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By analog g.
Major Difference
August 27, 2013
Dog's love it and combined with Duralactin it is working wonderfully for our 9 year old large Shepard - Lab mix. Took just over a week to get into her system, but now the limping and slowness is greatly reduced and some days completely gone (we all have our bad days).
By fourpawfarm
Intervale, NH
Joint Max Triple works
August 26, 2013
My dogs love these chews. One of them will eat anything but one is fussy and suspicious of things that are "good" for him. He ate these right up! They are both over 7 yrs. old and seem more comfortable after taking these.
By Lucas B.
Hip Candy
August 13, 2013
My German shepherd is very large and aging, and is therefore developing some hip pain. I hope the Joint Max is helping, but I can say he loves them, and gets excited when I ask if he wants some hip candy.
By Bama
Romping Again!
August 13, 2013
Can't say enough about this product. Have used it for several dogs. It helped my large breed 8 year-old Airedale to resume his "yard patrols". My Aussie mix has returned to her usual level of hyper-activity. It is wonderful!
By Malamute L.
Outstanding results
August 12, 2013
I've been giving this supplement to my two senior Malamutes for several years now. It has been a great product for supporting their joints. And they love the taste.
By Montana L.
Hamilton, MT
Great Product for my 12 Year old Border Collie
August 11, 2013
We've been giving Nell Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength soft chews for about 6 months. The difference in her is noticeable. She's got the spring back in her step, she doesn't seem stiff, she's playing with our 7 year old Pitbull like a Puppy! We've also started giving it to him so he can keep up with her. Thank You for a great product.
By Kubotafoot
Burlington, CT
Difficult all around
August 9, 2013
3 dogs on them. Ate them like candy for 2 days. Now won't touch them. Actually made them ill. Know they work for some, but not us. Try it ecause it does work for some but for my 3....made them worse.
By Andy
Phoenix, AZ
August 7, 2013
The formula has been changed but the new ingredients are not listed on the website. After I received my order I compared the new label with the old one and noticed the "other ingredients" had changed. When I opened it up I noticed that the chews had a very strong smell that is kind of similar to a spicy BBQ smell. My dog would not touch them at first and it took a week or so for him to get use to them. Now, a month later he loves them and eats them without hesitation. I was lucky because I ordered 960 chews but I know some dog owners may not be as lucky as me.
By Midge
Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
August 7, 2013
When I got this last rescue she could hardly get up. Getting in the car was accomplished with help. She is 8 yr old and looked like an old, old girl. I have had her for 8 months and she now gladly jumps in the car to go for her evening run. It is amazing what Joint Max Triple Strength has done for her.
By lucie&zoe
great product!
August 7, 2013
This is a great product. Both of my dogs (6 & 8) have improved since starting Joint MAX. The only downside I would mention, is to receive the mg of glucosamine that my vet recommended, one of my dog's needs 2 chews, so we go through them a bit faster than normal, but the girls think its a great morning treat :)
By Lab L.
Cornelius NC
Great stuff!
August 6, 2013
I've had my 4 Labs on this for about the past 5 years. So far, they have had no hip or joint problems and I do attribute it to keeping them on glucosamine...and my Labbies LOVE this!! The drool puddles when I open the tub! (BTW, my babies are all around 8-9 years old and run around like wild banshees!)
Sanford, NC
This stuff is great!
August 1, 2013
Great product and the dog's love it. Have seen an improvement with my 5 1/2 yr old Great Danes stiffness. The Mastador and Dachshund are yonger but on it for preventive care.
By Del
Omaha, NE
Glucosamine Chews
August 1, 2013
My dog loves these chews! I love her enthusiasm (:
By jhanraha
Dog loves these Soft Chews
July 31, 2013
Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS My dog loves these. Affter two knee surgeries we started using these and he seems to be moving around much better
By Jan
good purchase
July 30, 2013
my dogs like the soft chews and they are really helping my boarder collie/lab with his bad back legs.
By k9
Works for us
July 30, 2013
So keeping in mind, nothing works for EVERYONE but these work very well for the intended use, they gave my dog an additional 5 years!
