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By Labmom
Birmingham, AL
Great chews
February 23, 2019
Sam's Yams sweet potato chews are healthy, one ingredient chews that my 3 labs love. Extra benefit is it helps keep their teeth clean.
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By Linn
Flagler Beach, Fl
Way too hard for my Malt se
October 19, 2018
She didn't like them even when I cut them. Up small.
By red25541
Greenwood, IN
Great treat
August 25, 2018
My little yorkie loves these. I cut them in half for her and she eats them up.
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miami fl
Sam's Yams are great
July 9, 2017
My dogs have been using Sam's Yams for years; they are the absolute best treats in their view (mine too).
By Tango b.
Sarasota, FL
Excellent nutricious chews
July 23, 2016
My GSD loves Sam's Sweet Potato Chews. Great for his teeth and healthy - nothing artificial. This last bag was a bit darker looking than usual - made me wonder if something was wrong with them. They are a bit pricy too. I called the manufacturer to question if they were ok or it was a bad batch. They said they dehydration process has made them look dark around the edges and on the backside of several pieces. They do not skin the potatoes.
By Clio
Sams Yams
December 26, 2015
My dogs look forward to treats with Sams Yams every day
By Pegg
Elkview, WV
Healthy treats!
August 8, 2015
This is a good wholesome treat for my pups who definitely love them. Very pleased that they are made of just sweet potatoes right here in the good old USA!
By tyson
good treat for dogs
August 2, 2015
this is a very good treat for dogs. It's all natural, just baked yams. My dog has allergies, so I cannot give him just anything. He loves the Sams Yams; this is the only treat I give my dog.
By Gracie's m.
Northwest Indiana
Eat your veggies!
July 7, 2015
Grace loves yams! I always have to share my baked sweet potato with her so these are a nice treat just for her. She loves the crunch and they smell really yummy too.
By Kat
Ross, Ca.
Review for Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz (14 oz)
July 5, 2015
This is the best Sweet Potato product on the market. My dog's teeth are in excellent shape, Lilly is an 8 year old Airedale terrier and has never had to have veterinary dental cleaning.
By Dogma
Miami fl
Tough treats
January 16, 2015
My vet put my dog on a allergy diet and suggested SAMs yams as a treat option. They are very dry and tough. My dog spits them out. I found somewhat of a solution. I warm them in the microwave for a few seconds and then slice then down to bite size pieces. She is much happier with them. I really thinks she just misses the old stuff she was use to.
By kit-kat
Natchez, MS
Great For Dogs With Allergies
January 16, 2015
My little, allergic to everything, dachshund loves these. Healthy, take a while to eat, and she really, really loves them.
By WA O.
Seattle, WA
Pros and Cons
January 16, 2015
I like the fact that these are all-natural and are USA made. They provide good chewing action for our dogs. The only drawback is that they tend to come out the same way they go in. For some reason our dogs don't digest them very well and so we find little chunks of sweet potato in the yard. But, we still consider them superior to CET Chews.
By Marilyn
Great treat
January 16, 2015
I really like giving my dogs these sweet potatoe treats, they are the real thing not plastics looking treats. They love them
By 29dogs1vat
FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!
September 22, 2014
Yes, we do have 29 dogs at our sanctuary......all small. We have used these treats for years and the dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Even though the chews are big we buy these because the price is so much more affordable. I simply bend a chew double and tear it into pieces. I have spoken at length with this company. In my opinion YOU WILL BE HARD PRESSED TO FIND A MORE DEDICATED AND HIGH QUALITY COMPANY. The owner is a fanatic about quality and even travels to the places where their products are grown. This company has a variety of fabulous chews and many of the smaller chews are loaded with fruits. The people who work at this company, many relatives of the owner, eat the chews themselves ......the ones with the fruits added to the sweet potato. I do too!!!!! They are a fabulous, nutritious, unsweetened snack loaded with good fiber and nutrition. I spent 33+ years as a licensed health care provider and my focus was holistic health and wellness. If I am eating these along with the babies here when it is snack time you can believe I have confidence in this company. All the fruits are grown locally near the plant where these treats are made. The sweet potatoes are grown in another state due to climate. Do your dogs a great favor........use these very healthy and tasty chews to improve their dental health and to add lots of nutritious foods to their diet.
