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By Laurie
Great for Allergies!
July 31, 2014
My vet recommended this product because all of the sudden my cat's one eye was tearing up all the time and oozing plus she would get a droopy eyelid. I gave her the recommended double dose the first couple of days then backed down to the daily dose and her symptoms cleared up within two days. There are times when I forget to give her the treats (because I have another cat that has stomach issues and cannot have the treats and she knows when they are out) so within a day or two you can start to see the symptoms return. Once I start giving her the treats again it completely goes away. I would highly recommend this product for allergy issues.
By healthful
Durango, CO
Really great
July 30, 2014
My cat has a thyroid problem and is on medication twice daily. This has affected her immune system, and the vet recommended the lysine treats. I give her four each morning, which she likes, and it seems to stabilize and help her immune system.
By shopperkitten
Destrehan, LA
My 3 cats love these treats.
May 2, 2014
My vet recommended these treats for one of my cats as she had ragged breathing. They cleared her right up. And she said all of my cats could eat them if they liked. I give them to all 3 from time to time. I think they keep them healthier.
By Deb G.
Cats Love It
April 24, 2014
My cats thinks this is the best treat ever!! And it's good for their immune system.
By tcgg
Seem to be OK
April 23, 2014
These are accepted OK, not great, but OK. The one thing to note is that, if left out, as in if she dosn't eat them all right away, they get hard. Once hard, my cat rejects them. You have to give 6 - 12 pieces a day but they are small so that is OK.
By Star's D.
Kingsville, Texas
Ensisyl-F Lysine Treats
April 7, 2014
My cat, Star has feline herpes and at her current age (13yrs) she has flare ups that cause sneezing and coughing. My local vet recommended this supplement and I started about five months ago. It works. Her health has improved ( no more sneezing and coughing) and she's gained weight and strength.
By craigs f.
souuthwest Ohio
Good value, about 250pcs. in bag.
March 28, 2014
Both of our cats had this product suggested to us by our Vet. The Vet charges about 30% more for the identical package. I try to feed one to each cat about six times daily.Usually the cats just smell the little ball of product and down them without any problem. It seems like lately the cats will walk away from the product and I have to force feed. They don't seem to mind the forced feeding, but then cats are at best . . . strange. I do not have to use much effort when forced feeding. I would never do anyt6hing to harm my cats.
By Bobby
Houston, Texas
L-Lysine Treats a Hit with Tawny
March 28, 2014
My orange and white Tabby cat Tawny was born with feline herpes virus. It causes outbreaks of nasal congestion, sneezing and occasional fluid in one eye. The L-Lysine treats are a big help in suppressing the virus. There is no permanent cure but it can be controlled and the treats are a big part of that. He loves them and eagerly eats as many as 12 in one day when symptoms flare up. I recommend the L-Lysine treats because you can easily vary the dose. If you have other cats, as I do, you can give them ordinary treats when you give your other cat the L-Lysine treats so they won't feel left out!
Downers Grove
helps with viral cat diseases
March 18, 2014
my vet recommended lysine for Ringo. he doesn't like crush pills but loves the treats. he had a herpes condition from the shelter he was in. he hasn't had an outbreak in 5 years!
By kz
Atlanta, Ga
good purchase and better priced than at Vets
March 11, 2014
Really has helped my cat go for longer periods before having to give her antibiotics. An excellent suppliment to help with her cronic upper respitory problem.
By MyFelineOverlords
Philadelphia, PA
Sickly cat will eat them!
March 5, 2014
I bought a bag each of 3 kinds of lysine treats, hoping that my sickly cat would willing eat one of them, and this is the one that he liked. When his appetite was low, I could often coax him to start eating by putting these in his bowl. The form changed several month ago to a smaller kibble, and he still will eat it, though not quite as eagerly.
By Wyeast
Portland, OR
My cats love them
March 5, 2014
Both of my cats used to have herpes breakouts occasionally. I originally used the powder version of Enisyl mixed in with wet food, but they didn't always eat it all. They both went crazy for these treats when I tried them and they don't have kitty colds or conjunctivitis any more.
By Robin
Wacissa, FL
Great find!
March 4, 2014
My cat Lily loves the taste of the Enisyl-F Lysine Treats! Easiest way to feed lysine I've ever found.
By Jen
Cats love them!
February 27, 2014
Lysine is important for cats with upper respiratory illnesses or feline AIDs, or any virus. This is the treat my cats love the most!
