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By Michelle
Great for hiding pills
January 2, 2016
My shih tzu has a sensitive stomach and is allergic to chicken and beef. These are very tasty (to her) and even smell good to me. She gobbles up her "special treat" with her daily meds in them.
By Beryl
Hayward, CA
Pill Pockets
November 21, 2015
Really like this product...makes giving a pill very easy.....
By dee
Dog Candy
August 17, 2015
The pill pockets are like candy for dogs. It is so easy to administer medication with the pill pockets. My dog who seems to be allergic to grain has no problem with the duck and pea formula. GREAT PRODUCT.
By GreenGrowler
Very easy to pill dogs
August 7, 2015
Pill Pockets are great - dogs get about 12 medications & supplements daily - couldn't pill them without Greenies Pill Pockets. The allergy formula is very palatable (we call them "stinky meatballs") and one piece can hold multiple tablets.
By di
Surprise Arizona
Best Purchase Ever
June 11, 2015
My two dogs won't eat their chewable medication without the "Duck & Pea" Pill Pockets twice a day - they're crazy about it - D-lish!
By Patsy H.
Florence, KY
Masks meds with strong scent
June 8, 2015
One of our dogs had to take a med with a strong scent. This pill pocket smells awful to me, but she loved it and it masked the med's aroma (which the other flavors did NOT). So happy to have had it!
By none
Cape Coral, Fl
too little for too much money
May 29, 2015
I was shocked to see how small the pill pockets were and how much money the few(25) cost. Any fair sized pill will not be accommodated by the allergy formula. They need to be larger or cost less.
By Dragon
Pill Pockets
May 18, 2015
Great way to give your pets their supplements, Dogs love the taste.
By KimT
Athens, TX
Awesome Product!
May 12, 2015
Love these treats for my dogs. It is nice to have something to use to give them medicine without having to force it down their throat! My only complaint is the smell... oh my gosh! The duck and pea smells awful but they love it!
By Dog O.
Long Beach, CA
You can hide most anything
May 5, 2015
These are great. They seem to mask whatever pill scent there is. Our dog takes the various medicines with no issues. I wish they cost less, but they are effective.
By shortcake66
garner, nc
greenies pill pockets duck & pea
March 27, 2015
my dogs think they are getting a treat, they just love them
By Vals
Easy to use
March 16, 2015
My dogs love the (allergy) duck pill pockets and they are much easier to cover the pills than the other flavors. The chicken ones crumble too easily. The duck flavor costs a little more and my dogs do not have allergies but they are the lowest fat and very easy to form around a large capsule. I have tried other flavors and come back to the duck flavored ones.
By Larry
Greemies Pill Pockets
March 7, 2015
These little tempters work to entice your dog to take pills. It eliminates all of the attempts to be creative in taking care of your best friend.
By Patsy H.
Florence, KY
Dog thinks they are yummy
August 13, 2014
These duck & pea Pill Pockets smell awful to me, but my dog loves them and even downs meds she doesn't like to take if they are in these. She is not a fan of the other flavors of PP, but the duck & pea ones get her tail wagging.
Best product EVER for a finicky pup!
July 17, 2014
I use Pill Pockets twice daily for giving meds to my very picky Maltese! He is allergic to so many things and when the Allergy Formula came out I bought a package and have successfully given meds to my dog for over 2 years. Prior to Pill Pockets my dog was very adapt at eating whatever I had the medicine in but would spit out the med.
By CritterMom5
Northern California
Great way to give pills
July 16, 2014
My dogs (and cat) love the duck & pea pill pockets. I'm currently having to give pills to one of our pets, and he actually runs into the kitchen when he hears the package open. Giving pills is so easy -- what a change from trying to hide them in food!
By Dan
Las Vegas, NV
Excellent product for dogs with food allergies
July 13, 2014
Our yellow Lab has severe food allergies and has to be on a fish based diet with meds at breakfast and dinner and again before bed. He will spit out the pills or pick through them in his food so pill pockets were the best solution, but he can't have chicken or beef. Thus the duck is hypo-allergenic and he has no adverse reactions plus he loves them. Excellent product!
By Yorkie D.
