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By Doggie M.
Rawhide Chews
January 24, 2023
My dag loves these and they really help keep his teeth clean.
ProsReduces need for expensive cleanings.
ConsMessy! Little pieces are all over the floor!
By Judson
Labs love them!
December 25, 2022
Just started my two labs on these rawhide dental treats. My pups love them!
ProsMy labs love them, but haven't used long enough for true dental results yet.
ConsA little expensive compared to other treats, but dental hygiene may may it cost effective.
By Randy B.
Great Product & Wonderful Service
October 6, 2022
My dog’s teeth stay very clean with these chews. Entirely Pets provided great pricing and quick delivery.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback Randy, we are pleased to hear you are receiving consistent service.
By Brenda
A+ product
April 18, 2022
My dog's teeth have improved 1000% since using Tartar Shield Soft Chews.
ProsDoes what it is supposed to do.
By John D.
Carefree, AZ
Tartar Shield chews are great for my boy's teeth, and he loves them.
March 16, 2022
This product was first recommended by our vet who does not approve of the typical bulk rawhide chews, many of which are not even produced in the USA. The Tartar Shield chews are much safer for dogs
ProsThese are good, satisfying dog chews which help with good dental hygiene. Our Dog loves them.
ConsExpensive compared to other chews, but are safer when ingested.
By Siegel
Dogs love these
October 2, 2021
This product was recommended by my vet and my dog's teeth look pretty good, especially my 12 year old, her teeth are amazing. And my dogs LOVE these. One word of caution, though, I had a box with 3 bags of these on a low shelf and one of my dogs stole one of the bags and ate every chew in the bag. And she is not generally a food stealer. She got very sick. She's fine now but it was scary for a day or so. Totally my fault for leaving them where she could get to them. So if your dogs love them the way my dogs do, make sure they don't have access!
ProsDogs love them. Recommended by my vet.
ConsThey can get sick if they eat too many.
By Rochelle
April 27, 2021
This is not a SOFT chew, which is needed for dogs with dental issues. Just threw too much money down the drain.
By Jan
Tartar Shield Chews
April 14, 2021
My dog loves these and gets one every evening after dinner.
By Pat
Centennial, CO
Great Product
December 1, 2020
Both my vet and dog love this product! It helps keep my pup's teeth clean but she just loves the taste. She actually has to take bites and chew this, unlike other products that she can pretty much swallow whole. Entirely Pets has a great price as well.
By Lisa G.
Clean Teeth!
November 3, 2020
Tartar Shield chews really help keep my dog's teeth clean. He gets one every night as a bedtime treat. I highly recommend them!
By Ernie
Good service. Great stuff
October 26, 2020
Just think it is very expensive. Wish I could buy it for less. Good service from company
Merchant Response:Ernie, we do our best to keep the costs low. We'll work on making them lower.
ProsDog likes
By Joeysmom
Portland, OR
Great product
September 14, 2020
These were recommended by my veterinarian several years ago. I've used them for two different dogs and they definitely seem to prevent tartar build up as compared to a dog that I had previously. My dogs think they are a big treat and look at me expectantly every evening until they receive one.
Prosdogs like them & they seem to work
ConsA little pricey, but they probably are preventing dental problems that could be even more expensive
By Maria
Bayville, NJ
Great dental chews
July 26, 2020
Our dogs love these chews. Our Golden has periodontal disease and these chews were recommended by our Vet.
By Pat
Tampa, FL
quick chew
June 26, 2020
dog liked product but it did not last long. it was gone in less than 10 minutes.
ProsVOHC certified as effective for fighting plaque and tartar
By Nancy
South Carolina
My dog drools for these
April 23, 2020
This product was recommended by my vetrinarian and I now can see why. My dog loves these chews and they really do clean his teeth well. Not only that, they are not like most rawhide treats these are safe for them to consume. And yes he really does drool with anticipation of getting to eat one!
ProsCleans teeth well
By Deb
Tarter shield chewd
April 14, 2020
Our dog loves them. He waits for it after his breakfast. Thanks for service, ease of maneuvering site, and price. I was able to get 5 bags for price of 4!! This helps!!!
