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By Josh
Pricey but worth it
November 9, 2020
My Shiba loves these treats. She has to have one every single day.
  • Dog loves them
  • Price
By Poppy
My Dog LOVES These!
May 25, 2020
It is a ritual: before I leave for work, I give her a "chewy." And sometimes, on days off, I use "want a chewy?" as a bribe. Few things get my dog's attention like that phrase, or the sound of the bag being moved! It's a great, clean product. They help keep her teeth clean and she finds them to be very satisfying. Truth is, because these are bigger side for my 21-pound Westie mix, I can cut them in half (sometimes thirds) and stretch the bag over a longer period of time. A terrific value.
By Lowrena8
Bandera, Texas
December 2, 2018
This is a great product for a dog's dental health as well as their affinity for chewing! I have purchased Virbac CET chews since the year 2000, and continue to do so for four of our current five dogs. Two Brittanys, age 9 get LARGE CHEWS. Our Brittany age 2 and our Blue Heeler age 4 get MEDIUM CHEWS. Our oldest Brittany is age 12, and until LARPAR surgery, he was also given large chews. Now, he has to chew on another product.
  • Great for dental health, chewing.
  • Cannot use after LARPAR surgery.
By Snouzie
Arvada, CO
Similar to raw hide but is digestible
August 11, 2018
Pennies vet does not want pets to have raw hide because they cause blockage s that require surgery. These are like raw hide and Pennie loves them to chew on eventually eats the whole thing. But, these break down with gastric fluids. When Pennie was a puppy and in her chewing stage I would give her one and she learned what she could chew up and what was off limits.
  • Great for chewing, teeth digestiabl
  • Pen know where I keep them.
By Gary43
Leesburg, Va
Great after dinner treat!
July 24, 2017
Give these to our two PBGV,s after dinner every night and they seem to love these more then dinner itself or any other treat.
By turtlezz
Chico, Texas
My dog loves them
June 8, 2017
These chews were recommended by the foster mom I got my dog from. My dog gets her "toothbrush" every night just before bedtime --she absolutely loves them . I highly recommend them for other pet owners. The price is a good price compared to other sites or in store purchases. Thank you Entirely Pets
By molly
May 25, 2017
From the online description, I thought I was getting chews that my dog would eat. But they were very hard and sharp. My dog would not touch them, and I can see why. They were rock hard, and would have cut my dog's mouth. I do not recommend them.
By My b.
Cary, NC
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
February 27, 2017
Good product; much more costly at veterinarian's office. Shipping cost could be lower. Weighs less than 2 pds.
Thor Loves CET Chews...
December 30, 2016
I have used daily as part of Thors regular teeth cleaning...he loves them
By wexler
Great looking teeth!
December 29, 2016
He loves them and his teeth look great, even the back ones.
By NeNe
Georgetown, TX
Lillie the Border Collie is picky
December 29, 2016
She likes the ones that are nice and thin but the thicker ones I give away to our vet's office for doggies who might not get as many treats as she does.
By Jeanie
Portland, Oregon
Best ever chews
December 4, 2016
Beau and Thai love these chews. Very economically priced.
By Linda
These Chews Are Great!
October 21, 2016
I have been giving my 8 year old Belgian Tervuren CET chews since she was 6 months old. She loves them and has never had to have her teeth cleaned. I tried brushing her teeth but that didn't work very well. Neither of us enjoyed it. The CET chews are simple and very effective.
By BeauThai m.
Portland, oregon
CET Chews
October 21, 2016
My dogs love these chews. They help keep their breath fresh and teeth clean. Large is perfect size for my dogs who are 55lbs each. Entirely Pets is the best price and have expedient shipping>
By John
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
October 21, 2016
Molly liked these better than a similar product in the past as a treat. They keep her busy and are good for her teeth.
By Laura
Great Dental Chews!~
October 21, 2016
My dog loves these chews!! She knows she gets one a day and can't wait for it. It keeps her teeth really clean! Have to have a stash of them so I don't run out.
By Seb
My dogs love these but
August 16, 2016
My dogs love these but sometimes they swallow them whole and sound like they are choking
By The B.
Good chews!
June 28, 2016
Keeps their teeth clean,, and they love the taste.
By George G.
Younger Teeth
May 19, 2016
My dog has seen multiple Vets, and one common comment from all has been that looking at her teeth tells them that she is a much younger dog. These chews do what they claim.
By Gus
CET Chews
April 20, 2016
EXCELLENT Value as opposed to buying in a Pet Supply store!
By tbdbitl
CET Chews - 2 paws UP!
April 11, 2016
Our dog, an 11 year old Lab, has had a rawhide chew every day for almost her entire life. She loves the CET chews, and her teeth are so clean, she has never had to have her teeth cleaned. She expects to have one every night. Don't fool with a Lab that has expectations - do her a favor and give her a CET chew.
By Randy
SW Florida
CET chews not working as well
April 9, 2016
I've been giving the CET chews to our dog for a couple years. They worked very well at keeping her teeth clean and white. But, the last few bags I have bought don't seem to work as well. Her teeth are becoming stained although the gums look very good. There was a long period where CET chews were not available and I'm wondering if they changed something. I might try another brand when I reorder.
By 2dawgs
Great product
April 7, 2016
Our dogs love them and they are healthy treats.
By Sarah E.
My German Shepherd's Favorite Treat!
February 29, 2016
These treats keep my Shepherd busy longer than any other treats or chews we've tried. My dog gets one of these every day (sometimes two because she's over 100lbs). She leads me to the laundry room (where she knows I keep them) when we come indoors after her morning exercise. I make sure we always have them in stock because they're good for her teeth and she loves them so much. We first discovered them at her Vet's office, where we bought them for almost 10 years. But then the treats went on back-order and I had to search for them online. That's when I found Entirely Pets, they were the only pet supply company to carry them reliably in stock. They are also almost half the price of what they cost at a Vet's office! I love the "autoship" program too, I get what I want at an even bigger discount without the hassle of driving to the Vet's office. Most importantly, my dog is happy as can be and has healthy teeth.
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
January 12, 2016
Our standard poodle loves, loves, loves these chewys! She gets one every day at the same time, and we think she can tell time, because she always knows and goes to the place where we keep them! She knows what's good! If she could talk and write, she would definitely tell you she'd recommend them!
By BIg b.
Loves them
December 29, 2015
My Dog Beau loves these chews. He gets one after breakfast and dinner. As soon as he finishes his meal he is begging for one. We have used these for several years and have only one complaint. Some of the chews are so thick that Beau spits them out and will not eat them
By jo
love these chews
December 26, 2015
I have been giving my dogs these chews every night for the past few years but suddenly my vet was unable to get them. Found them at Entirely Pets and a great price. Shipping was fast. My dogs get these as an end of the day treat and their teeth and breath have definitely benefited.
By Barbara
Really works!
December 18, 2015
I used to work at a vet's office where I had an endless supply of CET chews. Since finding new employment it has been hard to find CET chews...and I started to notice my pups teeth getting stained. So glad I found Entirely Pets. Great selection of CET chews, best price around and easily available.
By Janeinaz
Cave Creek, AZ
Good chews.
December 12, 2015
My dog loves these as a special treat. I cut the large ones in half and the bag lasts twice as long.
By BigTed
Spartanburg, SC
Sophie loves the CET Chews
December 5, 2015
I have a husky mix that seems to really enjoy CET Chews. I have tried other products that she didn't like as well. I have also heard bad stories about some other products that are imported.
By Scarlett
Washingtohm DC
Favorite chewy treat!
November 30, 2015
My dog loves them and they keep her terth clean!
By 1 N.
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Wonderful for teeth and breath
November 30, 2015
My Golden thinks these chews are a treat but they are great for helping to keep her teeth clean. She is a chewer and she would rather have a CET chew than almost anything. They are vet recommended so I know they are good for her!
By Jack
chewies that last and clean teeth
November 29, 2015
Katlee loves this and her breath smells fresh. No mess or crums left over.
By Stream
My dogs love these!
November 25, 2015
i love the dog chews because I can see how happy my fur kids are and they are soothed by the chewing on rainy days here in Washington.There teeth stay very clean when I give these frequently. Service was prompt .
By German M.
Excellent Oral Chew Product
November 15, 2015
This is the only treat I give my dog because: they are healthy, and there aren't any starches or carbs, they help clean her teeth, they last longer than other chews, and she really loves them! So glad you had them in stock because they've been on back-order at her vet's office for months. Thank You! My dog is one happy dog.
By doglover
CET Chews
November 14, 2015
Both dogs love them. They know if they finish all their supper they get a CET Chew. No problem with them finishing their supper.
By Bob
very good product
November 7, 2015
This product is one that I have used for several years and am very familiar with and have always had good results and would recommend to others
By Michelle
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
November 6, 2015
My dog doesn't really like getting his teeth brushed but he loves these chews and they actually help keep his teeth clean. I have not only noticed that they stop plaque from building up, they actually make it go away. My dog is happy that he gets a treat and I'm happy that his teeth are getting clean and staying strong.
By gmn
Virbac CET Enzymatic Chews
November 5, 2015
I normally purchase the Virbac Hextra chews with Chlorhexadine. Those have been unavailable for some time so I purchased the Enzymatic chews as a fill-in replacement. I do not care for these as well. The Hextra chews take longer to finish and seem to do a better job cleaning my dog's teeth. The Enzymatic chews, on the other hand, are gone in a flash. I will recommend the Enzymatic type as a temporary solution but don't find them a good long-term solution, at least for me.
