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By Mark M.
Richland, WA
Great product. Been using for years. Better price here.
September 14, 2020
My 16yo chihuahua has had liver problems for several years so the vet put her on this to help. It does help but not cure. I do her blood work 2x a year and it does improve her liver numbers. I ran across this here and found it was 9 dollard less than I can get from my vet.

Merchant Response:This a premium product and we try to keep our pricing low. Cute picture of your 16 year old. Adorable.
  • Same product as vet. Less money.
  • None
By jim85254
Very Good Product
March 21, 2019
This is a great product for the price. My Windy eats it like candy.
By RipleysOwner
Good product
December 5, 2018
Solves in assisting our King Charles Cavalier deal with a neuro problem. Combined with fish oil and avoided complex surgery. A real miracle recommended by our Vet
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By Tabby
Review for SAMeLQ 100 Chewable Tablets 60 ct
February 16, 2017
Our cat is 17 years old with liver disease and these pills keep her from throwing up.
By cori
has helped my dog
February 10, 2017
My dog has been taking these for the last 5 years ever since we found out he has bacteria in his urine and a bad liver, abnormally small. He was 9 when he had surgery and is still here 5 years later and totally spunky!
By Loretta
Enlarged Liver
October 21, 2016
My dog was having some problems breathing so I took him to the Vet. My dog was diagnosed with an enlarged liver due to a small tumor in his liver. After being on this medication for 3-4 weeks, I saw my dog do a 180. He has improved so much, and has a lot more energy.
By Ulf
It worked
August 8, 2016
Using 2nd bottle. Have seen a definite upswing in my dog's cognitive actions
By 3 C.
Great Product at a Great Price!!
May 19, 2016
Our Senior Schnoodle is 12 years old and is having some minor liver issues. So the vet recommended that we give him these, and in addition to this supplement, we also put milk thistle extract in his food twice a day. As a result of this regimen, we have succeeded in reducing his liver counts substantially and the Vet said he's impressed with the results we have gotten.
By Me
San Diego, CA
Impossible to feed to dog
April 21, 2016
We have a chihuahua and my vet gave us these to feed to the dog. But they are way too big for her to swallow, not to mention hard and sharp-edged. Crushing them is an incredible chore and she hates the taste. I'm sure the ingredients are valuable but if the dog can't eat the pills they're useless.
By katiewoof9
slc, UT
Worth waiting for when it's back-ordered!
March 2, 2016
This has been a miracle for my pom's liver.
By Scrambler82
As advertised !
November 5, 2015
My dog is on long term pill taking and these, per the labels, are what the Vet is selling for a third more... $$$ Shipping was fast, ordering easy.
By Kristasmom
Wish the pills were smaller
August 18, 2015
I have been giving my cat SAM-e for a few months, and it seems to work ok. I say that because about 20% to 25% of the time, she regurgitates the pill. She is on the pills for liver problems. It would be helpful if the pills were smaller or have the ability to be crushed so they could be added to the food. I use a dispenser that I purchased from the Vet to give the pills, which makes it easier, but it still is quite a difficult task. My son holds my cat who weighs about 4.5 lbs., and I force the pill down her throat.
By D D.
Wheatfield, In
July 17, 2015
My dog had a cancerous tumor removed and has been on this product 3 months before surgery and 3 months after, a total of 6 months. See no difference, but doctors at University that did the surgery told us to keep giving it to her.
By Jim
Red Bluff, CA
Great product
June 1, 2015
Our nine year old dog has a severe liver problem. her liver readings were so high, that our Vet wasn't sure she would survive. He prescribed this product. After a month, she was a new dog. She was eating and acting like her old self. A blood test showed that her liver reading were back to normal. Two Vets have never seen such a recovery. It's been a year and a half and she's still taking this product. She is also on a Rx dog food. She continues to thrive.
By kp
Shell Rock, IA
S Adenosyl 100
May 14, 2015
I love my vet and won't change but it's nice to be able to get my dog's medicine at a little bit more reasonable price. I appreciate you having this option available. I will definitely order through you again.
By Maggiesmom
Review for SAMeLQ 100 Chewable Tablets 60 ct
March 27, 2015
Tablet is quite large and is enteric coated- not to be chewed or crushed. Difficult to get swallowed by 12 lb dog.
By Jeff
Great Price
March 16, 2015
Great price as my Vet charges this price, but for only 30 tabs.
