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By Renee
Dechra Mal-A-Ket Shampoo
July 17, 2020
This shampoo left my German Shepard's coat clean and shiny and reduced his itching. We love it.
By Dennisse
Ceiba, PR
Great product.
June 30, 2020
First this shampoo is excellent for my dog and second the price is less than the vet.
ProsBetter price.
By Victoria
Works Perfectly
August 4, 2019
I love it, it does its job !
By 4dogmom
Great product
August 31, 2017
Use as directed . Recommended by our Vet. Entirely Pets 1/2 the price of vet office.
By Beth
Sr. Louis, MO
Great product
August 16, 2017
My German shepherd has skin problems since he was 2 years old. Itching and chewing yeast on his skin we have been to many get visits trying different medicines. This shampoo helps a lot relieving and getting rid of the flaky skin and yeast. He grew hair back doesn't itch as much and is doing much better. And a lot cheap from this website than what I paid through my get.
By Tui
July 7, 2017
Very good shampoo for dogs with skin problem.
By Kat
Great shampoo!!!
April 4, 2017
I originally purchased this shampoo from my vet because my dog had a bad case of yeast infection on her skin. I paid over $27.00 for it and desided to look online to find it cheaper because I have to bath her with it once a week to keep her skin clear. I found it at this web site and and was able to get it for half of what I paid at the vet shipping and all. It's an excellent shampoo, smells great and lathers well and keeps her skin looking great. Thanks Entirelypets for a great product at a much better price. I will definitely be buying from you again.
By patty
Mal A Ket
April 3, 2017
I have a westie and I find the combination of the ketoconaole and the chlorhexidine works better for his skin condition.
By mercyzia
helped itchy feet
February 21, 2017
I applied this shampoo full strength to my lab's paws, which are always itchy, left it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed and dried thoroughly. I did it approximately 2 times a day for 2 weeks. It has now been a week with no soreness, itching or redness. I would definitely check with your veterinarian before you experiment.
By Ginger A.
Nothing better!
February 14, 2017
I have a dog with an extreme yeast condition and I have tried everything until the vet sold me a bottle of Mal-A-Ket and it was a miracle. Her hair is grown back and the terrible stench is gone. I highly recommend this shampoo!
By RMB1938
Sun City, CA
Mal-A-Ket helps
January 26, 2017
This product was recommended by our veterinarian for our 9-year-old basset hound, who had numerous sores caused by chewing. The Mal-A-Ket has helped a lot; he now has no skin sores, but still chews the pads on his feet.
By Slystone68
Seattle, Washington
January 5, 2017
My scottie got this awful skin infection and the Vet recommended this shampoo. The Vet prices are a little high and bought a couple bottles for my guy. It does keep his skin clean of infection and his coat is nice and shinny. I would recommend this shampoo to anybody who has Scottish Terriers.
By Debbe
Largo, FL
Antifungal/Antibacterial shampoo
January 5, 2017
I have tried everything for itching, scratching for my 10 year old Shar-pei. Finally the doctor put him on this shampoo. And it is amazing, every two weeks, I shampoo him and leave it on him for 10-20 minutes. You have to leave it on them. I shampoo my dog outside, have a glass of wine. Or talk to a friend on the phone. And then rinse off. No more itching, biting, and my dog Wrinkles is so much more comfortable.
By Ginger A.
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Simply the Best!
December 29, 2016
No need for a lot of words I have tried it all for my dogs yeasty skin and this is the only product that works. I have been using it now for 3 years. I will not go without it!!
By Jo
Best purchase ever
November 5, 2016
This shampoo leaves my dog's hair soft, shiny, and has a great fresh smell not medicine like. It's helped with skin problems and UTI infections as well.
By Dobi M.
great product & price
October 23, 2016
This shampoo stops my red dobi from itching and is much less expensive purchasing at Entirely Pets !
Saint Clairsville, OH
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo
June 23, 2016
This works really well for my mini-dachshund. His skin is very wrinkled around his chubby legs which becomes very dry and irritating for him. This shampoo helps to relieve this dryness, which keeps him from chewing his underarms and legs until they bleed. I highly recommend this shampoo, and know that the price is very competitive.
By Lees
Great Shampoo
April 19, 2016
My dog has itchy skin, and the vet recommended that I use this shampoo to settle it down. It has worked very well and given her relief from the itching and scratching. I am waiting to see if I can get through the summer without having to put her on medication to give her skin some relief. I would rather give her a bath than have to put her on medicine.