By Lois
CET Chews
November 3, 2015
Vet recommended. My dogs love them! They will sit and beg for them after mealtime. It's like their desert. It helps their breath too.
By LynnJ
Colorado Springs, CO
Good product.
November 3, 2015
This is a great product. My dog loves them, and they have enzymes to help prevent tooth decay.
By Barb
Jacksonville, FL
CET Dog Treats
November 2, 2015
These treats are the best for keeping your dogs teeth clean and breath fresh. The price is fantastic, vets charge twice the price for the same product. When you catch a sale from Entirely, the product is super inexpensive and the delivery time is fast. My dog gets one everyday and will stare and the cabinet and cry until I give her one! I love that they DO NOT "gum" up in their stomach like a typical rawhide.
Dog Opium
November 2, 2015
In addition to being good for their teeth, these are the most coveted things our dogs see each day. Almost as important as tennis balls, and somewhat ahead of food.
By Barbie
La Jolla Calif.
These are Blondies favorite!
November 1, 2015
Good price esp. if you don't have to pay for shipping! Wish I would have known they were on back order.
By Kira
Bloomington, MN
Excellent product
October 30, 2015
My dog LOVES these chews. Her teeth are noticeably brighter thanks to this product.
By debbie
good for teeth
October 30, 2015
My vet recommended these for my dogs. Although I brush their teeth every night as well, these are good for keeping tarter from building up, as they have an enzyme on them. Only problem is I need to buy the extra large next time, as my dogs devour them too quickly!
By Brulee
Plaquemine, LA
Fun and safe
October 28, 2015
She dances when she gets one, reminds us if we're late. We feel she is safe with these chews, along with the added dental care.
By Boston8b
Can't do without
October 28, 2015
This treat is the daily highlight for my dog. The fact that they are not available for a long time makes this review moot.
By tedb
New York, NY
will miss them
October 28, 2015
I don't know why these went out of productions, my dog loves them, and the Vet thinks they are a great product, so really don;t know why you want me to write a review for a product no longer available?????????
Falmourth, MA
October 26, 2015
My two Golden Retrievers (one 9 years and one 7 months) love them, always go for them, and they last for a while, which I like.
By Natalie
Dallas, TX
Great product, but out of stock
October 21, 2015
My dog loves these chews. He weighs 90lbs and I get him the large chews. Sometimes there are some thicker ones in the bag, but just means more chew time. Unfortunately they are out of stock and they are hard to find anywhere. If you can find them, I recommend grabbing a few bags since might be hard to find again.
By Sydney's h.
Pacific Northwest
Cleanest teeth
October 20, 2015
Our Aussie gets one of these a day after her evening meal and the vet is always surprised at how clean her teeth are. Works for us!
By Beth
Las Vegas, NV
CET substitution
October 17, 2015
Ora Clens were substituted for the Virbac CET chews. My dog loves these as much as the CET chews. The price is comparable to the Virbac chews and the Ora Clens chews seem to be in stock while the CET chews are not. Good substitution!
By Donette
Dacula, Georgia
Love These
October 13, 2015
These are the absolute best. They help protect my dogs teeth from Tarter buildup. Just like flossing in humans. They get one every night after dinner. Their favorite part of the day. But as with any rawhide treat, never leave your pet alone with them. My babies love them.
By Cb
CETt chews
October 13, 2015
Never received them, which makes it difficult to review!
By bclarkalex
CET Chews for Large Dogs
September 28, 2015
My dog is 8 years old, and three veterinarians have asked me what I do to keep my dog's mouth healthy. The answer is Virbac CET chews with chlorhexadrine which stops plaque formation. He chews one per day. I can vouch for this, as I am a licensed dental hygienist. I recommend this product to everyone else who asks too!
Yorkville, IL
CET Chews for Large Dogs get the job done.
September 19, 2015
CET Chews for Large Dogs meets my needs for a daily chew to aid in cleaning my dogs teeth. I've used enzyme treated chew STRIPS for about 10 years for three of my dogs. Chews that are GROUND UP and REFORMED don't meet the need and can cause stomach problems. These strips get the job done, properly.
By Teisha
Can't beat the price
September 14, 2015
You can get these elsewhere, like at a vet's office, but this is the cheapest I've found them. Our dogs love them and they're supposed to be good for their teeth (with enzymatic action!).
By andar
keep teeth clean
August 30, 2015
These chewies help keep your dogs teeth clean. They love them and I have to limit them to one two or three a week. Last time I took my 8year old whippet to the vet, she commented on how great her teeth were. She has never had them cleaned and I admit I don't brush her teeth. I order enough of these to last 6 months with 2 dogs. Of course only give while you can supervise as any chewie can be a choking hazard.
By szyque
seatle, wa
great chews
August 28, 2015
my dog loves these chews....and they keep his teeth clean and breath fresh.
By bwired
Pleasant Prairie, WI
My dog loves them!
August 23, 2015
These are the same chewies that the vet sells - for half the price! I would have bought them there but they were out of stock- so I found entirelypets - what a find!!
By MemeP
Franklin, TN
CET Chews
July 29, 2015
My dogs love these. They get one every evening. They were recommended by my vet to help keep their teeth clean. I will keep ordering these from Entirely Pets. The item is cheaper here and they offer free shipping.
By Me
CET Chews for Large Dogs
July 28, 2015
EntirelyPets continues to have the best prices I've been able to find when it comes to purchasing these much-needed items for my dogs. They also offer quick delivery. Very much appreciated and I'll continue to bring my business to EntirelyPets! Thanks again!
By Jimbo
Exton, PA
CET Chews for Dogs
July 23, 2015
Our dogs LOVE this treat, and our vet always compliments us for the dogs' excellent oral health. Entirely Pets has the best value on this product, priced reasonably!
By DogBuddy
CET Chews great for clean teeth
July 17, 2015
We've used these chew treats for 3 of our dogs over the last several years and they work great. Noticably cleans their teeth. People even comment how clean our dogs' teeth are. And they love them!
By Gordon
Riley & Lucy approved!
July 12, 2015
Our two dogs love their chews. They ask for them about 1 hour after dinner. They sometimes "gag" a little which bothers me, but as long as they're supervised, it's ok. Helps keeps their teeth cleaner.
By Serrtana
Manlius, New York
Virbac C.E.T. Chews for Large Dogs
July 5, 2015
I've search high and low for long lasting, good for my dogs, dental chews. Nothing I've found has lasted as long as the C.E.T. Chews. These no staining, easy to digest chews are the best out there! The sizes in the large package vary, but most are large. My four large labs and one golden love them! Thank you, Virbac!
By Topanga
My Dogs LOVE these chews!
July 3, 2015
My dogs love these chews and have been chewing them for a few years. My dogs are old and get regular vet visits, and on their last visit I was expecting a yearly dental cleaning, but my vet said their teeth looked good and we could skip it this year. I was very happy for this, not just for the savings, but my doggies do not need to go through it. I told my vet my dogs get one of these chews daily and she made note of it.
By Chuy
Our Dog LOVES These
June 30, 2015
Chuy, our Dachshund, has to have one of these chews daily (he'd have many more if we let him). Since he's smaller in size, these work perfectly for us to cut them in half or thirds. They have been great in helping with his tartar build-up, and the fact that he loves them makes this process easy to control. Highly recommended by our Vet, and we LOVE them right along with Chuy.
By 3 d.
The every shrinking chew
June 26, 2015
We've been using large CET chews for several years and they seem to work and all 3 dogs LOVE them. However,they seem to be continually shrinking in size. The current package of large chews contains mostly what was originally medium and small. I guess it's another example of keeping the same price and changing the size of the contents.
By maggie912
East Windsor, NJ
My puggle loves this product!
June 25, 2015
The CET Chews are the best on the market and the most safe for my dog. We tried the medium size, but it wasn't satisfying enough for a 25 pound puggle. So, we switched the large size. She can work on this chewy forever and tries to hide the rest if she cannot finish. I totally recommend this product as it helps keep her teeth clean and breathe fresh.
By Gabby
Gotta start every day with a chew
June 21, 2015
My 6 yr old, 45lb mutt has had a chew after breakfast every morning for the past 2 years. She LOVES them. Each one takes 5-10 minutes to finish, depending on the thickness of the chew (they're not uniform in size). Apparently she finds them beyond delicious. I'm glad she enjoys a product that discourages tartar buildup. Looks like we're going to need a lifetime supply.
By Jo
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
June 19, 2015
My dog goes ape for these bones! He steals them right out of my pocket.
By Mary
Vancouver, Washington
CET Chews are a hit!
June 18, 2015
My dogs have enjoyed their CET Chews for the last 8 years. They get excellent dental check ups and the opportunity to chew something that's good for them.
By Jibby
CET Chews
June 13, 2015
Awesome product, it keeps my dog's teeth clean. My Aussie enjoys the chew as it is her treat at the end of the day. My veterinary dentist was the one who strongly suggested this product. Well worth the money to keep your dog's teeth in good shape.
By SallyG
South Carolina
Win-win product
May 3, 2015
We give our dogs these chews after their evening meal each night.......they live for them! It seemed a little extravagant at first, but their teeth are in great shape, so teeth-cleaning at the vet's with all it entails has not been necessary. Their teeth look fine. The dogs have never gotten choked on the chews or had any other issues. They're great!
