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By Kim
Batavia, OH
August 18, 2019
Great treat!
My dogs can be a little finicky when it comes to treats. I have been giving them this treat for several years and they absolutely love it! They haver turn their noses to it. It's also reassuring that this is a healthy treat as well!
By Maintman716
Boston ny
March 18, 2019
Soft treat
I buy these and wrap my pets pills in them. They are the softest treats I could find for this.
ConsSometimes dry
By KaciaMarie
Circleville, OH
March 14, 2019
Love this site!
We bought Lean Treats for my dog about a month ago and I absolutely love the service. My vet got him hooked on these specific treats and we couldn't find them ANYWHERE until I found them on here. Not only is it fast and easy to order, but also the cheapest site we've found. I'll continue using this site for all future needs.
ProsBest price
ConsShipping took a little bit
By Iris
February 14, 2019
Excellent product
First purchased from vet's office. Found better price with entirelypets. I use these to cover pills for my sick dog. Much healthier than pill pockets AND much cheaper. I squash them and cover the pills. They are the right consistency. My dog easily eats her pills now
By Gert
Richmond KY
January 26, 2019
Lean Treats
My Shih Tzu loves them, very convenient to purchase, and very fast delivery - and the price was right.
By Finn
January 17, 2019
Healthy treats!
My dog loves these. He gets 2 every time he goes in his kennel.
By razor9768
Durham, NC
October 23, 2018
Not malleable
They are low fat as advertised. For some reason I thought they would be malleable like a pill pocket (and thus an alternative to the higher fat pill pockets) but they are too crumbly.
ProsLow fat
ConsCannot be used as a pill pocket
By lily47
Lansing MI
September 30, 2018
My border Collie loves these.
Dog will do almost anything for them. Seven months later she still loves them.
By Kelly
Tucson AZ
September 30, 2017
2 thumbs up!
My dogs love them! Great way to use for training and the only way my dog will take her medication!
By Carolyn
July 25, 2017
great for rewarding dog learning
I have a young dog learning how to be a canine good citizen: these treats are excellent for rewarding dog during her training!
By Stretch
June 1, 2017
Lean Treats
Our dog wasn't crazy about them at first but now she LOVES them. It helps that they are low fat as she is diabetic.
By Carolyn
March 16, 2017
Lean Treats
The vet recommended these treats for my small dog because they are low calories. She likes them and we divide one treat of nine calories in four bites. We toss the treat to the end of the living room and she uses more calories in retrieving them then they have in them. She loves the treat and the fun.
By Gma L.
January 2, 2017
Best dog treat, and great if your pet takes pills
I have 4 dogs, 1 that is taking a medication for life. The Lean Treats are small and pliable and work better than anything for administering medication. The pill is pushed into the treat and the treat is wrapped around it. So simple, and the dogs all just love them. They get one each morning and each evening and look forward to it. I will always have them on hand and Entirely Pets makes it so easy to order them. If you have a dog, you should try them too!
Phoenix, Arizona
October 28, 2016
Best treats...
I have given these to my dogs for years. They are perfect for giving pills (medications), treats for good behavior and playtime, and even to put into their Kongs! They're super soft and not one of my dogs would turn up their nose to them. If anything they do a little extra for another... I highly recommend these awesome treats!
By Theodore
New york
October 24, 2016
Best treat!!!
I have been giving my dog these treats for nine years now. I first received a bag from our vetinarian after my dogs first visit when he was a puppy. This is the only treat my dog receives. It's healthy and my dog loves it. I recommend this treat highly for you to give your dog.
By Birdie9
Chicago, IL
July 27, 2016
Great Treats!
Ordered Lean Treats that the vet uses in his office to give our dogs treats. Our dogs love them and they are healthier for them.
May 31, 2016
By dogtrainer
May 15, 2016
great treat
great healthy treat for our two dogs. vet recommend this as a treat.
By Jen
April 27, 2016
Fabulous doggie treats
My dog and all of his friends love these treats, previously found only at the vet's office. They are also less caloric than most treats. I highly recommend them.
