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By Ann
Arlington, VA
These really work
November 6, 2023
I have been using these chews consistently with my 90 lb labrador retriver for the last few years. They have done an amazing job at reversing the plaque buildup on my dog's teeth and keeping his teeth white and clean. My dog loves them. I give one to him in the evening as his bedtime treat, and he loves them so much that he goes and sits next to the treat container at the appropriate time each evening. I've recommended these to several other friends and dog owners, and have received rave reviews from others that have tried them. I do believe that consistently giving these on a daily basis makes the biggest difference - I was spotty at giving daily when first using them, and I didn't see the same dramatic results as I did once I committed to a daily treat. Good luck!
  • Works, Dog loves them
  • A little pricey, but worth it to avoid dental cleaning under anasthesia
By Jolande
Refuse Oravet
July 9, 2023
My Chi is refusing Oravet and just licking it. What can I do?
By Verel B.
Excellent product
December 14, 2022
My dog loves them and they help keep his teeth clean
By Bonnie
Harrisburg, PA
OraVet chews
April 8, 2022
I give these to my dogs after our morning walk. They stand watching me as I open the treat and grab them as soon as I hand it to them. They have never refused an OraVet.
  • My dogs love them.
  • Helps keep their teeth clean.
  • Gets expensive with two dogs.
By Leslie
Stuart, FL
Built in Toothbrush, game changer!
December 10, 2021
I first heard of Oravet from my vet with samples which my two toy doggies absolutely loved. These two babies are the most finicky eaters ever, sometimes turn their noses up to USDA Prime steaks, its crazy how fussy they are when it comes to food. Oravet chews are the ONLY dog product that these two, a Chihuahua mix and Japanese Chin mix wait for their daily Oravet, like clockwork the noon snack. They cannot wait to chew on this little gem, never turning their cute little noses up or complaining about the menu. And teeth? This little diamond keeps their breath fresh and teeth clean, no more stinky breath between yearly cleanings!!
  • Everything
  • None
By Kara
New Hampshire
Reasonably Priced Oravet Chews
September 4, 2021
These are reasonably priced. My dog has been having them since he was a puppy at the recommendation of his first vet we saw. I know it says they shouldn’t replace brushing etc, but my dog has had clean bills of health with his gums and teeth every vet visit! I’ll take it! While they are costly, it’s less expensive and less of a hassle than having to brush his teeth or having to have dental procedures to clean them or even remove rotting teeth!
By jane
mill valley, ca
Excellent for keeping dogs teeth healthy
July 30, 2021
My vet recommended this and I have used it for two dogs and both love this treat that keeps the plaque away from the dogs teeth, Gives them a nice breath too, One a day, keeps the dentist away.
  • healthy teeth and good flavor
  • dogs stool might turn green
By Sharon
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Love Entirely Pets
February 8, 2021
I did a search for a specific item and found it on Entirely Pets. The price was so much better than purchasing this item at my vet's office. Ordering was smooth and product arrived quickly. Very impressed!!!
By Bk
Harrisburg, PA
My dogs love these!
December 23, 2020
I used to buy greenies for my dogs as dental treats. My vet suggested these to try, and the dogs love them. They grab them as soon as I unwrap them!
  • Individually wrapped and the dogs never refuse them.
  • Pricey.
By Amy
Excellent product
October 29, 2020
We have been giving out dogs these for over 3 years and it has done great job keeping their teeth clean. This was recommended to us by our veterinarian.

Merchant Response:Hi Amy, OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews can be expensive, we do our best to keep the cost low. You are a great pet parrent for watching after your pet's oral health.
  • Dogs love them
  • Effective
  • Expensive
By Visar
Dublin, OH
Dog's teeth appear improved after regular use
October 15, 2020
He loves chewing on these, and I am glad that I could get them cheaper here. I give my dog one each day and it seems to help maintain his oral hygiene. I notice less tartar buildup. Wish I could brush his teeth, but he will not allow it. This seems like a good substitute.
By Johnny
Made him Happy!
September 23, 2020
Our dog loves them.
  • Must taste good
  • None that we've seen.
By Andrew
Bloomfield, CT
Prompt delivery and a good price
September 15, 2020
We have been getting our dogs their Oravet Dental Chews from Entirelypets for quite some time. The price is good (especially with the usual 15% coupon!) and the chews are delivered very promptly. It's always a good experience.

Merchant Response:Thanks Andrew. Happy to be here for you and the dogs.
  • Price, promptness of delivery, customer service (particularly chat).
By Bonnie
Harrisburg, PA
Great Chews!
August 11, 2020
My dogs love these dental chews - they can barely wait for me to unwrap them. They work well keeping their teeth clean and healthy!