By mindy
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
April 19, 2015
my dogs favorite great company shipped on time
By laurie
Spring Lake park, Mn.
my dogs loves them
April 19, 2015
They help keep my lab's teeth clean and she loves to chew them. The price is great too.
By Charlie
white teeth
April 18, 2015
the CET chews keep our Labs teeth white and his breath clean.
By Candace
Best dog chews
April 1, 2015
My dogs have been eating them for years...they love them.
By Kym M.
Kenner, Louisiana
Great Product
March 25, 2015
My dogs love these chews and they have done wonders for their teeth.
By Buddy
San Diego
Vet Recommended
March 4, 2015
My vet sells these in their office so figured they must be good for my dog. He loves em!!
By Buzz
Ovid, NY
Very Good, but
March 2, 2015
My vet recommended these as good treats for my dogs' teeth. Both of my Border Collie mixes love these. Maybe too much? The large size chews are pretty big - pretty much your standard size rawhide. My larger sized (50 lb) dog chewed his only long enough to soften it enough to swallow it whole. This clearly defeated the intended purpose and worried us about a stomache/obdominal blockage. Fortunately no damage was done. But from now on they get 1/2 to 1/3 of the chew, depending on thickness. I cut them with tin snips since I don't think your average sheers will touch them and your poultry sheers are too valuable... I'll just buy the smaller size next time.
By phutson
Great Chew to control tartar
February 19, 2015
We like these chews for our Border Collie Mix. Our dog is a chewer and these chews last long enough to give our dog some enjoyment. They are more expensive than the OraCleans chews, but they are great for the price. We order the Large size for our 42lb Border.
By KFresh
February 16, 2015
These are large chews of the highest quality. Price was great. Delivery was prompt
By sar
got my friends dogs hooked on them
February 11, 2015
When ever my friends bring there dogs over to our house they look forward to getting a CET Chew treat. I keep and extra bag on hand to share.
By gabney
Best purchase ever
February 10, 2015
Our eleven year old Scottish Terrier has the teeth of a three year old from having a C.E.T. chew daily. Not only that but he loves them and will let you know when it's time to give him one.
By Rj
Temecula Ca
Quality Going downhill
November 23, 2014
I have been ordering these for several years, I have 3 springer spaniels betwwen 40 and 50 lbs. The last order I got the chews were extremely thin and flimsy, all three dogs ate them in under 3 minutes, decided to try them once more since they usually are better quality, a bag of large would have 3 or 4 nice thick ones and the rest would be so so, I would expect if they are made for large dogs they would all be thick chews, that's never been the case, but like I said the last bag-- flimsy as paper , hope this order is better. I would not recommend them at this time , we will see after the next order,,this also the reason for only 3 star.
By Veezee
My dogs love this!
August 15, 2014
My dogs have been on CET chews for years now. They love them. Their teeth are in great shape and they have good breath. I highly recommend these chews for your dogs.
By Alicia
Very good
August 11, 2014
Besides being very good for there teeth, my girl loves them and it's a great treat.
By O'Riley
Aurora Colorado
Love um
July 29, 2014
O'Riley loves them, and they clean her teeth for the right price. So I love them.
By Mike
July 26, 2014
My 100lb pit lab mix Chloe,loves them,she just eats them way to
By Dog !.
so calif
Good Teeth Cleaner
July 9, 2014
These help keep teeth cleaner. I give one as a daily treat. My dog loves them. I only wish they'd cut them a bit thinner as it's hard for her to chew on the thick cut ones. The reason it's 4 stars. Be sure to get the size that is best for your dog to chew. I find the medium to small for my dog (50 lbs) as she almost swallows them whole.
San Joaquin County, California
June 27, 2014
Our black lab has his nighttime clock set for this treat! He get's one every night and he can't wait!!
By waz04
Dog and owner quite happy
June 22, 2014
Our dogs LOVE these chews. They actually start salivating and performing tricks when they see us open the bag. These were recommended by our vet because our Norwich Terrier had severe gingivitis. After an expensive cleaning, we started giving these chews to both dogs. They have no tartar build up, and their breath is sweet. Entirely Pets has the best price that we've found, and we order regularly.
By Scfi
Pittsburgh PA
Great Healthy Treats
June 20, 2014
My dogs have been loving CET Chews for years. They are recommended by my Vet and help keep their teeth clean. Price at this site is pretty good.
By Deb
Know Your Pet
June 2, 2014
I buy these all the time for my dog. I give her one every night as a special treat. I have another dog, however, that I do not give any to. He tends to want to chew them a little and then try to swallow and then gags on them. You need to know if your dog will chew them or try to swallow. If they're a chewer, then they are great--not so much if they're not.
By Hatbow
Egg Harbor City, NJ
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
May 15, 2014
My dog absolutely LOVES these chews! He wakes me up in the morning and instead of heading for the front door, he heads directly to the pantry where his chews are stored. Nice try, puppy (actually 5 1/2 yrs.) . :)
By T B.
Our dogs love them!
April 25, 2014
We have been purchasing these for quite some time and both of our dogs love them. Entirely Pets is very prompt with delivery also.
By Snugghawaii
CET Large Chews for Dogs
April 22, 2014
I get the bag of Large (30 count) and my husband cuts them into strips using a band saw. They last a long time rather than giving my beagle one a day.
By LabKid
Chicago area
April 17, 2014
My dogs are fairly big (90 lbs and 70 lbs). They do not like those very thin nothing to 'em chips from Cadet and other store brands. These chips are larger and thick, so it takes them a longer time to chew them.
By Jim
northern CA
well worth it
March 29, 2014
High quality at a reasonable price (compared to local retail or Vet office).
By Pupluv
Great Product and Price
March 15, 2014
My two dogs love CET Chews and I love how it cleans their teeth and freshens their breath. I was paying several $$ more buying them from the veterinarian office.
By Boomer
A Big Hit!!
March 11, 2014
We first learned of CET Chews from our vet who sells them and highly recommends them. We purchased various sizes as we have various sized dogs. Each dog thoroughly enjoyed the chew plus it is good for their teeth, breath and contributes to healthy living. The chews do NOT stain carpet and do not compromise the dog's digestive track. When the vet ran out, we went to this site and found the chews were priced much lower!! Entirely Pets rocks!!
By Kim
My Dogs Love These
March 2, 2014
Both of my dogs really love these and I have seen an improvement in their teeth.
By Charlie
Tempe, Arizona
Best dental product
February 26, 2014
Beau loves his CET chews and has one every morning after breakfast. He is two years old and has perfectly white teeth, no tartar. Next time will get the Hexta CET chews for the extra benefits.
By elvy
Great product
February 17, 2014
I've been buying this product for years. My dogs LOVE them and enjoy them tremendously. You must watch them when they're eating them as they have a tendency to try and swallow pieces that are not entirely chewed. Other than that they are a great product.
By Robin
Yakima, WA
CET Chews
February 13, 2014
Our dogs love the chews and they help keep their teeth cleaner and mouth cleaner. We are trying to keep the dental problems to a minimum and these help a lot.
By Dog M.
Great chewiness for dental health
February 11, 2014
My dogs love these! Be careful to always supervise though, they can get stuck in their throats!!
By windhound
Quality Product
February 1, 2014
I have been giving my Borzois CET Chews for a number of years after a veterinary dentist recommended them. My dogs love them and they are also an excellent way to prevent tarter build up on their teeth. Purchasing them from EntirelyPets has proven to be the Best value for my money for a quality product.
By Cric
Richfield, WI
Endorsed By Cinder and Trooper
January 24, 2014
My dogs, Cinder and Trooper, love these chews. I love them because they keep their teeth nice and clean. Great product at a Great price.
By Bill
Western Colorado
Popular with our collies
January 21, 2014
These chews keep the collies busy for a while in the evening, and help keep their teeth and breath clean.
By texasrose
Love CET Chews
January 8, 2014
I've tried lots of different rawhide products on Jackson with very little interest on his part. He was given a CET chew after a vet visit and he actually appeared to enjoy it. So I have been treating him with these for a few years now. The really great part is he never tires of them!! AND I don't have to worry about the rawhide getting stuck somewhere because they are completely digestable!
By Janears
amazing size differences in one pkg!
December 15, 2013
I would give this product at least four stars, but for the astounding range of sizes of chews found in a single bag. I realize this is a "natural" product--the chews are not made from some consistently-sized mold--but some of these are 1/4" thick and 8" long, while others...well, see the photo for the tiny thing that counted as one of the 30 chews in the latest bag. My dogs tend to vomit pieces of the huge ones, and the tiny ones are gone in five seconds, with no chewing (and thus no dental benefit). I've gotten these chews for years, and they didn't have quite the size range I see now. Time for quality control to step in!
By Pjm
Portland, Oregon
My dogs treats
December 9, 2013
Cooper and Stella get these every night for their daily treat, I have tried others but my older dog has lots of trouble with them, these are perfect for him. These are their favorites.
By ZoeB
La Push, WA
CET Chews
November 30, 2013
Dogs enjoy these, recommended by my VET one a day helps their teeth keep clean
By Puppurchaser
Staatsburg, NY
Dog loves them
November 21, 2013
I'd give these 5 stars if I felt more confident that they don't contain chemicals that will someday be shown to be harmful. The dog loves them, they take a while to chew,and they're supposed to help clean his teeth, so otherwise they seem great.
