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June 7, 2019
Great value for the convenience
We have both Lone Star and Black-Legged deer ticks in our wooded area and I often find Lone Star ticks on my cats, especially their butts - yuck. I call them butt ticks. We do not have a flea problem here. We have four cats and they normally get fipronil topical type products for their tick treatment which only seem to work for 2 weeks, but I have one cat that who won't let me touch her and this collar has answered that problem where I can put her in a towel and quickly put the collar on her, release her and she's good to go for 8 months. I bought this collar from entirelypets because of the problem with fake Chinese products coming from other sellers who I shall not name. EntirelyPets sells the real McCoy and is made in Germany.
ProsWorks for the time stated. Easy to attach to my cat. Doesn't have a smell.
ConsThe only con I can think of is if the collar isn't tight enough on the cat, as happened with my cat who doesn't like to be handled when I quickly put it on her, that she later got her front paw hooked in the collar and was hopping around. My grumpy cat allowed me to remove her paw and I carefully tightened it up so that it was no longer loose, but allowed at least one finger space between her neck and the collar. So, that was really my fault, but just be aware of cats that don't take to collars well and monitor them to make sure they don't get it caught on their mouth or a paw - tight but not too tight.
By Regina
Michigan City
March 23, 2019
So far so good, seems to be working well. Happy so far.
By Becky m.
Whitsett nc
January 1, 2019
Best flea and tick collars ever
I have been using this collar for my 3 cats now for 3 years. Even the vet mentioned how good it was that I used this collar. I will never use another flea treatment ever!
ProsNo messiness. Easy to use.
By debby2727
June 13, 2018
Don't use.
I bought one a couple years ago for my cat. He is still bald around his neck!
By Sandraelaine
Upstate NY
April 10, 2018
I use these collars on all my animals. I have not had a tick or flea problem since I've purchased Seresto. The are effective and cost efficient extended over the period of 8 months.
By Jane
Carlisle PA
February 12, 2018
Review for Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Cats
I love this product. My cat hates drops every month. This flea collar is the best and it works for 8 months. Flea drops made her scratch and irritated her skin... She is a happy cat.....
By littleann48
Springfield, MO
September 28, 2017
I love it.
I have 3 cats I've been using Front LIne on for fleas. After the August application, I started seeing fleas when I combed them. Lots of fleas. A friend had gotten her cat a Seresto Flea Collar and was very happy with the results. So I decided to try it. Got one for each cat, and now find no fleas when I use the flea comb on them. Very happy with the results. And thrilled that they last 8 months, so I don't have to reapply every month like my last flea product.
By Joan
August 30, 2017
Recommended by my Vet
Great product. Does the job for my cat with no adverse reaction. Fast shipping.
By wayne
Mckinney Texas
July 23, 2017
Best price around
great flea collar but a little expensive till you take into account that it lasts for 8 months
By juliebug
July 22, 2017
Doesn't work
I heard rave reviews about this product so I thought I would try it out. We have had our house sprayed, used other treatments, and finally settled on the collar after trying to fight fleas for the last few weeks. I'm still picking live fleas off my cat. This collar doesn't work and I'm sick I paid $50 for it.
By BooBoo
June 14, 2017
Awesome product
The Seresto collar works well and is well worth the investment.
By Katherine
Dover Plains, NY
May 31, 2017
Best Flea & Tick Collar there is out there!!
This is the second time I purchased the product through your company. This second time, the product was made more cheaply, one of the 3 pieces you add onto the collar came broken, and overall I don't think it should have cost the same as purchased last year. I am hoping it does as good of job as the one the year before. One pic of father cat on work computer. Sorry, no children!!
By Mom2zuzuswaggeo
New England
May 13, 2017
Seresto Collar
I was looking for an alternative to liquid vials of tick& flea protection, so this is the 1st time I have used the Seresto collar. It's still early in the season, but so far there have been NO TICKS on my 3 cats. I priced searched and Entirely Pets with the coupon code I had was definitely the lowest cost. I wish the collar was a bit smaller, on all 3 cats I had to cut the left over strap and it does not seem to stay in the loop very well, but if it keeps them and I tick free that's all that matters.
By Lefthandedone1
May 10, 2017
No more fleas for MEow
This is the second year using Seresto for my cats. Put them on and no worries for the spring and summer and fall. Too bad Seresto don't make flea and tick collars for the human pets. Seems like I find tick (s) on me every time I come in from outside.
By Rose
Shenandoah pa
May 5, 2017
My son's cat, Moji, lives near a lot of forest etc. The ticks are terrible. This collar worked great. No more ticks!
By Gary
May 1, 2017
Greatest Collar
I went from pulling 2-3 ticks off of my cats every day to zero starting on the first day of the collar! If this lasts 8 months it will be the best flea tick collar ever. Far better than the drops.
March 27, 2017
I purchased this same collar last year and WOW did it work. I put the collar on my pet amd in 2 days there were no fleas. I will purchase one every year for my pet.
