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By Tony
Las Vegas NV
Works wonders!
April 16, 2014
after 1 week of taking triple strength my Golden Ret. Bob has no more pain and the limp is gone! wonderful product! he takes 1 in the morning and 1 at night and he is now back to old self! still plays like a pup at 9 years old!
By Agility76
Florida & Pennsylvania
Great supplement!!
April 16, 2014
I train and compete my dogs in agility and dock dogs. My lab use to get sore before using these chews, but now I see no soreness and he is fast and furious!! He loves them and can't wait to eat them when I feed him. It's the first thing he eats before his food. My chihuahua also loves them and is always trying to steal my labs chews. Highly recommend, been using this product for about a year now.
Great product!
April 14, 2014
I have been giving my aging Husky these Joint Max chews for about 6 months now and can honestly say I have seen an improvement in her mobility. She loves the taste (thinks they are treats!) and waits for me to put them in her food bowl every morning. Fantastic purchase.
By Go W.
kemmerer, wy
Works Super!
April 14, 2014
Our dog is very active (Border Collie) and runs a lot. She feeds horses every day and sometimes is required to chase cattle. We noticed her to have a very pronounced limp. Since feeding her the Joint Max she no longer limps and now acts like she is less pain. This did not happen over night but we started noticing improvement after the first month. Our daughter has started giving them to her Aussie and notices improvement in her too.
By Zoey
Phoenix, AZ
Treats that help
April 8, 2014
My dog thinks these are treats---she loves them and it is much easier to give these than some of the other products I have tried. Plus they come in the right size for weight of my dog---I disliked having to cut big tablets in half. These are chewy 'treat-like' bits that she loves.
By Joan
Old Bridge, NJ
Couldn't have asked for more.
April 4, 2014
My 12 year old cocker spaniel could no longer run and had a terrible limp for a year before I tried this product. After 3 weeks she was back to running and jumping as she normally did - incredible!! I highly recommend Joint MAX.
By Donette
Dacula, Georgia
My dogs love these
April 1, 2014
I have 4 German Shepherds, 2 that have hip issues. We love these as they help keep our babies moving. All 4 of them get them to keep them healthy and as pain free as possible. Normally at our Vets you would pay $120 for this size bucket. Entirely Pets is a real value. We love all the products we get here.
By Carl
Clarksville Tennessee
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
March 30, 2014
Earnie, our 13 year old Cocker Spaniel has been on this product for several years now. He really seems to do much better walking while taking this product. Decieded to put his 8 year old brother on this also and that is the first thing he goes for when he gets his breakfeast. Entirely pets has the best deals on this product and we trust them fully.
By Sal
great results and good value
March 28, 2014
we are pleased with the results of the Joint Max on our old dog. She no longer limps along, but walks with her usual gait, I do recommend this supplement
By snowcampandrea
Excellent product
March 24, 2014
My dogs really love these treats, and it appears to be aiding their joint issues as well.
By Celticgreatdanes
Sardinia, Ohio
Great product
March 19, 2014
Love this product, but my picky eater doesn't like the chews. Guess I go back to the granular version
By Deana
Results of Product
March 19, 2014
Best Product and Price! My dog looooves her Joint Max treat and gets GREAT benefits!
By Annie G.
Dogs love...
March 17, 2014
Dogs love & look forward to daily dose. Texture & moisture content of chunk has been different with every purchase. Somewhat pricey with multiply pets in household.m
By Dog m.
Really works great
March 13, 2014
Have both my dogs on it and they are doing real well.
By PenJ
Lake Geneva, WI
Keeps my 9-year old lab active
March 8, 2014
Use this as a preventative and seems to do the job in having my lab continue his active way of life - running, swimming, etc.
By anewcv
My Lab loves these chews.
March 8, 2014
My lab is 8 1/2 yr young. She has had TPLOs done on both of her back legs and still loves to go full out retrieving. I use glucosamine/chondroitin myself and figure that my legged friend is worth it also.
By Convinced O.
Euless, Texas
It Works!!
March 6, 2014
We have s 15 year old English short-haired bird hunting dog that has been on them for years. In fact, these dogs don't usually live past 12-13 years of age. I contribute it to Joint Max. She is still bouncing around in the yard and up the steps. It's amazing. As a result, my 2 daughters have their three dogs on Joint Max. I have my 8 year old Schnauzer on it,too. Go Joint Max!!!!
By Fred
Keeps our old dogs jumping!
