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Pill Gun   $2.99
61 Reviews
70% (43)
11% (7)
3% (2)
3% (2)
11% (7)
84% Recommend this product (51 of 61 responses)
By Rhae
Los Angeles
Item not as described!
June 2, 2023
I run a small but very busy cat/kitten rescue in LA County. Prior to placing my order for 12 of these, I sent an email asking if the pill pen were, in fact, the light-blue, rubber tipped ones - shown in the image here. After receiving a confirmation reply saying they were, infact, the same item. However, I received the navy-blue tipped ones - which are not the same, at all!! The ones I received are, IMO, cheap copies of the ones I'm looking for. I just found them, on another site, with the red rubber tips, and ordered those. Meanwhile, Entirely Pets is now giving me a hard time about sending the fake ones back and getting a full refund.
  • None, really. They're not the same item as in the photo displayed here.
  • They are cheap copies and the tips aren't soft enough, so they scratch a cat's/kitten's throat.
By Marian
New York
Wish it was smaller
May 15, 2023
The pill gun is very long, which makes it a bit unwieldy and awkward to use and aim into my cat's mouth. Since my cat has no teeth I was able to forgo the pill gun and just use my fingers. This may be useful for others whose cats have teeth, if they can get used to using it. I just wish they made it more compact.

Merchant Response:Agreed, we think they had to make a 1-size fits all. Some dogs have a long snout. Kind regards Marian
By Jim
Oakland, CA
Works well
March 14, 2023
We were looking for something to replace the pill gun we got from a vet many years ago. So long ago that the rubber tip was coming apart. This is a near exact replacement. It works well even with the little
  • Works very well
  • Not really any.
By Jeanne
West Trenton, New Jersey
Don't know what I would do without it
March 7, 2022
My senior cats needs to be medicated every day and I was so afraid I would not be able to do this. This device is perfect; he tip is small and soft so it cannot hurt her mouth and the pill pops out quickly.
  • Easy to use and the pill shoots out quickly.
By Jane
Pittsburgh, PA
Best for cats
December 25, 2021
This is the best type for my cats, the tip is small and easy to get into their reluctant mouths without fear of hurting them because of the soft tip. Unfortunately, what makes it so good is also a drawback if the pills are larger, they don't fit well. .
  • Smaller, softer tip
  • Larger pills don't fit well
By M C.
New york
It is a pill gun-
November 2, 2021
It does exactly what it should do. As a veterinarian, this is my favorite pill gun style.
By Hudson
New York
Perfect Pill Gun
July 30, 2021
This pill gun is excellent, easy to use and makes pilling so much more pleasant! Because of the maleable tip with slits I am able to put in three small pills at once which makes the process much easier.
By Wonder W.
The best
July 28, 2021
I have 2 dogs, 9 cats and llamas and alpacas. Out of this bunch, I have many seniors who are in need of daily medications. These pill poppers are the best for cats. These work with one try. I have tried using others that are similar but they do not work or you have to make several attempts before they work properly. I tried another style and the end tip came off and I had to anxiously wait to make sure it passed through my cat. Digging through cat poo and pulling it apart searching for it for 3 days was no fun but was better than having to cut kitty open to surgically retrieve it. These is the only place on the web I can find them!
  • Safe, reliable easy to use.
  • None other than this is the only vendor that I can obtain them from.
By Kelly C.
Works Good for Goats.
April 22, 2021
Works Good for Goats.
  • Inexpensive, good quality and it works
  • None - All good.
By E L.
The right one!
March 27, 2021
This pill pusher is so good! Not too soft, not too hard, so it works well, and it doesn’t hurt the cats. We have previously had and used this kind for 16 years (yes, it lasted that long), so we scoured the internet for the exact same one. We were worried that it was a cheap imitation, but we were lucky, and it isn’t! There are a lot of bad ones out there, this is not one of them.
By Deanna
Wheeling, West Virginia
January 21, 2021
I was given a pill shooter years ago by my vet. I've been searching for one just like it for back-up/replacement. I've bought many from Amazon and elsewhere and none have worked. The two things that this one has (and is why it works so well) is the split rubber tip and a thicker plunger. My previous failures have mostly been due to the skinnier plungers that slide right up beside the pill rather than ejecting it. I'm so happy I tried one more time. . .thank you!!!