By spchnc
Sanford, NC
March 20, 2017
Great Choice
Good product. Purchase the 3 pack for the cats but unfortunately one had a reaction to the collar around his neck, causing a sore to appear, so he is not able to wear one.
By Kate
Enterprise, AL
March 13, 2017
Much improved collar
This collar was recommended to me by a veterinarian for my outdoor-indoor cat. He still had fleas/bites on him even with topical flea protection. Within days after putting this collar on him his skin cleared of bite scabs and I noticed he was no longer scratching. He initially did not like the collar on him (naturally) but now doesn't mind it at all. I think this is a great option for pets who go outside and need strong protection.
By Cat M.
February 20, 2017
Good Product
These collars work great. Better than topicals. I put the topicals on my cats and they were useless. My vet said some needed to be reapplied as often as every fifteen days. Just make sure you get the collars tight enough. I made that mistake the first time around.
By dakotaviper
Rocky Mount, NC
January 29, 2017
Best Choice
We have been using this product for our two dogs for quite some time now and just started with our two cats.
By Kyssyfur
Palm Bay, FL
January 22, 2017
Good deal
I was buying these from my vet when I discovered that your price is significantly lower, plus with the auto-order, I save even more. We have a colony of feral cats that we have rescued and the lower price here really helps us to protect them.
By Mynn
York, PA
January 20, 2017
Great product
Two cats who hated liquid flea repellents did not mind these collars. The collars did a great job keeping fleas off my cats and I am very happy about that. Trying to put the drops on them was impossible and dangerous (scratched), but the collars were easy. I just hope replacing the old collar is just as easy.
By estie
January 7, 2017
great product
My cat likes the out of doors, this collar keeps the flees and ticks off. No worries
By Felix
Nanticoke, PA
December 29, 2016
Great Product
I've had flea problems this summer due to the hot weather. Topical applications only last one month. It was a real job trying to put an application on all my cats, but with the seresto collar, all that's needed to to put the collar on the cat once in 8 months. It's a savings in the long run, with what I spent to treat the cats plus the house. I highly recommend it.
By Digeanta
December 29, 2016
This is a fabulous product for my cats and the dog has one too. It is easily worn and none of them are bothered by it Every vet trip confirms no parasites of any kind on any of the animals. I thank Seresto for that as I live in the woods.
By Tampabaycpa
Tampa, Fl
October 25, 2016
Seresto Cat Flea Collar
Great product and kills fleas fast! Also breakaway collar for safety!
By christina
Weston, OH
September 27, 2016
All three cats now flea free
I have had an ongoing problem with fleas ever since moving to the area I'm in now. We'd been using Advatage II for several years on recommendation from our vet and it had been successful - even though at that point I was also living with a roommate's mostly outdoor, but in at night dog. After moving, all cats remained indoors, and there were no "outdoor" pets. But the fleas were persistent. Vacuuming every other day, having the house treated by a professional every spring, and the Advantage II were just no match. The constant scratching, bald patches, and fleas in our furniture/beds/linens were just unrelenting. We even tried diatomaceous earth in our desperation (this absolutely just made a mess, we're still finding powder in dark corners of the house a year later). Our vet was reluctant to switch because there are known instances of some pets reacting to this medication (in particular one of my cats has a very bad reaction to some flea dip/shampoo products), but said that we might want to try this. We put it on all three cats, immediately after a two day cycle of vacuuming and pest treatment for the house, and I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly a two year issue just evaporated. We watched closely for adverse effects, but not one of my cats had any noticeable side effect.They didn't even seem to mind wearing them - even now not one of the three has removed the collar. There was minor resurgence a few weeks later (one or two fleas spotted live on the cats) but I haven't seen one since. We're nearly five months in and nearing the end of the serious flea season in our area and I'm relieved to say still no fleas. We are still keeping up on the vacuuming (cut back to once a week though) and will probably have the house treated again in the spring, just to be on the safe side. But regardless, it was entirely worth the price - the same amount of time on Advantage II plus all the additional measure would have cost quite a bit more than what I spent on this.
By Janice
Bremerton Washington
August 11, 2016
Great purchase
My cats have been scratching constantly. Didn't think it was from fleas because I didn't see any on them. After I got the collars they both stopped so it goes to show you fleas HIDE. haha I love the collars, Easy to put on and the cats don't seem to mind them a bit. I'll be buying them again in eight months.
By theresa
Naples, Fl
August 2, 2016
Happy cat....
The flea collar has been a life saver for my cat! She had become immune to all the products my vet could find for us to try. Sure wished I would have tried this first ...would have saved a lot of money!
By Maggie
Conroe, TX
July 30, 2016
Great product.
I bought two flea collars for my newly adopted cats, as my vet had recommended this product. I love this product. Despite putting a topical flea product on both cats' between the shoulder blades, I was still having a problem with fleas on their faces. Since using the collars, no more fleas anywhere. I will definitely but it again in the future.
By Amanda
Weston, OH
July 23, 2016
Worked quickly
I had been using Frontline Plus, and even if with regular vacuuming, we just couldn't keep the fleas at bay. After I got these, all three cats were scratching less within hours, and by the next day, were flea free. I still occasionally spot on on them, but it never lasts long. The difference was like night and day. Still waiting to see if it lasts 8 months as claimed, but even if it only lasts half of that, it will totally be worth it.