By Harpo
N. Ky.
Malaket shampoo
March 30, 2016
This stuff really helps my mixed breed Jack Russellwith the occasional yeast infections around his pits and private areas.
By Bronx2216
Phoenix, AZ
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo
March 30, 2016
This product was a life saver. My miniature Schnauzer has some skin and allergy issues (typical to his breed) and after going through several shampoos, including using oatmeal baths, this product seems to do the trick! Follow a good regimen - use it, initially, often, and then taper off. Right now he seems to need it about 2x week but it's been great. His skin is smooth and no "bumps" and his coat is soft. I'll keep using it as long as it works!
By Brenda
Works Great
January 29, 2016
This is the same product I get from my veterinarian,but cheaper. It works great and was delivered within a few days, saving me a trip to town.
Great shampoo!!
January 17, 2016
I'm a groomer and we use this on some of our clients,one of our dogs had a bad yeast infection and after only about 3 visits his skin was so much better the redness had gone away and he was not itching like he was before. I now use this on my dogs a well.I would recommend this shampoo to anyone that is having skin issues with there dog.
By drakesrducks
Dog odor
November 19, 2015
We have used this product for years! Our dog suffers from a yeast condition on his skin, as a result he has terrible body odor and gets scabby patches and itching. This product takes care of all of that. He's a much happier pooch and he smells better too!
By Yorkie o.
San Francisco Bay Area
Extremely irritating to my Yorkie
November 9, 2015
I purchased this shampoo from Entirely Pets and received a similar bottle with similar ingredients but manufacturer was Dechra not Dermapet. My Yorkie immediately began whining and trying to rub it off as if it burned him. I rinsed it off and used Malaseb instead. I tried it once again later and he reacted violently to it again. I cannot recommend this shampoo, there is something in it that is very irritant to my pet.
By senses
October 28, 2015
it's the only shampoo that has helped my dog with her bumps and itching
By Chris
Cures skin infections and alergies
May 10, 2015
This product is the only shampoo that removes skin infections from our pet. He is allergic to everything and gets hives, looses hair, and ear infections whenever we stop using it. It doesn't lather and foam as well as other shampoos so we end up using a lot, but it's worth the price in gold. We have tried numerous oatmeal, anti microbial, and sensitive skin shampoos with no success. This is a great product.
By Dave
North Port FL
Best Treatment
April 26, 2015
Wonderful product for treating minor skin irritations and itching discomfort. No other products, including veterinarian recommendations, has been as comprehensive and effective as Mal A Ket shampoo.
Very Good for Dogs with Alergies
April 2, 2015
This has been a God-send for my dog who is allergic to something and has sever iching which causes him to dig at himself. My vet recommended it to me and after seeing it's results, I highly recomend it!
March 28, 2015
My dog suffers from recurring allergies, yeast problems and itchiness. This shampoo was recommended to me for helping to control his discomfort. It is a regular part of his treatment and he's really doing well. It is gentle, smells fresh, his coat turns out fluffy and soft. I highly recommend it - my Vet was right. At this time, along with other Vet recommendations, Malaket is a regular tool in our arsenal to keep him comfortable and hopefully yeast and itch free.
By shannamc
Great Product
March 9, 2015
Service was great! Got the shampoo within a few days after I ordered it.
By RMB38
Sun City, CA
It works
January 21, 2015
Our veterinarian recommended this shampoo to be used every two weeks on one of our basset hounds who had skin problems. This was two years ago, and I would estimate our basset's skin problems and itching to be 10% as bad as before we began using Malaket. I can't claim it's a complete cure, but it has certainly helped.
By Justduckykaren
LOve the Shampoo
January 16, 2015
Our dog had broken out with shampoo purchased at the local big name pet store. Our Vet told us to use this on our dog... She has long hair and is bathed once a week....Love the day she is bathed and many days later....she smells so clean and her coat looks beautiful!
By Theresa
January 16, 2015
This anti-fungal shampoo works best with another anti-fungal shampoo called Douxo-Seborrhea Shampoo. We have a boxer with severe allergies. Our vet recommended to use these 2 shampoo's together (1 at time, for 5-10 min each back to back). They are fabulous! He looks and feels better immediately! I would definitely recommend these shampoos if your dog is itchy...with hives.
By BamBam
Vancouver bc
Only treatment that helped
September 7, 2014
Our white Bull Terrier has terrible skin on his belly. He spent his life rubbing and scratching. We spent thousands atvets/allergists/dermatologists,whollistic treatments, etc., Treatment with Mal-A-Ket, well rinsed out, made his life so much better.
