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By Speedy
Ontario Canada
Great product
September 16, 2023
Ticks don’t have a chance with Seresto collars. Been using for at least 10 years
  • Excellent protection from ticks
  • Some dogs have been known to negatively react although we haven
By Ron
It Works
March 18, 2023
My dog has not had fleas or ticks since I started using this product.
  • It does what it says it does
  • none
By Wendy W.
Cohocton NY
Our large dogs love them!
June 27, 2022
When I was asked to do a review an to comment on the collars I purchased for my dogs I knew it was going to be easy. We have been using Seresto dog collars for about 11yrs now an we haven't seen any kind of flea, or tick, not even a mosquito on our dogs! Even when our St. Bernard was a baby an rolled in the dirt, fresh cut grass, or played in the dryer leaves in the fall there wasn't any issue! Or not even wen my German shepherd/Rottweiler mixed breed jumped in our pond an our St. Bernard jumped in after them an got the collars wet we never had a problem! They are wonderful! Please buy this product for your dog they deserve it
  • The reflectors fall off an dont stay attached to the collars very long.
By Ken
Best tick and flea protection and related diseases
February 16, 2022
We live in a rural area with lots of wooded and high grass areas and lots of deer with black-legged ticks. I've been using Serosto collars for years, and my dog never had a tick or flea. I chose Seresto as it kills ticks and fleas before they bite the dog, so no chance of disease transmission. Most other products make animals' blood poisonous and ticks and fleas have to bite to get poisoned and die. Biting allows the transfer of diseases. Also, I do not want poisonous chemicals in my dog's blood.
By Dana
Irondequoit, NY
Works great
December 22, 2021
Love Seresto for my dogs. I always hated the topical treatments that left my dogs feeling greasy. Since being Seresto I have never seen any fleas or ticks on my dogs.
  • No greasy mess, put it on put the sticker on my calendar for reorder and done.
  • Nothing love this product.
By Emily D.
Item as Described & quick to Ship
November 22, 2021
This item was exactly as described. Works great for dogs 18lbs and up. Item arrived quickly. Will definitely purchase again..
By Biskits B.
Olympic Peninsula
Resilient Fleas Take More "Artillery"
August 17, 2021
It seems like the fleas are tougher every year, so just a flea dip won't do the job of keeping them off the pups. A good shampooing with "herbal" anti-flea shampoo and rinse with a similar dip is good to kill the buggers that are on the pups, but once they are dry, a Seresto Flea Collar will help extend the relief. Seresto collars are sturdy and the buckles don't slip so they stay the right size. They also come with fantastic little reflectors to add on so dusk-'til-dawn walks along the street are even more safe and enjoyable.
  • easy, hands-off extension of relief from fleas
  • extra reflectors from dark-time safety
  • non-slide buckles to maintain the correct size
  • not really a "con", but do check with your veterinarian to be sure your pup isn't unusually sensitive to the compound that does the anti-flea job
By Susan
Covina, CA
Protected my dogs in heavy tick infestation
May 19, 2021
Last fall I was fighting a Brown dog ticks infestation indoors. Topicals weren't working to protect my dogs at all. I was pulling dozens of ticks off them daily. Bombing the house and spraying indoors and out. As soon as the collars went on my dogs the ticks around them died. No more ticks latching on to suck their blood. The ticks went away in my house by December. So I thought! They suddenly reappeared or rose from the dead just before Easter. No doubt they went inside the walls or other hiding places to come out again in the spring. My dogs have remained tick free since Nivember when their collars went on. My 17? year old German Shepherd, Zoe passed in March so I will only be ordering two collars this time. I'm grateful that her last few months she was happy and didn't have to be drained by blood sucking parasites or have me constantly pulling ticks off her. Hoping the tick cycle will be broken soon as I am still finding hundreds of dead and live ticks looking to feed. Highly recommend this product. Nothing else worked and I didnt want to use an oral medication.
  • Works fast, no odor, highly effective in killing ticks. Very safe for use on my 3 senior dogs.
