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By Susan
Phoenix, AZ
My dogs love it!
October 6, 2020
Great for a shinny coat & better skin. Less itch & great for mixing in probiotics.
By Roz
Newton, NC
Easy to use
January 5, 2017
This product makes it easy to add nutrients to my dog's diet; and he loves the taste.
By Sur365
Appears to be working
May 31, 2016
I bought this as a replacement for Dermaquin, which has been discontinued. I use it on my 9 yr old husky and 8 yr old chow mix. The chow mix gets flaky skin during the warmer months, I know, you'd think during winter when it's dry, but she's weird. Anyway, since she's been on it, she hasn't shown much dryness, something that she still exhibited while taking the Dermaquin, therefore this stuff seems to work better for her. It also seems to work well for her joints too, which she also has problems.
By pete4009
Awesome Product
March 11, 2016
So glad I purchased this. It was a recommendation from a coworker at the animal hospital I work at because my dogs had started eating around the fish oil capsules I was putting in their food. They absolutely love this stuff and even lick the bowl when they are finished! I now have this on autoship!!
By brandy
great product
June 23, 2015
This product is a terrific value. Same as in the local pet supply, only less expensive.
By Happy
Denver CO
What a Great Product
June 16, 2015
My dogs coats have never been so shiny. It is also helping their digestive system. I'm so glad I tried this product. I have recommended this to my son for his dog.
By DeDa
Oobie Doobie is content!
March 17, 2014
I finally got her inching under control with Simply Wild Salmon Oil. I mention it to the vet and she said continue giving it to her. And her coat is so shiny that I get compliments on her coat all the time!
By catlady
Houston, Tx
Cats love this stuff!
February 19, 2014
They know where I keep it and when I go for it to add to the food they beat me there waiting for a "spritz" of this on their food...LOVE!
By debi B.
Gr8 Price
February 12, 2014
My dog is in renal failure & needs Omega 3 in her diet. She loves this salmon oil and it is the most reasonably priced Omega 3 I have found. A convenient pump makes administration easy & no mess!!
By corgigirl
playing again
August 13, 2013
I went to the vet with pain in my back which kept me from jumping into my mom's lap and even into the car for going on hikes. But thanks to this delicious salmon oil and the Cosequin DS my mom gives me I am again full of playfulness.
By chris
Good Product!!!!
June 27, 2013
I notice this fish oil seems to be less fishy than some other brand which I used to buy for my dog. She seems to like this better than other ones too. She has no problems finishing her meal without mixing it in with any can food. She even licked her dish clean most of the time. I am glad to have try this product. Not only that she likes it, it does help her skin and coat and it doesn't leave a fishy smell in her breath.
By Faithful
Not What I Hoped For
June 18, 2013
I have been using Dermaquin made by Cosequin for my dogs and the product has been discontinued here so I thought I would try this one. I have 4 dogs and none of them like this oil. They refuse to eat it. Totally wasted money for this product and I still have to find a new fish oil for them. Wish Entirely Pets didn't discontinue the Dermaquin.
By saccagirl
Corona, CA
Great Product!
June 16, 2013
Our vet recommended Salmon Oil for our boxer. Our boy loves having this added to his food! It is great for his skin & coat. We have already recommended it to friends!
By Bea
Easiest Fish Oil
May 24, 2013
This Salmon Oil is the easiest to use. You pump it on to the dog's food (according to his weight). You don't have to touch the oil at all. That's it. And the dog loves it!
By Momroe
Best Value for Salmon Oil Around
May 16, 2013
This stuff is like liquid gold! I could see results very quickly after I started using this. My dog's coat was very shiny and she shed less too. There was virtually no odor, the pump was a convenient and clean method to dispense. My bullie loved it and gobbled up her kibble then licked the bowl to get every last drop. has the best price around for this brand. I felt this product was of superior quality that delivered visible results. It is a more economical alternative to some of the other pricier salmon oil products. I would highly recommend this product.
By bobbie
wild salmon oil
March 6, 2013
My cats wouldn't eat it in their food. I took a brush and brushed it on their paws. When they licked their paws they got it whether they wanted it or not. With these picky cats, one has to be innovative.
By puppymom57
Great product
February 18, 2013
My sheltie really loves this salmon oil. The pump on the bottle is one of the best. Other brands I've tried wind up not getting to the bottom of the bottle.
By Fester
Great product
February 12, 2013
Great for arthritic joints and nice coat. He loves the taste too.
By Nurseymary
Dander Issue
January 23, 2013
Purchased this at the advice of Entirely Pets Customer Service. After two weeks, my long haired cat has shiny fur and no dander!!
salmon oil
January 23, 2013
this is the only salmon oil my dog likes. It is also the only one that truly helps her skin and coat. Without it, she bites and scratches until she bleeds.