  • Split rubber tip accommodates all pills
  • Thicker plunger ejects rather than slides up beside the pill
  • none
By T S.
No problems
January 11, 2021
It took a bit longer to get it than I'd expected, but that's likely more about the holiday delivery crunch than it is about your shipping routine. The product is good quality. Thanks.
By Karen
Pill gun
November 4, 2020
Just what I wanted
By Lynn
Best pill gun ever
October 20, 2020
Years ago my vet gave me this pill gun and I have been searching for the same one ever since. I am so glad to finally find it. I have tried others but they don’t work like this one. I will say it is for small pills not large ones. I use it to give thyroid pills to my cat.
  • Works so well for small pills
  • None
By Kathleen L.
Mayville NY
Best Pill Gun for Small Pills
October 17, 2020
We have used this type of pill gun for our cats for years. Its narrow profile holds the pill and fits easily into a cat's (or small dog's) mouth. We like the "padding" at the tip, also.
  • Narrow for small pills and small mouths.
By Baglady
Anchorage, AK
Best pill gun ever
June 23, 2020
I have a cat who needs a pill every day and this is the best pill gun I've ever used. It's simple to manipulate and the soft rubber end holds the pill and does not irritate the cat's mouth. I've also used it to give our small dog a pill.
  • Easy to use
  • Does not irritate cat's mouth
  • You have to open the pet's mouth. Three hands would be a help!
By Michael S.
June 12, 2020
Product is exactly as described. Good quality at a low price, This is a company I will be buying from in the near future. Thank you.
By Mark K.
So So
April 22, 2020
Only works for small pills and just barley . Ended up burying pills in finger dob of Liver Pate". That works really good ! .Dog was eager for that Trying to pry mouth open for (a bare) pill gun not so much !.
By Sydney
Springfield, Illinois
Not a bad product
December 18, 2019
I wish that the opening of the rubber tip was larger because on occasion the tablet gets stuck in the top. I had borrowed a Vet One brand pill gun with a larger opening and it seems to operate a lot easier; at least with smaller pills. However, in a pinch I would for sure use this rather than trying to get my cat to swallow it on her own.

Merchant Response:Sydney, maybe one day we'll be able to source a superior pill gun. In the meantime, this seems to do the job. Wish you and your cat well. :)
By Minjeong
Hackensack, NJ
Thank you EntirelyPets
July 15, 2019
this pill gun helps me pilling pets. Very comfy! I purchased 8 of it incase of broken, but I think ONE is enough. I gave it to my friend and she is also satisfied with it.
  • Duarbillity, Safety, Speedy delivery
  • a bit smelly rubber part
By Bostonian
Los Angeles
Great Pill Shooter for cats or dogs
July 11, 2019
I had one that lasted for over 15 years which was used for my dogs and cats. The silicone finally broke off, so I needed a new one. Makes giving pills to cats a little easier.
  • Flexible silicone end easier to give pets pills.
  • None
By tyger
April 9, 2018
These are exactly what we wanted. The rubber tips will not rot and will last longer than the old one we had.
By LisaK
So worth it!
October 6, 2017
My husband is the one who gives our cats their meds over the years. He wishes we had this the past 22 years! So fast and easy.
By corvette b.
pill gun
August 26, 2017
works great! holds large nd small pills.
By Liz
Excellent Pill Popper
May 18, 2017
I use this pill gun to give my 17 year old cat her Chinese herb supplements. They are small spherical shaped pellets that fit perfectly in the rubber, soft tip. It makes it easy to get the pill into the kitty's mouth, far back on the tongue for quick swallowing.
By Barb
Effective, efficient
January 18, 2017
For some cats who are difficult to pill, this is an effective, efficient tool. Simple, it does what it needs to do.
By october13
Buyer beware!
November 2, 2016
These pill guns are knock-offs of the brand name ones. In the picture they look exactly the same as the ones I buy from my vet for $8.00 each so I thought I'd give them a try. The rubber tip where you insert the pill, is not aligned correctly and crooked. Both were inferior and tossed in the trash.
