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By Bdsully93
New York, NY
Great for Cats
June 18, 2017
My cats love this. They eat is straight from my hand and it helps them so much with hairballs. The only complain I have is that I paid extra to have the item delivered to my house in 2 days and it took 5 days before it arrived. My advice is not to pay extra for shipping.
By Tippy's M.
Ontario, Canada
Laxatone Tuna Flavor
June 16, 2017
My cat absolutely loves this product in the tuna flavor.
By Bill
Best hairball product
April 25, 2017
This is the ONLY hair ball medicine our cat will take!!!!
By Sophie
Wouldn't be without it
July 20, 2016
I buy this and the maple flavor for my kitty because she has long hair. As much as I brush her, she's still going to have hairballs, so this makes it a bit easier on her.
By WoodChip
Cats hate
April 2, 2016
My cats won't touch it. Not sure why it has four stars.
By Bdsully93
New York, NY
Great Product!
January 31, 2016
I give this to my cats in the morning to minimize the amount of hairballs that gather in their stomachs. Great Product! Highly recommend it.
Great tasting product
January 10, 2016
Cats love this product for their hairball problem! They eat it right out of a bowl!
not bad
December 26, 2015
removing the foil seal enough to get the product out is a pain in the butt, but thats the only down side. lasts about a month at 1/2 teaspoon every other day. my maine coon has a hairball problem, vet recommend ed to me after a surgery to remove hairball that got ldged in elbow of intestine and made kitty sick.
By Ter
Helps with hair balls and constipation
December 9, 2015
Easy to add to food. She likes the favor.
By active
Review for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (4.25 oz)
August 16, 2015
my cat loves the tuna flavor. really helps with hair balls.
By LilwithCats
Eugene, Oregon
July 20, 2015
I actually bought this by mistake as I was wanting the Chews not the tube stuff! My cats don't care for this!
By Pingman
Great product!
June 23, 2015
Can't be without it as 2 of my 3 cats have trouble,just. Little on their paws or hid in food for a couple of days and all is well.
By My p.
Frisch, TX
Best brand and flavor!!
April 20, 2015
I went to Entirely Pets for this very product! My cat hates the paste and will eat this right from the tube. This also got my other cat hooked! My third cat would love it too if he was more trusting. But he is always there checking it out and will lick it off his nose no problem. I usually have to put it away before they are satisfied!
By LC P.
Lake Charles, LA
Does the Trick!
April 10, 2015
The hairball problem has been much better since we started using this product.
By Curley
September 5, 2014
My Calico has long thick fur and she suffers from fur balls but Laxatone gave her needed relief. I will buy it again.
By Lori
Willow Spring,NC
May 31, 2014
I ordered laxatone in hopes it would help my 16 year old Siamese have an easier time pooping,it has worked wonders and she feels so much better. Love this product.
By Purrfect m.
Delray Beach FL
Fantastic Product
May 6, 2014
Both of my senior kitties love the Laxatone in the Tuna flavor. I can barely get the cap off and they are crawling all over me to get a taste.
By Gail
March 30, 2014
I love this product because my cats are both long haired and are always cleaning themselves. None of us like to be picking up hairballs on the floor that they have upchucked. This product is perfect for them. One of my cats loves it and the other is just the opposite and it is a challenge to get it into him. None the less, it is worth holding him down. So many times I picked up his hairballs it was disgusting. Now it is so much better.
By sg
So Cal
My Cats Love This!
January 14, 2014
I have one cat would rob a liquor store if it meant keeping in supply of Laxatone. Does it work? I guess. They don't gag on hair balls although I do see a fair amount of kitty vomit with fur in it. Regardless, I'll keep feeding it to my cats, they love it so much.
By Donna
Winston-Salem, NC
Review for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (4.25 oz)
January 14, 2014
My cats love this brand Laxatone Tuna and would eat the whole tube if I would let them. This also is good for my cat that is almost 15 that has a constipation problem.
By Dan
Review for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (4.25 oz)
December 1, 2013
Works well for hairball treatment.......
By Bob
Huntington Beach, Ca
Review for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (4.25 oz)
November 21, 2013
We have two Siamese cat and one tortoise shell cat. All line up to have a squeeze of Laxatone fish flavor. It helps with the digestive tract and helps eliminates hairballs
By madz
Danvers, MA
Excllent product
October 27, 2013
I think because of the flavor, my cat likes it very much. It is also easy to give or administer. You just squirt a small amount, then the cat will just lick it from the tube.
By Bonnie
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Laxatone tuna Flavor
October 8, 2013
I am very pleased with this product!! our animals are our children and their health and comfort comes before ours. I have rescued every animal and provide them with a home proper nutrition and lots of love. Thank You Entirely pets for feeling the same way.
By Janet
New York
Happy Cat
July 17, 2013
This hairball remedy is the best for any Pet owner. Our cat used to hack up all the time and now only 1 or 2 times amonth. She is a long hair cat and even though we brushed her every day she still gets hairballs. So much better with this product. The price is great and my cat Amy and me are very happy. Thank You so Much. Janet
Great Product - Slow Delivery
July 9, 2013
Product is what my vet sells for quite a bit more, but always on back-order. Don't wait until you are close to being out, order a few weeks ahead. We give our 2 cats Laxatone twice a week and don't have many hairball issues.