Merchant Response:Deb, we pride ourselves on providing the best value. Enjoy the Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews.
By Mary
Great rawhide chewies
February 24, 2020
Our dog loves them!
By Pam B.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Soft Rawhide Chews
December 27, 2019
My dog really loves her chewies!! They aren't like rawhide bones at all, instead they break up easily. I buy her the small ones even though she is a bigger dog.
By Kiki
New York
Tarter Shield
July 19, 2019
My fur baby loves her tarter chew. Every night before she goes to bed she knows to lie down in the kitchen, stay, then she runs to her bed to finish off her day with her treat. Her vet states with brushing and chew every night she has. No tarter.
By ZilanE
Elk Grove, CA
Vet recommended
August 12, 2018
My dog loves these so much she lets me brush her teeth so she can get one afterwards. These are on the Veterinarian Dental Assoc. list of approved dental chews.
By Moxey
Recommended by my Veterinarian.
June 18, 2018
Will order again shortly. Hoping that Moxey won't have to have his teeth cleaned again this year. He had to have them cleaned every two years before starting Tartar Shield. So far the tartar is not showing, that I can see.
ProsMoxey loves them.
ConsLittle Bit carries hers around.
By eckahn
New Hampshire
Great for teeth, great flavor
April 9, 2018
I have used these for our two dogs. They love the flavor and these plus bully sticks keep their teeth so clean I don't even brush them. My vet uses these Tartar Shield chews too. I give each 30 lb dog 1/2 of a large stick once a day.
By Bob
Dillsburg, PA
Great toothbrush!
September 5, 2017
My German Shepherd has been eating these for about 4 months. First of all, he begs for them each evening. Best of all, my Vet said he has little to no tarter build up. He is going on 9 years old, and does not need a cleaning. His teeth are notably clean and white. I highly recommend Tartar Shield Rawhide Chews as well as the great service provided by Entirely Pets.
By Rebecca
Chicago, IL
Our golden boy loves them!
August 1, 2017
Great product - our golden retriever is always so excited to get his daily dental treat - although it only lasts a few minutes, it helps keep his teeth so clean!
By Don
Concord, NC
Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews
July 22, 2017
Our dog loves these. Our vet recommended them since our dog has poor teeth despite brushing multiple times a week. His teeth have been doing better since we started giving him the rawhide chews.
By Kay
Tartar Shield Rawhide Chews
May 8, 2017
Our veterinary dentist sells this and it's the only rawhide chew I allow. By design, it crumbles and not a blockage risk. My Shelties love them. They are not soft but are very crunchy will crumble into little pieces -- what a relief. Due to the high price, I buy large and snap each "stick" into halves for my 25# dogs. Made in USA is great. No 5 star because the packaging doesn't have product weight,serving size, or nutritional content. I've been calling the manufacturer but keep getting voicemail
By sadie
new mexico
soft rawhide chews
March 26, 2017
do not last. goldens chew them up within 2 minutes.
By Patty
Great for Dog Dental Care
March 22, 2017
My two dogs love these! My vet recommends the "Large Dog" size (even though my dogs are small) because they get them to their back teeth to chew, and those are the hard teeth to keep clean. I also brush my dogs teeth every other day with a child-size toothbrush and enzymatic dog toothpaste. My vet says their teeth look very clean! We were already able to skip one cleaning for each dog, because their teeth are so clean
By Mom
Covington , Kentucky
VOHC Accepted ~ VET Approved
February 26, 2017
My 2 dogs love them - keeps breath smelling good and teeth clean - no worries of choking or binding intestines - great product!
By peggy
hickory nc
tarar shield soft chews
January 27, 2017
the dogs love them and do not upset their stomachs.
By Jordymom
Tartar Shield Rawhides
January 5, 2017
I have been feeding these to my senior dog to hopefully keep further dental problems from occurring. He likes these and considers them his once a day treat. Entirely Pets has one of the best prices around for this size rawhide and their delivery is always fast. Tartar Shield is one of just a few rawhide products endorsed by the VOHC.