By LizShelby
Kissimmee Florida
Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews
July 25, 2013
This is an excellent products that works well, it is easy to give as pets love it and mine would eat the whole bucket in one go if allowed :)
By Fred
Always Good Service From Entirely Pets
July 23, 2013
My puppy, he's 10 now, a Golden Retriever does better when he is on a steady diet of Joint Max. Entirely Pets is always prompt with delivery, exceeding my expectations.
By Carolynne
Florissant, CO
Joint MAX triple strength Soft Chews
July 22, 2013
We are giving these daily to our 3 young dogs in hopes they'll strengthen their joints and prevent issues in old age. Can attest that they must be TASTY 'cause everyone lines up to get one in the morning :-)
By Becca
Kansas City area
I had to keep looking...
July 14, 2013
I thought this would work well - most reviews said their dogs loved them! My older dog liked them for the first couple of weeks, then he didn't like them so much. I think he didn't like the licorice flavor, but they worked really well! I definitely saw a marked improvement in his mobility after the 2-3 weeks or so. After that, I had to hide them in peanut butter to get through the rest. Now we like the Glyco-flex! They're chicken flavor, and he looks forward to them!! Thanks, Entirely Pets!!!
By Sindi L.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Change in product
July 10, 2013
My dogs use to use this product and I was very happy with it until the formula was changed. The dogs won't eat it so I had to switch to another joint product.
By jandbj
Mentor, Ohio
really helped
July 9, 2013
These really helped my older dog who has trouble getting up... definitely noticed a difference!
By artie
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
July 8, 2013
easy to take. seems to make dogs healthier in other ways as problems are minimal.
By Margie
Love it!
July 7, 2013
Been using this product for quite awhile now, and am happy as can be with it. My Lab Norman would not have the mobility he has without it!!!
By PhilVV
Columbus, Ohio
Joint Max Triple Strenght flavor?
July 5, 2013
I have been using This product for years and have noticed a change with the product. For a while, some of my orders were wet and slimy, then some were dried up. Entirely Pets exchanged the ones that were dried up. Now, the pellets are consistent with moisture but my dogs don't like the flavor any more. Something has changed and I am beginning to doubt the product. The joint help is hard to tell cause my 14 year old beagle and two five year old dauchs don't have joint problems. Could it be the fish oil, vitamin E, and dog supplements or the Joint Max that is the benefit of good joints? I don't really know but I do know that my dogs don't like the flavor any more. It use to be like a treat, now I have to hide small pieces in their dog food.
Good stuff!
July 4, 2013
My dogs like their "treats" and they are so good for my Bulldog who had 2 knee surgeries.
By Sharona
High Falls, ny
Worse purchase ever
June 30, 2013
My dog hates the taste. Tried every way possible to get him to eat them. Finally gave up. What a waste of money for me
By Sam
So far, so good!
June 26, 2013
We've been using these for about a month now on my Aussie and I believe they are helping! We normally have to give her a 1/2 dose of Metacam after playing fetch pretty aggressively, and I've definitely noticed she hasn't been nearly as stiff and sore after playing, to the point where it appears she does not require the Metacam. Metacam is a fantastic product (better than Rimadyl for larger dogs, IMO), but I prefer to treat her naturally if possible, and definitely want her to be pain-freee. I really believe these are helping and she actually likes them!
By Nikki's m.
really good product
June 25, 2013
We have been giving this supplement to our English Setter for two plus years. She has a hip that was dislocated several years ago. The discomfort from the old injury was beginning to affect her walking. Since we starting giving her joint max triple strength, she has improved significantly.
By Barbara
Elkhart, IN
Happy customer!!
June 23, 2013
Great product!! I love Joint Max and how it has helped my older Boxer!! She is getting around beautifully now with the help of the Joint Max. She looks forward to her daily "treats"!! I can recommend these to one and all!!
This works!
June 23, 2013
We have an Old English Sheepdog who now doesn't suffer anymore. It only took a few days for it to work.
By Grandma M.
Great decision
June 15, 2013
Our large Alaskan Malamute named Max loves the "Joint MAX triple strength soft chews". He sits and speaks when he knows I have them in my hand. They help him maintain flexibility and he is able to keep up with the grandkids.
