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By lupat
Bradenton, FL
December 11, 2013
Really makes a difference!
We have relied on Joint MAX since first being introduced to the Entirely Pets line of products. From the get-go it has helped our golden retriever deal with hip discomfort, observed by us and our vet and ortho-vet. Thanks, Entirely Pets for keeping our guy feeling younger as he hits 9 years of age on Christmas Day!
By Salvador's M.
Sacramento, CA
December 4, 2013
We love Joint Max Chews
We've been using them for years with our large dogs to make sure they have the best joint support possible. We had used more expensive brands in the past, but when I realized the ingredients were the same, we switched. Our 2 dogs love them, we use them as a treat and the drooling starts as soon as I open the container!
By Niki L.
Beervanna, OR
November 30, 2013
Great taste and less filling
I get one chew for breakfast and one for dinner. I love the taste and it helps my old joints feel better.
By Queenbasset
Port Orchard, WA
November 27, 2013
Long time user.
All my bassets get this wonderful product, even the six year young'n. And my oldest who is 10+ can move around freely and frequently acts like a puppy once I started using it for him. Wouldn't even consider going a day without their joint meds.
By Wolverine
November 22, 2013
Excellent product, but marked average due to price.
By Alisha
November 20, 2013
Great Product
My 85 lb American Bulldog loves these! They have definitely helped with her agility and mobility. She loves the taste and can't wait to get her "treat" :)
By Zoompp
November 14, 2013
Happy with it
So far so good. Does not upset my dogs stomach.
By Katie F.
November 13, 2013
Great Product
Probably the single best product I give to my dogs. I have to English Bulldogs that think they are Border Collies. When one of them tweaks a leg or arm, it's almost invisible when they are on the Triple Strength Chews.
By Lizzie
Los Angeles, California
November 13, 2013
best purchase ever
the chews really work. My golden and Shepard are walking much better,
By maggie
leesburg, fl
November 6, 2013
Best Purchase
My 9 year old Yorkie mix has been limping and favoring his left rear leg. He needed help getting on bed and couch and in the car. After just a week on the triple max relief he is running and jumping like his old self. His eyes are bright and shinny and he is acting like a puppy again. I'm so happy now and so is my best buddy.
By novacom
Glen Ellyn, IL.
November 2, 2013
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
Good Product, Good Price, Fast Delivery, Pooches Happy
By Snflwr57
November 2, 2013
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
Good product. My dogs like the taste of these, especially mixed with their food.
By Saints4Us
November 1, 2013
What'd they do to 'em?
When I first started my girl on these some years ago, she ate them readily. The last few tubs I've bought have looked and smelled different. She thinks so too and has refused to eat them without subterfuge on my part. I have had to chop them up and mix them into other food to get her to eat them. She is NOT a picky eater so they must taste really nasty now. Wont be buying this brand again.
By sls
October 31, 2013
a good investment
i have a 7yr old lab who was beginning to be stiff every time he tried getting up or moving around. Since purchasing this product, he deffinatly has a bit more "pep" in his step and gets up/lays down much easier then prior. I am so glad i found this product for him!
By Dianne
New Hampshire
October 31, 2013
Dogs love 'em
My Yellow Labs loves these chews. She is a little lame thanks to our variable weather in NH. We play "catch" at mealtimes. Service @ Entirely Pets is wonderful. I recommend.
By Large L.
October 31, 2013
Joint Max Triple Strenght - The Best
I own Newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees; both known to have joint issues. One of my newfs actually had TPO surgery when she was 7 months old. My newfs turn 9 today (Halloween girls). I put them on Joint Max Triple Strength about 6 months ago. Within a week I saw improvement in range of motion. Now, 6 months later, they are back to running around with the rest of the pack. Amazing product!
By tb
October 29, 2013
Great Purchase
Hershey just loves these. He has had both acl's replace. One in each leg..... these seem to help. He is able to play with his 4 month old sister Summer with no problems... Great product.