Jackson, WI
Very satisfied customer
November 12, 2013
Highly recommended by my vet & my dogs love them!
By poopala
Best non-toothbrush for dogs ever!
November 4, 2013
These chews are eagerly awaited daily. They force my dog to chew for longer than other chews. My dog always has a good dental checkup as a result.
November 3, 2013
By bonnie
CET Pet Chews
October 16, 2013
My 2 large dogs love them! One dog has gingivitis, so that's why I bought these, for dental health. It's an added bonus that they love them! They get 1 a day and look forward to that chew time. Both dogs' now have good breath. I didn't believe this would do so much, but I am pleased.
By lulu48
Seattle WA
clean teeth!
October 14, 2013
I give this to my dogs every evening after their dinner. They look forward to them. These, in addition to semi regular brushing and turkey necks has kept their teeth clean and white delaying significantly the need for dentals.
By ml
Central Coast, CA
Dogs love them
October 8, 2013
Our two rescue dogs love these treats. Bought first ones at vet office and now they get them several times a week.
By Callie
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
October 6, 2013
Bought these for my friends dog. She loved them and her teeth are looking better.
By Tammy B.
Great snack
October 4, 2013
My dogs love these chews and I love that they help to clean their teeth.
By Jamie
My Boxer loves these chews
September 24, 2013
I used to by these from my Vet but they are half yes half the price on Entirely Pets they have the best price on the internet and the stores
By Sally
Eugene, OR
CET chews
September 20, 2013
Dogs have their priorities just as people do. With my dog they are eating, sniffing, chasing, standing watch, dozing and sleeping. But above all of these activities is the "chewy." If Mack is chasing a squirrel or scaring the daylights out of the UPS man all I have to do is yell "chewy!" He comes immediately. And his teeth look better as well.
By Bev
Ashford CT
Be present while your dog chews these - watch her!
September 19, 2013
Did a lot of research before buying these chews and they work well at keeping their teeth clean. Mollie (my newest rescue) came to me with a disgusting filthy mouth - now her teeth are white, shiny & clean - and she loves them My other dog Buxton loves them also but tends to choke on them as she gobbles them down too fast - keep an eye on your dog to see she's ok with them
By Boris
Excellent product, just ask Isabelle and Clarence
September 10, 2013
I've been buying these for years and the CET chews really work. My vet originally suggested this product and is very happy with all my dogs' pearly whites. I'm glad to have found Entirely Pets for significant savings over vets and other places and fine service. Thanks, Boris
By Barbaraw
San Juan Island, WA
Love this item
September 6, 2013
my dogs love this product and it helps keep their teeth clean.
By Fran
Torrance County, NM
2 big dogs say YIPPIE
September 3, 2013
My dogs get one each day of these and they really do work. Neither of them needs a teeth cleaning yet and one is about 10 years old. The only drawback is I have found a place to order them for less. $11.99 plus free shipping if I order in quantity. WAG dot com
By Sadie
Chewies...favs for Fido
August 28, 2013
My four dogs love them. They are easily digestible and they are simply the perfect size and texture.
By jazzgran
These will keep your dog's teeth white!
August 27, 2013
We have been SO happy with the CET chews. Both of our dogs get one daily and their teeth are sparkling white! So worth the expense versus putting them to sleep to undergo cleaning in the vet's office. The dogs each weight 50# and the chews tend to sometimes be uneven (i.e. some are thick, others skimpy) but if they are too big I cut them in half (with a hacksaw lol). If we continue to use these I doubt whether our 10 month old hound will ever need to undergo a cleaning.
By Anisa
Great for teeth
August 26, 2013
These are the perfect size to keep my hounds busy for a bit of time. They help keep their teeth clean as well.
By CritterMom5
Northern California
Favorite treat of all time...
August 24, 2013
A friend gave our dog some of these as treats, and we now buy several bags at a time, as we fear ever running out. Every morning after breakfast our dog leads us to the cupboard where they are kept, and sits there 'talking' until we hand one over. We shared them with another friend, and she's had the same experience with her dog. What a fun and easy way to introduce dental care into our daily routine. So glad Entirely Pets carries these, and at a great price.
By Kim
Scottsdale, AZ
Keep those pearly whites white!
August 17, 2013
Chopper has one every day and his teeth are beautiful. Recommended by our vet and cleanings are fewer than before.
By Jakki
The dogs love them
August 7, 2013
My dogs love these chews and they are a good price
By Chris
Lots cheaper than the vets office!
August 7, 2013
I own a Shih Tzu. I purchase the large size and cut them in half - twice the amount of product for a little more money.
By jackson
CET Chews - delicious!
July 29, 2013
I love these things. My owner gives me one per day and besides tasting great and being a great chew, they make my teeth nice and white. That little muffy dog next door is starting to notice my nice white smile.
By Deb
CET Chews are great!
July 23, 2013
Trouble brushing your dog's teeth? Look no further for the alternative to brushing....CET Chews!! My pups love them and they have clean white teeth because of them!
By TX V.
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
July 14, 2013
Our vet sells these chews and I think they help keep my dogs teeth clean. My vizsla really enjoys knawing on them. I keep an eye on her while she has one until it is gone. I have never had any issues with choking but I am aware that it is always a possibility.
By dad
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
July 1, 2013
service is very good. dog likes sorry it's short
By Paula
My dogs are crazy about these!
June 26, 2013
They love to chew on these for hours. So good for their teeth too. I used to spend over $20 per bag for these at my Vet's, and now that I have found them here, I will stay a loyal customer with very happy furkids.
By Rescue M.
Mountain Rest,SC
CET Dental Chews
June 26, 2013
I have been purchasing CET Dental Chews for my dogs for almost 20 years. None of my dogs have had to have their teeth cleaned or had any dental issues since I started using CET's. Before, many of them had dental problems. Entirely Pets has a good price for these and their delivery is good.
By Pat
Fort Worth, TX
My dog's after dinner treat
June 25, 2013
My three Golden Retrievers love the CET Chews and sometimes will not eat the rest of their food so they can have their chew. I can only afford these when they are on sale.
By Matt
Watertown, NY
Great for teeth
June 24, 2013
I would absolutely recommend the chew. My dog loves it. Additionally, the CET Chews do not create a mess on the floor, compared to other chews on the market. These chews have also been helpful in terms of cleaning my dogs teeth, as I give him one per day.
By Chris
Las Vegas, Nv
C.E.T. by Virbac
June 19, 2013
This product is Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chew for Dogs. My dog is crazy for these chews. His teeth are always clean and his breath is fresh. I have ordered these chews now for over a year. The delivery time on orders are amazing. I order one day and the order is received the next day. This is a great product and I recommend them. Jake loves them and I love to see him happy!!
By Barbara
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
June 17, 2013
My dogs look forward each morning to getting their chews.
Tempe, AZ
Velcro Loves them
June 12, 2013
Velcro loves them. She reminds me every eve after supper that she is ready for one and leads me to the cupboard.Tempe
By sue
New Jersey
best purchase ever
June 6, 2013
CET chews are the favorite chews of my dog. She doesn't like regular rawhide chews, she buries them in the yard. The price is great too. I get 4 for the price of one at my vets office!
By Cathi
Our dogs love these chews!
May 17, 2013
THey actually fight over them and try to chew on the same one.
By Glumy
Love it
May 15, 2013
My dogs go crazy for these! Help keep teeth clean & breath fresh!
By Woofie
Woofie likes them!
May 15, 2013
Our Woofie (Woofgang der Wunderhund) is so wild for those, it is just unbelievable. Every morning after his breakfast he runs straight to the cabinet where we keep these chews and waits sitting in front of it until he gets his "bony bone" - as we call them. Then he takes off and finds a quite place to chew it up.
By CharlieHonse
Greensburg, PA
Better size for Labs
May 15, 2013
Great price my Vet wanted $38.00 for a bag and Entirely Pets...way undersold my vet! GREAT PRODUCT!!! My Labs LOVE them!
By ladywild
Atlanta, GA
Excellent Chews
May 15, 2013
We have used these chews for years. Our dogs eat them almost every night. Our last vet visit, the vet said "have you considered having your dog's teeth cleaned". My oldest dog is 12. I told them I didn't want to and didn't really think it necessary. She looked at my old dogs teeth and said "wow...she has no tartar on her teeth". I am certain its because of these chews. We do not brush their teeth. This is it for them. They also LOVE them.
Great Product!
May 13, 2013
Even finicky dogs love them and they really help keep teeth clean.
By Jason
Virginia Beach, VA
CET Chews for Dogs
May 8, 2013
My dog gets excited when I am about to give her one. She enjoys them very much.
By lab l.
May 8, 2013
Purchased 3 bags - 1 has nice big chews, the 2nd has medium sized chews and the 3rd bag has skinny, small chews that my Labs practically swallow whole :*( I would hesitate to order these online again.
By blossom's m.
Long Island, NY
Great chews
May 7, 2013
My dog loves them. She looks up at the cabinet where I keep them and stares until I give her one.. She is 11 years old, and her teeth are in good shape, so I think they are doing their job.
