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By MiT
Sacramento, CA
Works Great
February 19, 2013
When my 2 1/2 yr old male was about six months old, he had severe gingivitis. There's a technical term that I cannot remember. My vet did the scraping surgery and it didn't help. He prescribed the maintenance gel after a two week course of Biotene Antiseptic gel. Ricky loves the taste of it, and his gums are in great shape now thanks to Biotene Maintenace gel.
By Dan
Port Ludlow Wa.
Biotene Works !!!!
December 11, 2012
Just returned from an annual veterinarian exam with my Doxy - Lena. I have been brushing her teeth with Biotene daily ever since she had a large number of extractions due to dental carries at age four last year. A clean bill of health and lack of dental problems has been the result !!
By Ruthe
Best with Oral B Sonicare Compact Head
December 9, 2012
Keeps all three of my girls' teeth pretty clean with daily use. Haven't had dentals in a long time.
By Lynn
good for their mouth
November 28, 2012
Again, vet recommended this product. Helps with keeping their mouth cleaner and teeth in better shape. We use on our cats at night when we take up their food so it works in their mouth overnight to preserve their teeth/gums. Since we can't brush their teeth, this is next best thing.
By TinyKitty
Honolulu, HI
Best product ever
November 18, 2012
My cat suffers from severe and chronic gingivitis so I tried the Biotene products and love them. I think my cat does, too, and they seem to be working in stabilizing his gingivitis. Great products.
By Grandma
Best Dental Product
November 7, 2012
Triple enzyme combination, just as that of Zymox products, natural, no harsh toxic chemicals and an excellent cleanser. Easy to use, safe for both dogs and cats. I love it!
By Bunny
Southern CA
Works well if you actually brush pet's teeth
November 6, 2012
Tried several of the spray on type products but they were not effective. This works very well but you need to brush with it. I tasted it before using it on my Maltese & it has no it is not a problem. However, brushing is the only way to clean their teeth & with this in mind, it is a very good product & would definitely recommend it.
By gma2seven k.
great product
October 29, 2012
Helps keep fur where Toby licks from turning orange from the enzymes in his mouth
By Colbie
Great stuff, works on tartar
August 6, 2012
I got this from my vet when my Golden had a lot of tartar and I didn't want to put her under at her age to clean her teeth. I started putting in on every night and within two weeks the tartar was gone and her fresh breath returned. Now I use this on all my dogs and cats.
By Whispurr
Easy & acceptable
July 3, 2012
Usually I brush the cats' teeth everyday; however, it does get time consuming with six cats. Purchased Biotene since Biotene makes human products that I like very much. This is my first tube so I'm unable to say if it works as effectively on animals as humans. The cats don't mind the taste when I apply it with a cotton swab on to their gum-line.
By cat m.
Downers Grove
wouldn't be without this
March 15, 2012
Having 3 herpes cats and having the calici virus in all 3 of them, this maintenance gel helps keep red gum flare ups under control from the herpes.
By doroncj
Good Product
March 4, 2012
I've been using the gel 2X per day for two weeks, rubbing it on the gums with a Q-tip. This isn't a cure for gingivitis. However, I do believe it's soothing and helps a great deal in making it more comfortable for my cats to eat. The gel is clear and tasteless and really not that difficult to apply. I would recommend it and plan on ordering more.
By MGlory
Another great product!
January 29, 2012
I use this product once a week (more if needed). I apply with a clean finger to the gums and teeth right at gum/tooth line, in circular motion where possible. This is another great V-biotene 'canine' product.
By A p.
Tooth gel that really works
December 6, 2011
I've been using Biotene myself for several years. I was thrilled to find this oral maintenance gel for dogs. I brush my dog's teeth most nights. He would tell you I let him chew a toothbrush most nights. Then I use the gel. If I skip the toothbrush, I use just the gel. He came to us at one year old with some tartar on his teeth. They actually looked better after a few months of this gel and brushing than when he was one year old and his teeth are still looking very clean at age 4. I never had that result with any other dog toothpaste with any other dog. This is a super product.
By CatLover
Pacific Northwest
Excellent dental product
November 11, 2011
I started using Biotene antiseptic oral gel on my cat's severe gingivitis. In less than one month, his gums were normal, with no remaining infection. I've switched now to Biotene's maintenance oral gel. The best part--he doesn't mind the taste of these products!
By Toni
Evansville IN
Teeth so BRIGHT It Makes Me Smile
October 26, 2011
I have had my dog, Baxter's teeth cleaned once, but no more. Biotene for dogs is outstanding. Our vet was even amazed how white, bright, and clean ALL his teeth were. Even the back molars! I have tried other toothpastes, some he did not care for the taste or were gels that were hard to apply. Biotene is truly the BEST.
By Island G.
Great Product
October 23, 2011
Our 13-year-old rat terrier had a bad bout with kidney failure due in part to bad oral health. Daily use of the Biotene Gel has greatly improved her gums.
By HikeCO
Excellent Product
October 20, 2011
I'm so glad to have found this brand over others I have used. It works very well for an elderly feline who does not like to have her teeth brushed!
By Vizsla L.
Pleasant Taste
October 9, 2011
It has a pleasant flavor so my dog enjoys toothbrushing time, but it isn't so yummy that my dog wants to chew on the toothbrush.
By Dog 0.
Reno, NV
Expensive But Great!
August 19, 2011
This gel works great! We were using it on our dogs and cat but it got so expensive (even though Entirely Pets has the BEST price) that we decided to try an alternative. We now use Tropiclean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel (4 fl oz) for our dogs only (because it is super minty) and biotene for our cat. Our vet is constantly praising our pets great oral health! Highly recommend both products!

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