  • Tired of people saying they can cause neurological issues, etc. Since the negative article came out. I don't even listen to that nonsense. It's still annoying to hear about that.
By Ellen A.
Fort Worth
Seresto Collar
May 14, 2021
This collar is for my 60# Black Lab. My choice for flea control for my girl has always been a Seresto collar. Entirely Pets had a great price and delivered it quickly.
  • Seresto collars last 8 month, and there is no messy monthly application.
By Judy S.
Clremont, NH 03743
Seresto Flea & Tick Collar f or small Dogs
December 22, 2020
I have used Seresto Flea& Tick Collars for all my dogs. They have worked very well, and I will always put a Seresto Collar on because I want my precious Pebbles protected. We have deer in our are, and other tic carrying animals. She has never had a tick in her eight years. The only thing that is hard for me, I am 73, that when I have to take it off her when she goes to be groomers, I have a very hard time pulling it apart. I finally get it out, but it is a real struggle. Other than that, I have peace she is safe and protected.
By Stacy
Very Effective
November 13, 2020
Has worked great to keep ticks from attaching.
  • No ill effects for my mini Aussie
  • A little pricey. Works for about 6 mo., not 8 mo.
By Wendy
Fairhaven, MA
Fantastic Buy
November 12, 2020
Can't say enough about this collar. The only ticks that I find on my dog are dead ones and there are many of those.
By Sherry
Frazeysburg, OH.
Great buy
May 4, 2020
Used this last year and it worked great.
By Sue
New York
Seresto Collar
April 15, 2020
Great product, affordable.

Merchant Response:Thanks! 8 months of flea protection for that price, we love it too.
  • Works great!!
  • None
By Ashley
Hannibal, NY
Seresto Fan for Life
April 10, 2020
I started using the Seresto collars 2 years ago as my dog is a Lyme survivor and we live in a heavily populated flea and tick area. We've not had success with other topical treatments. With using Seresto I have found 1 dead flea and 2 dead ticks on my boy - and they were small - they did not bite him! This site gave me a great sale price and shipping rate. It arrived quickly too.

Merchant Response:Lyme is no joke. Thank you for your testimonial, Be safe Ashley
  • Easy to use, great price, no side affects, no chemical smell
  • Getting it off for bathing
By Sharon C.
Very pleased
April 8, 2020
Betsy is so happy to have Seresto collar. No fleas no ticks!!! Delivery was also fast

Merchant Response:Any time Sharon
By Tinman68
Long island ny
Best Flea and tick collar on market
March 25, 2020
We buy this collar every year for our dog never had a flea or tick on our dog outlast all other collars on the market
By Larry
Soddy Daisy, TN
Seresto Dog Flea and Tick Collars worked well for my pets last year...
March 17, 2020
This was my first online pet order with and it went without a hitch. They had a special discount code for the collar and they shipped quickly. Couldn't ask for more than that...
  • Great Price...
  • Quick To Ship...
  • Friendly website...
  • None that I noticed...
By Peggy
Great flea protection
March 12, 2020
This is the best flea and tick protection! I used to put the liquids on my dogs necks but didn’t like the idea of the poison absorbing into their bodies. None of my dogs have had fleas or ticks while wearing this collar. And it’s waterproof too.
  • No chemicals in my dogs bodies
  • And the collar protects for 8 months. You don?t have to remember to give your pet a pill or liquid every month
  • None!
By Angela K.
Tennessee (TN)
Highly Recommend
March 12, 2020
Use this product for multiple types of dogs.. They work.. Highly recommend !
By Angela K.
Tennessee (TN)
Highly Recommend
March 12, 2020
I have used these collars for the last 2 years & they work! I have multiple size & types of dogs. Highly Recommend !!
By Diana
Rochester, NY
Seresto Collar is Recommended and Sold by my Vet's Office.
February 21, 2020
I have use the Seresto Collar on my 3 rescue dogs for 2 years now and not a sign of a flea or tick. I live in a heavily wooded area with deer roaming through my gardens and many other tick bearing animals. Plus, I was able to get a refund from the Seresto Company when my vet's office printed out a receipt proving I had purchased them.