By mlb
Manson, WA
No "Rawhide"
August 31, 2014
I usually buy Sam's "big boy" chews, but I was curious about this product which is the same weight but about $5 cheaper. When I inquired about the difference, the c/s rep tried to tell me that they have rawhide in them, apparently not noticing (or not understanding) the quotes around that word. I tried to tell him there was no mention of rawhide in the ingredients list. He said he didn't have any control over that! So much for being informed about your products. So I went ahead and ordered a bag. Well, the chews are a lot smaller that the "big boys" and so are not as appropriate for my Rottweiler. I used them up by giving him several at one time but I now know why not to order them again.
By zsty a.
One of my dogs' favorite treats
August 18, 2014
Great chew treats. My dogs really love them. Nice alternative to other kinds of dental chews. These dehydrated sweet potatoes are crunchy and not a soft or mushy chew like many other dehydrated treats. Highly recommend them.
Chandler, AZ
Dogs Love Um
August 14, 2014
Our little dog has a touchy gut...however these Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz give her a great chew biscuit to help clean her teeth and don't bother her little gut :) Yes I would recommend them.
By riseabove99
My dog loves these treats!
July 14, 2014
And they are a safe alternative to rawhide. My chewer eats them more as a treat than a chewy but I am sure a less aggressively chewing dog would work on them for a while!
By Ginger's M.
Olympia, WA
Great natural product
July 8, 2014
Been giving my Golden Retriever Sam's Yams for 5 years. Good natural treat from USA with no artificial or chemical additives. Ginger comes running for her 'yammies'.
By Dead M.
houston, texas
My dog can't live without these
June 26, 2014
My sister had a bag of yam chews which her dog wouldn't touch, so she gave me the bag. Well, one taste of the yam chew and Benny was hooked. He now HAS TO HAVE a yam chew every night. He knows the routine, he comes around to me between 6-7 if I haven't given him one and starts nudging me. Benny loves these, he is addicted. He won't eat all day until he gets his treat (dessert) first, then he will go to town on dinner. They are better than tree bark, for sure...
By garya
Stratham, NH
Our Dogs Love Them
June 25, 2014
These sweet potato treats are a bit larger treat then the fries but equally as healthy. You can break them in half if you want to give your dog a smaller portion.
By GSP l.
Love this!!
May 15, 2014
My pups eat this for min morning snack. My old pup had anuual exam few weeks ago, a vet told me she have nice tooth. I never brush or anything to her tooth, she just eat this for almost everyday.
By maryb
Tulsa, OK
March 27, 2014
My dogs love these. And I feel good about giving them to them.
By Kwright1216
Best Treats EVER!
March 14, 2014
My dog absolutely loves these to the point that he is uninterested in any other treats. I give him 1/day in the afternoon and he patiently waits day after day. They take him a little while to get through which is nice for a treat. Buying in bulk is not only necessary but definitively cost-effective as well!
By Joanne
Love them
February 23, 2014
The dogs love them and they are good for them too. What's not to love?!?
By 2 g.
Review for Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz (14 oz)
January 20, 2014
Sams Yams and their carrot crunches are loved by my 2 girls...... As I've said in previous reviews I dehydrate my own treats for them and there are very few brands I trust to purchase for them. This is one of them. also - very important to me that they are MADE IN THE USA - Thank you!!!
By Alphamama
Durham, NC
Great low protein snack
January 15, 2014
My Dalmatian is a stone producing male. He is on a low-protein diet so treat choices are limited. These are great for him!
By Wishbone S.
Monroe, NC
Review for Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Sweet Potato Chewz (14 oz)
January 6, 2014
Absolutely recommend. They are best either cut up for smaller dogs or terrific size for larger breeds
By lacosta5
rio rancho, NM
love them!!!
December 30, 2013
Works great at keeping teeth clean. Natural safe and they love them.
By Bruiser's M.
Healthy Chewing Option
December 20, 2013
We are looking for healthy chewing options for our dogs. These are made in the USA and are a great natural chew treat for my dogs. They love them! Only draw back, if it is a draw back, is that the chunks don't seem to digest fully and can be seen in the stool.
By sullivanjo
Jack Russell loves them
December 18, 2013
My dog loves sweet potatoes so i thought I would try the sweet potato chewz. She likes treats she can spend a little time chewing on Sweet potato chewz were just the answer.
By Mary
Good and Chewy for Teeth
December 13, 2013
I like the fact that these are vegetable based and purport to be just one ingredient--sweet potatoes. My three dogs get a good dental workout on these rawhide-like treats, which aren't made in China. One of our three dogs seems to have food sensitivities so I'm confident that Sam's Yams are okay for her.
