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By Nics m.
Hemet Ca
Forever grateful
January 6, 2016
My dog Nicolas was diagnosed with a torn ACL. We were unaware of the injury since he never let us know he was hurt. Now it is too late to fix and has calcified. He was no longer putting weight on his leg. This dog is 90 this is a big deal! My sister told me about Entirely pets and the Joint Max product. Within 2 weeks there was a noticeable change! He was bearing his weight and actually running! And whenever I need more product it is here within 2 days!
By Bug
Wonderful Product
December 26, 2015
My dogs get these each night. If for some reason they go bed before us the lay and stare at the container. This really helps our old dog and was recomended by her vet
By Sadie's m.
Fountain of youth
December 26, 2015
I have been buying these joint chews for several years now. My dog is eleven years old, but acts like she is still a pup. I attribute that to a good daily walk, plus her daily joint chews. My dog receives a lot of compliments on her coat and youthfulness and most do not believe me when I tell them she is almost twelve years old. I definitely recommend this product.
By LP54
Thayne, WY
Use for three dogs
December 18, 2015
Two need the help for their joints, and both take other medication, which we hide in these chews. It is easier to give the pills this way. I buy the larger ones to save money.
By spiffy
great vest! I'd RATE it a 4
December 18, 2015
I give my 70# Airedale 4 soft chews every morning. It has eased his mobility getting up & down.,but, the cold weather has made it more difficult for him to get up.
By Cease
Northern Colorado
Good product
December 17, 2015
Our 85 lb lab mix is now 8 yrs old and was slowing down, these did give her more bounce to her step and she seems happier. She's not wild about the taste, so I dice them and mix them in with her food and she readily eats it.
By JanetK5
Long Island, NY
Really helps my dog
December 16, 2015
This is the second order I've placed for these chews and I feel that they've given new life to my dog, whose joints are very loose and painful. Some days he was even unable to get up and walk outside. Now he seems less uncomfortable and not as full of pain. As long as he does well on the Joint Max, I will keep buying them.
By onkajean
glucosimine chews in bucket-240 count
November 22, 2015
Helps to preserve function of joints, especially in large dogs.
By Tosa
Washington state
Triple Chews
November 12, 2015
Not sure if they help, Product seemed old, dry and hard.
By wildflower
edinburg, va
works for my senior
October 28, 2015
I have tried others but this one seems to work better
By thurt
St. Clair Shores MI
Great for American Bulldog
October 27, 2015
This product keeps our dog active and moving. He used to be too stiff to play, run, jump but with his daily "treats" he is like a puppy again.
By Luvspaniels
Durham, NC
Dogs love it!
October 6, 2015
Dogs think they are treats. One of my dogs is almost 18 and she's still getting around well,
By Elizabeth
September 25, 2015
He's on his second container of 240 and I don't see much change in his movement as yet.
By Aimee
Has helped so much!!
September 17, 2015
This has helped our large breed 8 year old girl so much with her joint pain.
By geo m.
Joint max triple strength
September 6, 2015
I have used this for 3 of my dogs as they aged. I think it really helped them and extended the time before they had to be placed on a nsaid. All 3 would eat it like a treat and they were picky!
By Fenway29
Use Daily
August 22, 2015
I use this product daily for my Greyhounds.
By sandi
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
August 15, 2015
By Lcox65
Vandalia, Il
Sad time
August 15, 2015
Between the time I ordered your product and before I recieved it Mason which was my boxer was fed a pizza from the garbage men and passed away with a twisted stomach. We volunteer at a second Chance rescue of Fayette Co. So now a few weeks has passed and Cooper came into our lives he was to be euthanized and we pulled him from that a kill shelter. He also is a boxer that's needs lots of work and attention. We started him on the chews he loves them and you all have a great product. Oh and our Vet was the one that recommended the chew to us. So hopefully with love and a home And great chews Cooper will have a healthy happy life! Thank you
By Dawna
Well satisfied with purchase
August 7, 2015
Dogs love them, can see improvement in dog's condition.
By Patty
Excellent product
July 31, 2015
I've been using these chews for years for my senior German Shepherd/Retriever mix. They make a world of difference for her mobility and comfort.