  • NONE!
By Alice H.
Washington state
So far, so good
February 12, 2020
One hour after putting the collar on, he stopped itching and scratching. Also, since the scratching and licking stopped, he doesn't smell, so I haven't had to bathe him but once a month.
  • Easy to apply.
  • None
By Suzy P.
Northampton, Massachusetts
I wish I had used Seresto collars all along!
November 2, 2019
For the first time ever, this was the first year my two Chinese Shar-Pei pups didn't bring any ticks inside with them! ... Seresto definitely is worth the price. After I put a new Seresto collar on them, I add a reminder/alarm in my iPhone for 8 months in the future and it's that simple! Their veterinarian tightened up the collars on them and reminded me that you should be able to only put 2 fingers between the collar and your pups neck ...
  • Put the collar on your pet and you're set for EIGHT months!
  • Easy to use, instructions with pictures comes with each collar.
  • Each collar comes with 3-4 reflective snap-ons for the safety of your pet in the evening. Shine a flashlight & you'll find him!
  • Reminder sticker included to put on your calendar when it?s time to change collars.
  • Happy pups = happy mum
  • It WORKS!!
  • You must follow the guidelines when fitting the collar on your pet. Routinely check the collar because it will stretch a little. May need to adjust fitting.
  • Slight chemical odor e we hen you first open the package ... but it goes away overnight.
By Pedro
Doesn't Work
June 17, 2019
I bought these collars for my 3 small dogs just for prevention as they are always clean, after a month I have found some ticks on them. Big waste of money, no solution.
  • Expensive and doesn't work.
Dundee, NY
Happy about results, 5 star
June 14, 2019
I have used them for a couple of years and with multiple animals have no problem with fleas or ticks, I will state the our area is prone to ticks and have known of several dogs with the lime disease, I would give them high marks
By Michael P.
LZ, Illinois
Dog sad to see his friends go
June 7, 2019
All fleas, ticks, chiggers, gnats, and other flying nemesis are gone. Dog has no one to talk to now. Thanks!
By Florian
Clarksville, TN
May 31, 2019
Easy to use. Not really sure how I will know that the collar works for the amount of time stated.
  • Easy to adjust and not messy.
  • No way to tell when collar stops working.
By Kittn
Ches, va
Worked in the past
May 12, 2019
Having an awful time with fleas. Used seresto for years but this year not working as well ,having to retreat yard and house multiple times. At a loss as to what to do but keep flea combing
  • Easy
  • Not as good as it use to be
By Kitty37
These really do the Job w/No Nasty Side Effects!
May 11, 2019
This is my second year using and I Love it.It really works and both of my Dogs have no side effects and the cost is Great!Thank you so much!!
By swoods46
Gouverneur, NY
Not impressed
April 25, 2019
Thought I'd try these collars even though I've had good luck with less expensive brands. About 2 weeks after putting the collars on my dogs, I was pulling ticks off both dogs. Not worth the money, they don't work as well as less expensive collars.
By Petie
Columbus Ohio
No fleas!
April 15, 2019
I have tried many flea collars before but Seresto from Bayer is the only one that I will buy,a little expensive for a little dog have to throw away over half of it wish they would come up with a way to fit a smaller dog and not pay so much for half of a collar to throw away,but love the collar will buy it again because it works the whole 8 months. Thanks!
  • Works
  • Throw to much away
By 12H B.
March 30, 2019
This is the best thing I have found for fleas and ticks.
  • 8 months hassel free
By EddM
Great product
February 27, 2019
Have used for years on 3 dogs. Work well. Never had flea or ticks.
By mike h.
altoona pa
works better then most
January 23, 2019
Been using these collars for several years after switching from the poison you squirt on the dogs back. My dogs hated the liquid frontline plus and any others like it. They don't mind these collars and no more problems with ticks. I will say, do your research with these collars as there are fakes out there. They are made in Germany and come in a specific container. I've had good luck with them but I can't answer for everyone.
