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By jklon
October 23, 2013
The Chews are advertised as XL for Dogs over 60 LBS. When at least 25% of them are too small to give to my dog. I have purchased over a dozen bags and it has been consistent that 25% of the chews were smaller than XL. I have found this to be true with all the brands and I'm thoroughly disappointed that there is not any quality control. Also, since you get less chews in a package (because they are supposed to be larger) you pay more for them.
By Kemo
October 15, 2013
Anyone with little dogs knows how hard it is to keep their teeth clean. This chewy really helps with that! My mini Dixie had horrible tarter build up on one molar and after a week of chewing one of these a day, the build up is completely gone!
By Callie
Review for 3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (45 Chews)
October 6, 2013
My Golden Retriever loves these. So does her teeth.
By Jess
My dog loves them!
September 24, 2013
My dog gets 1/2 every morning and 1/2 every night. She loves them!
By Joanie
West Fargo, ND
Great Tartar Control Product
September 18, 2013
A very effective product for my dog in the control of tartar on the teeth
September 11, 2013
By Bobby
Don't bother
September 8, 2013
Our dog did not really like this. Will not ever buy again.
By Kemo
Works ok
September 4, 2013
With 3 small dogs, I have a hard time with teeth cleaning. Tried these as a supplement and they do an ok job. My older dog who has the most problems, it is not keeping up with the tarter growth, but it is effective in keeping the younger dogs clean.
By Texas C.
Stinky Dog
August 28, 2013
I originally purchased this product for my adopted shelter dog. She had the most horrible breath when we got her. This has become her daily treat and she loves it. She knows exactly what time she should receive one and will not leave me alone until I get it for her. Great product both enjoyable and healthy for your pet.
By Sadie
Favs for Fido, Too!
August 28, 2013
These chews are great as well, but much smaller. I initially got them for my mini-Schnauzer, but realized that the small size was also perfect for a quick reward for my three other big dogs. (See review on the large or extra large chews.)
By linda
Review for 3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (90 Chews)
August 23, 2013
my picky dogs love these I didn't realize the ones for medium dogs would be so small..I'll order the large for my med dogs next time
Great product
August 15, 2013
These are wonderful! All my dogs (large and small) love these. They eagerly wait as I get them one and they chew it up with ease. No sick tummies and no diarrhea. Fresh breath, clean teeth and happy dog!
By graciesmom
Houston, TX
Gracie loves them!
August 13, 2013
I am very satisfied with this brand of chew. The pieces are much more uniform in size and thickness than the Virbac Hextra. Many of the Virbac chews are very thin and gone in less than 2 minutes. Ora-Clens has a substantial thickness to give my dog more chew time which should translate into cleaner teeth.
By Evanstar
St Pete, FL
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews
August 7, 2013
Our dog Godiva loves these healthy chews! I would recommend them without a doubt. Thank you Entirely Pets, great service and products.
By Michi
Key West, Florida
Great Product!
July 29, 2013
I have three small dogs. At first my oldest dog had a really difficult time chewing these (her teeth are in bad shape), but after a week she was finally able to finish one the chews in one sitting! I can actually see her teeth starting to turn back to white. It is absolutely amazing! My other two dogs LOVE Ora-Clens too. This is hands down a must buy. The results are gradual but they will happen.
By Ed
Needham, MA.
Alternative to CET Hextra
July 16, 2013
I tried the Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews as as alternative to CET Hextra chews that I normally buy. The price differential was huge and my dog loved the new chews as much as the old. Her breath is still clean which is the goal but at a much reduced price.
By Henry
Franklin, WI
Great treat!
July 16, 2013
Henry loves these treats Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews. He gets one or two a week for years and his teeth look amazing - and he is a 12 year old Lab, so that is saying a lot!
By GoPete
Phoenix AZ
Great Chews
July 12, 2013
Our little dog likes these and the big one does, too. They are good treats and I love that they help clean their teeth.
By Sparkle
Raleigh, NC
Great Product!