Eunice, LA
Stinky treats
July 11, 2014
Very strong smelling when the bag is first opened, but our dogs love them. Perfect for disguising small capsules and tablets. Luckily for us, the smell dissipates after the bag has been opened 2-3 times.
By Scfi
Pittsburgh PA
Pills Go Down Much Easier
June 20, 2014
Both of my dogs HATE taking their monthly pills. I used to have to break them up and disguise them in fav foods for them to get pills down. With these Pill Pockets, they swallow the pills whole! I was shocked the first time they did it. To start, I break up one pill pocket and give it to them as a treat prior to giving them pill pocket with the pill. Only problem is that I need two pill pockets for one pill for my larger dog and they crumble when trying to sqeeze them around the pill. It just takes a little effort, but I am go glad to have these!
By Pam
Review for Greenies Pill Pockets Duck & Pea Allergy Formula for Dogs (6.6 oz)
June 8, 2014
So helpful in getting my dogs to take their medications. They gobble it right down. :)
By purplelori
Portland, OR
He LOVED them!
June 5, 2014
Our pup had cruciate ligament surgery in January and had a number of pills to take each day. Stick them inside these stinky Duck pill pockets, and he sucked them down! If we ever need to give him pills again, we know how to do it.
By steven4464
Denver, CO
May 12, 2014
Great product for giving my dog his pills. They smell odd but he seems to like it and always takes it like a treat.
By Me C.
Awesome and well worth having on hand.
May 11, 2014
I love the Pill Pockets as they make giving meds to your canine companions a snap and the pricing at Entirely Pets was terrific.
By Christina D.
Rhode Island
Does the trick
May 4, 2014
I use these because my dog is on a grain-free diet. He like them, but they smell awful and leave greasy residue on my fingers.
By Sadie's m.
Houston, AR
Easy peasy
April 22, 2014
Makes giving pills easy peasy. I have small dogs so I split the pocket in half and roll the pill up in it. The bag lasts twice as long!
By laura
Central CA
Dogs love 'em!
March 31, 2014
The dogs love to take their medicine because of these! I never have any problems with the dogs taking their medicine or allergic reactions. (However I've been told the pockets smell like farts - haha!)
By Jen
Spokane, Washington
Pill Pockets are heaven sent!
March 15, 2014
My dog is on pain pills 3 x day, every day for debilitating arthritis. The pills are terribly bitter. I'd tried hiding them in meat or cheese but he'd always pick them out, so I had to put them down his throat, which neither he nor I enjoy. The pill pockets hide the pills and disguise the taste. Now when I say "Its time for your pills" he starts to drool. He loves them! Fortunately they have an allergy formula that is grain free as he has food allergies. I highly recommend!
By Sylvie
March 6, 2014
Pill pockets are very useful to make pills attractive. And you can use a small amount to cover the pill.
By Gloria G.
Cody loves them!!!!
December 19, 2013
This is Cody's favorite. He's a Cocker Spaniel with allergy and has to take pills every day. He LOVES these pill pockets. I even give them to him as a treat.
By Adonna
Walland, TN
Best ever
December 10, 2013
Sarah has to take meds twice every day. I don't know what I would do without pill pockets.
By kaytee18
too rich for my boy
December 5, 2013
Rufus doesnt have food allergies but I bought these for a change. He does have pancreatitis and these were just too rich for him. I am sure they work well for dogs with food allergies though. I gave them to my nephew and his dogs loved them
By Dee
Seattle, WA
For Cats too
November 30, 2013
We use these for both dogs and cats who have food allegies, but they are also great for cats who refuse other flavors of pill pockets but who will gobble these up. I often reccommend them to others whose cats won't eat feline flavored Pill Pockets and get a favorable response from the owners every time.
By me
Columbus, Ohio
Wonderful product
November 26, 2013
What a great way to disguise doggie medication
By Gloria G.
Wonderful Product!!!!!
November 15, 2013
Cody has allergies and has to take medication daily......with pill pockets there's NO PROBLEM and he really enjoys them as a treat........Thanks pill pockets!!!!!
By sade
change in product
October 11, 2013
Pill Pocket's Duck & Pea formula has changed. Previously very moist and malleable, the new formula is drier and cracks when wrapped around the pill. Previous mixture could easily envelope several pills, but this new batch barely contains one, and falls apart.