  • easy to use, dogs don't mind
  • price, expensive
By Sondra
Panama city florida
Sorest collar for dogs
September 25, 2018
Bought 3 days ago.. It is working for one dog. My other dog broke out with nasty rash on her neck from it
By Rileysmom
San antonio
It works,
August 22, 2018
We switched to these collars a few years ago when one of our dogs had a reaction to pills and to direct application treatments. We live in rural south Texas, so fleas and ticks are major issues. Our border collie mix, with a very heavy and thick coat, enjoys no bites and we think it's no more exoensive than buying those grocery store models that don't last nearly as long.
  • Easy to put on, stays on, works
  • None yet
By Bwells
Sumner, TX
Really Works!
July 31, 2018
We live on 5 acres with 4 inside dogs that go outside and roam from time to time. Seresto Flea & Tick Collars work great in keeping fleas & ticks off our babies!
  • Cut to fit, really works, not bulky
By Miles
Great choice
July 28, 2018
I used this product my 6dog's, and the next day I comb they fur, and dead fleas fell off.
By toni49
Aston pa
Review for Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Large Dogs
June 17, 2018
This item is good before we started this product our dog got fleas so bad nothing work no shampoo no flea treatment but we used this product goodbye fleas the best product
By Rmkuhr
Cincinnati, OH
Great product
May 22, 2018
This is my third time purchasing this item. My Yorkie is allergic to everything but this and it last longer than most. No side affects from this at all.
  • Easy to use
  • No e
By Bradley
Review for 3-PACK Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Large Dogs
May 22, 2018
I bought 3 collars ,and with in 3 wees all 3 dogs lost there collars,I put them back on 2 more times till i could not find the collars again.They just do not stay on,Lost $157 dollars
  • Will not stay on dogs
By Lancelot
Mount Laurel, NJ
Expensive neck ornament
April 21, 2018
I had hoped this collar would be the ideal way to control the nasty pests that plague out dogs, sorry to say it just doesn't live up to the hype in the ad campaign which motivated me to make the investment in this collar. Investment couldn't express my initial feelings prior to making the purchase,and even more so now, who would ever think you'd be spending over $50 on a flea and tick collar? Sorry I did and would never buy another Seresto collar again. Bayer can afford to spend whatever the cost to convince you this is a super product and my experience says don't throw your hard earned money away on this product!
  • Eight month protection if it worked
  • Expensive neck ornament
By Angi J.
April 9, 2018
Totally am happy. No more expensive frontline!!!!!!! The fur kids don't mind them either. Very effective.. Highly recommended.
By Puppies
Best flea treatment
April 9, 2018
Lasts 8 months through rain and baths. Love Seresto
By macman687
austin, tx
mac's review
March 14, 2018
iI think this is a good product. it's priced really well too!
By CoffeeCreek F.
They are the Best Flea & Tick Collar!
February 23, 2018
We have large dogs and 3 cats, they are the best Flea & Tick Collars we have ever had in 20 years. We bought only 1 last year for our indoor/outdoor cat, he never had a flea or tick. This year am buying them for all the animals!! Wish I could get a big discount!!
By Julie
Checotah, Ok
October 6, 2017
I have been using the collars on 3 dogs for almost 3 years!!! They are great!! No issues!!! I live by the lake and we have plenty of deer and other furry friends come thru the yard and I have had no issues with fleas or ticks on my babies!!! My vet said he uses them on his cattle dogs and he says they help with his and they are fully outside farm dogs!!! So great product!!!!
By NO G.
Worst Collar Ever
September 23, 2017
This collar doesn't work! Then when you call Bayer to tell them it doesn't work, nothing but attitude. 45 minutes on the phone then they tell you- No refund! Do yourself a favor do not purchase this Flea Collar. My Vet doesn't recommend this collar. I wish I would have talked to him before I bought the collar. Junk Junk!!
By Yotel
Central IL
August 22, 2017
Found embedded tick and had to take to Vet as it was so embedded I couldn't remove it. Tick was barely alive so collar was working to some degree. I don't like idea that collar did not repel tick altogether as we were not really in tick area and can only imagine how many my dog would have had if we were in area loaded with ticks. Looking for a different product.

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