By Stevis82
Poplarville, MS
Pill Gun
July 15, 2016
It does what it's supposed to do. Caution: If you have a dog with jaws of steel that you have to push past to administer medication, the rubber tip on this device may split. I've ordered two and had it happen to both. I put a strip of duct tape around it to reinforce it and it worked fine. Were it not for this issue I would give it 5 stars.
By Karen
May 16, 2016
I never knew it could be this easy to pill a cat! We tried a different brand previously that we found in a local store, but this one is far superior!
By Vicki
Liverpool, NY
Feline Pill Gun
March 27, 2016
I am very pleased with this product. I ordered online once before (another site) and the plunger on the gun was too short. Consequently, it wouldn't push the pill out. I also bought one from my vet but the cost was almost $9.00. This pill gun I purchased from Entirely Pets works perfectly. I am so please both with the functionality and the cost. It makes pilling my cat so much easier.
By Xuly
Effective tool!!
December 8, 2015
Very effective tool for pill popping,however it has very much to do with the speed of your hand too! Practice make perfect!!
By Minka
Excellent Product
October 4, 2015
I have used these pill poppers for years for my cats, and they make the job of administering pills much easier!
By Arenel
Too large
September 2, 2015
It was too large to hold the tiny pill for my cat.
By Sp
Norfolk, VA
Easy to use
July 17, 2015
Great for giving mess to a cat or dog. Glad I ordered 2.
By Carlita
Spring Hill, FL
No more struggle
April 12, 2015
This is the best invention to give medication or supplements to your pets, especially if you have cats. No more claw scratches and chewed fingers. Just tilt your pets head back, have your gun ready and pop, done! I even give as gifts and to local no-kill shelters! Worth it's weight....
Pill Gun
March 2, 2015
This was a complete waste of money. The rubber tip could not hold smaller pills and they kept falling out. I gave up trying to use it without ever having given my cat his medication. I threw them away..
By sarah
Makes giving pills so much easier.
January 21, 2015
This type of pill gun was recommended by my vet's assistant as the way they give pills to difficult cats. I think it is amazing, I dip the pill gun in a little wet food after the pill is in it and my cat actually licks the food and doesn't struggle with me when I give him his pill. I've used them with two cats and it has made giving them both pills so much easier. I have recommended these pill guns to many pet owners I know because it makes giving pills easier for the animal and, as a result, easier on me.
By finsterlee
works great
January 21, 2015
Much easier to use than the larger ones on my cat. I also highly recommend wearing leather or suede thick work gloves from Home Depot before trying to pill...seriously! When my cat tries to claw at my hands when I hold his head to put the shooter in his mouth, I don't feel it with the gloves, so I am able to hold his head in place. He weighs 17 lbs and is NOT an easy cat to pill, and this was my last shot before having to drive him 20 miles to the vet every day to have them do it. Also, it works fine to wriggle the shooter in the side of his mouth if you have his head help up somewhat so it doesn't just fall out the other side. Make sure you are kind of behind him/her, or have him/her in a corner so they can't back away from you also.
By joody1
Great Purchase
January 20, 2015
I have used this Pill Gun for my cats for many years. It is the best way i have found to give them pills when needed. They don't fight me and it is over in seconds. Pill gone!!!!!!
By phylnow
Erie Pa
pillgun not for all pills
September 1, 2014
I could not get the capsule to stay in the end of the pillgun long enough to get it in my cats mouth......end was too floppy to hold it tight enough, as capsule was not round shaped and would not fit in end totally. Might be ok for certain really small pills.
By Target's M.
This is the pill gun to buy
August 14, 2014
We could not give Target his pills without a pill gun and this style is the best, especially for smaller or partial pills. Delivery was prompt, too. I would definitely buy from Entirely Pets again.
By shelby
Review for Pill Gun
January 29, 2014
Maybe if it came with instructions, but how do you use this? So small for any pill I know of to fit inside. Just wish I knew how it was supposed to be used.
By ghost7071
Ruston, LA.
Pill Gun review
January 3, 2014
Having used this device with an older dog who just wouldn't take his pills was relatively easy. You are limited somewhat to the maximum size pill you can use it with. Really saves the discomfort on both the pet and the owner when meds are necessary especially when it will be a long term med.
By Snickers2001
Cat owners best friend
December 16, 2013
I have been a Vet Tech for 13 years, and this is a cat owners best friend. Makes pilling our feline friends SO much easier.