By Stupid B.
April 18, 2016
Rocks, Not Treats
For the second time in a year I received a shipment of Lean Treats which were hard as a rock. The winter season is not friendly to them, as ut appeared that the order had frozen in shipment. I'll be buying elsewhere in the future.
By Marty
January 30, 2016
I use these as training treats. My dogs love them and they're healthy. I've ordered them from numerous online stores over the years. Entirely pets has the lowest price and they arrived quickly. I will order from here again.
By haze43
November 23, 2015
zoey the dashound
my little Zoey loves the lean treats.Cannot keep her away from the treat bowl. will buy more again.
By Mary
November 4, 2015
My dog LOVES these treats---our vet uses them also. Highly recommend!
By Sheryl
Charlotee NC
October 23, 2015
Lean Treats are FABULOUS!
Our three poodle girls are VERY picky, but they love these - and we love them because they're good for them! First found them at our vet's office, and was amazed when all three gobbled them up - they usually turn up their respective noses at anything other than their homemade dehydrated chicken strips. Great price, and treats were soft and fresh - will definitely reorder!
By don't o.
October 21, 2015
Lean Treats
We like to give our dog lean treats because they seem to be less fattening then dog biscuits. He loves them.
By Pat
August 11, 2015
Dry and crumbly
I have been a Lean Treats fan for many years. The last box I received from Entirely Pets was dry and crumbly. That doesn't work when trying to hide pills. Will try to find another supplier that stores them properly so they don't dry out.
By BonBon
Woodbury, MN.
June 19, 2015
Great Lean Treat for dogs
I bought these treats (after trying one at the vet) for my dog. She has to take two pills a day, and she actually liked this treat. I hide the pill in this soft, lean treat, and she will eat it. She is very fussy about most treats but loves this one! I have a second dog, and she loves these treats, too. I would highly recommend this to any dog lover. Dogs not only love the taste but they are low in fat.
St. Louis, MO Metropolitan Area
June 17, 2015
Great price for 12
Not really sure what amount I'm reviewing. Has the price gone up/ Right now 10 are being sold for the same price that 12 were sold for just a couple orders ago. My dogs love these treats but if the price has in fact gone up I'm going to have to pick something else for them. I have 7 dogs, I order from Entirely Pets because of their good prices but may have to find another seller or stop purchasing these treats all together if the price has gone up
By Maggie's M.
Hoover, AL
May 5, 2015
Won't buy again
I have been buying Lean Treats for quite a few years. Up until the time before last and now this time, they were great. I don't know if they changed the formula or not, but they used to be soft, Now they crumble and fall apart. Maggie doesn't even like them like she used to. I thought it might just be the last two bags in the order before this last one but no, every bad in this current order is now the same. So, no more buying Lean Treats!!!
By Xena's O.
Weston, FL
March 11, 2015
Lean Treats
I can't speak for my Pug Xena but she loves her lean treats. Of all the other zillion dog treats out there Lean Treats are on the healthier side.
By Great m.
Flint, Mi
March 8, 2015
Great treats
I use to purchase these at my vet, than I found them here at a much better price. My dogs love them, and I'll continue to buy from Entirely Pets.
By ttillisch
March 6, 2015
Old and dried out
Usually the Lean Treats are soft and my dog loves them. I am able to hide small pills in them. This last batch was hard, dry and if you squeezed them they broke apart into little sand like dust. I submitted an email to Entirely Pets and they sent the review link to me instead of helping me with the product. So, I might not purchase from Entirely Pets again.
By Teresa
March 5, 2015
Lean Treats with Expiration Date of November 2016
I purchase the Lean Treats on a regular basis for my little pug. They are not only used for treats but for administering medication as well. They have always been a wonderful product, until my last order. They were hard, dry and crumbly and had to be returned.