By Peggy
Baltimore, Md.
July 15, 2016
Finally a product that works !!!!!!!
I saw a commercial for the Seresto flea collar made by Bayer. I trust that name brand. Within in a week's time a saw a difference. What a relief for all of us. It says it lasts 8 months!! That is amazing. My cats have had the collars for a month now. This product is what I have been hoping for. Thank you Bayer and a huge thank you to Entirely Pets for selling the collars at a great price. Again I AM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!
By okie50
Madisonville Tn
July 6, 2016
Life Saver
Had a terrible flea problem. Cats were miserable. It took about two days to notice then another 3 before I didn't find anymore fleas.
By sharpeye
culpeper Virginia
July 3, 2016
3-pack seresto
Great product. It is so much easier to put on these collars then to put the drops on the back of the cats necks. The product does last the full 8 months. The price is much cheaper in the long run from buying the flea medicine that is put on the necks of the cats.
By Teddybaer16
West Palm Beach, FL.
June 28, 2016
Wonderful flea collar
I love the fact that this flea collar lasts so long. It is economical and works great.
By Judys14
Corpus Christi
June 21, 2016
Love love love this product
We have a lot of flea and tick issues in Texas. I was reluctant regarding this collar but decided to try it. I first gave all my pets a capstar and then put the collars on. My flea issues are now under control and I don't have to worry about monthly drops. Thank you thank you. Have my order on auto ship. Before I heard of you, I had purchased one collar May11th for a cat and it still is not here. Amazon sucks you rock.
By None
North Carolina
June 17, 2016
Great Prices
I have ordered 3 Seresto collars 1 for my dog and 2 for my cats. With Seresto you don't have to worry about fleas or ticks for 8 mths. I consider this to be your best buy and Entirely Pets have the best prices for these collars and other medications.
By inman
June 11, 2016
seresto cat collar
This product is an amazing find and it really works on my cat -- with no hassle whatever !!
By Kevin B.
Queens, NY
June 8, 2016
Awesome Product
We had a flea explosion last year and nothing worked. We finally called in the exterminator. We put the Seresto collar on the dog in Sept. after we had the fleas under control. It seemed to work well for her. This spring All 5 animals are wearing the Seresto collars and so far we haven't seen any fleas. 2 are indoor/outdoor animals 1 cat, 1 dog and so far things are looking good. Lets see what happens in July and August when the real summer kicks in but I am hopeful this is going to be a good year!
By gennylynn
June 6, 2016
Works awesome on my cat. No fleas. Our cat is a happy kitty now.
By debby2727
June 3, 2016
Tick free cat!
After multiple occasions of petting my indoor/outdoor cat and finding a tick (usually while in bed,) this product is well worth the money. This is the second year we have used the Seresto Flea & Tick collar for cats. No more ticks and no fleas!
By Gingy
Boston, MA
May 5, 2016
Another great item
I bought the Seresto collar for the first time last year for my cat, it works really great.
By flea f.
May 4, 2016
no fuss flea fighter
Purchased one and it worked so well , I ordered another and then 2 others. I like Seresto flea and tick collars for my dogs and cats because you just put them on your furry friends and forget about the fleas for 8 months. No fuss no mess it is so easy.
May 2, 2016
Best Price anywhere - same product
I was able to buy 6 seresto collars for my cats for a great price. The product arrived quickly and exactly what I ordered, so I didn't have to overpay in a local Big Box pet store. I used these Seresto Collars last year for my cats and they go out into the woods and we have a significant flea and tick problem in Missouri. These collars really work to keep the fleas and ticks off of them!
By Val
April 22, 2016
Great collar
Love this collar. If you don't want fleas or ticks. Purchase this collar works great!
By Billy O.
Salem, OR
April 14, 2016
Excellent product
We loved this the first 2 times. It was well worth the purchase price for 8 months of flea free! The third time did not work as well, but we had trouble fitting the collars correctly so they did not work well at all. I am willing to try again and make sure we get a proper fit. I was concerned that the problem may have been the fleas had become resistant to the collar, but was informed that it may have been the collar not fitting close enough to their skin. I am interested to hear if anyone else had this problem too.
By Bella
Longwood, Fl
April 4, 2016
Flea collar for cats
We have four cats that had built up résistance to Revolution so I tried Cherestin on vet recommendation. I found it greasy and expensive so we researched Seresto and found a good answer to flea issue as we live in Florida and have fleas year round. The cats are used to the collars now and so far not a flea to be found. I comb them daily and have been happy with the results. Seresto will save us $$$ over a year and we won't worry about an infestation again.
By Rescue M.
March 29, 2016
Good product
I never liked putting that drop of flea poison on my dogs monthly. This is so much better. Haven't seen a flea since I started using them and that's been two years.
By jenb
March 14, 2016
best thing ever
anybody that has a pet or 6 should use these collars!

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