By Martha
New Haven, CT
Not same quality as past
December 9, 2013
My dog loves these sweet potato treats and I've ordered them several times. Previously the treats had a semi soft texture which could be broken or cut with utility scissors to make smaller pieces. This batch, the dried sweet potato treats are brittle and dry and when I break them in my hands I sometimes cut myself. Not sure why they're different this time....
By beagle l.
Odessa, Florida
Doggie Delights
December 1, 2013
Dogs just love it, it is a little pricy but my dogs are worth buying it for. If you purchase it buy the 1 Lb size, it becomes less expensive that way.
By nemesis
Fresh aroma,but too big+toohard for small dog!
November 28, 2013
Iwas very happy as I opened the package because of the aroma.I was really disappointed when I took one out.The piece was very large and extremely hard.I tried cutting,sawing and tried banging it with a hammer to try to soften it up.No go.I`ve given up and am looking for a Great Dane or at least a German Shepherd to give them to.This isn`ta complaint,I just thought you should be made aware of this .My little dog is a 3year old,16lb.cockapoo :) Nemi
By Yorkie M.
Orange Park, FL
A Fantastic Treat that's Healthy Too!
October 4, 2013
The pack loved this product! I like giving it to them, because it's healthy, and the amount you get in the package goes a long way. With 6 dogs to "treat" volume is necessary when purchasing for them. Takes them a while to chew these, gives them a workout, and is a way to clean their teeth too. I would recommend this to anyone.
By Jeff
Nashua NH
September 17, 2013
Fabulous, nutritious treat the dog salivates over. Originally recommended by a veterinarian because the dog has IBD and it's one of a very few treats the dog can tolerate because of its low protein levels. If your dog gets this treat two or more times per day (as our dog Charley does), it does indeed get very expensive on a long term basis.
By Margie
Chicago area
Great Product
August 14, 2013
Really like this product for my dogs. They loved it. They are minis so I need to cut the very large pieces down for them.
By P
Sam's Yams are great!
August 6, 2013
My dogs love these chews. They aren't the type of dog to sit down with a bone and chew all night so I'm always looking for treats that they have to take the time to chew and help with cleaning their teeth. Sam's Yams fit the bill. And they smell really good!
By Lee
Out staple
July 10, 2013
We feed our dog Sam's Yams since she was several months old. She used to have sensitive stomach, and this helped greatly. Ever since, she gets at least one piece of this every day. Won't live without it.
By Chris
Cincinnati, OH
Sweet Potato Chewz
June 26, 2013
My German Shepherd puppy absolutely loves these. Of all the treats, these are absolutely his favorite!
By Amelia
My dogs love this product
June 20, 2013
The Chewz are a safe alternative to rawhide. Sweet potato is good for them and since it is only ingredient in this product it is safe. Try it, your dog will love them!
By rolloff
Not Satisfied
June 3, 2013
Dogs didn't like this product, so I will not be reordering.
By Marilyn
Great treat!
June 1, 2013
My dogs love these! They have one straight-forward ingredient and seem very wholesome. They make for colorful bowel movements, which is not a problem. I like giving my dogs something good to chew that isn't rawhide, since I myself am a vegetarian.
By Debby
Sam's Yams Rawhide Chewz
May 28, 2013
Our dogs really like these chewz. I split them in half for them.
By Houston
My dog loves these
May 14, 2013
These are great treats. My dog loves them! In addition, my dog is on a special diet and her system tolerates these well!
By SilversMom
Sams Yams
May 11, 2013
Best price ever. This is the second time I have ordSams Yams from you. Price is the best delivery is prompt. I do not order 1 bag, I order 10 at a shot. I will use you a 3rd time for my next order of 10 2lb bags.
By Mary
Santa Cruz, CA
Yummy dog chews
April 25, 2013
Our dogs love Sam's Yams sweet potato chewz and they are a healthy treat for them to chew on.
By Phoebe's M.
Love the Yams
April 22, 2013
This is an evening treat I can finally feel good about giving Phoebe. I used to give her Greenies, but Sam's Yams are a natural food and actually good for her. They also help with teeth cleaning like Greenies, and a Sam's Yam lasts longer than a Greenie. Just for fun, I spread a SMALL amount less than a tsp. of peanut butter on it, and she loves it! I make my own dog food topper for our dry dog food, and I always include baked sweet potatoes, cauliflower, brocolli, spinach & carrots. Veggies are good for dogs, just make sure you use antioxidant ones.

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