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By Dawn S.
New Windsor, Ny
Synovi g4
August 25, 2021
This product is very good for all of my dogs hips since we do agility with them. It has really helped them to be able to very mobile and agile.
  • It seems to help my dogs stay more agile
  • It crumbles when you have to cut them for smaller dogs
By Anonymous
Old Hickory, Tn
Doggie chews
May 16, 2021
this product helps my pets with increased mobility and they love taking it. my older dog even comes to mu husband each evening when he feels it is time for his "medicine."
By Joyce H.
Digby Nova Scotia Canada
Synovi G4
February 14, 2021
Excellent product helps my Lab stay mobile
By Anonymous
B.C. Canada
Great buy!
November 28, 2020
This product is hard to find locally for a reasonable price. It has helped our English bulldog with her joints. The delivery was faster then expected and we had no issues with getting the product to Canada. We will definitely be ordering this product again with many others.
By Jenelle
Great product!! Huge results!!
February 24, 2020
My 11 year old boxer is able to hike longer, has way more energy and less stiffness in the mornings or after long durations of activity.

Merchant Response:Good looking dog, Jenelle!
  • Increased endurance, less stiffness, more energy
By Craig
Edmonton, AB
Great for aging big dogs!
December 27, 2019
Our dog who is a 7 year old 90 lb bernedoodle had a nagging limp after sleeping. Synovi G4 for a week and daily since has help him tremendously. Like a puppy again!
  • Taste ( according to the dog!)
  • Easy to feed
  • Conveniently packaged
  • Fair price
  • Vet recommended ingredients including turmeric and glucosamine plus other
  • Daily cost
By Jenelle
Vancouver, BC
Amazing results!
December 26, 2019
Maverick is a 10 year old boxer male. He tends to get stiff, sore muscles and joints. This product has decreased his pain and stiffness substantially! He isn't as sore after big hikes and isn't as stiff after he gets up from sleeping. I see improvement in his energy and it's easy on his sensitive gut. Love it! It's given Maverick the ability to keep on hiking and doing the daily activities he loves!
  • Chewy and tasty! Give them as treats!
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Decreased stiffness and soreness substantially
  • Increased endurance
  • Can dry out from opening the package over months. I bought the big bag and at 2 a day it's lasted over a month.
By TRSmulders
Ontario, Canada
Really helps!
February 7, 2019
This stuff really helped our old bulldog. She was having some joint pain from what we could tell and these soft chews have helped her out so much. They are basically like treats so they are easy to administer and no mess! Highly recommend! Shout out to for having the best price and fast delivery!
  • Help with stairs and day to day
  • none
By legalspiritmam
Synovi G4
October 6, 2017
Best product ever. I have used it for both of my Irish Wolfhounds. It helped maintain the mobility of my senior Wolfhound which extended her life!
By Hoots
Spokane, WA
Amazing Savings
October 3, 2017
What I paid Entirely Pets cost me 4 times as much at my Vets. My 12 year old pointer is bouncing around like a pup. Great product, great price.
By mo
San Rafael, CA
Synovi G4
April 25, 2017
Best supplements for any dog, young or old. Great to order thru, efficient service every time!
By mo
San Rafael, CA
best purchase ever
January 5, 2017
Started my lab on this as a puppy...she will turn 15 in Feb, 2017! Great supplement!
By JRWert
Works Great!
July 19, 2016
A friend told me about this and I was skeptical but gave it a try. We have a 180 lb English Mastiff and her hips are starting to go out. We noticed a difference w/in a few days! I forgot to order more and quickly noticed she was having hip pains again. My skepticism was gone. At that point, I had to buy more so I went with the larger count. My only regret is that I waited this long to use the product.
By dogmom23
Dog Joints
July 19, 2016
I have used this product about 8yrs ago. It did wonders on my older Rat Terrier. My new dog I adopted is a little older and I want to get her on this product. It does wonders. Thanks Dogmom23
By dotgoulah
Healthiest She's Been
July 9, 2016
Before using SynoviG4 Chews my young dog had knee and hip pain (sports injury or genetics, not sure which). Giving her one chew twice a day has alleviated her limp and she doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. I can walk her daily to keep her healthy without worrying about her being in pain.
By Lucy S.
Oakland, CA
Very Moist Chews
June 29, 2016
These chews are very moist and tasty and my two dogs love them.