Merchant Response:Cheers Bonnie!
  • Dogs love them!
By Kathy
Sparks, NV
Keeping Bart healthy!
August 3, 2020
Oravet dental chews were recommended by our vet at the first visit for our rescued Greyhound. We have been using them for years and they have prevented the need for risky dental procedures.
  • While a very picky eater, he eagerly takes it daily.
  • May initially cause a little green diarrhea 😕
By Susan H.
Mililani, Hi
OraVet Dental Chews
July 26, 2020
The dogs really love it. Thank you.
By Brad
Peoria, AZ
Excellent delivery, product and service
May 6, 2020
Great product, great value, this is my go to site for dog treats.
  • My dog loves these
  • Small dog, green poop. Not really a con because my dog loves these.
By Kerry
Murfreesboro tn
Awesome oravet
January 16, 2020
We have 2 standard poodles and the oravets keep there teeth clean Great product
By carol
December 30, 2019
The highlight of my dogs' day is getting this "treat that does good." I have two Cairns who really think they have been good boys and are getting a treat for whatever Mom thinks they've done what they were told to do
  • The dogs really have to chew these things and it seems as though they actually help keep their teeth in good shape.
  • The wrapper the chews are in are not always easy to get open. Wouldn't it be better if they came in a zip-lock back that would keep them edible and save on the wrapping debris?
Great for my dogs teeth
December 27, 2019
My Maltipoos love these. The vet has commented that their teeth are squeaky clean since they started eating them
  • not to hard won't harm teeth
  • vet recommended
  • worth the money
  • dogs love them
  • none
By DrJRambles
Memphis, TN
Best dental treats for rapid chewers
March 13, 2019
My dog likes to eat everything quickly, including dental treats. Usually it's a chomp, chomp, gulp and she's done. I don't think that normal dental treats do much for her because of this (I mean, one should CHEW to get the effects of a dental treat, no?) but the OraVet chews are different somehow- they're chewier and take her a tad longer to finish. I mean, yes, she still finishes them in under 2 minutes, but I see a bit more chewing than the other treats! They were recommended to us by her vet dentist last year, and I'm looking forward to this years appointment to see if her teeth have less plaque on them. (Slightly gross side note- she also drools more when eating these treats than some others- not sure if it's the plaque busting ingredients or if they're just that tasty. but I definitely only let her eat them on hard surfaces because of this.)
  • longer lasting than other brands
  • price, drool factor
By Fidget714
Cedar City, Ut
Great product
November 19, 2018
Dogs enjoy the chews. They actually take the time to chew them with their taffy like texture.
  • Fresh breath and clean teeth
  • Gives their stool a green tint
By Doxiemom
Helps a lot!
February 14, 2018
Our vet recommended these to help our Cocker Spaniel who has terrible teeth! She is just 5, but has already had her teeth cleaned at the vet's 4 times. Vet said some dogs are just prone to it, no matter what we do. These chews helped reduce the build up on her back teeth, but did not do as much for the front teeth. Makes sense since dogs primarily chew with the back teeth. We started them after her cleaning last year and gave her one per day. They also helped with her breath.
By GmaJ
Easley, SC
Great product
October 7, 2017
I love the OraVets and my dogs seem to love them as well. They are easy to chew and my dogs beg for them. Definitely would recommend them.
By Pompal
OraVet chews
October 7, 2017
OraVet was recommended to me by my vet after my dogs dental surgery. She feels that this product has the best potential for keeping my dogs teeth clean and gums healthy.
By gigi
October 5, 2017
Oravet dental chews are great for teeth and breath
By Kath
Great product
October 5, 2017
Keeps my dog's teeth white and breath fresh and my dog loves them.
Waynesville, NC
Oravet dental chews
October 4, 2017
Very disappointed in the expiration date on the oravet dental chews. Definitely will not purchase from here again. Unfortunately, I purchased 2- 30 count boxes.
By Lorraine
dog showed no interest in these
October 1, 2017
Offered several times, but he would just sniff and walk away. Guess he is a bit fussy. Will be returning these chews.
By MommaSmith49
Clinton, MS
Great for cleaning my Molly's teeth
September 30, 2017
During my dog's last teeth cleaning she had to have 6 teeth removed. Our Vet recommended this particular product to help strengthen her gums and teeth. She will have to have 2 more removed, but we hope that's all and hope these chews do their job.
By zeff
Good stuff
September 27, 2017
Recommended by Veterinarian. Now on the fourth month and staining on rear teeth is gone. Some tartar remains; but no professional cleaning required. Teeth are WHITE. I am now giving to my 1-1/2 year old. Important benefit: teeth are coated by the Oravet chew to continue to maintain tooth health. Pricey but worth it. I feel I am saving money.