March 4, 2014
We give our rescued dog -an Australian Cattle dog-Jack Russell mix- one joint compound a day - he is twelve and still does a lot of "vertical" exercise- certainly doesn't act his age. Our son gives his lab mix, who is 13, 2 joint chews a day, and she's still game to go for a ride, or go to work with him. She has had a fall off a deck, and a hit by a car, and walks funny, but never stops going! We order the chews for both.
By hajime
My dog loves his joint chews
March 4, 2014
My Sheltie was beginning to have regular joint pain when he jumped,. On my veterinarian's recommendation, we got the joint compound. Not only does my dog love the taste, but it has made a significant difference in his joint health. He no longer has the joint pain he used to.
By Candy
Rowe, NM
Dogs love them
March 3, 2014
Ordered these with the canine plus and the dogs love these. It does seem to help in combination with serving the dogs trachea to speed up process.
By Tuce
Portland, OR
And he likes it!
March 3, 2014
I give this to my almost 12-year old Boston Terrier every AM. He shows no signs of limping or even slowing down. He's been using this for years and his vet says he is doing extraordinarily well for his age.
By Ladyrider
Milton DE
Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Soft Cjews
February 27, 2014
Love this product. Has more ingredients then the last product that I used and is less expensive. Thank you Entirely Pets for this recommendation.
By Maureenrf
Los Angeles, CA
February 25, 2014
My dogs love the flavor. Because they are soft, I can easily cut one in half or thirds to give to my little poodle at the same time I give one to the big dogs.
By Dragon
Joint Max
February 23, 2014
Seems to be helping so I think in a few more weeks it will be all good. Dog loves the chews.
By EvaAupperlee
Northern New Jersey
Libby Loves Them
February 22, 2014
Our black lab Libby is 11 years old. This old lady has some aches and pains. These are helping her. She loves the flavor and as soon as she sees the tub her tail is wagging. I am so grateful I came across EntirelyPets. We are very satisfied with everything we have purchased so far..Thank You
By billybob
Product that works for my pet
February 19, 2014
We have a Mastif and Lab mixed 13 year old female dog. The triple max soft chews have provided the mobility and pain relief from debilitating Hip joint problems from age.
Not the best purchase ever
February 17, 2014
After waiting 12 days for the shipment to arrive, which is way too long, I got the product. The chews are a little sticky and all stuck together in a big blob. You have to peel them off of each other to separate them. It seems they were stored in a place that was too hot. I am now worried about the potency of the product. 4 of my 5 dogs really like how they taste. Not sure if I will order this particular product again.
By Pat
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
February 17, 2014
These are wonderful. Have been using them for years. My large German Shepherd/Retriever mix is nearly 11 years old now, and still runs and goes for long walks fairly easily. I'm sure these chews make all the difference.
By Jana
Excellent Product!
February 15, 2014
We have been giving this to our two dogs for several years. They love it as a treat and we love it because it seems to aid in keeping them mobile and flexible as they age.
By gagrammy1
Pemberville OH
Triple Max
February 12, 2014
One dog eats them with relish, but my older ShihTzu, has all but refused to eat them, even when I double coat them with the pill mask. I've very frustrated as a13 he needs them desperatly
By griffin
Riverside, CA
She Loves the soft chews!
February 10, 2014
Can't wait in the am for her "treats" triple strength soft chews Joint Max, but I don't notice any exceptional change in her at this time, but will keep using till gone then will revisit that fact.
By Nanna
Bokoshe, Oklahoma
Really glad I purchased this product.
February 6, 2014
My little Chihuahua lets me know when it is time for her "vitamin". She loves them. She has been crippled for several years, but these seem to give her the strength, to keep going.
By Ditzyark
My dogs Love Joint Max Triple soft chews
February 2, 2014
I have one dog that is picky, picky usually does not like anything I try to give her to keep her healthy ! She won't let me forget to give them to her in the evening !
By Peaches
My dogs love it!
February 2, 2014
Both of my dogs have hip problems. I know it helps ease their discomfort as they are so much more playful. I believe they both like the taste as they prefer the soft chews to any of their other treats. Maybe they know the benefits too!
By Lamancha L.
Cincinnati Ohio
Healthy Treats
February 1, 2014
So far my two girls love these soft chews. Only been giving them for a week but I think my Lab's gait has improved. I'll have a better evaluation in a few more weeks.
