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By MacandSandy
Kirkland , Washington
Been using these for years
March 8, 2018
I can get a capsule into a pill pocket or I can break it into two parts for smaller pills. I alternate the peanut butter flavor with other type of pill pockets. When my BC refuses one type I turn to the PB flavor!!!
By Patsy H.
Florence, KY
Pill Pockets make medicating easy
September 5, 2017
Our dog has to take two medications three times a day for the rest of his life. He LOVES Pill Pockets and is better at remembering it is pill time than we are because to him they are a treat. My only issue with Entirely Pets is the length of time it takes to get an order filled and shipped out. It is a lot slower than other suppliers.
By Mary
Dog loves them
January 17, 2017
Our large dog is on daily meds that he will not take unless they are in Pill Pockets. They are great for all size tablets so far. Our med is about the size of a quarter and 1/4" thick. Have gotten so half a Pill Pocket will fold/mold around the tablet and he will take it nicely. He takes 2.5 tablets daily so it is a bit expensive, but Entirely Pets has them at one of the best prices.
By Becker
Stubborn Cat 2
January 6, 2017
It works well, IF the cat will eat it. He did regularly for about 7-10 days. Then he refused it. As with the other products, occasionally he'll eat it.
By Kae505
Albuquerque, NM
Hidden Treasure
December 31, 2016
Great way to get my dogs to take their pills. They actually think they are getting a treat.
By Dot
Little Rock, AR
Great way to get finicky dogs to swallow RX pills
December 29, 2016
I recommend Greenies to everyone I hear has a dog that needs to take a pill, but spits it out, etc.
Greenies Pill Pockets in Peanut Butter
June 27, 2016
My dog love's love's love's the peanut butter pill pockets! She has to take her meds twice a day, and gets one each time! Here, I'll let you hear it from her.... bark...bark, bark, bark, bark! (Love those peanut butter pockets!) Your dog will love them too!
By Shelby
Greenies Do the Job
May 30, 2016
Whenever I have to give my Yorkie mix a pill of any kind, I grab the bag of Greenies Peanut Butter Capsules along with the pill. I always divide the Greenies into 4 parts and roll it into a ball (with the pill in the middle of the ball). Even though she might smell it a little, she still eats the Greenies PB capsule. She's a very sweet girl and only wants to please her "mom", so I make it as easy on her as possible when it comes to taking her medication. For her, it's the Greenies PB Capsule.
By D J.
New York, NY
tasty treat
May 3, 2016
Best way to administer medications is with this tasty pill pocket treat. Our dog loves them !
By Patty
Greenies pill pockets
December 28, 2015
These are the best. My dog would not take her medicine, which she has to take everyday without pill pockets. I tried cheese, peanut butter, everything! It was messes and she would spit the pill out. Pill pockets mold around the pill and she loves them. I also put them in her educational toys for her to find. I highly recommend them. I have recommended them to several friends who now use them too.
By sham
best thing ever
November 15, 2015
These are the only way to go to give your dog a pill. My dog loves the peanut butter flavored ones. No more trying to fight your dog to take a pill.
By Furmom6780
Great for small pills
September 17, 2015
For big pills you need capsule size, but for small pills this works beautifully. My dogs think it is a great treat.
By Furmom6780
Our dogs love these
September 17, 2015
Entirely Pets have the best prices on these and our dogs eat them with no problem. Shipping is fast.
By Tony
Seattle, WA
Great for the big Pills
September 15, 2015
My Sheltie hates Pills, but this helps!!
By bucky's m.
New Mexico
Review for GREENIES Pill Pockets Peanut Butter Formula 7.9 oz (30 count)
September 1, 2015
Using Greenies Peanut Butter Pill Pockets has been a great way to get our dog to take his medications. He actually waits while I get the medication ready and takes and eats it without any hesitation. I love this product and recommend it to anyone who has a dog who needs to take pill or capsule medication on a regular basis.