By Neoknox
October 28, 2013
Effective product
This is the best product I have found for promoting and maintaining joint health. Having German Shepherds, that is very important to me. They also really seem to like them.
By allen
michigan [detroit area]
October 24, 2013
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
my dog gobbles these up daily and they really seem to help her I found out about them from a friend who uses them for her 2 dogs and swears by them you keep them nicely priced and your service is good
By clearskye
October 23, 2013
really helps my old girl
My elderly dog has been on Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews for a few years now. She loves the soft chews, and clearly it has relieved some of her discomfort.
By js
October 22, 2013
smaller is better
i usually get the smaller bucket but decided to try the larger one. the chews arrived looking desiccated and feeling the same, not sure if it was a bad/old batch or what. they aren't going to get better over time. next time i'll just get the smaller one.
By Dee
October 22, 2013
Soft chews
My golden loves to eat these soft chews but truly my go,den is a pig. I have never had a problem with his joints but I am not taking any chances. Glucosamine is good for dogs as well as humans and these have 500 mg in each chew. I give him 3 a day
By Gunflint
October 17, 2013
Not Very 'Fresh"
I have bought these` pills many times before but this time there very dried out. Not happy about the chews being dried out cause not only the dog don't want to eat them but also a good part of the pills nuetrients are lost.
By San
San Mateo, CA
October 17, 2013
Good Product
Has helped my dog a lot after his knee joint was put back in place.
By buddy
October 12, 2013
joint max 3x
he likes them and they help him combine with novox and he can walk again
October 8, 2013
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
I notice a difference in my dog just a day or two after starting the chews. She was stronger on her hind legs. Joint Max has made a huge difference in her ability.
By Marie47
October 8, 2013
Price High / Quality High
Just a little pricey, but well worth it. The larger the size you can afford to order, the better. My girls love the taste and take it as a treat. Great product!!
By Kokopuff
Rogersville, alabama
October 5, 2013
I'm convinced!
I have used this product now on two different dogs and it has made a tremendous improvement in their joint problems. It is well worth the money. One dog had severe hip dysphasia and she did so well on this supplement that she never had to have surgery.
By DogGuyOKC
October 4, 2013
Great Stuff!
I gave these soft chews to my Golden Retriever for years. She loved them, and I have to believe they work, because when she passed away earlier this year - at 17 years and 9 months old - she had no hip problems at all. Got a new Chocolate Lab about the same time, and she'll always be on them! Great stuff!
By Joanne
October 2, 2013
Easy to give
Hint: you can use these like pill pockets... wrap the pill with it. Do not exceed dose!
By jbaussieberk
October 1, 2013
My dogs LOVE Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Soft Chews so much that I use them as treats. I can easily break them into smaller pieces so the dogs think they're getting multiple, high value rewards and yet their getting supplements that help keep them young. A huge win for all of us!
By Kennedyjrae
Brighton, CO
September 30, 2013
Used to be good.
I have been buying this product for years and it was always consistent. The shelf life was good, as I usually ordered 2 - 3 240-count tubs at once and stored them in a cool, dry place. Unfortunately the purchase before last I ended up throwing away at least 30 treats if not more because there was mold growing on them. Once the final tub was finished I ordered 2 more tubs and the new treats are so moist, and must smell or taste different, because now my dogs won't touch them. My boyfriend was planning to call the manufacturer to figure out what can be done. In the meantime we are not using anything and are searching for a replacement product.
Phoenix, AZ
September 29, 2013
Great Product!
I recently adopted an 8 yr. old rescue girl - she seemed a little stiff in the mornings, so I immediately started her on Joint Max Chews. I have used these in the past with other dogs and have been very impressed with the results. They are very easy to use because dogs love the taste!
By JimJ
Fort Worth, TX
September 28, 2013
Great value
For the amount of ingredients, these chews pack a punch. We use them, along with Missing Link Joint formula, and both of our dogs seem to get around a lot easier. The new formula seems to carry a more potent scent, but the dogs still gobble them up.