By Evanstar
St Pete, FL
Virbac CET Chews
May 7, 2013
My dog LOVES these chew treats and they are good for her Dental Hygiene it is a win win! Entirely Pets is awesome. They were out of stock and there was a wait for the product to come in so for the delay they waived the shipping charge. I recommend your company to all of my pet loving friends!
By as
C.E.T. Chews
May 5, 2013
The vet reccomended that I buy these to help keep my dogs teeth clean. The only problem I have with them so far is that they are not uniform in size and it is hard to find 3 alike to give my dogs so that they all last the same amount of time. There are not very many thick ones and those really seem to be the best.
By terry
cet dog chews
May 5, 2013
my dog loves them. next time I will order x lg since he is 95lbs.
By Cosmo
Dallas, TX
The best!
May 5, 2013
My dog loves these chews and it helps with keeping his teeth clean. He loves these. I made the mistake one time after receiving the shipment of leaving the unopened box on the floor - unbeknownst to me, he ripped the box and packaging and got himself a few chews! what a treat!
By Fife
Evergreen, Co
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
May 3, 2013
My dogs love the CET chews. They stand by the cabinet after dinner and wait for their"treat".
By Diana
Eugene Oregon
CET Chews
May 1, 2013
Sigred has had nothing but praise from her vet for the condition of her teeth. I give Sigred 1 chew everyday and she loves them!
By dog-chomper
Portland, OR
Dental chunks and chews
April 24, 2013
The CET Chews for dogs are a good way to help fight tartar and keep your canine's incisors nice and pearly white...or not quite as yellow as usual. Buy it and like it!
By Ralphie's m.
Love C.E.T chews
April 16, 2013
Great addition to my dog dental care. We got a great review at the vet!
By dawongz
CET Chews for LARGE Dogs (30 chews)
April 14, 2013
We've always loved these chews that were introduced to our dog by the vet's office. We usually buy 5-8 bags at a time. The problem sometimes is the chews can be inconsistent by bag. Maybe they're irregulars. Our dog still enjoys them but because a bag may contain thinner and sized closer to medium, she goes through it quicker than we'd like. Entirely Pets has always been very good in responding to our product approval or disapproval.
By Chrissy
North Tonawanda, New York
Best product ever
April 11, 2013
I would recommend these chews to everyone, once again my dogs just love them, and the price is right, and my dogs never get sick eating them like all other chews, they digest them very well. Everything I have purchased on Entirely pets I have been completely satisfied with from chews, dental sticks, toys and even the flea control products. best site ever!! I will not purchase product anywhere else.
By Bpihg
San Antonio, TX
CET chews
April 8, 2013
Our vet recommended these but buying them at the facility was really expensive. Entirely Pets has a much lower price for the same item. They work great on my kid's teeth! AND they LOVE them!
By Kiyoko
Bay City, MI
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
April 4, 2013
Orders were reasonable, precise and quick. Thanks.
By jbwulf
CET Chews
April 4, 2013
My dog loves them, they do an excellent job keeping her teeth and gums in great shape. I switched to something else for awhile, and the vet noticed that my dog's teeth and gums had deteriorated.
By Papademd
Maple Grove, MN
Great Value
March 31, 2013
My vet recommends the CET Chews for keeping my dog's teeth clean. By buying in quantity, it is a great value from Entirely Pets. Cheaper than purchasing from my vet.
By Jen
Southeast Wisconsin
My dog is insane for these!
March 26, 2013
My dog Buzz knows exactly when it's "chew" time each day. However, he loves them so much he keeps pushing the envelope wanting his chew earlier and earlier. He'll stare at me, wag his tail, shove my arm up with his snout, whimper and whine. I tell him he has to wait, but you know how it goes...he ends up winning. Pushing, pushing, pushing!!
By Anna
Garden Grove, CA
Second best to brushing
March 23, 2013
My adopted husky has really bad oral health.. My pets doctor recommended these for him. It's the next best thing to brushing, which my husky dose not like at all.
By alfie
March 20, 2013
My dog loves these! He eats them everyday.
By Liz
Love These
March 20, 2013
My dogs love, love, love these chews and i can tell a big difference in their teeth and breath after giving them one of these.
By anna
Best price for CET Chews
March 17, 2013
The price for these chews is excellent and when I asked for bags with thinner chews (my dog can no longer chew the thicker ones) they definitely picked out the ones I needed. I am very happy with Entirely Pets. When I need other products, I will definitely go to Entirely Pets first.
By L2
Gig Harbor, WA
Keeps labs teeth sparkling
March 17, 2013
My two labs have their morning dental chew as part of the daily routine. A 6 and 7 years old, their teeth look terrific.
By catdoghorse
Tomball, Texas
My Dogs love these chews!!!
March 13, 2013
I have purchased these chews for my 5 Jack Russells for the last 4 years. My dogs love to chew so I had to find a good product for them to eat on a daily basis. These chews have helped to keep their teeth clean and satisfy that need to chew. My only problem is over the last few months the large chews I have purchased have become the size of small chews. Still a great product.
By rxnnreed
CET Chews for Large Dogs
March 12, 2013
Ok...our dogs are not large but they think they are and we like the chews to last a while......our BullTerrier gets this chew done in a few minutes where the Cock-A-Poo takes a while to chew it up....BUT I am telling you....the CET Chews are fabulous!!!! They really work! Our dogs teeth are clean and free of plaque AND their breathe smells so much better!!! The CET Chews are very much worth the money you pay....cheaper than a vet bill to have teeth cleaned!
By Jan
March 12, 2013
My Standard Poodle loves these. He is allowed one every evening and he definitely lets me know when it is time! The vet says his teeth are in great shape!
By Nancy
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
March 10, 2013
My dog loves these chews! I am so happy I found them at a lower price than at my vet's office; my dog is especially happy, since we can now "maintain supply"!
By Donnie
CET dog chews
March 6, 2013
I give these to all my dogs to keep their teeth strong and clean. This product has never failed me and have been using it for 6 years.
By DogCopilot
Good stuff
February 25, 2013
Always monitor your dog when it eats chews. These are great and probably better than brushing teeth, though I do both.
By Venice
Good Item
February 22, 2013
Our dogs love these Chews. They are great for removing tartar from their teeth. The dogs love their "chewies" and have one daily.
By cassie
Punta Gorda, Fl
CET chews
February 21, 2013
My beagle loves them - always knows when it's noon time to get her treat!!
By Billy
North Carolina
CET Chews
February 17, 2013
My dog loves them. She expects them every morning.
By Trish
Good product
February 13, 2013
Good product and my dog likes them. I give her several a week
By FurIsFlyin'
New York
Is My Dog Part Cat?
February 13, 2013
Such a finicky boy! He chewed two of these and decided he'd rather have the pigs ears. Can't get him interested in these again. I'll try hiding the pigs ears. Maybe he will give up and try these chews again.
By Ladybug211
great chews for bigger dogs
February 12, 2013
Like the Ora-clens 'medium', these larger chews are great for teeth cleaning as well as keeping the dog busy for awhile. Some are long and thin, others are long and thick, about 1-2cm. Those thicker ones he just drops and leaves. He prefers the thinner ones and Entirely Pets is willing to have someone check the bags before sending. E-Pets have also told me to save the dropped chews and they will reimburse me in trade for the ones he doesn't use. Great customer care.
By Sugar
Southern California
My dogs like them
February 7, 2013
I don't usually buy rawhide products for my dogs, I typically stick to dental chews. However, these were recommended by my vet and my dogs enjoy them. I was happy because my dogs are picky eaters.
They love 'em!
February 6, 2013
My dogs love the CET Chews. Their teeth are white and clean.
By canderse
San Diego, CA
Dogs Love These!
February 4, 2013
My two Welsh Springer Spaniels love their "Chewees." I give 1-2 each per day, so I order 10 bags at a time. Once in a while, there is an odd number of chews in the bag. Sometimes the chews are too thick and I throw away for fear the dogs will choke. I never give without supervision. Seems to help some with tartar buildup, but doesn't keep dental cleanings at bay for this breed.
By Nancy
My dog loves this!
January 30, 2013
Gave this to my 30+ lb dog and she loved it! Devoured it within 30 minutes.
By cindy
Orange, CA
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
January 28, 2013
These are the best chews for your dog!!!
Our dogs love them
January 23, 2013
Our dogs (2 goldens) get one each after every meal. They can't wait to get them. The only issue is the inconsistency of the size of the chews. I sometimes wonder if we got medium vs. large chews.
By Lorelei
A dog chew that is actually chewable
January 23, 2013
Raw hides and manufactured bones are dangerous. I don't buy them. I tried the 'predigested' chews however for my lab, the large are too thick and curled. This is just right for us. The large bag contains mostly thin-medium easy to chew, very good at oral hygiene and excellent value.
By Snoopy F.
Great Product
January 20, 2013
My dog loves these chews and they really help keep her teeth clean!
By Raf
dog dental chews is a hit
January 18, 2013
One of my dogs had 2 root canals done in December.Vet recommended this chews for her teeth.I give them to both of my dogs at least once a day and they like them a lot.
By lucia
muskego, wis
my dog just loves it!
January 17, 2013
it's so much cheaper than the pet shop or other stores and my dog just loves it!
By Fergus
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
January 12, 2013
Keeps my dog's teeth sparkling clean and it's the only brand he will eat. My only slight complaint is that, although each package has 30 chews, the packages vary in weight from 14 oz. to 22 oz., meaning that some packages have very thin chews and some have very thick chews. I prefer the thick ones for my large dog.