Pill Gun - Awesome
November 22, 2013
Best little gadget in the world. Helps give the cats their medicine in a flash.
By Terri
Pill gun is very helpful
October 21, 2013
The pill gun makes administering pills to five cats every day a very quick and simple chore. There is no stress for the animals or for me.
By amyjdj12
didn't work for me
July 29, 2013
Rubber grip at end will only hold very small pills.
By tn
Oakland CA
very useful
July 2, 2013
This pill popper is great for cats who must take pills but don't like to! Use your thumb and middle finger gently to squeeze open your cat's jaws with the pill gun already loaded. Quickly put the head of the piller at the back of the throat, pop in the pill, hold the cat's mouth closed, and stroke its throat. Might take a bit of practice.
By Dick
Rockville MD
Hard To Find High Quality Product
July 2, 2013
Pill guns I've found in pet stores are usually much more expensive, yet significantly lower quality than this product from Entirely Pets. The rubber grip-tip is usually the part of the store-bought product that is inferior. I highly recommend this pill gun.
By Becky
Makes pilling easy
May 23, 2013
This is a must have item if you have small animals, such as cats, that need to be given pills. Much less stressful on both owner & pet, than trying to give a pill by hand.
By deb
parkersburg, wv
Doesn't work well
April 2, 2013
I bought the pill gun and it will not hold the pills in place in order to get in pets mouth. Very hard to use.
By Cat L.
Great little invention
March 3, 2013
Works great! I like not having to put my fingers into harm's way. My only disappointment is that the flexible part that holds the pill is most likely latex. I also purchased a pill gun for my daughter to use with her pets but she can't have it because she is allergic to latex. Yes, even that small amount. But I will use mine outside and keep it safely wrapped up when not in use.
By Caticus
So Easy to Use
January 14, 2013
I have 4 cats, and giving oral meds were always a problem. Not anymore!! Using the pill gun makes it sooooo easy. The cats hardly know anything happened. I have recommended this to all my friends and aquaintances that have animals.
new jersey
great purchase
December 16, 2012
I have used this type of pill gun for several of my cats over the years...and it works especially well with my cat that is hard to manage without it I am not sure how I would have gotten her meds down..just recommended to my coworker who immediately went on line and order two for her dog.
By Livyingeorgia
Great product
August 26, 2012
This is the best investment you will make when you buy this pill gun. It makes giving your pet a pill so easy! I have to give my cat 4 pills a day so I love it and my cat loves it too.
By Olivia
Great device to giving your pet pills
July 16, 2012
My cat and I fought everyday with pills. I wanted to give him the pills so he would get better and he fought because he did not like me having to stick my finger down his throat to give him the pills. This pill gun has made me and my cat a lot happier because of the ease of giving him his pill. It is well worth the investment! Now if they would invent something so I can give him the hairball remedy without him spitting it out.
By lindarose1957
Howell, Michigan
Best thing ever!
May 6, 2012
I have a lot of cats and it has been hard to give them their pills..This thing has made my life easier and the cats dont get so upset..It is worth every penny.
By Mariella
Best pill gun I have found
April 2, 2012
I have used this pill gun for years, first obtaining it from my veterinary. I like it much better than the ones that are wider, as it is easier to aim it down the cat's throat. Also, the soft rubber end grips the pill well. I think it is far more accurate than the larger ones, and hence fewer retries to get a pill down an animal.
By catsitting
Hpllywood, CA
Every cat owner should have at least one
February 7, 2012
These pillers should be in every house that has a cat. They are the best on the market and no one gets hurt.
By Dorothy
Great help
August 3, 2010
These work really well. I have tried other types and found that the part that holds the pill is often too hard. I am treating a cat with stomatitis and sore gums and the 'pill gun' has a more flexible holder which doesn't bother her. Also the color of the plunger is grayish and a white pill can be spotted if one is loaded. With a white plunger (as some other types have) it is almost impossible to determine if a white pill is in place. If there is a better pill dispenser available, I sure haven't found it--especially for cats.
By bmac
Best thing since sliced bread
May 13, 2008
I highly recommend this if you have to pill a cat. This is ABSOLUTELY the BEST thing since sliced bread! It sure beats hiding pills in liverwurst! It is so fast and easy. I LOVE IT!!!!!

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