By chris
Used before
July 2, 2013
Oreo, my cat eat's to much then turns around and throws up. I also use it for his stools.
By Jill
Cheaper than at the vets
July 2, 2013
My older beagle needs a laxative from time to time. I used to purchase it at my local vet at twice the price it is here. This product works just as well as the higher priced item from the vet.
Best hairball product ever!
June 29, 2013
I have used many hairball products with several long-haired cats and this is the one that they will always willingly eat. I use a small dose morning and evening before their meal as a treat! Hairballs are not 100% eliminated, but rare, especially in spring when they shed off their winter coats. Brushing helps as well. Thank you for an excellent price!
By beejay
Great hairball aid.
May 7, 2013
My cast loves the flavor of this and it workd like a charm! No more hairballs found on my furniture.
By Jabie
Good product
May 4, 2013
I like this for not only for help w hairballs but for giving pills to cats and dogs. It is abit on the too soft side and tends to run before giving to pet.
By Purrface
Review for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (4.25 oz)
April 4, 2013
My sweet kitty, a long haired Scottish Fold, absolutely loves your Tuna flavored Laxotone. Not only is it a wonderful hairball prophylactic, but she also loves the taste!
By Peanut
Caro, MI
Does what it is supposed to
February 13, 2013
I purchase this often for my cats as they get a little every day to help with hairballs. They love it so why not?
By hbdhlfpnt
Wonderful Product
December 29, 2012
We have a male cat that has problems having a bowel movement. Our vet said to give him about an inch of hairball remedy and this has done the trick. We give to him every morning and not only do we not have hairball problems, but he no longer has problems going to use litter box.
By Jen
Wonderful Find
December 17, 2012
After using another brand (of which the big drug company said they were having supply issues each time I called) I decided to try this for my older cat and she just LOOOVED it!! As anyone with cats knows, finding something they actually want to eat is like pure gold. My cat has always preferred fish flavors and this one was the winner!
By Marley
Great product...
November 18, 2012
this is a great product because it helps your pet eliminate hair balls or with constipation. You just put it on the pet's front paw and he/she will lick it off. You don't have to struggle with them at all, and they seem to like the flavor.
By kjet
minneapolis, MN
This really helps
October 22, 2012
if it weren't for the laxatone tuna I would be dealing with a lot more fur balls. I have several cats and when we ran out of the laxatone there was a definite difference.
By Caralynn
Laxatone help for Mega Colon
July 19, 2012
Our Macoon, 20 lb. cat Milton is a big boy. With his long hair and mega-colon he needs help keeping his system in balance. Outdoor walks everyday and the "Laxatone," has become a regular routine for him each day. I buy several tubes at a time and I receive them within 1-2 days. Wonderful product, delivery time, and price! We are an "Entirely Pets" fan.
By Dogandcat
Works to reduce hair balls
July 11, 2012
Since using this product regularly we have not been seeing any hair balls......with several cats we used to see at least one daily.
By Calimama
The best product
July 6, 2012
My cat only likes the tuna flavored Laxatone. I've tried other brands and flavors but she will not touch them. Laxatone is the best for her hairballs and bowel movements.
By Denthead
Laxatone Tuna Flavor
June 18, 2012
The best - the only laxative our cat will lick - she cries for me to smear some on her foot. Great product.
By Lauren
My cat loves this stuff
April 28, 2012
My cat choked on a hairball a few weeks ago, and my vet recommended we try this product. I was skeptical because my cat NEVER takes any type of medication very well. He fights me! But, i was shocked that he loves this stuff. He actually licks it right out of the container. No hairball since! Great product!
By Louella
Norristown PA
My cats love this stuff
April 27, 2012
One of my cats has GI issues and another gets lots of hairballs no matter how often she's combed. They both love the Laxatone tuna flavor, and it helps with both their issues.
works well
February 25, 2012
What I like best about this product is that it is flavored, so my cats enjoy eating it and I don't have to force them to eat it.
By Angie
Review for Laxatone Tuna Flavor (4.25 oz)
December 12, 2011
Rachael has problems with passing solid waste and this stuff works fantastic.
By Bob
This product helped my cat
November 2, 2011
When my 20 year old cat started having elimination problems, I researched constipation on the internet and found many sites recommended Laxatone. My cat has been licking a little bit of tuna flavored Laxatone from the tube each morning for many months now and has had no recurrence of constipation. Entirely Pets has the best price and fastest shipping and this keeps my cat healthy and me worry-free..
By Shiraz's M.
He loves it
October 31, 2011
My cat would rob a liquor store if that's what it took to get this stuff. I swear, it's crack for cats. As for me, I have seen a decrease in hair balls (his, not mine). It's so easy to order on line have it delivered so I never run out and it simplifies my life.
By Erin
Works great!
December 4, 2010
I had to give this to my cat after he had a bout of constipation caused by a hairball. This works great! He likes the taste too, I just put a tsp on his food about 2 days a keeps things moving smoothly :)
September 15, 2009
This stuff works like a charm. We usually give it at the first sign of hairball and it cures it immediately.
By Karen K.
Great product!
April 11, 2008
This is a wonderful hairball remedy. We have two cats that would otherwise be plagued with hairballs without this treatment. we mix it in their wet food and they love the flavor.

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