By Judi
Reading, Pa
Best dental product
September 27, 2017
I have found that these dental chews are the best thing for dogs and their teeth. I give her one every other day and she had a very good check-up at the vet regarding her teeth. Good product and she really loves them too . Better than trying to fight her to brush teeth with brush and paste.
By rob
Great product for a dog's teeth
September 25, 2017
Good Labor day sale price. Product has done an outstanding job for Tucker's teeth. Even the vet noticed an improvement.
By Sue
Salem, NH
Great product
September 17, 2017
One of my dogs had a lot of tartar/plaque on her back teeth. After using these a short time, her teeth look much better.
By Cathy
Brownsville, TX
High Quality Dental Chews
September 13, 2017
My Shih tzu loves the OraVet Dental Chews. He looks forward to his daily "treat"! His teeth are much cleaner and breath is significantly fresher. Easily digested. I highly recommed.
By Tweetiepie
Best Decision I Made
September 13, 2017
I must admit that several of my fur babies have "doggie breath" and I just couldn't find a product that they didn't mind chewing on. My vet gave me a sample of Oravet to try on the fur babies. Not only did they chew on it but it made a huge difference in their breath which prompted me to place my order. I am so happy with my purchase.
By Deb
Bremerton WA
Great product!
September 6, 2017
My vet recommended this product for my two dogs. They absolutely love them! And they do what they say they're going to do. It does wonders for their breath. They just had their dental appointments no extractions and their teeth came out really good. I would recommend these whole heartedly?
By Spot's m.
Hermosa Beach, CA
excellent pricing for dental chews
September 6, 2017
I was paying twice as much for half as many at my vet clinic. Then I found Entirely Pets. Not going anywhere else to get my dental chew bones. Also not putting my hand in my dogs mouth to brush his teeth--I value my fingers too much. Vet gave him a 'good job' on dental cleaning--the chew bones get the credit.
By CrazyGermanShepherdLady
On the fence...
August 29, 2017
I have 2 one year old German Shepherds, one eats these and is fine, my female throws up every time she has one. Needless to say, she no longer gets them. It does make me wonder about giving them to my male .... I bought 3 boxes of them, having no clue they would make one pup sick.
By red c.
August 18, 2017
The Ora Vet Chews come highly recommended but unfortunately my dog is itching terribly showing a strong allergy to the product.
By florida o.
central florida
best breath chew we've found
August 2, 2017
this product actually works. the dogs love it. in fact one of our dogs refuses other treats because he's afraid he will miss out on the oravet. they are expensive but they work and the dogs love them.
By McBart
Great product
August 1, 2017
This product has turned our miniature schnauzer's teeth white. She is 12 years old. Had plaque buildup and brown areas on her canines. After one box, the plaque is gone and the brown is leaving. Easy to chew and does what it says. Definitely will keep her on Oravet chews.
By Palee51
Best chews for diabetic dogs
July 23, 2017
I highly recommend this dental chew. I have one dog that is diabetic and the others eat diabetic diets, and this does not have the sugar that most chews have. They love them!
By aviva669
Ft Lauderdale, FL
daily chews go over well
July 22, 2017
my dog enjoys the OraVet chews. She's fourteen.
By brazilianheat
Palm Springs, CA
Dogs' catnip
July 18, 2017
My vet recommended these and the dogs' reaction has been quite phenomenal. It's become their after dinner mint and they start barking in anticipation of my unwrapping the chews. Seems to be having a very good effect on their breath, too.
By Marianne
Houston, Tx
My dog loves!
June 26, 2017
My vet recommended these dental chews after my dog had 2 teeth pulled. My dog loves these!. Ordering on this site was easy and delivered as expected. I will order from here again.
By Goofy
Staten Island,New York
OraVet Chews
June 25, 2017
An amazing product really works on my dogs teeth and he loves the taste.
By KBent2010
Shelbyville, KY
Very expensive - Hoping they Work!
June 23, 2017
My dog loves them, but I can't tell how well they are working on her plaque issue. We had her teeth cleaned by Vet and then I began giving her these. So far so good, but it's only been a few weeks. One thing though, they sometimes give her very loose stools.
By Terry
Kalamazoo, Mi.
Oral Vet Dental Hygiene Chews
June 16, 2017
This is the best dental treats I have ever seen for my dogs.
By Tekkie
Foley, AL
My Dogs Love Them
June 10, 2017
My dogs love the OraVet Dentall Hygiene Chew Bones. The mint chocolate smell attracts them and they gobble them down. I've noticed that their breath is much fresher, so I guess they are working correctly. My dogs are a little 'finicky' about their food and bones, so I am happy they like these.

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