By Debbie
Fort Worth, Tx
Best Chews Ever
January 9, 2013
I first learned about these chews a couple years ago from my vet. They were very pricey!! My friend told me about Entirely Pets and I was amazed at the price!!! It's so awesome!! My dog (Daisy) LOVES these treats. She knows that she gets one in the morning after her breakfast and another before I leave for work. She will go and sit/lay my the pantry door to remind me IT'S TIME. Great product! quanity great - price awesome!!! I highly recommend these chews.
By HoustonCheryl
Houston, TX
My Dogs Love These
January 6, 2013
I have three rescues and they each get one of these every day. My vet charges a whole lot more for each bag, and finally one of the receptionists told me I should look for them online. I couldn't believe the difference in price. So now I'm on autoship, and that makes it even better!
By MamaJo
Not always a favorite
January 4, 2013
OUr dogs at firtst didn't like them, now one of them will eat them if nothing else is available..
By Kay
Excellent teeth cleaner for both bird dogs
January 1, 2013
My dogs don't have to go to the vet as often as they used to because these chews do excellent job of keeping my dogs teeth clean and they love to chew then!!!
By Brickstir
Ft. Myers, FL
My Dogs Loves These Chews
December 28, 2012
My dog loves these chew bones and they also help her to have clean teeth and good breathe. She goes crazy if I have one in my pocket. She the loves the bones so much that they are one of the few triggers that could make her feisty. The only down side is that the bags are not consistent in quality. Each bag can be different in type and quality of the chews. Some bags have nice thick chews and are for large dogs, like the package label states, unfortunately other bags have thin, tiny, and inadequate in quality chews. Entirely Pets is the best place to purchase these chews, they are the most consistent to insure the chews are of good quality.
By abby
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
December 26, 2012
great quality chew product and great price compared to competing retailers
By Harley's m.
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
December 14, 2012
The chews were much smaller than the large usually are. They are sealed bags from the maker so it didn't have anything to do with this site. They arrived in a very short time. The site would not remove the shipping charge so I did have to call and they said it would be refunded to my account.
By Indydogz
Philly PA
Hope they're also good for me.
December 14, 2012
Like brushing, these clean my teeth well. Its more fun than when my human tries to get the toothbrush back around my molars.
By Beverly
Dallas, TX
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
December 14, 2012
Our dogs enjoy these chews as an occasional treat
By Evo
Richmond, VA
CET chews
December 12, 2012
this is the best ever, my pet acts like a kid with candy when she gets her CET chew everynight. She runs around with it for a few minutes before she lays down and eats the chew
By Oakridge G.
C.E.T. chews
December 10, 2012
The dogs love these chews! However, sometimes the size chew ordered is not the size chew you get in the package.
By warma1
San Diego, CA.
CET Chews for Dogs
November 30, 2012
What a great product. My dog had these recommended for him by a vet. He has had 1 chew a day for his entire 8 years and other vets have commented on how good his teeth look. He has never had them cleaned by a vet. This also allows him good chewing time which he looks forward to each morning. A product that I highly recommend.
By Lorraine
great chews
November 30, 2012
these chews really work well to reduce tartar on my dogs teeth. I've tried similar products with no sucess..these are the best!
By Texas N.
Tempe, TX
Great treats for your dog
November 30, 2012
Our Maggie just loves these treats and looks forward to getting one or maybe two every evening after dinner. What's great about these is that they are digestible, help clean their teeth, and are highly recommended by our vet. Entirely Pets offers a great price on these treats; I usually buy several bags at a time.
By Raynebow
Great Oral Health Product
November 29, 2012
As an Registered Vet Tech, I have been giving CET Chews to our dogs for years. The rawhide is easily digestible, and they are coated with an enzyme that helps keep teeth clean.
North Port, FL
CET Chews for large dogs
November 26, 2012
A great product at a reasonable price - same product you purchase at the veternarians office but at a better price.
By Sienna
Product is so good no longer choking on bones
November 26, 2012
When we got our latest Rescue Siberian Husky the Vet told us about CET Chews and told us they are so good for the dog. We always gave chews but not this brand and will never change the product. Thank you.
seem to be getting thinner
November 25, 2012
Our dog is obsessed with the chews. We have been giving them to him for about 3 years and over that time, the chews have become less meaty and shorter. Some of them last about 1 minute. Wish they were thicker and lasted longer.
By LuRue
New Orleans, LA
No teeth cleaning for my girls
November 25, 2012
I give my girls 1-2 chews each a day. They know exactly when I get home so they run to the counter where I keep them. It keeps them chewing and has kept their teeth so clean that neither of them have needed dental cleaning and have gotten an A+ each time we go to the vet. I highly recommend these for your pet
By greyhounddad
Roselle, Illinois
They love 'em!!!
November 25, 2012
Our dogs respond to these chews like no other treats they have ever had. And, they are good for them !!!!
By Madremom
Black Mtn., NC
Dog's favorite
November 23, 2012
Both our dogs grabbed this chew eagerly. Our vet recommended it and I am well pleased with it.
By Gloria G.
Great Value!!!!
November 20, 2012
Cody LOVES Them...and what a great savings over the price at the vets office
By Carol
These chews are the best dental chews!!!
November 20, 2012
Gets rid of that doggy butt breath that keeps you from lovin' on your pet! This is the best chew, I won't buy anything else. My dog begs for them.
By Judy
Beaverton, Oregon
C.E.T. Chews for large dogs
November 13, 2012
My golden doodle will not let me forget her chew after breakfast every morning. She is adamant about eating her chew even before she goes outside! Also It does not seem to bother her stomach.
By Maria D.
Durham NC
great chews keep teeth clean
November 12, 2012
my Hershey (cockapoo) eats one chew daily. He loves them and so do I. They keep his teeth clean. He is 7 and has only had 1 dental cleaning. His last trip to the vet, the vet said"His teeth look great" and asked what i was doing. CET chew are the best! I buy the large ones so he has more to chew because he would eat the small ones way to fast.
By KinnicksOwner
Great for Teeth & Big Time Chewers
November 7, 2012
Our dog loves to chew and he is always wanting to chew on the wrong things. Since purchasing these CET chews his teeth are in great shape and he loves when he is rewarded with one of these.
By Benny's M.
Bristow, VA
Love These!
November 7, 2012
Our dog LOVES these chews! We give him one every evening when we have our dinner and he gets so excited when he knows it's "chewy time". We've been giving him these for about 2 years now as part of his dental care routine (we also brush his teeth with C.E.T. toothpaste each night). His teeth have been in great shape ever since. We make sure to never run out of these chews or he wouldn't let us hear the end of it!
By Rozzie
Woodland Hills, California
My Dogs Love these!
November 6, 2012
Both my Labs, a 13 year old and a 3 year old love these. I call them "chewies" and if I want them to respond to me or when I'm training a new command, I use the "chewie" and they immediately look at me. These are great for keeping their breath clean and help to reduce tartar. Sometimes they can be a bit too thick and I have to cut them on my electric cutter.
By Dachshund L.
Hendersonville, NC
Great Dog Chews!
November 6, 2012
CET Chews are recommended by my vet. I have been having trouble finding them. Entirely Pets has them. The Chews are dogs love them and they are fully digestible, not like rawhides. Also Entirely Pets delivers my order FAST. Wonderful Service!
By edny
Fast Delivery, Smaller Chews
November 5, 2012
The chews in both packages weren't as large as they've been in the past. Thus, for LARGE dog chews, these weren't as large as previous times.
By kay
CoCo loves them
November 2, 2012
I like them also. Vet says they are best to keep teeth clean. Only thing, .....I give her one daily and I think it was causing her some constipation. I now give her a Lamb jerky treat and she goes the bathroom (outside of course).
Longview, Washington
Good stuff
October 30, 2012
Our Boston Terrier Hannah loves these chewies.
By Ken
Sadie Loves Chews
October 29, 2012
My 65 pound Lab. Sadie loves these chews and they're good for her too....she says keep 'em coming!!!
By katie
October 26, 2012
My dogs loves these SHe is addicted (lol) there cheaper than from the Vet I thinkg they help clean her teeth, I also use POwder on her food
By la
cet chews
October 25, 2012
My dogs like these and I give them a few times a week. However, the size varies. Some are not "large", probably about 10 % are smaller than they should be. Price is good.
By Dog M.
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
October 23, 2012
Great product, great price and fast shipping! Our vet thinks the daily use of this product has improved our dogs' gum health...and it wasn't so good before!!
By Pamella
Chicago, IL
October 23, 2012
Great for my dog's teeth and she loves them.
By Ed
Needham, MA
My dog loves these treats
October 23, 2012
Every night, my dog gets a CET chew after dinner. She looks forward to her treat as if it were desert. The chews keep her teeth clean and her breath fresh.
By Orlando
Great Dental Product
October 23, 2012
My dog loves the CET chews. However, the size of the chews seems to be getting smaller and smaller in the most recent purchases.
By David
Chews Review
October 22, 2012
Great product that has made such a difference in our Chocolate Lab's teeth. Wonderful service, and quick delivery. Thank You!
By Silvia
Dubai UAE
Best chew for my dog
July 30, 2012
These are the only chews my dog likes.I have tried many others but always ended up throwing them away untached.