By Martha
Minneapolis, MN
very helpful for my both my dogs!
July 11, 2015
I have an older Basset Lab mix who tore her ACL and in general has very short legs for her bigger body. I give her Joint MAX Triple Strength chews daily. Really seems to help her a lot. I give it to my much younger Basset/Blue Heeler mix proactively!
By Baxter's B.
Stillwater, MN
Excellent Product and Good Service
July 7, 2015
We have purchased Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews for a number of years. They helped mitigate hip issues with two of our dogs over the years.
By Nepp
Joint Chews Helpful
July 7, 2015
My 14-year-old Cardigan Corgi seems to have less joint pain hen he is on these.
By Jumpin 8.
Salem, Oregon
Excellent purchase & products
July 1, 2015
I have used entirely pets for years with all of my animals &I have always been satisfied, even when I have had to return something, which has only happened one time. Entirely pets took the product back & I received the product I wanted within a few days with no added postage.
Reno, NV
July 1, 2015
They stink sooooo bad NONE of my dogs would touch them, had to return them.
By Sadams
Great product
June 30, 2015
Dog that wouldn't eat other products eats these with abandon! That sells them to me. Great product and as advertised.
By Guy
Issaquah, WA
Real Difference Maker
June 25, 2015
The Joint MaxTriple Strength Chews have made a great change in the movement and flexibilty of our 15 year old yellow lab!
By mistysmom
Oshkosh, WI
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
June 19, 2015
My 10 year old Weim has been taking Joint MAX Triple for almost two months. Yes, I have noticed a difference. She gets up and down easier and is starting to play again with her daughter.
Spokane, WA
My Dogs LOVE This Stuff!
June 17, 2015
I have 2 older dogs on Joint Max TS Chews and they absolutely love them. They think it's a wonderful "dessert" every night after mealtime. It keeps them active and mobile and I would highly recommend it for any age dogs who have joint issues. And though it also comes in chewable tablet form, the soft chews are like a "treat" for your pets and I think any dog would love them!
By BostonLover
Oviedo, FL
Best Joint Supplement with Antioxidants
June 9, 2015
I was using the Double Strength and saw this Triple Strength that had more to offer such as Antioxidants for the dog. I have all 4 of my dogs on this product. I have seen an improvement in how they run and play. I have two 9 year old girls, one is a Boston Terrier with grade one luxating patellas and the other is a Pit mix that had injured her ACL. They move well with these supplements and I use to have a 13 year old Boston Terrier that still jumped and run with this supplement and he was suffering from Cushings which finally took him in February. Started my newest rescue dog that has a broken jaw that healed that way when he was on his own for two months and he had an old hip injury. Vet thinks he might have gotten hit by a car and healed before he was caught as a stray. I am sure these supplements will help my newest addition as well.
By David
This really works
June 8, 2015
I had tried numerous products much like this in the past but my 13 year old GSP continued to limp. After a month or so of being on this at the recommended dosage her limp is gone. This product is great!
By molly
joint max
May 13, 2015
As far as I know this has been effective but I have always used it as a precautionary supplement not because I had noticed issues with my 12 year old lab. I have always been giving other supplements and do sense that this in addition to my others continues to aid in here ability to run like a much much younger dog and certainly not act or appear her age.
By Glacier
May 10, 2015
Been using these for 4 years on two dogs. Excellent results!!
Fort Collins, CO
Nice product
May 5, 2015
The dog has been taking for a few weeks. Not certain I am noticing much difference in her limp. She does love the product.
By doug h.
temple, tx
feeling younger
May 4, 2015
we've been using these soft chews now for a couple of years, and there has been a definite difference in 7 year old Sophia's ability to move around comfortably. She has had knee joint problems ( 1 surgery), and always limped around and had trouble getting up. After having her on these treats she can now walk and run much easier, and is even jumping up on our bed again. She takes these soft chews without hesitation, she does NOT like taking pills, so that's a bonus! Great product and Entirely Pets always has the lowest prices and quick shipping.
