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By cat m.
Athens, GA
April 9, 2018
Not sure if it's working...
I started my dog on this product about 6 weeks ago, and we are almost though the "initial" treatment period (double dosage for the first 4 - 6 weeks). He limps less than before, but he still limps, so I'm not sure if it's working :(
By bbsue
September 1, 2017
Tri-Cox Soft Chews for dogs
My mixed breed Sheltie is very finicky about his food and supplements. He loves Tri-Cox and eats the chew like a treat! The supplement is very effective, too!
By Dlover
July 21, 2017
Tri-Cox chews
This item was recommended by vet for use with my older dogs. The price was great with EntirelyPets and it arrived in a very timely manner. My dogs love this product so it is not an issue for them to take it on a daily basis. I would recommend Tri-Cox chews to any owner whose dogs have joint problems. It has made my dogs more active and they just feel better.
By jmv0357
April 26, 2017
Review for 3 PACK TRP-Tri-COX Soft Chews 360 ct
Great product. It's a treat that helps their joints. My dogs love these.
Palm Bay, Fl
April 16, 2017
Great deal!
My 9 yr old GIANT BREED has been suffering with her back hips and legs which is fairly normal for such a large animal. My vet recommended TriCox and since using this product she is so much better! Buying the 3 pack saves money too!
January 23, 2017
By aaa
San Diego, CA
January 9, 2017
Arthritis help
My vet diagnosed my 7 yr old german shepherd with arthritis in her rear legs. She also suggested we try this product. My dog loves them and they have greatly improved her mobility.
By namekids
Baltimore, MD
January 6, 2017
great value
I have shopped everywhere and this is the best value. It really works well for my bull dogs bad legs. It helps her to run and play and be her silly self again with less pain!!
By Scotty
January 5, 2017
Very good product
My dog is 14 and after taking these she is getting up more playing with the other dogs and just moving around alot more .
By Indy's M.
January 5, 2017
Great Product at Fantastic Price
My chocolate lab has started to develop arthritis and our vet recommended this product. We noticed an immediate difference in comfort and mobility. What can I say, this product works wonders. Pup approved :) FYI - A single container cost $85 from the vet, so this deal is amazing!
By Cooper
South Carolina
January 5, 2017
Great Product
One of my Vets recommended TRP-Tri-COX Soft Chews several years ago. We tried it and liked it ... A LOT. Our dog gets two a day since he has reached an older age. This product has contributed to his activity as he ages,
By snoodle
December 29, 2016
Tricox minis
After 6 weeks I noticed remarkable improvement in my rat terriers trick knee. Have already ordered more.
By 4dogs
Birmingham, AL
December 29, 2016
Great for older arthritic dogs
Recommended by my vet for my senior dogs who suffer from arthritis. The dogs - all 4 picky treat eaters- love this supplement and consider it a treat! How great! They love the supplement and it eases their pain. I highly recommend it.
By irishxfive
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
October 28, 2016
prevented surgery!
we were on another glucosamine product and at the advice of a friend, switched to the TRP-Tri-COX soft chews. Best decision ever. Noticed a change within a few weeks and our golden retriever is back to normal. The vet who was recommending surgery checked her today and said her knee is great!
By aaronkwi
October 28, 2016
great value from entirely pets. we used to buy this product off Amazon but the 3-pack for 90 bucks is a great deal.
By Connie
Murphy, NC
October 23, 2016
Excellent Product
I have an older Golden Lab and this product has really helped her arthritis. She used to not want to walk at all and now she runs. i'm sure she is happier.
By Joe
October 22, 2016
Unhappy customer
My pug Gypsy has been taking these for over 5 yrs. this last order I received she will not eat one. I noticed they changed from liver to chicken.Not at all happy after paying for something she won't eat. I have a full container of 119 pcs.will never purcase these again !!!!
By Pam
July 5, 2016
Awesome product
I have an 8 year old Saint Bernard named Jenny. She has two surgically repaired ACLs. She came up lame in the right front this past spring. It took quite a while to get the inflammation out. She was limping for over 3 months while we kept her quiet and tried meds. Finally we got her back to her old self. I purchased my first bottle of TRP tri cox at the vets and considered the first bottle a loading dose. Her delicate digestive system tolerates the chews perfectly well and she likes them. I bought the TRP tri cox from Entirely pets in the three pack and really saved. To our surprise, Jenny is a lot more active, gets up with ease and has more spunk. Jenny has overcome the limp as well. She is like a younger dog now....Thank goodness.. and it is affordable!!!