By Candy
March 2, 2015
Lean is the key
Have 3 dogs and they have progressively started to gain weight since we give them treats when they go outside and do their business. This Lean treat has helped a lot in making sure they get their treats with lessor caloric intake. I hated the idea of taking their treats away from them but this has helped. My boys are 8, 11 and 14.5 years old. Thank you :)
Roselle, NJ
February 9, 2015
Best Item Ever
My dog will almost do anything to get one of her Lean Treats. When she is outside and I want her to come in, I just all out to her "Chloe, want your cookie?" and she comes running in. Sometimes I break them in half so she doesn't get too many during the day. When I leave the house and can't take her with me, I break about 4 in half and throw them on the floor for her to look for. At that point she doesn't care if I'm there or not.
By Hope/Faith
Baton Rouge, La
January 27, 2015
Awesome Healthy Treats for Your Dog or Cat
My dogs love Lean Treats, They eat them as often as I allow. They love the taste & Texture, and you can hide medicine in them.
By Boxer L.
January 17, 2015
Great Product!
Love that I can order a full box of multiple packages at a time... my dogs love them!
By Doxie M.
Harrisburg PA
January 16, 2015
Excellent all-around treat
Own a rescued, once badly abused and elderly Doxie. Have to keep her weight in line, but she loves treats...these are perfect for her, and since we love to spoil her, they're perfect for us, too!
By Red
Greensboro, NC
August 19, 2014
Great Healthy Snack
Besides being very picky, our Keeshond has diabetes. While at the vet's office, she was given a Lean Treat which she gobbled up. At her next vet's visit, she went right over to the treat jar and begged for one. The vet tech gave us the information for the Lean Treats, and we've had them on hand since then. Our dog gets one in the morning after she gets her meds, and this makes giving her her meds so easy. "Pills and treat" and she sits right down and waits patiently.
By Cynthia
August 13, 2014
GREAT for giving my dogs medicine!!
My dogs LOVE Lean Treats! I poke their meds down into the Lean Treats and they can't take it fast enough!
By susieQ
Wickenburg, AZ
July 6, 2014
It says lovin"
This is a very special treat for special pets at a special time. Both dogs love it and always beg for another.
By sandy
Waxhaw, NC
April 23, 2014
Finally A Treat My Dogs Love!
After trying many different brands of treats I discovered Lean Treats and my dogs could not be happier. They come running when I show them the bag. Lean Treats are especially helpful because my dogs are 14 years old and find hard cookies difficult to chew. These teats are small, soft and easy to break apart and chew. Great for even the most picky appetites.
By Vic
April 23, 2014
Review for Lean Treats - Nutritional Rewards for DOGS 12-PACK (2.2 lbs)
My dogs love these even though they are small.
By psp52pa
March 17, 2014
the only treat my dog consistently wants
the best of both worlds: pet loves them, LOW FAT, all "meat"....can't ask for anything better! Thanks for ALWAYS carrying this product!
By Matt L.
January 25, 2014
My Dogs Love 'em
That's it, my dogs love 'em, great purchase.
By Mystteadog
December 30, 2013
Great Gift from Santa
These go in the Santa bag for all the dogs in our extended family.
By piglvr
Choctaw, OK
December 28, 2013
My Dogs Love Them
When we had our dogs teeth cleaned the vet gave us a sample pack of these lean treats. My dogs loved them. We don't feed them table food so we feed them these treats when we eat so they feel like they are eating with us.
By pdsdjs
Marysville PA
December 27, 2013
Excellent value
Only treat my toothless, digestive-challenged rescue doxie can tolerate, and she loves them. Service is always dependable from Entirely Pets.
By Dave
December 10, 2013
Great Treats
These are wonderful, healthy treats especially for small breeds (since treats are small size). They are sold by Vets but can be purchased here for 1/2 the cost. Highly recommended!
By DogMom
October 12, 2013
Vet Approved? You bet!
I was talking with our vet about possible weight gain in our 2 small house dogs as they both have joint issues. We knew we needed to limit treats but didn't want to cut them out completely.He gave me a bag of Lean Treats & told me,that given in moderation, they would keep us all happy & healthy. He was right. The dogs love them & we still get to enjoy "treat time".

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