By Marcus
Las Vegas, Nevada
Good Stuff
April 23, 2015
My GSP blew out both her ACLs at 5 yrs old. She had TPLO surgery and I incorporated joiny max as part of her recovery. She is a very busy GSP and healed nicely. She was back to her old self in about 9 months. I have been giving her two chews daily for the past 7 years. She'll be 13 in June. YMMV, but, if you are on the fence, try it.....for us it worked well.
By doug
April 18, 2015
I have used these for a couple years. They work great. My senior dog is able to climb up and down the stairs without difficulty. He was not able to climb the stairs prior to using Joint Max.
By Pammy
Great choice
April 12, 2015
I had my lab on Glyco Flex for a while for his hip and joint problems. I got a sample of Joint Max Triple Strength and he loved it. It was just like a treat, instead of trying to hide medicine in his food. He looks forward to it and they've helped him so much. (I don't mean to be talking bad about Glyco Flex because they helped him too, it's just easier giving him the others.)
By Becky
Newberg, Oregon
Great Product
April 7, 2015
My thirteen and a half year old Lab Shelby was slowing down. We all do as we get older! I was told to try a glucosamine product to help her joints so chose Joint Max and am so happy I did. We are on our second tub of Joint Max and Shelby is continuing to moving so much more easily! She loves the taste of the Joint Max soft chews so I can use them as a treat!!! Joint Max will be a staple in Shelby's diet for the rest of her years!
By Happy F.
Fanklinton Louisiana
Wonderful product
March 27, 2015
I reviewed this product when I made my first purchase in December 2014. I was wonderfully surprised to see my dog respond so well and get his quality of life back. So far it has given me an additional 4 months with my best friend. I highly recommend Joining Max Triple Strength to all dog lovers.********** 10 stars and would have paid more for the results my dog received. Thank you again for your wonderful product.
By Rick
Excellent - Our dogs just love them
March 24, 2015
Our 4 dogs are getting much older and this product seems to help them a lot. They just love the taste too.
Joint Max
March 20, 2015
Terrific! They help my dog and she will swallow any pill tucked inside them. When I have tried other things, she will eat the treat but spit out the pill. These work for multiple uses.
By Mlgsony
Atlanta, GA
March 13, 2015
Use this to keep my dogs' joints healthy. They love the taste! Like candy to them!
By Jim
Gibsonville, North Carolina
Great Supplement
March 10, 2015
I have been giving my dogs Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews every day for several months now. They enjoy their "treat" after their meals. My Lab mix has improved in her mobility and even seems to have more energy than before.
By sister
Joint Max Triple Strength chews
March 10, 2015
Our dogs love the Joint Max chews. I break each chew in pieces and they enjoy being hand fed and spoiled.
Angleton, TX
Love it!
March 6, 2015
My oldest Bulldog is 11 now. She takes Joint Max every day to help her knees - which both had TPLO a few years ago. She loves them, thinks they are treats! And, they seem to be working for her.
By Bett
Golden Valley, Ariaona
Joint MAX Tripe Strenth Soft Chews
February 28, 2015
Good Product, I will buy again and highly recommend it, especially for older Dogs. I have two senior Dogs who love it and are 80% better after using this product for almost a month. It really works, thank you.
By Happy F.
New Orleans, La.
Thank You for your product.
February 26, 2015
Your product has given my dog extended life and I thank you. I have a black lab weighing 110 pounds and around 14 years old. He has a lung condition and there shortly after started stumbling and falling down. His food intake dropped 50%. With his hind legs failing more often I tried your Joint Max triple strength. It took about two weeks to see results and at a month he is doing great. His appetite is back to 100% and he hasn't fallen in the last month. I don't know what else I can say, your product is great. I know my best friend will not live forever but his quality of life at this time has improved immensely. I Thank you again and will be re-ordering shortly.
By Marie
Alexandria, NH
Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews
February 26, 2015
Excellent product - was using another from the Vet - way more expensive - and this works much better - My "baby" is a Maremma Sheep Dog - 115 pounds - he will be 12 on Feb 28th and he is running around amazingly well. I also have two rescued Airedales and these pills upset their stomach so I can't use for them.
No. GA. Mtns.
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
February 8, 2015
Seems to be working just fine, our dog is very active now at 12 years old with a gallop in his running around.

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