Atlanta, GA
My dogs don't like taste
June 12, 2013
My three won't hardly east these. They must taste bad.
By Mike
Best Purchase Ever For Our Dog
June 12, 2013
It is a maintennace item for our border collie for the past two years and helps her tremendously
By Homer
great product
June 9, 2013
Similar ingredients to synovi g3 but much more affordable. Dogs love them.
By cheyenne
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
June 6, 2013
The chews are great. My dogs absolutely love them.
By Marie
Loves Joint Max
June 5, 2013
My golden retriever Charlie, who is 12 years old, loves her soft chew Joint Max. She sees me heading for the container and she's right there ! She's only been on them a little over a month but I think her walking is better. She still has trouble getting up but once she's up, she's walking good.
By Lorrie
McArthur, CA
Great so Far
June 5, 2013
Oscar my Australian Shepherd has been on it for a few weeks. He does seem to have a spring in his step. Even ran behind the four wheeler. Haven't seen that for some time. So far so good
By Alli
Lexington, KY
Keeps my baby going!
June 4, 2013
My poor Lab has been through the ringer... She's had a ruptured Achilles on her left leg, tore her ACL on her right, and has joint problems from years of neglect. I believe this has been a significant addition to her daily regimen. Not to mention she thinks they're the tastiest treats ever!
By my b.
works wonders
June 3, 2013
This product does wonders for keeping my dogs running and playing. If I let it run out, after only a few days of running and playing in the woods they are limping after all their exercise. They both get them as treats for their morning bathroom break and they always run back to the house as soon as possible for their reward. Have recommended it to friends and they concur with the difference it has made in their pets.
By jnbridle
La Porte, IN
joint care
June 3, 2013
Easy to give--dogs love them. Works well for older dogs.
By wolfwoman
Couldn't do without!
June 3, 2013
This product is a must-have for me at all times, for my 10-year old dog. Since putting her on this supplement approximately 1-1/2 yrs. ago for a pulled ligament, it has definitely helped. I give her this, combined with the Omega 3 soft chew supplement daily and she no longer has to be on prescription meds for the pain. I always receive the order in a timely manner, and it is always as promised. Will continue to use this company in the future.
By mandy
Annapolis, MD
Joint Max Triple Strength Chews
June 3, 2013
great joint supplement and my 2 labs think they are treats
By Sindi
Dog won't eat it.
May 31, 2013
I can't even get my dog to taste it. He use to take it easily but the last time I bought it he spits it out. Did they change the flavor. He is a lab and will usually eat anything that doesn't eat him first.
By beagle l.
Odessa, Florida
Outstanding Product
May 30, 2013
All of my beagles take triple joint max soft chews daily. I put it in with their dinner. It definitely has benefited the quality of movement in their joints. I have been using this product for several years and would never think of not using it. Outstanding product with excellent results in a very short period of time.
By amethystapple
Portland, Oregon
Great support for older dogs
May 28, 2013
I have a 12 year old Bouvier who recently injured her hind legs and hips. I was very concerned about her healing and her ability to use her hips and hind legs without shaking while going to the bathroom. Someone at the dog park told me about Joint Max Triple. I immediately ordered it. We've been using joint max triple for about 10 months and my 12 year old Bouvier is doing much better. In addition, she loves the product and considers it a treat. Best of all, no more quivering hips and legs. I'm very grateful.
By deb t.
best ever
May 27, 2013
Joint Max triple has made both my geri's feel so good. They're bouncing around puppy like so I know they feel good! Thanks to Triple Max!
By tazman
joint max triple strength soft chews
May 27, 2013
This product is the best for my 10 year old shepard mix.She has been on this product for about 5 years now and she is doing great with no problems with her eating them either i just wich they wouid bring back there new flavors
By dogcat
split, dalmatia, croatia
max triple soft
May 25, 2013
My dog loves them and I hope that will help him
By Wdswmyn
Dog saver!!!
May 22, 2013
This stuff is a gotta have if you have a pup with joint issues whatever the age!! My Daisy was pretty much a 3 legged dog because she was in soo much pain. After a couple of weeks she was back using all 4 legs. AMAZING! I will supplement glucosimine to all my pups right from the beginning to ensure they do not develope issues, ever......

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