have been giving these to my two Lab Mix dogs for many years. They almost seem like a treat to them and eat them readily. Excellent product!
By Midge
Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Joint Max Triple Strength
January 16, 2016
I have an eleven year old golden retriever. I give her 4 Joint Max Triple Strength everyday and, so far, she seems to have no joint problems
By Missy
charlotte, nc
Great product
January 16, 2016
I have two senior citizen dogs and they both are starting to show signs of arthritis. Within about 2 months, the younger one, who had really started limping on her right front leg, showed considerable improvement. The older one's back leg does not shake nearly as much as it did prior to the Joint MAX.
By wildflower
edinburg, va
repeat purchase
January 3, 2016
this works better than others I have tried for my senior dog
By Candy
Rowe, NM
Love them Chews
December 24, 2015
My dogs love these. But customer service still bad. Moving elsewhere.
By luve2ridehd
chicago il
joint max 3x
December 22, 2015
best joint supplement for the price , the dogs love the taste and come begging for some every time we are near them
By Gramapaula
Joint supplements
December 12, 2015
Unfortunately my lab will not touch these which is very surprising ! He usually will eat absolutely any human handout that is offered . I am sorry that I bought so many ....
By KHoule
Fallon, Nevada
Choose Chews
November 12, 2015
My wife and I normally find all our family dogs at a shelter. Many misunderstood or needing medical attention to become active members of our home. Halo is our black and tan German Shepard that had been returned to the shelter twice after attempts to find a permanent home. She's been with us now six years and has been given Joint Max for five of those years after she received a hip surgery. She went from walking on three legs to running on all four. She still may not like cats but you wouldn't know she only has one hip socket. I believe,these chews have helped mend the affected joint area and are being used to maintain both our dogs mobility for a long healthy life.
By agentmike
Excellant product
November 7, 2015
Two of my dogs have had cruciate ligimate surgery and this product has helped them tremendously with their joints. I would highly recommend.
By LT54
Best treats that heal
November 4, 2015
We've used these for years, and Entirely Pets has the best price each time we reorder.
By BostonLover
Oviedo, FL
Great Joint Supplement
November 3, 2015
Your dog is getting a great joint supplement with this product and antioxidants to boot! I have had my dogs on the Double Max and decided to switch them to the Triple Max for the added antioxidants and more joint supplements. I have 2 dogs that are seniors and one that will be a senior next year. I even have my 4 year old dog on this too. All my dogs are rescues and the 4yr old happen to come to us with a bad back leg that healed damaged and a broken jaw that healed as well. The vet said that he has acclimated himself well and that he would benefit from joint supplements.
By Califgalintx
Houston, TX
Best Product - Best Price
September 11, 2015
I have done extensive research to find the best product and best price for joint supplements for both my Labs and I have seen tremendous improvement for my senior Lab only wish I had started this at age 6 instead of at age 9. My senior Lab is now 12 years old and doing well since I started her on the Joint Mass Triple strength. My younger Lab is two years younger and recent Vet doctor said that hips x-rays look good and to keep up with the joint supplements since they are working wonders. Anyway, I say its never too late to get your senior dogs started on Joint Max Triple strength supplement. I highly recommend to all dogs beginning from age 6 and up. Thanks for such a great product and for the great price as well appreciate the discount promos incentives.
By Trapdoor
Moab, Utah
Great Stuff!!!!
August 2, 2015
We have a 100# plus 12 year old Labrador Retriever who had difficulty getting up and was not interested in running or playing with our 2 year old Labrador Retriever. After a few months of the Joint MAX he now jogs and plays. He is still old but much more relaxed, energetic and fun loving than before. Great Stuff!!!!!!!
By Frank
Joint Max
August 1, 2015
Blackjack is 10 1/2 years old, some days he would walk with a limp, gave him the chews as directed. He seems better, this product works !
By 3 M.
DFW, Texas
Great Relief & Support for Hips
July 8, 2015
My eldest 4-legged child has struggled to get up for some time now. Once we added the triple Joint Max, he gets up much easier. He also enjoys running and playing with his feisty younger sibling who has endless amounts of energy. Pretty amazing!

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