By Hanks m.
SynoviG4 soft chews
June 9, 2016
I've noticed Hank plays more since he's been taking these chews and he loves them!
By roquette
good prices
May 17, 2016
quick delivery and great prices.+++++++++
By Cal
South Carolina
Does the job
May 5, 2016
Have noticed our older labs hip arthritis getting less problematic as he gets his three daily synovi chews
By lisakbk
Mogadore OH
Excellent product
April 30, 2016
Our large dog has hip arthritis. Synovi G4 along with another supplement we give has helped him tremendously. Product is packaged well and easy to give. We usually crumble it and mix with his food.
Cleveland, Ohio
April 8, 2016
Tyson looks forward to Soft Chews twice a day after our morning and evening walks. We feel he has more energy and seems he is pain free. Thanks to Soft Chew we have our puppy back!
By Diane
Helping dog
February 16, 2016
These chew have helped our 11 year old dog who has arthritis. She is able to run and play with less pain. Best purchase we have made for her health
By Dave
rejunivated great stuff
February 12, 2016
WE have a 9 yr old poodle , got so in mornings she would wait for wife to put her on floor to go out ,sister told me how her dog reacted after taking G4 , after 5 days poodle was getting on and off bed , another week went by and she was bringing toys for us to throw .I told my buddie and gave him 20 briskets , after 5 or 6 days he was asking about ordering. seems his 10 yr old hound was running in frt of tractor when going to woods to cut wood ,PREVIOUS YEAR SHE STOPPED DOING THAT AND JUST TAGGED ALONG /////////////////GREAT STUFF Dave
By Lucy S.
Oakland, CA
Good So Far
January 6, 2016
Bought theSynovi G4 soft chews for my two chessies. Just started giving to them so we'll see how it goes. Packaged very well and seem to be staying very moist.
By Littlelady
Very good product
December 30, 2015
Synovia4 has really helped my German Shepard which is 5 years old. He had his knee go out about 8 months ago so a vet had recommended this product for him and it has really helped him. He also likes them because he likes soft chews and these are always fresh and soft when delivered. We would highly recommend this product.
By CiCi
Good joint treat
November 10, 2015
I have gotten these before from the vet. I thought these were liver-flavored, but are not. My lab will eat it regardless, but the terrier won't eat it unless the smell is covered or put in her food. I have seen improvement in both of my dogs with this supplement. If you have a picky dog, get the liver-flavored.
By Gryhnd
Great ptoduct
October 31, 2015
I've been giving these to by cur cross for two years. These will help with his joints as he gets older.
Kernersville, NC
September 29, 2015
This product has really helped both of my dogs along with care from my vet. The only complaint I have is that the count of 120 seems to be dried out and the count of 240 is very moist. Otherwise I think this is a GREAT product.
By dan
to early to tell
September 7, 2015
I was using cosiquin for my 10 yr old lab,but was looking for something a little stronger to help her get up and about. I am trying the synovig4, but have only used it fof 2 weeks as of now. Time will tell
By dakhel9
August 31, 2015
By NancyJane
Hoschton, GA
SynoviG4 Soft Chews
August 6, 2015
This is a great product. I give this to both of my dogs. One dog is older and needs the boost it gives to this aging lady. My younger dog developed some hip issues and he needs it to help keep his system in check with the MSM and Chondroitin. I like the SynoviG4 soft chews because they think this is a treat! It is very moist and palatable.
By LucyAndGus
Beneficial supplement
August 4, 2015
Both my dogs really seem to benefit from Synovi G4 - less creaks and pops in the joints, happier to run around, generally healthier.
By Mike C.
Roseland, Virginia
SynoviG4 Soft chews
August 4, 2015
A great product at the best price.Our dog, Cheyenne loves them and they help with her hip problem.
By Emu L.
Great Resluts
August 3, 2015
After trying 6 other joint supplements I found SynoviG4. My 150 lb Akbash, working guardian dog, had a knee operation and was getting some arthritis in it. His working partner had some arthritis and was on Metacam. this product not only got him working without a limp BUT got his partner off her drugs!! I have recommended this to others now and they are also having good results!
By Barbie
It seems to be working....
August 1, 2015
My older dog has been taking SynoviG4 soft chews for a couple weeks. He is more mobile that he was. I think the longer is takes the better he will get.
