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By John
New York, NY
Started with This
June 9, 2020
We started our 12 year old golden retriever on this and it worked so well we moved to Phycox Max. Same results except the Max is also helping our neutered and hypothyroidic dog to lose weight. He was a rescue with a busted up front paw and he's now limping a lot less and moving a lot faster at the same time (weight loss).
By john
meadville pa
good stuff-great price!
May 31, 2020
ingredients similar to my vet's product but price is almost 50% less. works for both my 10 year old labs
By John
Clarksville, TN
Great product
March 22, 2020
Have used this product from you for a couple of years. Only problem is the inner seal on top of the container is NEVER attached. Most of time product is fresher on bottom than on the top!!
By Kelly L.
Port St Lucie, Florida
Entirely Pets Co is awesome!!
January 19, 2020
This is a great company, very responsive and unexpectedly seemed to expedite my order. I received well ahead of anticipated date. I will definitely refill when the time comes. Thank you.
By molly
May 18, 2017
Our dog has taken these gels for a number of years, and we believe they have helped with her mobility since she is 16 years old now.
By Traci
I recommend this product highly!
July 18, 2016
This was a Godsend for our old beagle after her ACLs were torn. We were considering putting her to sleep, but Phycox made her walk with far greater ease. My sister gave it to her dog who also saw immediate improvement in her gait and joints. If you've got an old dog, one with hip dyspleysia, or bad joints, this is a great product to use. My vet supported the use, too.
By Carol
Fort Wayne, IN
Phycox Soft Chews
July 16, 2016
My bichon Chloe has been taking them for more than a year. I think they seem to be helping her. She had a problem with a disc in her back and was not able to walk for awhile. That has been more than 5 years ago but she seems to get around ok but slow.
By Corgis4Me
Bend, OR
Best price/vet preferred
July 13, 2016
I aways order my non-RX supplements thru EP and they arrive earlier than promised and are best value.
By Wayne
Definite Difference ......
April 16, 2016
Using Phycox Soft Chews has made a "definite difference" in the life of our dog Maddie. She, unfortunately has had joint issues her entire life. Since begun using the chews (years ago), she has better mobility and just plain feels better.
By Pete
Milford, Ohio
What a surprize!!
January 28, 2016
My wolf/lab is 12+ years old. Weighing in at 105 pounds. About 4 months ago his hips just gave out. It was so sad to see him like this. It was difficult for him to get up and walk. You could also see he was in pain. A friend of mine came over and told me about this product. I was unsure at first, but went ahead and ordered it. Two months in to using it, my boy is walking around again without much effort. He isn't falling down as well. He cant run like he use to, but he has improved so much. He now has pep in his step and gets up and goes well. I feel this product has given my boy extra time to his life. I will highly recommend this to others just like my friend did to me.
By Cathy
Great product over the years
October 15, 2015
We love how our dog has improved mobility since enjoying the Phycox soft chews. She loves them and even nudges us until we figure out that we have forgotten to give it to her that day. She is a very mobile 13 yrs old Lab.
By Ed
Hickory, NC
Good Product
August 10, 2015
My older dogs has less joint stiffness since using product. Easy to give - dog loves flavor.
By Snappled
Phycox is great!
March 10, 2015
My dogs think of phycox as a treat and have no problem taking it. My vet recommended it and seems to be a great supplement for my dogs.
By Linnie
Dix Hills, NY
February 12, 2015
I started giving these to my Siberian Husky (Serge) about 3 years ago, after they were recommended by my Vet. Serge was having issue's getting up, moving around. Serge was only 7-8 at the time, and a little overweight. Serge was placed on a diet (no more than 1 cookie/day!!) as well as these supplements. He has since lost 5 pounds, and doesn't have any more "movement" issues. He has remained on these supplements, which he loves.
By Mim
Cleveland, OH
Review for Phycox Soft Chews (120 count)
February 5, 2015
Our vet recommended Phycox chews for our ten year old Lab. X-rays revealed arthritis in both hips and he was refusing to walk, climb stairs, etc. It took nearly two weeks of Phycox treatment to see any results, but now he's back to his old self. He still doesn't run anymore, but he can climb stairs, jump onto the couch and sometimes still wrestle with his baby brother.
North Carolina
Very good product for my two dogs!
January 22, 2015
Eating 2 of these daily makes a difference!
By Redhead036
My dog love these!
October 2, 2014
My dog Blu loves these and they are a really good price.
By stacie
Ogdensburg, NY
good product
September 26, 2014
I like the ease of giving this product. The animals love the flavor.
By Doggymom
Dearborn, Mi.
Even better than the original.
September 13, 2014
Our dogs like the taste of these chews even better than the regular Phycox, and now we can get the same benefits by feeding them less chews. With two dogs needing them for hip problems, that's a big bonus. Thank you!