By twimar
Product getting smaller and thinner
July 30, 2012
We've been ordering the Large 30 count CET Chews for many years and the chews in each bag have progressively gotten smaller and thinner. We have now decided that they are not worth the cost. Unfortunately, will need to look elsewhere.
By Rick
Southern Oregon
Best Chews, Best Price
July 26, 2012
These are my dogs favorite chews, and I've only seen them at the Veterinary office. I was happy to find them here at a more affordable price, which means my dog is happy, too, because he gets them more often.
By Alan
Raleigh, NC
CET Chews for LARGE Dogs (30 chews)
July 22, 2012
Vibac CET Chews are a great dog-treat, together with the fact that they are one of the best DENTAL-CARE products on the market! The service provided by EntirelyPets, together with the assoociated costs, is allways excellent -- with speedy delivery. I strongly recommend the company (EntirelyPets) and its products/services. Alan D.
By Debi
Dogs love them!
June 29, 2012
My Vet recommends CET Chews and sells them in her office. My dogs love them! The price for the chews at Entirely Pets is so much better, too!
By Giggy
Safer chews
June 28, 2012
My Vet recommends this product because it contains no formaldehyde. Apparently the other chews you can buy do contain this ingredient. My dog loves these so I feel better giving them to him knowing that I am not filling him with the previously mentioned compound.
By Lorilyn
Richardson, TX
Purchase Mulituple bags monthly
June 27, 2012
I purchase 5-8 bags every few months and will continue to do so, keep up the awesome work!
By Kathy
Simi Valley, CA
Great Chew
June 22, 2012
Great chew to help with tartar and the dogs love them. I give my 3 dogs 1 daily and they have never had to have a dental appt.
By Vee
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
June 21, 2012
I love giving my dogs these chews. It keeps their teeth clean and breath smelling fresh plus they love them. Great price at Entirely Pets. As long as the price stays the same I will continue purchasing them from
By Wild D.
Albuquerque, NM
CET Chews
June 12, 2012
My dogs liked these at first but really like the HEXtrra chews...they are the same with more dental medication. HEXtra costs a bit more but they do a better job of helping your dog's teeth stay clean and fresh. One a day does the job.
By SchnauzerLvr
Conroe, TX
Vet Recommended
June 2, 2012
I have 17lb & 19lb Schnauzers that love these chews. The Vet told me to buy the Large instead of the Medium chews--this gives the pups a bit more chew-time. My Schnauzers would tell you these are great--if they could use the computer!
By N/A
Stuart, FL
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
May 30, 2012
My dogs are large so I buy the x-large CET chews to help keep their teeth clean. They like the chews and the chews make a good treat option. I'm glad that my vet recommended that I try the chews for my dogs.
By turfwriter
Richmond, VA
Just what my dog needed
May 29, 2012
Certain dental chews do the job better than others and it helps when you can find a source that sells them at a good price. Well done!
By Art
CET Chews
May 1, 2012
In recent months the chews have been smaller and thinner than what we had received in earlier shipments. Perhaps the manufacturer is having financial problems and is unable to make the product in the same size we had become accustomed to seeing.
By Outbackfarm
Yes !
April 15, 2012
I was happy with purchase and service, but I think my dogs were even happier !!!
By gabesmom4781
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Great chews for a great price
April 14, 2012
My dogs look forward to their CET chews every day. My vet even noticed a decrease in the tartar build up.
By peepaw
great product
April 9, 2012
My dogs love this chew better than any other that I've tried, and I've seen a noticable decrease in the amount of tartar on their teeth. It's well worth the price.
By DallasIB
Dallas, TX
Pretty Teeth!
April 4, 2012
My dog loves them and they keep her teeth really clean.
By spaniel-lover
Clearwater, FL
My 10 year old dog has the teeth of a 2 year old!
March 23, 2012
I have two Springer Spaniels. One is 9 years old and the other is 10. They have had CET Chews every day since they were puppies. After a recent "geriatric" physical, their vet rated my 10 year old's tooth tartar age as a two-year old dog. The 9 year old has no visible tooth tartar whatsoever. She gives CET Chews most of the credit. The dogs love the chews, and they are given as daily "treats" after ear cleaning!
By tucktuck
Throw away the toothbrush!
March 16, 2012
I give my dog one of these every day. He loves the and they keep his teeth clean. The only ones I would ever use are the enzymatic.
By linda
great chews for dental care for doggies
March 15, 2012
very pleased with chews and speedy delivery almost as fast as amazon thanks guys
By Fleabags
Milwaukee, WI
Money's Worth
March 8, 2012
For some reason, our dog loves these chews. She tires easily of the store bought brands and I have to give them to friends but these she will eat till there gone. Definitely worth the money in our opinion.
By Cissy's M.
Pocatello, ID
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
March 6, 2012
My dogs love these chews which were recommended by our vet. I use them when I don't brush their teeth or when we need them to be entertained while we're out without them. I have a Cocker Spaniel and a Black Lab. We use medium size for the Cocker and the large for the Lab.
By Jess
Best pricing around!
February 29, 2012
I searched the Internet looking for the best price on CET's as I usually find them for $18 - $20 per bag. My dogs love them so they've basically become a must have as they definitely help keep their teeth clean and healthy. has had the lowest price the last few times I've ordered so I went ahead and signed up for the automatic shipments to take advantage of an additional 10% off of an already great price. Thanks!
By SkylarMia
Cedar Park, TX
Really works
February 28, 2012
We started giving these to our dog when the vet indicated she was getting placque/tartar on her teeth and would probably need her teeth cleaned. At the next checkup 6 mos. later the vet indicated her teeth looked better and she would be fine for a while without a dental cleaning. The dog really enjoys the chews as well.
By wellwisher58
Winston Salem, NC
Great for the teeth
February 28, 2012
I had been using another product for cleaning my dogs' teeth, but I have found that this works far better. With the rawhide they have to use all teeth for a good period of time which means a better cleaning. One of my dogs turns his nose up on most rawhide products, but not this one.
By Auzzie's M.
Los Angeles
Best Dental Treat Evarrr
February 17, 2012
Our vet recommended this several years ago, and we have not given our dog any other dental treat ever again. She absolutely loves it!
By roynhank
Sugar Land, TX
Very disappointed
February 7, 2012
I bought the large chews for my 2 border collies who weigh 30 & 40 lbs. (the bag says chews are for dogs 26-50 lbs). Well about 1/3 of the chews were so small and LIMP I wouldn't give them to ANY dog because they would probably choke on them. About 1/3 of them I put aside for my 10 lb. terrier mix because they were WAY too small to give the BC's. The other 1/3 were OK, but still pretty small for this size dog. I would definitely get the EXTRA large if I decided to try these again.
By habaneratu
CET Chews for large dogs
February 7, 2012
I have been buying these chews for some time now. My dog loves them and has a way to remind me when I have failed to give her one. Entirely Pets is reliable and you can count on that you will receive the merchandise when promised.
By Val
Always Great
February 7, 2012
Same product I purchased at the Vet for a LOT less $$$. Shipping is always so fast!!! My dog doesn't have bad breath and his teeth are much cleaner than other dogs his age.
By Deb
St. Louis, MO
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
February 5, 2012
Good product, good price, timely delivery
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
February 5, 2012
By amilg
Long Island, NY
Long live the dog!
February 2, 2012
I brush my dogs teeth frequently. The one at home with me, 6 or 7 times a week. The other one, about 3 times a week. We also give them one of these chews every other day. The vet says, looks good, keep doing what you are doing. It is worth the effort and the money.
By Sunshine
Scottsdale, AZ
Excellent price for a great product
February 2, 2012
I was buying regular rawhide chews that were every inconsistent in size and quality, and did a poor job of cleaning. My vet recommended CET chews and what a difference! Entirely Pets made them a very affordable, superior alternative!
By marcia
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
February 2, 2012
great for dogs teeth though i soak the very thick ones in hot water to soften before giving to my dogs so they do not chip or break their teeth
By Sammie
CET Chews
January 29, 2012
We have been giving CET chews to our dogs as a special treat for several years and always have them on hand. The dogs know exactly where they are stored and know the treat word "rawhide". The chews keep their teeth clean and white and the pups happy!!
By Pauli
Great Chewies
January 27, 2012
My dog and my daughter's dog both love these chews. They were recommended by my vet, and have really helped keep teeth cleaner.
By Marilyn
St. Louis
The best chews
January 25, 2012
These are the only ones I give my lab. He loves them and I don't find him choking on them like orther chews. They keep him busy for awhile also. I give him nothing else but these. These are a winner!
By 5dogs
CET Chews are great
January 25, 2012
These are great for our 5 dogs in helping keep their breath under control.
By GoPete
Fantastic Treat
January 19, 2012
Both of my dogs love these. I love that their teeth look cleaner and their breath smells better when they have chewed one up. Definitely worth it.
By jpfinn7@aol c.
Morley, Mi
January 19, 2012
I was and am more than happy with every aspect of the chewy products that I received from "Entirely Pets." More than happy to recommend the product. Jim Finn
By Honey
New Hampshire
Wouldn't go a day without them
January 18, 2012
My dog gets one of these treats twice a day after her "meals," so she can get the satisfaction of chewing and her teeth get clean. I love 'em and she looks forward to getting them! This is the best and least expensive website/place to order them.
By ozseppo
Sandy Eggo
January 13, 2012
These are so good, even the dog wants one.