By Didi
September 26, 2013
Best service
Appreciate the ease in ordering on line, quality product, great price, timely shipment.
By mom
September 25, 2013
flavor lacking
My dog spits these out becasue she doesn't like the taste. I can attest they do have a foul odor .
By Bouvier B.
Tarryall Mtns, CO
September 24, 2013
OK Buy
Have used these for several years and my dogs consider them a treat. Do they add to their health? I really don't know but my dogs don't seem to have joint problems. So I make the investment.
By Amy
saranac Lake,NY
September 24, 2013
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
Ozmo has responded well, the hip pain isn't as bad. He can now jog w/me again and not be. Stiff the next day or after resting for a period of time. I will continue to use as they didn't upset his stomach like some other capsules I've tried, he eats them right up like a treat.
By Liz
September 23, 2013
My finicky dogs will eat them
My dogs are terribly choosy eaters. They don't jump at these but if I leave one in their bowls, they will eventually consume their daily dose --- which I'm grateful for since I've bought countless supplements in the form of treats that they have refused to eat.
By oct2497
September 23, 2013
Love these
My 2 Dachshunds take 1 each day and I think these chews really help keep them feeling much better than if they didn't have them. They run very well and have no issues with feeling pain or sore. 1 Dachshund is 15 yrs. old and the other is 8 yrs. old. We also, had a 17 yr. old Mini. Pinscher that died of old age, but he was going strong until towards the end, so I highly recommend these.
By Caramellen42
Calgary, AB
September 18, 2013
Triple Strength Soft Chews
Yes my dog loves them! But there has been no difference in my dogs limping! Mind you I'm not entirely sure his problem is in his joint!
By John
September 16, 2013
Thriple Max Soft Chews
We shifted our 14 year-old Lab from the table form to the soft chews as it is easier for her to digest. End results seem to be the same.
By abby d.
Denver, Colorado
September 15, 2013
A great product.
I have been giving my girls joint max triple for the past 2 years and have been really happy with the product. My girls are 11 and 12 year old Brittany's. They are still very active thanks to this fantastic product.
By Brett
September 13, 2013
Good product. Switched to these from synovial flex and the dogs love them the same, for much cheaper
By luvdogs
Dublin, CA
September 13, 2013
I have been giving my two cocker spaniels Triple Joint Max for 6 months, if not longer. Both of them have ACL issues, however, giving them the Triple Joint Max, I have noticed that, one dog in particular, no longer limps. I swear by this product and will continue to give it to them. I have recommended this product to every one I meet who has a dog.
By Mike
Northern Vt.
September 4, 2013
Joint Max
My lab at 13 Years showed great improvement was Even able to go up a down stair's again.
By TampaBoxerDogLover
Tampa, FL
August 30, 2013
Always a Great Product
As always, Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews are a great product. My two Boxers would not be able to run and play as actively without it. I highly recommend this product!
By nsharp1
August 27, 2013
Not good!!
I purchased these chews and they were awful, my dog would not eat them, even when I put a little peanut butter on them. They were messy and sticky and I sent them back. My purchase was $51.00 plus and to send them back cost me $20. I was very unhappy. My dog is a yellow lab and they eat about anything and my dog would not eat these chews. I am awaiting a credit as you received them last Friday.
By analog g.
August 27, 2013
Major Difference
Dog's love it and combined with Duralactin it is working wonderfully for our 9 year old large Shepard - Lab mix. Took just over a week to get into her system, but now the limping and slowness is greatly reduced and some days completely gone (we all have our bad days).
By fourpawfarm
Intervale, NH
August 26, 2013
Joint Max Triple works
My dogs love these chews. One of them will eat anything but one is fussy and suspicious of things that are "good" for him. He ate these right up! They are both over 7 yrs. old and seem more comfortable after taking these.

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