By Bobbybo
Lindenhurst n.y.
product helps but is not a cure
July 21, 2015
I believe this product helped my little girl better than other products. It costs a little more than other products but is not a cure. It will make your little boy or girl a bit more moble.
By animal l.
wonderful product
July 14, 2015
ever since my dog has been on joint chews he can jump & run without pain pills
By Lilly
great results
July 2, 2015
after our 15 year old cocker spaniel tore his ACL, and due to his age, not a surgery candidate, the vet suggested he take a glucosamine supplement along with fish oil. he has been on it for 6 months and he no longer limps and is doing very well. I was impressed with the level of improvement by taking just a supplement. Of course, we limit his running, jumping and activities. I have my other 3 dogs on the SynoviG3 as a daily supplement as well. Great Product and they love it!
By jackisback
great product for my dog
June 27, 2015
A great purchase, arrived early with no problems.
By sc
manteca, ca
Dog Loves and it works
May 29, 2015
My 9 year old lab is taking them but he is still on 4 a day and not on the maintenance of 2 a day yet. He loves them and the vet recommended them to try as he has arthritis. I will continue to give them to him. Vet said all the vitamins in this are easy for a dog to digest. .
By Schindlersnacks
Clinton, Pa
Great product
May 24, 2015
I have so many products for my dog who has hip problems and nothing seemed to do anything. A friend recommended this product. (Her vet recommended it for her dog). I noticed a big difference in my dog who used to moan and cry. He no longer does that. He has an extra pep in his step. He's not 100%, but it has helped him make his arthritis more bearable.
May 18, 2015
Excellent stuff. I have a Chocolate Lab that will be 11 years old in two months. He is a totally different dog taking this. Before you could tell he was very uncomfortable, now he seems much happier and much more comfortable.
By zonian62
Goose Creek, SC
Joint Help
May 18, 2015
This product appears to help my dog with his arthritic joints as she doesn't seem to lip like she did before she started using Synovi G4 and she likes the taste.
By Reheaded M.
Excellent Product
May 8, 2015
We've tried generics and other brands of this type of product and they just don't work as well. This product is excellent and has no equal for our dog, Trina.
By Dag's d.
Review for SynoviG4 SOFT CHEWS for Dogs (120 count)
April 25, 2015
Having good results with this so far. My 10-yr old dog has very bad hips. Injections of Adequan in combinaton with Synovi G4 (2 per day) is keeping him very comfortable. He can still easily take a 3-mile hike but he had to retire from agility. Every so often he feels like a pup and chases the other dogs around.
By stumom
Overland Park KS
Great healthy treat
April 14, 2015
My pet stuey loves these and they are helping him with overall improved joint mobility
By ShellBell
Catoosa, Oklahoma
SynoviG4 Soft Chews for Dogs
March 27, 2015
I am so impressed with all the SynoviG chews. I have a Rottweiler and he has horrible joint issues. He has been on the Synovi Products since he was 3 yrs of age and he is 8yrs. now. I believe these products have extended his life with quality. When SynoviG4 added Turmeric to the mix I knew they were on to something big. I had just been hearing and reading about Turmeric and how effective it can be with joint and arthritis issues. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
By HollyG
March 27, 2015
These chews are wonderful. These were prescribed by our vet for our Basset Hound. We have also started giving them to our senior girls, a Pomeranian and Terrier Mix. The dogs love them and eat them willingly. Entirely Pets was the best price I could find on these and there was a significant price difference between them and the next closest price. After I ordered these, they shipped within a day and arrived under a week. This shopping experience was a great one!
By Dave
Willamette Valley
A Must Have for Older Dogs!
March 25, 2015
I gave my previous dog SynoviG3 and it caused him to go from limping to acting about five years younger. So when my current dog started showing signs of joint pain, I started him on a cheaper brand--but it didn't seem to make any difference at all--so I came back to Synovi--but this time the G4 formula. He gets one soft chew with breakfast and used to gobble it right down, but lately he's been saving it for dessert. Silly dog!
By Katie
Helped my dog
March 10, 2015
My dog came up lame a few months ago. I have been giving her two chews every night. After a couple months I notice she was not limping. Now that the weather is warmer she is out running and playing with my other two dogs.

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