By Linda
Helped my dogs liver counts
February 9, 2015
My vet tried selling this to me for a lot more found it through entirely pets for less. My dogs liver count is going down and the vet claims it is because of this product.
North Richland Hills, TX
Good Product at Good price
January 16, 2015
Product Purchased is a good product at a good price. My dog has a liver disease that my vet recommends this product supplement as part of her treatment. She doesn't love it because it is medicine;however, the product is good.
By petfriend
Great price
September 8, 2014
Almost half the price of what the vet charges for the same product.
By Seanna
Many dogs throw up
June 19, 2014
The product maybe good but it has to be taken on an empty stomach. My dog throws up later in the day while on this supplement. I mentioned this to our veterinarian and she said many dogs throw up on this formula.
By Susan
June 6, 2014
I was purchasing this from my vet, but I save at least 20 dollars through Entirely Pets. The product was delivered pretty quick (normal delivery). I'm glad to be able to save a few bucks here and there--it adds up. Susan
By alphadog
essential to my dog's health
May 27, 2014
helps keep my dog's liver enzyme numbers in check after almost losing her to liver failure. Changing to a homeopathic diet, additional liquid milk thistle and this pill have literally saved her life. Best price on the Net!
By harry
Great buy
April 15, 2014
Cost is great petsmart charges double the price for 60 tabs
By sistersinhim
Too big for cats
April 2, 2014
I had to cut these pills in 1/4 to get them down my cat's throat. I haven't had Gerta's liver tested again yet, so I don't know if it's working or not, but am stepping out in faith that it is!
By chihuahua l.
This product saved my dogs life!
March 4, 2014
Our 12 year old Chihuahua went to the vet for what we thought was a bad tooth. She didn't want to eat or drink and was lethargic. She was going to have a dental exam and scraping but due to her age before they put her under anestheia they did blood work. Her liver enzymes were 1,717, normal I'm told is between 10-110. The Doctor said she probably had liver disease, possible tumor, cancer or other liver issues. The whole family was devestated as we were preparing to soon say goodbye to our little girl. Due to her age we opted not to have an ultra sound but the Vet did recommend we put her on a daily treatment of S-Adenosyl 100 and we also changed her diet to boneless skinless chicken breast, scrambles eggs with cheese, mashed potatoes with green beans. No more dog food, We took her back one week later and her liver enzymes went down to 800. Still high but over half lower! It's been one year now and she is doing great! My friends can't believe she's 13, she acts like a puppy sometimes. We cut the tablets up into fours and put peanut butter on them and she thinks they are her treats! We're curious what the count is now but she is so afraid of the Vet we don't want to put her through a blood test for no reason. I highly recommend this product!!!
By Mary
I live in Colorado
February 19, 2014
My Randy dog is almost 12 years old and weighs 16 pounds. He has been on this S Adenosy1 100 (SAMe) for over a year. His vet said he needs to be on it for the rest of his life to help keep his liver enzymes under control. By buying a 2 month supply (60 tabs) from Entirely Pets I saved about $12 a month after paying shipping.
By Candy
Rowe, NM
Elderly Pets
December 11, 2013
I use this remedy per vet to help my two elderly foster pets beef up their liver. It is helping bothe and their appetites and energy levels have benefitted.
By Joyce
Apopa, fl
Milk thistle
October 29, 2013
This product has save my dogs life her enzymes for the liver were very high and dr. Thought she would never make that was 7yrs. Ago and now she will be 16 in march. I get all my my products from healthy pets they are the best .
By Cosmo
Phoenix, AZ
September 21, 2013
My Vet suggested that I give Cosmo this product to support his liver. He is a 12 year old Doxie and is starting to show his age. His blood work indicated that he was having some liver deficiency. After 90 days his blood work is normal again. Great stuff.
By Bennys m.
Southeastern Massachusetts
Really helped elevated liver enzymes
September 18, 2013
Our vet recommended this after our Yorkie developed vomiting and had elevated liver transaminase tests. They returned to normal after 8 weeks. He loves taking his Sam E with a Greenie pill pocket (tablets are too big to hide in food).
By Tum
Lucky I found it!
August 3, 2013
I changed to a different Vet closer to home and just assumed I would get this product from them. That was not the case. Called local pharmacies that offer to fill your pet's meds....they were not able to help me. Did some research on the web and found out it was considered as OTC. Then I goggled the name of the laboratory on the bottle and it brought me to Entirely Pets. My little chi & I thank you very much.