By Snaplilly
Enisyl-F Lysine Treats
February 22, 2014
Our two cats love them. They wait every morning for the treats. I give them six and if they start sneezing I give them more in the evening and it really helps them get over the sickness quickly. Sometimes they actually stop sneezing within a day or so. I will never be without them and they are a little cheaper getting them from Entirely pets than at the vet.
By Cookie
lysine treats
February 2, 2014
This product works to keep feline herpes at bay. Cats love it!
By kay
It works.
January 30, 2014
I have two cats with weepy eyes. This treat helps greatly, and they like it. It does dry out too fast, even though I always seal the bag tightly. And occasionally, I get a bag that has a lot of small crumbles.
By Robin
Tallahassee, FL
January 26, 2014
My cat Lily eats her daily lysine treats first thing in the morning, mixed with a few of her favorite treats. No problem giving her the added protection that lysine offers cats from upper respiratory infections. She likes them!
By Gerry
I live in Myrtle Beach
Great product
January 1, 2014
I have been using this Lysine Product for a few years now. It helps keep my boys healthy and free of colds. It was recommended by a Vet and It works so well! I give them 6 each a day in the morning. Albert and Willie love them and can't wait till I give them their Lysine treats!
By gretablue
Lysine cat treats
December 19, 2013
My cat loves them and waits for me to give them to her. She has been on them for 3 yrs. and I will contiune to shop here to get them for her.
By mtroop
Great for cat health!
December 16, 2013
We use these for both our inside and especially our outside feral cats. We have seen the outside cats eyes brighten, skin/fur look better and they have overall been much healthier. Seems silly, but we really attribute this to the ongoing use of Lysine. And...yes, these are more expensive than some of the other Lysine products, but ALL of our cats love them, think they are treats and readily eat them. We highly recommend these!
By tross1
South Lyon, Mi
Enisy-F Lysine Treats (6.35oz)
December 1, 2013
Our vet recommended this product to aid our cats immune system. We give him 4 treats 3 times a day. In order to get our cat to eat these treats we started by giving him just 2 treats at a time while holding his regular cat treat bag. After several attempts with him getting no treats for the day he now takes his Lysine eagerly (looking forward to his other anticipated treats - which of course he gets) Product is competitively priced - We save cost by purchasing the quantity that provides free shipping.
By pet l.
eastern, WI
November 13, 2013
Lucy and Milo love these treats. They were a very good deal online so I bought 2 bags. This helps them from sneezing so much and was recommended by our vet. All good!
By Jenny
Great Product
November 3, 2013
Has done a good job keeping Buddy's eye discharge in control. However, do not buy to much at a time as the product does seem to get hard and lose it's smell . We store it in a plastic jar with screw -on lid, after we open the original bag. After it begins to dry out Buddy will not eat it.
By kim
great buy
October 28, 2013
I was so glad I purchased these Lysine treats from EntirelyPets, I save $10 on each pack. They are the exact product I got from my vet
By Sloane
kitty approved!
October 26, 2013
This is a great way to give your cat L-ysine if you have to give this daily.My 6 month old kitten loves them and they're easy to give as a treat. It saves me from having to crush Lysine to put in his food all the time!
By Dudley's s.
Myrtle Beach SC
Great supplement
October 17, 2013
Cat likes this product better than another brand which is hard to chew and has difficulty swallowing. This brand is soft and is very like other cat treats and don't have to force cat to take.
By MarFazio
Dallas, TX
October 12, 2013
My cat ate a couple then wouldn't touch them after that. I prefer the formula that comes in a pump....much easier to give to my cat.
By robinl
life saver
October 8, 2013
This is the absolute easiest way to give lysine to a cat.
By Jennifer
Review for Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)
October 1, 2013
Vet recommended lysine for my cat. I decided to go the treat route and she abolutely loves them!
By Kathy
Great for Feline Herpes
September 25, 2013
I have two cats, male and female. The female likes these treats more than any of the other products for Feline Herpes.
By Judy
Review for Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)
September 24, 2013
My girls love it. I orginaly got it from my Vet for one of my kitties eyes. Now both come running when I say Treats! I have recommended this to my Groomer as well.
By Faye
Worth trying
September 22, 2013
Bought these as Lysine was recommended for my cats sneezing, and he wont eat the lysine medicine you can put in their food. At first he wouldn't eat them but mixed them with some other treats so now he eats them fine. Seems to help the sneeze a bit, so will continue to use.