By savvythriftyshopper
Gig Harbor, Wa
Great dental chew and treat
January 10, 2012
My dog loves these. They are dessert every day after her dinner. Only complaint is the big difference in size of each chew...some big and others small. I would expect better uniformity when you buy the bag based on the weight of the dog. They're too expensive to give more than one a day.
By prince1
grants pass, oregon
Great Product
December 28, 2011
Works well for cleaning teeth and my dogs love them.
By Snap
Annapolis, MD
used these for years
December 13, 2011
Our labs really like these as an evening treat and they consistently have had good dental reviews from the vet. We don't brush their teeth.
By Linda M.
Dayton, OH
Good product at good price
December 12, 2011
These chews were recommended by our veterinarian to help our Golden Girl's teeth. I was happy to find them for a good price!
Best Product to clean teeth
December 12, 2011
I have been using this product for months. It was first mentioned to me by my vet. My dog absolutely LOVES them and they are amazing at cleaning his teeth.
By Linda
Mishawaka, IN
Great product!
December 8, 2011
My dog loves rawhides although I won"t give them too her anymore, they tear up her stomach but I can give her these and they do a great job on her teeth!
By NanWaters
Byron, GA
Best Chews Ever
December 6, 2011
We have 2 Boykin Spaniels. Every morning when I have my coffee, they get a chew. This is the only chew they like. Keeps them healty and breath fresh!!
By Jade
Maple Grove, MN
CET Chews for LARGE Dogs
December 6, 2011
Great products for dogs love to chew. It keeps my dog's breath and teeth in a great condition.
By unsure
large chews
December 6, 2011
the chews are inconsistent, some of these seem like they should be for medium dogs and some seem like they should be in the extra large bag. Somebody please, correct me if I am wrong and this is how they should be.
By Janice
Fantastic Product
November 30, 2011
My vet recommended I get these and my dog absolutely loves them. Wonderful product.
By tmn
Dallas, TX
Great Product
November 29, 2011
I have two dogs and they get their "chewy" every morning after they eat. They love these chews and the best part is my vet said they are really good for their teeth! It is great to find a treat that they love and I feel good about giving them.
By bendog
great product
November 29, 2011
My dog loves them have tried other brands and he won't chew his chews
By tpc3
CET chews for Large dog
November 29, 2011
Very happy with these chews and dogs love them. And they don't upset their stomachs like some chews do. Only thing negative is that the pieces seem to have become smaller in size with fewer larges size pieces.
By jem10mac@hotmail c.
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Large Dogs (30 Chews)
November 27, 2011
I have yet to receive my shipment. According to tracking it has been sitting in Ma since 12/23. I have never waited this long for a shipment. Your new carrier is not very efficient. Linda Hughes You need to go back to your old shipper
By Travler++
My dog loves them
November 26, 2011
My dog loves these chews. I like them because they clean his teeth and makes his breath smell good.
By bjf
November 20, 2011
Our dog's favorite treat, great for teeth cleaning!
By egghead
Bethlehem, NY
Recommended for dog's teeth
November 5, 2011
Our vet recommended the CET chews for our dogs teeth, since both of them are 10 years old and show a bit of tooth plaque buildup. Time will tell if the product improves the condition of their teeth since this is the first bag we have purchased.
By super m.
aggressive chewers
November 4, 2011
Not only are the CET's good for keeping their teeth clean, they also keep my male busy for a good half an hour too :)
By carol
November 4, 2011
My dogs love these chews. They won't leave me alone at night until they get their special treats.
By Cinda
Better than rawhide
November 2, 2011
My dog loves these because they are tasty, provide lots of chewing and are digestable.
By Captain K.
Clean Teeth
November 1, 2011
We get the large ones, which can sometimes be to thick and cut the gums, but other than that they are great. Really cuts down on build up on the teeth.
By Moni
Raleigh, NC
Large CET chews
October 31, 2011
I've been getting the Size Large CET chews for 9 years for my two golden retrievers. They help keep their teeth clean and gums healthy...a great product. However, I am disappointed that the Size Large has diminished in size...they are now more of a Medium Size. What gives?
By Connie
La Plata MD
Sophie loves them!
October 28, 2011
Sophie is a very finicky eater and does not like a lot of treats offered. This is one product she really enjoys--a good find!
By Bobo
My Puppies Most Favorite
October 27, 2011
My puppies love Veggie Dents---I give them both one per day and they can't wait to get their daily treat. I have been giving them to them for the past six months. I missed one day and they were not happy. I won't miss another day........
By LisaF
Memphis, Tenn
Keeping Riley's teeth pearlie white and clean
October 24, 2011
I don't know who loves CET chews more, my dog, Riley or me. CET chews are his favorite treat (along with greenies) and he just loves them. I love them because he always gets great dental checkups from our vet and even being 9 years old, Riley has NEVER needed his teeth professionally cleaned by our vet. During his last checkup this summer, our vet said that Riley has the teeth of a much younger dog. That makes both of us very happy. A friend of mine recommended CET chews to me and I am so glad he did. Just wanted to pass this on to others.
By rangeley
work great
October 24, 2011
Our dog loves the chews and we can already see a difference in his teeth.
My dog loves CET Chews and
October 20, 2011
My dog loves CET Chews and they really help keep his teeth clean.
By klself0321
My dogs LOVE these
October 20, 2011
They're like crack for dogs! These chewies are the best we've found on the market and our girls really love them. They definitely help with their breath too. I'd highly recommend these!
By greyhound m.
Best looking greyhound teeth
October 17, 2011
We provide these to our greyhound once an day and the vet said that our greyhound had the best looking teeth that she's seen. Huge improvement!
By T1&T2'sMom
Laguna Niguel, CAj
Chewy Delicious
October 8, 2011
My dogs love these. Even just the smell excites them. They can spend half an hour chewing and delighting in these good-for-them chews. Thanks for a great product!
By Chris
She Loves Them!
October 5, 2011
Our dog is crazy for the CET Chews! They are not hard to digest (as rawhide is) and they have an enzyme beneficial to their dental health. We used to purchase these at our vet -- for THREE times the cost of what we can buy them from EntirelyPets! Our little girl gets one of these two or three times a week and absolutely loves them. Great treat for your dog!
If your dog has teeth you need this product
January 25, 2011
I own several dogs and brushing their teeth is not something I have time to do. I rather be out doing fun activities with them. However I do know how important dental care. The CET dental chews are just what the dentist ordered. My dogs have no tarter on their teeth, even my old guy at 13 amazes the vet with his clean teeth. And the dogs love them! It's win - win with this product.
By patutie
December 14, 2010
the CET chews have made a huge difference for my dog. She doesn't need a dental cleaning now!
By Kristy
Best thing you can do for your pet's oral health
June 12, 2010
These are the best! My dog loves them, even more so than pig ears or any other type of chew. He gets one every night after his walk and fully expects it. I always find him waiting for one by the cabinet they're under. He devours them every time! I combine this with the use of the toothpaste and Aquadent water additive. He's 7 yrs and has no type of buildup at all and not even a trace of doggy breath:)
By la3
Memphis, TN
Best dog chews
April 5, 2010
My dogs are obsessed with these chews. They wait by the 'treat cabinet' for one every night after dinner.....
By tavstarr1
CET chews are awesome
February 23, 2010
I give CET chews to my dogs, and love the results. The best part of the chews are that they let the dog enjoy chewing something with rawhide texture, but safer. Since they disslove, I feel safer giving them to my dogs and they work wonderfully.
By Roz S.
Can't Go A Day Without Them!
December 14, 2009
My Service Dog Brenda can not go a day with a Virbac Chew. I took her to the Vet for a teeth cleaning and he said her teeth/gums and breath were in very good condition and I blame it on CET Chews..They're amazing and now everyone in my office uses them for their dogs and also swears by them!!!!!!
By dan
cet chews
November 17, 2009
dogs love these and they are a healthy chew. HALF THE PRICE AT Entirely pets compared to buying at the vet.
By John
Yo, what's in that sheeet?
May 25, 2009
My two retreivers Moose and Rocco go friggin crazy over those things. My only complaint is the size of the treats vary from bag to bag. They go from thick like a steak to as thin as a potato chip.
By Sally
CET Chews
February 10, 2009
I was told about these chews (and the CET rinse) by a friend. We both have Greyhounds, who are well known to have horrible teeth. Both these products work well, even if you don't bother to brush. (But I would recomend it. Read the article on this website on how to start.) My 13 year old Golden mix has the teeth of a 1 year old, white and shiny!
By Anna
All breeds love these chews
February 4, 2009
We have a lab, a border collie, and a pit bull and our friends have dogs. They all love the CET chews. They are reasonably priced and I always buy several bags. Right now 3 bags equals free shipping!
By Natalie
Effective product
December 29, 2008
We have a Husky-mix that is simply not interested in playing with toys of any kind. Yet she loves these chews and they keep her amused for about 15 mins per chew. I use them to keep her teeth clean and as a treat for her.
By cindy
cet chews
October 29, 2008
my dogs love these chews and so do I because they are natural, they clean their teeth and are reasonably priced. I buy several bags and take advantage of free shipping
By George
Labs Best Treat
April 6, 2008
I started my yellow lad puppy on these chews, and there is no plaque build-up. She loves them, there very convenient for preventative dental care. Will buy again.

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