By Cheryl
Galveston, Texas
"Awesome" Strongly Recommend
February 1, 2014
Our 12 year old Aussie started having hip problems and vet put her on several meds that could cause long term side effects. My neighbor recommended Entirely pets Triple strength soft chews. I ordered the small one just to see if she would like them. She loves them!!I actually split them in half and hide her pill in them as needed and she doesn't even know it! This product really works! Thank you Entirely Pets for bringing such a Great natural product!
By Georgia M.
North Georgia
Excellent product!
February 1, 2014
We have three large, active Labrador Retrievers who are 12, 10 & 8 years old, Everyday they run and play like puppies and our vet always comments on their great physical condition. We feel the Joint Max Triple Strength has helped in their ability to run and play and enjoy life in their senior years. Plus, they love the taste - to them it is real treat.
By Angie
January 27, 2014
Had to start slow with the dose since it upset her stomach. She has had no back end pain so it seems to work!
By 2manydogs
Tonopah, NV
long time user
January 19, 2014
definitely helps increase mobility in my older dogs. First time users should note that it takes a couple of weeks to see noticeable improvement.
By Dog o.
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
January 18, 2014
Very happy- comparable to Synovi-Chews, but less than 1/2 the price
By Michelle
My dogs LOVE these
January 16, 2014
I foster Pugs and have 3 of my own. My 14yr old Pug has been taking these since he was 1yr old because of Luxating Patella. His dr wanted to do surgery on both knees. I opted not to and since taking this his knees have never popped out again. Foster pugs with old back, hip, and knee injuries start walking with ease within a week. I highly recommend giving these to your dog daily as soon as they turn 1yr old. Its never too late to start. I have had senior foster pugs come to me that could barely walk and within a week of giving them this they are walking with ease and even playful again. I recommend these to every person I meet at the dog park. It is an inexpensive way to give your companion a life free of joint pain. I give them to my pugs and foster pugs as a bacon flavored treat once per day and they LOVE the taste.
By doglover
my dog loves these
January 15, 2014
great product, great value, good for him kind of treat.
By septnine
San Pedro, CA
Joint MAX
January 13, 2014
My three Basset Hounds and one Foster LOVE these. I was using something else and sometimes they wouldn't eat it. This product is even better for them. When you have this many, who wants to fool around with someone spitting it out. I will continue to purchase this product.
By Dogmom5
Birmingham, AL
Works great
January 4, 2014
I have been giving my 12 year old Border Collie these for about a month now and she is feeling so much better. She had started slowing down and being real stiff in her low back. Playing, stairs and the cold weather were taking a toll. After about a week and half of taking 2 a day I could tell she was doing better. So happy I purchased these for her.
By mike p.
pasco county fl
joint max soft chews
January 3, 2014
we were using another brand of soft chews for 6 years,switched to joint max last year ,we are very satisfied with the product and the price.
By dockdogger
Seattle, WA
Ummm, must be tasty.
December 31, 2013
These Joint Max Soft Chews are like treats for my dog. I was using Cosequin DS flavored chewables but it was a chore to get my dog to eat them. Same glucosamine dosage in one soft chew as in one Cosequin chewable. Bucket of soft chews takes up more storage space than the bottle of Cosequin but worth the trade off for me. Plus, the Joint Max has additional ingredients which is supposed to alleviate joint discomfort.
By Alpacajan
Great product
December 30, 2013
My dogs love these chews. They would eat more than the recommended dose if I allowed them. All my dogs are seniors and the vet is very pleased with their mobility. I attribute it to using these chews.
By Paul
New Hampshire
Big help for big dogs
December 30, 2013
I currently own three Newfoundlands. My dogs were reluctant to try these at first, but now they are the best part of their day. The dogs get very excited at treat time. I am convinced that these treats have improved the quality of my dogs' lives - allowing them to be more mobile and comfortable in their senior years. I had one newf live until she was almost 14, and these treats were a part of her life for the last several years. Now all my dogs get them every day.
By roadrunner1950
best j-max I have ever purchase
December 27, 2013
we have two dogs and they love the soft chews and I will not get anything else but this product of j-max
By Pat F.
Effective Help for Older Dogs
December 20, 2013
Initially received this product from our vet because we have a senior boxer/lab mix who was starting to have hip issues. Our dog has been on these for years and I feel it really does help.She's 14 now and still walking well on her own. No problem getting our dog to take them since she gets it right after her morning and evening walk so she knows it's her treat.

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