By tk
March 14, 2016
TRP-Tri-Cox Soft Chews
I have boxers, some of which will be on this the rest of their lives. One in particular has a history of leg and hip problems, These work very well, and are cheaper than the vets office. They love them. I give them as a treat.
By tim
January 20, 2016
triox soft chews
my sheltie loves them and she feels much better I could tell after about 2 weeks of giving them to her thank you will order again
By Sam
December 19, 2015
Great product
We have 4 large dogs and they get these daily. 2 of our dogs are older and no sign of joint problems. They love the taste and line up when we're giving them out.
By Puma
December 3, 2015
Our old dog is as spry as our young one
Our 11+-year old golden, Bear, loves these chews and our younger dog lusts after them. In addition, he now wants a muscle shirt from Santa to show off his increased agility.
By Rick
September 23, 2015
TRP-Tri-COX Soft Chews
My dog is much better TRP-Tri-COX Soft Chews. He gets up mornings without issues.
By Patti
August 19, 2015
Seems to help
We've been using these with our dog for the past 3 years. Our dog looks forward to getting one each morning. I'm not sure if it helps but she has not had any further problems with her knee (originally why the vet recommended this) since being on it.
By Coachie
August 12, 2015
Highly Recommended
We were first introduced to this product by our veterinarian to give to our golden retriever who's been suffering from joint issues. The chews are soft enough for her to chew with ease and she really enjoys having her "treat".
By SRoss
Calgary, Canada
August 5, 2015
Amazing product
TRP Tri-cox soft chews are the most amazing glucosamine supplement out there. We have a 12 year old Labour Doodle (she is rather large) 96 pounds with sore hips these days. Less than a week on these soft chews her mobility and enthusiasm makes you think she is a younger dog for sure. She is able to play in the water and walk a longer distance etc... Amazing product.
By iheartdogs
mountains in idaho
July 22, 2015
tri cox chews
My dog loves them and acts like they are a treat. They seem to help with her arthritis issues.
By AZoldfart
Phoenix, Arizona
July 14, 2015
Best place to buy, Best deal
Recommended by our Vet, but they charge over $60 per jar. Best deal on the internet
By Chris
June 26, 2015
Stocked up for "almost" the entire year
There is nothing better than being able to not only save money BUT stock up for "almost" the entire year. I am glad that I was able to purchase the 360 chew option as it is one less thing to worry about for the year. The product itself is great for my two dogs.
By Hattie's D.
May 4, 2015
First Class Experience
Started our two newfies on Tri-COX at the recommendation of our vet. Since this will be an on-going supplement, Excellent Pets feature that allows for scheduled reorders is a god-send. No more "Oh my Gosh, we're all out and forgot to get more!" I also had occasion to call the customer service phone at Excellent Pets. Guess computerized menus to plow through, no long wait times...A real human answered the phone, pulled up my information immediately and made the needed change on the spot. Would I recommend Excellent Pets to a friend? I already have!
By dlwho
Gorham , Maine
April 30, 2015
Great Price
These were recommended by my vet and I paid almost the same for 60 chews at the vet as I paid for 120 here.
By skallis
April 21, 2015
Works great
This product has made a difference in my dog. I do not see him having any problems getting up, down and anything in between. My dog is not that old (almost 7) but he is a large Belgian Malinois and quite active. I am totally satisfied.
By puppy f.
April 2, 2015
easy to use
This is an easy to use formula and it seems to help my Rotti's growing pain. It also works wonderful as treat for training.
By Pascal17
March 28, 2015
TRP-Tri-Cox Soft Chews
Our vet recommended this product after our 11 year old shepherd/Rottweiler mix had surgery on one of her back legs in January. We ran out of the product and our vet didn't have any so I ordered them on-line. We could tell the difference when she wasn't taking the Tri-cox. We now have all four of our dogs on it and we won't run out again. All of our dogs are close to the same age. Our St. Bernard mix was really slowing down and now he runs all over the place and when he's on the deck, where there are only a couple of steps he just jumps over them instead of slowly walking up them, like he used to do. When our dogs hear me opening the lid to this product they are sitting at my feet waiting for their treat. It smells bad to me but they love it! I would highly recommend this!