By California C.
WARNING - Formula changed!!
September 11, 2014
I used Phycox for many years with great results. The company recently changed their formula to Phycox "ONE" and it is horrible. My dog had diarrhea after the first dose and refused to consume it thereafter. I switched to Hycox.
By toeggy
Pensacola, Fl
Great Prices
September 1, 2014
Once I got the BEST price and Quick Delivery. A plesant and easy purchase
By tracycsb
Harker Heights, TX
excellent for aging dogs
August 17, 2014
My now 9 year old lab mix started using this a little over a year or year and a half ago and no longer acts his age - he runs much more freely all around the yard chasing his "sister" (younger lab mix) now. It definitely helped him with his joints, so she is also getting this product preemptively. Delivery was not the fastest I've had (7+ days), but was delivered nonetheless and in the appropriate condition (star rating does not take delivery into account).
By DogsRFun
Salt Lake City, Utah
Happy with Phycox One
August 11, 2014
Two rescued dogs - Lab mix and Husky - both been with us 9 and 11 years respectively, appreciate Phycox ONE chews and take them hungrily. The Lab will chase a ball until he practically drops dead and is much less gimpy the next day if he gets his Phycox. The Husky is getting a bit wobbly in her hips, but with massage and Phycox, is hanging in there. Both have the greatest pleasure of a race and bark fest at the back fence when the neighbor's dogs are out. I think they could race back and forth and bark for hours. I'm happy to help them enjoy life and I get the pleasure of watching their antics!
By Pedro
Encinitas, Calif.
Four months of application
August 4, 2014
We have been giving Cherokee and Cheyenne, our twelve year old Golden Retrievers, the Phycox soft chew canine joint supplement for four months now with good results. Both pets were experiencing trips and falls and were reluctant to enter and exit the automobile prior to the application. Both are doing much better on leashed walks and climbing stairs with no signs of discomfort since the addition of the Phycox chews to their daily meal. The product was recomended by their vet.
By Pam
July 31, 2014
When my dog was about 7, he was experiencing stiffness and had difficulty getting out of his bed in the mornings. His whimpering would break my heart. It was a year ago that I started him on Phycox. Now, he may be a little slow getting up sometimes but doesn't seem to be in any more pain. I noticed results within a few months. I like that now I only have to give him 1 per day and he loves them. That was not the case with other products I had tried. I am so happy that my daughter suggested the product.
By Rowan
Phycox one
July 12, 2014
my rotti loves them,recently he was diagnosed with wobbler syndrome,my vet said they would help with his mobility and they have,I give him 1 in the am and another at bedtime,hes sleeping better as a result.Another plus is that my vet charges almost twice what I pay through Entirely Pets.Gotta love it!
By lazylin
my doxies love it
July 9, 2014
I've always had trouble getting my 2 doxies to eat their hip and joint tabs. I had to hide them in everything from bill jacks treats to hard boiled eggs to get them to eat them. But with this product they just eat them like candy.
By Reese
Good but caused allergic reaction
July 7, 2014
Phycox definitely seemed to improve my dog's (7 yr old large mixed breed) inflammation and stiffness within three days use (2x/day). However my dog had a strong allergic reaction to the chews. The customer service rep for PSPC (Phycox) was sincerely concerned and recorded information for their records and research. She suggested that the liver flavoring has been known to cause allergies in some dogs and that we consider the HA (non-allergenic) formula. I was advised to request refund from the place of purchase; am awaiting a refund from EntirelyPets, minus shipping charges. Effective as long as your dog is not allergic to the ingredients.
June 5, 2014
By piggie
Best chews ever
May 16, 2014
Have been giving my dog this product since he was about 10 and it helped him then and its still helping. And he looks forward to getting it too.
By Pat
Kansas City area
Good Stuff!
May 12, 2014
My dog just loves the Phycox soft chews. They disappear like magic! She doesn't have many teeth left, but has no trouble chewing them. I think they are helping her arthritis, too.
By Woody
Works great
April 24, 2014
My whippet loves the taste. Seems to relieve her joint stiffness.
By cookie
Good Product
March 18, 2014
I don't want to sound condescending but when i read Phycox One soft chews,to me it sounds like it should only take one soft chew to accomplish the goal set forth.Until you read the directions and than it says if your dog weighs more than 100#lbs you will need 2 soft chews which of coarse doubles the cost of the dosage decide?
By Yooper34
Product works well
March 16, 2014
Before we gave her phycox she had a hard time to move around and to go up and down steps. We give her 1 chew when she wakes up in the morning. (She likes it and thinks it is a treat.) She is able to move around much better and able to go up and down steps now with no help.

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