Redmond, WA
Pill Time SOOO Much Easier
July 5, 2015
With two out of three, geriatric puppies one of which has had major gall bladder surgery and is running on 20% of normal liver function, a lot of pills are required on a daily basis. Before pill pockets there were two types of pills those that would be eaten either in their meal or as a treat and those that had to be "shoved". Now there is only one type of pill, those that they eat.
By Patsy H.
Florence, KY
PB is well liked
June 8, 2015
This pill pocket is a little drier consistency (and hence crumbly) than the other flavors, but it works! The dogs like it.
By MazonGrace
Why change?
May 12, 2015
My dog takes 20 pills a day for epilepsy and this formula added rosemary and he cannot have it NOT HAPPY!!
By gmn
Peanut Butter Capsule Size Pill Pockets
May 12, 2015
My dogs love the flavor of these pill pockets. They are at my feet as soon as the bag gets opened and they smell them. It is kinder than forcing a pill down their throats. The pockets are large enough for a good size capsule or 2 small capsule or tablet pills.
By Maggie
Loves them
May 8, 2015
Prefers the peanut butter over all. Did not care for the other flavors.
By suzzy319
DeLand, FL
Bailey loves his medicine now!!!
April 29, 2015
Without these peanut butter pill pockets, Bailey always found a way to separate his pills from whatever they were stuffed in! With these peanut butter pockets, he happily eats his "treat"!
By Xolo L.
April 26, 2015
When you have to give medication twice daily to your dog, (as I do) pill pockets make the job a snap -- no fighting to get the pill in the mouth and getting the dog to swallow it. It's a lifesaver, truly, because the meds save the dog's life.
By Dianne
new york, ny
great treat
April 14, 2015
The pill pockets are very much enjoyed by our dog and helps with taking of her medications.
By Marial
Pilll Pockets
March 31, 2015
Pill Pockets are the best invention for getting dogs to willingly take pills or capsules. I think they are wonderful and easy. I just put the medication inside the pocket press it to close the opening, and the dogs gobble the pill pocket and medication up. There was a problem with one medication--must have tasted nasty and the dog did not want to take the pill pocket. After slathering some cream cheese over the pill pocket, now they don't notice the nasty tasting medication.
By Pet L.
March 23, 2015
The bigger pill pockets are huge, so I thought I'd try these. Not only are there less, but these are tiny little pockets. Very misleading. Not bad for little dogs and little pills I'm sure.
By Sadie
Mesa, AZ
March 2, 2015
Pilling a finicky dog is not fun! Thank goodness for pill pockets!!! Wish I'd invented them!!!
By Tmw every time
January 27, 2015
No more leaving uneaten pill in his bowl of food. He loves the pill pocket flavor and gets his medicine every day.
By Ducklady
Annapolis, MD
August 28, 2014
I purchased several bags of Pill Pockets because our dog underwent surgery and I knew I had to give him several different kinds of pills for 10 days. Our dog loved the Pill Pockets - until we put a pill inside. We tried using two because we thought we could hide the smell, but he refused to eat them even without a pill after that. So I have several bags of Pill Pockets that will serve as an expensive treat for my other dogs and cat.
Review for GREENIES Pill Pockets Peanut Butter Formula 3.2 oz (30 count)
July 18, 2014
With two aging dogs, our home is never without Greenies pill pockets. EntirelyPets supplies them at an unbeatable price.
By Christina D.
Rhode Island
Dogs love peanut butter!
July 5, 2014
Dogs love peanut butter so your dog is bound to love this. It makes dispensing pills very easy. They are big enough to fit 2 or 3 pills, depending upon the size of the pill.
By Andysmom
Memphis, TN
Best way to give pills
June 22, 2014
Best & easiest way to give routine pills. My "kids" expect one every morning and again after dinner--make giving them their medicine easy!!!
By Gingy
Boston, MA
Pill Pockets
February 3, 2014
I love using the Pill Pockets for my dog as she has to take medicine everyday. Thank goodness for Pill Pockets.