By Grace's m.
Dayton OH
Duck & Pea Allergy Pills
October 7, 2013
I was glad I had read the other reviews as to the smell so knew what to expect. It is definitely not a pleasant smell - but thankfully Gracie doesn't mind and loves the Duck & Pea allergy pill pockets. Since she is on several medications at this time and Kangaroo and Oats food - it is nice to have an option to give pills that won't be a problem with her allergies.
By dvano
murphy nc
September 30, 2013
my dogs loved the treats but they break apart easily and don't hold the pills very well. I had to buy the allergy free ones and they are quite pricey They would be better if they were more pliable versus flaky
By Debby
Greenies Pill Pockets For Capsules
September 18, 2013
Our mini-dachshund will take her medication using the Pill Pockets. She likes the Duck and Pea formula which is All Natural, and is especially made for dogs that have a high sensitivity to commonly used proteins and carbohydrates.
By CritterMom5
Northern California
Amazing product -- makes giving pills fun!
August 24, 2013
Wow. We have 'duck & pea' addicts in the house, and one of them is feline. Our dog hears us open the bag and he runs into the kitchen, waiting for his pill. One of our cats meows until we break off little bits and feed him too. No stress or fuss at pilling time which is a relief. I hope you keep them in stock, as we have a household full of furry people and will probably need these from time to time ;-)
By MiOmi
Kitsap County Washington
Golden Love
August 7, 2013
We use this product twice a day every day for giving thyroid and antihistamines to my Golden. She loves them so pill time is "treat time" for Sadie. Being the hyper-allergic not so young girl that she is the Duck and Pea formula are perfect for her.
By Dawg D.
Perfect Way to Give a Dog a Pill
August 2, 2013
These are not only the best way to get a dog to take its meds. They also are handy to get a picky eater started on his or her meal.
By k9ed
Pill Pockets as Dog Treats
July 2, 2013
I am a volunteer Dog Walker for a large rescue group. I use these as treats and ALL the dogs love them, no matter the flavor variety! They are a change from the normal dog biscuits they receive and they cannot wait until we get close to the end of our walk and sit down. They know what is coming after the first time. :)
Great Allergy Formula!
May 23, 2013
My miniature schnauzer has an allergy problem and have to give her benadryl. She is a very fussy dog. I put the Benadryl inside the pocket and she eats it like a treat!
By Lucyloo
Evansville, IN
Greenie Duck & Pea
May 21, 2013
My yorkiepoo has an allergy and requires daily doses of pills. These pills pockets work everytime we give out medicine. Entirely Pets provided the pockets at a much lower price, the package arrived on time & still fresh. I will definetly order more items from Entirely Pets in the future.
By Sammy's M.
Riverdale, NJ
Pill giving was never this easy!
May 14, 2013
Over the years, I've had several different dogs who needed different medications, and it has been a real pleasure - for me and my dog - since I discovered pill pockets!
By Pat
Henderson, NV
Allergy Formula Pill Pockets
April 17, 2013
Using these has made pill time much less stressful for my dog and me. He loves them!
By Buster M.
Huntington Beach, CA
Never fight over pills again!
April 5, 2013
I have tried many different ways to get my dogs to take their meds in the morning. The frustration is taken away with these little gems. Both dogs thik of this as a treat so no more struggles with the pills!!!
By Phil1336
Key West, FL
Pill Pockets
March 27, 2013
For most Dogs, including one of our Golden Retrievers, it makes giving Medications or Supplements a breeze. One of our (smart) Dogs however, once discovered a Capsule while eating the Pill Pocket and since that episode, simple (gums) the Pill Pocket and spits out the Pill or Capsule. Back to the old method of "finger down the throat insertion" for that one.
By Willie
Portlandl, Or
Good stuff at a great price
March 19, 2013
This makes giving my Lab his meds much easier, no more fighting to get him to eat them. Vet said we can't use other foods to hide the pills, so these are a great solution at half the price of brick and mortar stores.
By Marina
Review for Greenies Pill Pockets Duck & Pea Allergy Formula for Dogs (6.6 oz)
March 13, 2013
worst purchase ever.. the duck & pea popckets are way too soft..can't put the pill in.. would like to return them, but the freight charge is way too much, so I will dump them..

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