By 4tamyl
good for skin control issues.
August 22, 2014
Had several dogs use this, even when I don't leave it on for long it helps. One dog does not get greasy skin she is a cairn, the other has controlled skin issues that were very bad. He is a chi-pin or as dh says a pin-huahua.
By Donn951
Hometown IL
Tbe best yet
August 3, 2014
I have a yorkie with a lot of allergies and this shampoo really helps. I have let my friends use it on their dogs and everyone is very well pleased.
By Vickie
Elizabethtown, Pa.
Cheaper than the vets office!
July 31, 2014
My Shi-Tzu has allergies and problems with yeast infections. Vet recommended this shampoo and it seems to work better than any other product on the market. I would highly recommend this product on pets with allergy issues!
By katjackson
New Hampshire
Mal-A-Ket shampoo
July 28, 2014
This stuff worked wonders in healing my dogs skin sores. She has allergies and gets staph infections from scratching. I used this every other day as directed. Be sure to leave on for at least 10 minutes. She is doing great and I use it every 2 days. No more sores or itching! Highly recommend this product.
By Winston's f.
Best he felt in years - cured his pink skin
July 15, 2014
Cured my dogs Winston's pink skin which had been a problem for years. Especially in summer. Vet treated as an allergy and it never got much better till I found this shampoo. He is now no longer scratching and no pink skin,or,soresThanks.
By SharPei M.
San Diego, CA
Great for SharPei Skin
July 3, 2014
My SharPei has had skin problems since I got her. She was nearly bald, and stunk from yeast and staph. After oral medications, she still has occasional skin issues. This product stops her from itching, gets rid of that odor, and removes the greasy feeling from her coat. She now has a thick beautiful coat. I am thankful to have found something to help my girl.
By Frangram
Mal-A-Ket for bathing dogs
June 28, 2014
Mal-A-Ket is what my vet recommends for my Dachshunds who have sensitive skin and it seems to work for us.
By Benji *.
Belleville, IL
Better Products
May 16, 2014
This product was actually recommended to me by my vet. It was a little expensive buying directly from the vet but was happy to find it at a more reasonable price. Malaket shampoo is gentle on my dogs hair because he has very sensitive skin, and make my dog smell great even after 3 or more days.
By emmkay
Excellent Product
May 14, 2014
I found this by chance online and it has turned out to be just what I was looking for. It has helped my Shih Tzu tremendously a d she no longer has flaky skin.
By Red2
Very good
April 6, 2014
The product prevents skin flare-ups and infections in my pet.
By Marley's m.
Honolulu, HI
Thankful to have found this!!!!
January 31, 2014
I have a 1 yr old english bulldog with bad skin issues-dandruff, fungal infected paws, hair loss, and rash. His dandruff cleared up after 2 shampoos!!!!! Rash is better and hardly any hair loss now. This is a miracle shampoo!!!!! Totally recommend it!!!!!
By luvmygrandkidsall8
Excellent shampoo!
January 31, 2014
We started getting this for our Collie from our veterinarian after she developed a skin problem. I take the bottle with me to her groomer and it is all we use on her now as she is prone to skin problems. The groomer said her skin looks excellent since we started using only this shampoo. I like it so well I use it on all our dogs!
By GeorgeandLucy's M.
Decatur, IL
Saves me a trip to the vet
January 26, 2014
We keep this shampoo on hand all year. Both my Beagles have outdoor allergys so when the itching starts we are ready for it. Mal-a-ket really calms their skin and softens their coat. We love it.
By therese
Works Great
December 2, 2013
I've used this on both my cat and my dog on the recommendation of my vet. It has worked well to get rid of their rashes. Unfortunately you do have to use it repeatedly, for a couple of weeks, to do so, but I don't know of a product that does this with just one shampooing.
By Kathi127
Baltimore, MD
Awesome Product
November 16, 2013
I have been using Mal-A-Ket shampoo for several years now for one of my Goldens who has severe allergy and yeast issues. It has helped him tremendously and his coat is now thick and beautiful again. I recommend this product for anyone whose dogs are having yeast issues on their skin.
By Lulu
Evans, GA
Best shampoo ever!
November 6, 2013
I have been shampooing my dog, Amber, with Malaket shampoo for approx. 8 years. She is a sharpei and prone to bad skin rashes. It really works and I urge everyone to try it for their dogs. My Amber now has an excellent coat and gets compliments all the time when we go walking.

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