By Poppi
Issaquah WA
Good Buy
June 25, 2013
This is an alternative to Denamarin. It is not possible to find SAM-E in 100 mg form in human products. Like Denosyl and Denamarin, this does come in 100mg. Unlike Denamarin, this product has 20 mg of Milk Thistle, while Denamarin only contains 10mg. In addition, a B-Complex has been added which can also help with liver health. SAM-E + Milk Thistle has helped my dog's liver health.
By KPhx
better price than Rx
June 15, 2013
Vet office lead me to believe these were only by Rx...found out after some research that I could buy them OTC at less than half price the Vet Office. Great deal---1 month follow up visit and blood test showed that the liver 'count' was back into perfectly normal range after taking 1 daily.
By jaybird
Leawood, KS
S Adenosyl
June 3, 2013
Must have for puppy. Taken with finger full of peanut butter.
By Lin
Southern California
Keeps Dog Healthy
April 24, 2013
My 7 lb. toy poodle became very ill due to a liver problem. The vet recommended putting her on SAMe and metronidazole after she recouperated nearly four years ago, and she has been healthy every since.
By Melissa
Good Product
April 6, 2013
Our 17 year old JR terrier mix was diagnosed with liver enzyme issues. We have been giving her the SAMe for about 8 months and have seen positive results. We credit this product with prolonging the quality of our old girl's life.
By Jan
Wylie, Texas
Love this product
February 26, 2013
My dog was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and this product has worked beautifully for her. Her lab values are much improved and she just acts much healthier. Thanks, Jan
By flysunshine
Great Product
February 5, 2013
Being that I have used Denosyl for my cats liver problems I believe that this will help her out as well or more so. Just had a problem of keeping the pill down. I make sure she hasn't eaten her breakfast before I give it to her along with a syringe full of water after giving the pill but I also give her just 2 or 3 treats after and that along with not feeding her for 1 hour seems to be working.
January 27, 2013
By Anna
Great product - Great website
January 15, 2013
Our dog has gone from liver enzyme levels of almost 600 to about 200 on this product alone (no other concurrent treatment). The price on EntirelyPets was better than at the vet - and it arrived quickly. All in all, I'm very happy with the product and the website (transaction).
By Cine
Good for maintaining health
January 1, 2013
Have used for years for a 19 year old dog! Very effective, but hard to give to her, unless you can hide in a pill pocket. Pill too big, and tastes awful.
By nanny
Pottsville, Pa
Helpfull Product
November 23, 2012
Our doxie suffers from Cushings disease. We use this product along with her medication to maintain her liver functions.
By PeanutParfait
Salem, OR
Fasted Shipping around!
November 12, 2012
My products always get to me faster than expected and they are always correct!
By Cindee
Everett, Washington
Wonderful Product!
November 7, 2012
My 6 pound, ten year old Chihuahua, Mindy, was diagnosed with liver disease and given a 50/50 chance of making it through the week. The veterinarian suggested trying Milk Thistle and Sam-e to help heal her liver. I searched the internet, came across this wonderful site and found exactly what I was looking for in the S-Adenosyl 100. I received it quickly by mail and started her on it immediately. Within a week, along with other treatments, she was getting better! After three weeks, she was back to normal! I am forever grateful and Mindy will be taking this product for the remainder of her years.
Cortland, OH
S Adenosly 100 (SAMe)
October 23, 2012
It is good price which save my money almost half price than vet price cost. I will continue to buy this in case my dog needed what no matter how long.
By Deb
Henderson, NV
Great Product
October 23, 2012
My Sweet Pug, 11 yrs young, has been on SAMe 100 for almost 4 years. She takes one in the morning before breakfast and one before dinner ~ she looks forward to her SAMe treat! I also like the fact that it is helping her liver condition and enables her to feel better.
By Tes
March 11, 2012
My 14 1/2 year old Shitzu is thriving with this product. It has really made a difference in his ability to walk, handle steps; up and down, and he seems to have more energy. His liver function tests have improved significantly per our Vet.
By sams m.
Review for SAMeLQ 100 Chewable Tablets 60 ct
February 13, 2012
my dogs liver counts are down. his vet is very happy.
By macmamma
SAMe tablets
December 15, 2011
medicine was received in very timely manner. Thank you for your prompt attention!

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