By Molly's D.
Baie Comeau, Quebec
March 26, 2015
TriCox Chews is the solution
My dog is mixed breed ; half golden retreiver and half basset hound. She actually thinks she's a retreiver and moves a lot.... therefore her back gets a lot of beating when playing with her short legs. We've seen her in long period situations shaking continuously for the pain of over extersion and inflamation around her spin and our vet suggested we use TriCox. Then a miracle happen , she was back running and jumping after a week of chews and we've been keeping her one one tablet per day ever since. Thanks TriCox, Thanks EntirelyPets for making this product available for us. Right now this product in not available in Qu├ębec, Canada.
By Molly's D.
Baie Comeau, Quebec
March 20, 2015
Tri-Cox Soft Chew
This is the best product if your dog is suffering from a back problem related to inflammation. We have tried other substitutes and we keep coming back
By tama
March 12, 2015
works well
just like I buy on the vet web site but much cheaper. this seems to help my cocker spaniel's arthritis. a very good buy
By AZoldfart
Phoenix, Arizona
March 5, 2015
Works for our Pit Bull
We have an 8 year old Pit Bull with hip issues and we can tell that this helps her get around better.
By Steel
Lake Worth, FL
January 17, 2015
TriCOX Soft Chews (60 chews)
This product is what our vet prescribed. We order it every month. I prefer dealing with Entirely Pets because they ship immediately with only a nominal fee and the quality of the product is excellent. We use this vendor whenever possible.
By Sam
January 16, 2015
Great product
The boys love them and in just a couple weeks we noticed they were becoming more playful. They definitely feel better.
By Rick
Winter Park, Fl
January 16, 2015
Great, he is like a new dog!
My 14 year old chow/shepherd mixed has now become a pain in the neck again, wanting to go out and walk or run the yard all the time. Since using the TRP-Tri-COX, he has improved greatly. He was always just laying around and you had to almost stand him up to get him out. He hated the 12 inch step out to the yard and now takes it in one stride. This is a great product and thanks for saving me $$$ on my vets price for the same thing.
By Margaret
August 4, 2014
Miracle for Bailey Basset hound
My sweet basset named Bailey has Addisons disease and also bad hips and knees. he was having struggles getting up and standing after laying down or sitting. my vet started him on this product and now he is so much better, even playing with the other bassets in the home . i am so thankful for this product. and the price i can get it here
By sam
June 28, 2014
great supplement
This is an important part of my elderly pet's daily supplement regime. It enables her to move without pain so she can enjoy the daily walk again.
By wandie
Palm Harbor, FL
June 23, 2014
excellent product for dysplasia/arthritis
My 8 year old Black Lab/Newfie has dysplasia and arthirtis in his hips and back, respectively. After being on Tricox for 3 weeks I have seen quite an improvement. It was recommended by a Vet. surgeon, especially for the more uncommon ingredients ( other than the GC) it contains
By Bode'smom
June 20, 2014
Great Product
I have large dogs who have major joint problems. Since being on this product, both of them are now able to move much better. Getting up off the floor also seems to be easier for both of them. Very happy with this product.
By sam
February 7, 2014
tricox chews
My vet recommended this for my 13 year old dog who is having difficulty moving due to arthritis. I saw an immediate difference within a week of starting this. She moves easier and appears to be pain free.
By Shampoo
Fort Wayne, IN
December 9, 2013
TriCox Works
My vet recommended TriCOX for my 11 year old Husky. She has arthritis in her back leg following an ACL repair several years ago. She was previously taking another joint supplement but didn't always eat it and would leave it in her bowl. However, she eats the TriCOX right away so I know she's getting her dosage and I don't have to worry about it sitting in her bowl. Knowing I don't have to force feed her makes it a lot easier on me.
November 12, 2013
Got the old dog moving again.
I've been giving these to my 14 yo 'triever dog, and she seems to be moving better. Took awhile before I noticed a difference, even at the higher starter dose. They are also very good for hiding other pills in, I just slice partway through it, put the pill in, and squish it back together.
By newfmom
Westminster, Co
August 24, 2013
great product
my newfs are more active since starting this product and they love the chews.

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