July 9, 2013
I give my 12-year old dog one of these chews daily and the vet asked if I was brushing her teeth. (I never do) She had her teeth cleaned about 5 years ago so I thought she might need it again but was told that while she had some plaque, her teeth looked really good & cleaning isn't necessary. I attribute this to the chews. AND she loves 'em!
Good Product
July 8, 2013
This is a very good product but I have found that the X-Large pieces are VERY thick. My Bouvier is a strong chewer and 90 pounds. He loves them but I feel that these are more than I am comfortable giving him. I have dropped back to the large size. If your dog is really large these may be just what you are looking for.
By lenonka
needs better flavor
July 6, 2013
I think this product has the right idea( long lasting chew with some ferments to clean the teeth), but it needs some improvement in flavor. My both dogs are not very excited when i give them this product.sometimes they chew them, sometimes they bury them. I think they do not care for the taste.
By cib
good for dogs!!
July 3, 2013
my dogs love these..they are good for bad breathe and dogs love to chew them
Salinas, CA
Terrific Dental Treat!
June 27, 2013
My Scottish Terriers love these as treats and I love them because they help to clean their teeth between meals. Scotties tend to scarf their treats and these petite sized chews reduce the danger of them being eaten whole and choking my dogs because they are made with chopped rawhide. It takes my dogs longer to eat them than most dental treats so the dental enzymes have longer to work with their saliva to clean their teeth.
By Marilyn
St. Louis
Best out there
June 14, 2013
My dog begs for these. He's a lab so I have bought the medium and the large. Both are great I think it helps his breath as well.
By petsfirstlady
Salem, Oregon
Great Product!
June 13, 2013
Bought these for my Bernese Mountian dog and he loves them and his teeth have never been cleaner! Now he doesn't have to go in for a teeth cleaning as he needed one before I started using these dental chews.
By Dixie L.
Milwaukee, WI
Chew Rific
June 12, 2013
Our dog will only eat certain rawhide chews, namely CET large, so when we purchased these, we were a little skeptical. Hey, she LIKES them! These compare with the CET chews but are more cost efficient. We order them by the 3 pack to save on costs. Our dog definitely will be barking for more of these treats!
By micky
Carleton Place, ON
Doggies Love Them
May 28, 2013
Good value, good teeth cleaning and the dogs love them!
By aprlm
My dog adores these treat
May 25, 2013
I originally had won a bag of the oral hygiene chews at the entirely pets free friday giveaway on facebook, and when my dog tried these he was instantly hooked,I LOVE that they are dental sticks and help improve his dental hygiene but he must love the flavor because when he sees me reaching for the bag he starts doing his tricks he has learned. I have continued buying these for over 2 years since then and will continue doing so, especially with the prize entirelypets has them for it's a must.Highly Recommend these treats
Too thick for my big dog...prefer the medium size.
May 16, 2013
My dog likes the medium size better than the large. I believe the large are too thick. Unfortunately I bought a lot of them before I realized his preference.
By krawz
Phoenix, AZ
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews
May 9, 2013
My dogs love these chews but I don't think they do anything for their breath. I keep wishing they will at some point!
By 4 o.
Good chew!
May 2, 2013
I bought these chews on the recommendation of a friend and I like them as much, if not better than the CET chews by Virbac. They seem to be a little better in size consistancy than the CET's. My dogs like them just as much and they were a little more affordable.
By Penny's R.
Good product, but....
May 1, 2013
My biggest issue is the inconsistency in the size of the individual pieces. They range from paper thin to nearly a quarter inch in thickness, and from about 2 x 6 inches to >1 x 2 inches strip size. To be fair, I have also found this to be true in other brands. Regardless, Miss Penny perks her ears whenever I ask if she wants a "chewy".
By Amber's M.