By Jim
Tarrytown, NY
An essential part of our cats' diet
September 18, 2013
Some years ago, when our previous 'generation' of cats were quite old, a friend veterinarian (feline specialist) told me that L-lysine 'worked' to inhibit and control a number of problems. She admitted that, at the time, it wasn't known exactly 'how & why' this amino acid supplement worked, only that it 'did' work. Given her reputation and knowledge of cats, I totally trusted her and began seeking out a viable way to give L-lysine to our cats. Without going into all the difficult ways, I can only relate that we were fortunate enough to try convention 'samples' of Enisyl-F before it hit most sales outlets. From that time on our cats have 6 pieces every morning and devour them like treats. The fact that Enisyl-F may minimize flare-up of herpes is a significant bonus, especially with eye-related issues. This is a fine product and an essential part of each day for our 4 year old guys since they were kittens.
By jan
Great price and prompt delivery
September 7, 2013
The treats were more affordable than my vet's fee and my cat appreciates them
By Vter
Cat's Vitamin Aid
August 7, 2013
I've had my Siamese cat on these for several years and it seems to help. She readily gobbles them right up, one of her favorites. I have ordered them from this company always, best price anywhere!
By loves c.
Review for Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)
July 24, 2013
They do seem to help with my sneezing cats. Everyone looks for the "treat" when they hear the bag opening. Originally recommended by my vet.
By kitkatfan
My cats love them
July 23, 2013
I use this product, because my calico contracted feline herpes as a kitten. This product not only helps boost her immune system effectively, I also don't have to "force" her to eat it. She loves the taste. It has a pungent tuna smell, that appeals to cats.
By uukristina
Kent, OH
Great Product
June 28, 2013
These are really good. My one cat has a little trouble getting them in well all the time, but these help them a lot when they start to get sneezy or seem like they might be getting a cold or something. The size of the treats vary sometimes - it hasn't been a problem but in case anyone else wonders if that's normal! :)
By Achoo
Enisyl-F Lysine Treats
June 17, 2013
When we brought out kitten home from the county animal service she had sneezing fits. The vet thought it could be a "kennel cough" or allergies and recommended Enisyl-F Lysine.. We have had her on this for 1 1/2 years and her sneezes have gone away. She thinks the Lysine is a treat and continues to get it daily.
By peanut
Cape Coral, FL
Best treat ever
June 12, 2013
I ordered Enisyl-F Lysine Treats together with the L-Lysine powder. When I shake the bag, everybody comes running, sitting patiently in a half circle awaiting their part. They like the smell and the soft chew.
By lauracaron
Chicago, IL
Great lysine treat
June 6, 2013
My vet recommended this treat and I had to buy it from the vet at the time at a higher price and whenever they stocked it. Entirely Pets has it at a good price and at any time and they ship so fast. Great company to buy from.
By dee
Los Angeles, CA
effective help
May 18, 2013
Enisyl-F Lysine Treats have really helped my cat's feline herpes eye infection. I recommend it to anyone whose cat has this problem. My cat came from the shelter as a kitten with his eye already bad. It got terrible, and a new vet recommended this product. I am glad she did!!!
By tom
Review for Enisyl-F Lysine Treats (6.35 oz)
May 15, 2013
A speedy delivery after placing order and a great price.
By salembo
Laurel, MD
Greatest Antibiotic "Treats" Ever
April 25, 2013
Thank Goodness my two little ones love these, as they really help with their calicci virus! Actually look forward to getting their "treats" daily!
By Mike
Westchester, NY
Keeping feline herpes in check
April 18, 2013
We've been using this product since we adopted our cat as a young kitten. We adopted the kitten from a veterinarian friend who told us of the chronic herpes eye infection the kitten was born with; he recommended this type of product. Although the condition is incurable, the addition of these treats to "Bella's" daily diet seems to keep the condition in check and the cat loves them.
By lisa
Camilla, GA
Healthy Treats
April 17, 2013
This is a great, healthy treat for our kitten with a compromised immune system. The great thing is that he loves them!
By cat h.
same good treats
April 13, 2013
This is probably the sixth bag we've used with the first being from the vet which was more expensive. None of our cats have turned up their noses at the treats and they always disappear even with our toothless cat.
By Kali's M.
My cat's chase and kill "treat"
April 10, 2013
I use these treats for upping the coverage of lysine for my cat Kali. I throw them one by one down the hall for her to chase and devour. She loves them, and it's an easy way for me to get extra lysine into her when her herpes is flairing up too much. I'm thankful that there are easy ways for me to get medicine into my cat rather than holding her down and forcing something down her throat every day!
By lilmcmac
Great product - vet prescribed
April 4, 2013
I like this product, what it does and how well it works. But my fussy little persian gets tired of it and they are a bit hard for her to chew. So I switch to Optixcare L-Lysine for Cats, when she gets tired of it. Or try the paste as another way.

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