By Baloo
Knoxville, TN
Dog's Love It
December 8, 2012
I have both dogs on a Salmon based dog food but adding the Salmon Oil really has made their coats shine, and they love it!
By Jake's m.
Gold Canyon AZ
Simply Wild Salmon Oil
November 11, 2012
My 85 pound chocolate lab loves this stuff. I just squirt a few pumps on his kibble and it's gone. His coat has never looked better....very shinny and smooth. We are both happy with this product and the service with Entirely Pets.
New Mexico
Didn't work
July 24, 2012
My dogs absolutely love this tasty oil on their food but it didn't help with the shedding at all.
By LuAnn
Cincinnati, OH
Great Product
July 5, 2012
This is a great product. I use it for skin and coat, joints and also pregnant dogs. I have had great success using it to keep my dogs healthy.
By Levic
Trinidad & Tobago
The product is ok
July 3, 2012
I have been using this one for a while. I think it is ok. Not sure what to base my boxer dog's shinny coat on but maybe this is one of the reasons. However, all my dogs still shed considerably....this is why I am not sure. I still use it as a supplement. However, I have to say the shipping on this was not good as I received it leaking unto all my other goods. The smell is really fishy so I was not happy to have lost some of the oil and everything smelling bad.
By Buster's M.
Chino Hills, CA
Simply Wild - Salmon Oil
May 30, 2012
I'm very pleased with the service and how quick I received this last order. I was previously purchasing the Salmon oil at a local pet chain store, where it was more expensive. Your site had it on a "daily" special and that's how I discovered it. I love how the Salmon oil has made a difference in Buster's coat & his shedding. I now stock up whenever its on sale. I love your site, the daily deal's and your prices are reasonable. I'm so glad I found you ! Your prices save me money & allow Buster to get more treats ! Thank you, Buster's mom
By Rox
The cats like it; not sure whether it helped
May 29, 2012
I bought this primarily for a rescued kitty's sore paw pads and to help improve its coat. Both improved, but I don't know for certain whether this product, or simply better diet, time to heal, etc., did the trick.
By Max
Salmon Ooil
March 14, 2012
My dog Max is not fussy at all, but the only brand of Salmon oil that he will touch is yours. I have tried a couple of different brands and he just stuck his nose up and would not touch his food with these other brands. Thank you for making this product so appealing to him. I know that your Salmon oil helps his skin and coat especially during the winter months her in New York State
By Elizabeth
Izmir, Turkey
Simply Wild Salmon Oil
February 2, 2012
My cats love the Simply Wild Salmon Oil!!
By Kytti
Liberty, NC
Simply Wild Salmon Oil
January 10, 2012
This salmon oil seems to be a good quality and the cat likes the taste. The pump bottle is sturdy and well made. My only recommendation would be that it was advertised as being "for cats", but for a cat 15 pounds and under you are supposed to feed one half pump per day. It's really difficult to judge a half pump! This should be made with a smaller pump head for cats so that one pump would be the daily amount. Otherwise, it's great!
good stuff
December 12, 2011
The salmon oil really makes my dog's coat shine! When we got her, she was a rescue and her coat was rather thin and fine. After a short amount of time on salmon oil, it thickened up and is very soft and beautiful. She hunts so she needs extra protection. I would recommend this
By Mel
November 2, 2011
Adding Salmon Oil into the dogs diet has done wonders. No more dandruff/dry skin and nice shiney coats. Should be a supplement in every household!
By gebpupraiser521
Buffalo NY
November 1, 2011
I recently tried the Simply Wild Salmon Oil for the first time. I have two Labradors and a Rat Terrier Mix. One Labrador is seven and has auto-immune issues. His coat is dull and he looses a lot of undercoat. The second lab is six months and just developing his undercoat. The Rat Terrier Mix has numerous health issues and is on a special food that he is not fond of. He also has bad knees and is very arthritic but because of declining health can not take most medications. I have only used this product for ten days and I have to say WOW! The seven year old lab has a shine to his coat he has never had since a puppy. The middle labs fur is coming is thick and shiny. My Rat Terrier Mix hasn't looked this good in so long! His fur is shiny and his breath is even smelling better. He is running to his bowl each day and eats all his food. I think he even feels better. They all love the flavor! I feed dry food and just put it on their food each day but it could be mixed just as easily with canned or a raw diet.It makes me feel good to know this can also promote healthy joints. No guessing on how much to give because the pump dispenser and directions are so easy to use and understand. Never have I used something that I saw the results from so quickly. I would not hesitate to buy this product again.
By tdsweeney
Loved this product
July 19, 2011
My cat has had dandruff problems for years. I had tried several different things and this is the only product that got rid of her dandruff.
By Terriermom
My Dog likes it!
March 26, 2010
My Cairn has dry skin, so I bought salmon oil. I was afraid she would not like it, but ate her food right away with the oil on it. Does not have a strong smell. Also I like ordering from entirely pets. They are great.

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