By Lovemy3doggies
Peanut Butter
January 26, 2014
One of my pooches takes medication and pill pockets has helped with making the process easier. My pooch typically LOVES peanut butter but he doesn't seem to like this particular flavor as much as other pill pockets. The texture is at times a bit stiff. But I don't want him to get bored of the other flavor so I will keep in the rotation.
By Dee
Seattle, WA
Dogs like peanut butter
November 30, 2013
We tried this on two dogs. One gobbled it up, but the other was not too impressed and preferred real peanut butter instead. Since most dogs like peanut butter and these are not as messy as the real thing they are definitely worth a try.
By Duffy's M.
Alton, Missouri
Not Duffy's favorite
November 22, 2013
First, I bought the wrong size, I needed the capsule size. Second, Duffy wasn't to sure about it. I used 2 to cover his pill but he finally took it but he definitely prefers the chicken or beef flavor.
By BarbaraQ
So. California
Foolproof way to get those pills down
October 12, 2013
I have a very small capsule that I give my Yorkie every day. The "pill" size Greenies are a bit too small, and even these capsule size are bigger than I need. So I just slice these in half, and place the capsule into one half (save the other for next pill) and press the slides together just enough to hold the pill. Then I place that upside down top of his wet food - and voila - he eats the whole thing, no problem. I have tried both chicken and peanut butter and he loves them both.
doggie favorite
September 15, 2013
My dog loves the peanut butter flavor the best. These can be pulled apart for smaller meds.
By schnauzer m.
Woodburn, Oregon
Greenies Pill Pockets Peanut Butter tablet
September 6, 2013
My 8 year old Mini-Schnauzer knows how to eat the pill pocket off the pill and spit the pill out. He loves peanut butter so hasn't spit out the pill since I got these. I was glad to see the peanut butter pill pockets!
By tuffyb
Hartselle, AL
Not as appealing as meat flavored pockets
August 14, 2013
I thought my dogs would love these peanut butter flavored pockets, but some of them turned their noses up (they prefer the chicken or beef flavored ones). For my more cooperative dogs, however, these are as helpful as other pill pockets in administering meds (and making sure the pills actually get swallowed!).
By jam11551
CS< Texas
July 24, 2013
Love these products. My dogs have no problems taking meds with these.
By cacooper
North Carolina
The best pill pocket flavor!
July 11, 2013
My greyhounds love the peanut butter the best.
By none
Pill Pockets
June 27, 2013
These are the ONLY way that my dogs will take their pills!! They are much cheaper online, especially if you reach the minimun for free shipping!
By mom m.
Perryville, MD
these are great
June 27, 2013
The peanut butter pill pockets are Great - no stinky smell like the other ones and my dog loves them.
Southern California
June 21, 2013
Since I got these the first time from my vet, I have never had a problem giving my dog any of her pill meds. She loves these things, even as just a treat! She looks forward to "pill-taking time" any time I need to give her one. I absolutely love these & so does my dog. Best value for the money. Lowest price ever on-line!
By Lori
June 12, 2013
I use them for my cats, who take medication and herbal remedies daily and get tired of the same flavors all the time, so I try to rotate different ones. These are supposed to be for dogs, & my cats don't really like the other dog flavors, but all of my cats love these peanut butter pill pockets!
By krawz
Phoenix, AZ
Peanut Butter Pill Pockets
June 6, 2013
My dogs love these as much as the beef ones.
By chris
Can't live without
April 2, 2013
If you give your pet pills, these in any flavor are a must have.
By Lois
Ruther Glen, VA
My Dog's Favorite
March 11, 2013
My dog really loves these. It makes her medicine time so easy for me.
By Suzie
Perfect for Pups' Pills
March 8, 2013
These peanut butter pill pockets make giving medications to my dogs simple and easy. I've used the beef flavor prior to this with success. I consider the peanut butter pockets even better because they are a little softer to work with. And, of course, my 2 lab-mixes LOVE the flavor. :)
By scooter
Seattle, wa
Daisy loves em
January 21, 2013
She likes to spit out her pills, but not with the pill pocket. The pills go down almost every time.

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