Portland, OR
Keeps the tartar away
April 26, 2013
I am doing everything I can to avoid the surgical teeth cleaning for my dog, and these (in addition to brushing) really make a difference! She gets one chew every evening, and loves them. I started with the CET brand, and the ones with Hextra made my dog sick. This brand works just as well as the regular CETs but costs significantly less, and is highly digestible. I like buying the 6-pack for the savings and to make sure I don't run out for 6 months. They also go on sale at Entirely Pets for a real bargain. I only gave 4 stars because sometimes they sneak in a few pieces that are extremely thin/small for the size indicated.
By Keller5Pack
Bend OR
Review for Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (30 Chews)
April 25, 2013
Allways happy with your products. Great value and my 5 dogs love your chewies. Great for their teeth. These are the highlight of their day.
By David
Ora-Clens Works
April 15, 2013
We are very happy with our first Ora-Clens try. Our 11 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab's teeth have shown a noticeable whitening, I'm not so sur he likes them as much as the CET type, but he's gotten used to them and now wolfs them down a little too fast! Keep up the great quality and value pricing, and of course, the quick delivery. Thanks from all the Smiths, 2 legged and 4...
By SecretShopper
Las Vegas NV
Great price, great product.
April 12, 2013
My vet has commented on the lower amount of tartar, cutting down on dental cleaning.
By GreenBee
East coast of Iowa
Great treat/toothbrush
April 12, 2013
My dog will sit pretty, give a high 5 and smile all at the same time for her daily Ora-Clens treat!!
By GreenBee
East coast of Iowa
Best "toothbrush" Ever
April 12, 2013
My Pyr LOVES these chews! She gets one every morning and if we run late or forget, she goes and sits in front of the cupboard they are in and LOOKS at us :o)
By Buddy's M.
Great dog chews!
April 4, 2013
Our dog loves the Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews and it has improved his breath immensely!!!!
By Teachergirltoo
Kelowna, BC
My dogs loves these.
April 4, 2013
My dogs are so picky about treats that I was worried they would turn up their nose, but they immediately loved them. I break them into smaller pieces and use them for a quick reward. I am really pleased. I have no idea yet if their teeth are getting cleaner yet, but time will tell.
By AngelTerry
Durham, NC
Our Girl's Very Favorite Treat
March 27, 2013
This is one of the two best treats we ever got for our black lab, Shadow. She loves these Chews more than anything.
By iluvshera
Amazing Chews!
March 20, 2013
My lab absolutely LOVES these amazing chews! They keep her busy chewing away for awhile, and when she's done, her teeth look whiter and brighter...and she has such a cheesy smile on her face!
By jazzy
Review for Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (30 Chews)
March 7, 2013
Jazz is a chewer and has quite a "beagle" appetite - she likes the thinner pieces best
By Mary
Our Three Dogs Love Them
March 4, 2013
After they finish one, they want more.. One a day, keeps the tarter away.
By Marilyn
St. Louis
Dog loves them!
March 1, 2013
These are great chews. My dog begs for them. I think it is even helping his breathe. And we even do the teeth cleaning once a year. As soon as I open the drawer where I keep them he comes running!
By Zam
Dental Chews
March 1, 2013
My dogs love these chews plus it keeps their teeth clean. The only minus is the size of chews are very inconsistent so one could take a minute to chew up and others 30 minutes.
By Rocky
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews
February 27, 2013
Our beagle has been chewing one daily for the past two weeks. No noticeable improvement in dog's breath. And, as recommended, one must watch the dog as he is chewing so that he doesn't choke on the cowhide chew.
By micky
Carleton Place, ON
Good value
February 27, 2013
We purchased the Ora-Clens large sized dental chews. They are a little smaller in size than other brands large size but they are fresh and well packaged. Ora-Clens chews are a good value, especially when purchased through EntirelyPets.
By Copper
Does the job
February 26, 2013
Dogs love them, though the cat does try to grab one now and then. They are comparable to more expensive chews, though about one third of the "large" chews are really small.
By ssunday
Cat can't wait
February 26, 2013
My kitten loves these treats. She can't wait to get one each day.

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