By aimeestock
Scottsdale, AZ
Best chews ever!
January 5, 2017
I used to work at a veterinary office where we sold these treats. I am thrilled to now find them at Entirely Pets. My three rescue dogs just love them and we will order again and again! :)
By stella
Buy these - you won't find them anywhere else!
December 29, 2016
My vet recommended these but the price at the vet's office was a bit steep for me. Entirely pets is the ONLY online store that I can find these at! (And they aren't in brick-and-mortar or big-box places either!). My dogs LOVE these and I love that they have the cleaning action of rawhide but without the danger of them. These rolled rawhides sort of break off into chunks when the dogs chew them. Although I still supervise them (as with any chew), I don't have the fear that they will choke on these because they don't get soggy or the "wet leather" texture of regular rawhide. These do a great job at keeping my dogs' teeth clean. I HIGHLY recommend them -- we usually buy about a dozen bags at a time.
By karlee
Gainesville, Fl
So glad I found out about these chews!
October 21, 2016
My golden retriever's teeth stay so much cleaner now that I started using these chews. My neighbor told me about them, she has 2 labs, and I am so glad!
Great Rawhide
October 21, 2016
Our dog loves these and they are recommended for tartar control by our vet.
By Jane
They Work
July 5, 2016
As the product says, regular use will improve the tartar from teeth. That is exactly what it did for my dog. Beside he loves them! He gets one a day and it's a lot cheaper than a professional cleaning.
By Susandk
Norwalk Ct
Good for teeth, dogs love them
May 2, 2016
My holistic vet recommended these, although I am skeptical of raw hide products, these are different - crunchy as the rawhide has been ground and mixed with ingredients to attack tartar and plaque. I wasn't sure if my dogs would like them but they love them! And their breath smells cleaner!
By Jewels
Review for Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews for Large Dogs (24 count)
January 18, 2016
Excellent product. Was giving my dogs denta stix and was frustrated as I didn't think they were working very well. Found the Tartar Shield and bam ! Tartar all gone. I would recommend this product to everyone.
Excellent Product
January 11, 2016
My dog loves these Chews and they do what they say they will do. The Chews have removed tartar from her teeth. The vet doesn't need to do a cleaning this year. Thank you Tartar Shield.
By Kacie's M.
Best Rawhide Chews Available
January 10, 2016
The Tartar Shield soft rawhide chews that I purchased for my border collie are great. They are so much better than the regular rawhide chews I was buying before. My dog used to choke on the large pieces that she bit off. These Rawhide chews are broken up in the middle, so there are never any pieces big enough for her to choke on.
By Ann
Tartar Shield Chews work
July 22, 2015
A friend gave me some to try and after several days, the tartar on my 2 year old lab's teeth started to flake off. The chews can be crumbly, but my dogs clean every crumb. Great for delaying a dental at the vet's office!
By Miss
Dallas, Texas
No broken teeth
June 7, 2015
I bought these on the recommendation of my dog's dentist. My yellow lab loves chewing on antlers which ended up breaking 2 of her molars resulting in surgery and removal . *please save yourself the money and your dogs teeth and don't let them chew on antlers* These rawhides are far softer on the teeth. Do last a long time? No. But, they do give her an opportunity to chew on something as a treat.
By Doxiemom
Enjoyment while self teeth cleaning
June 2, 2015
My dachshunds enjoy a half of a Tarter Shield every morning. I buy the large ones so that they can enjoy a bigger half. This product keeps their teeth clean from tarter; as I can't find the time or energy to brush their teeth every day. They like the taste, making sure that they clean up every morsel. I like this product so much that I purchased bags for my friend's dogs for Christmas presents last year.
By Sue
Pittsburgh, PA area
Wonderful product
May 15, 2015
Both of our Labrador Retrievers love the Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews. They anxiously await their chews when it is time for them. It has made a difference in the tartar on their teeth.
By PibbleMom
Doctor Recommended
May 7, 2015
One of our 3 Pits has damaged teeth from prior abuse. He's fractured 3 teeth (2 canines & upper carnassial), all of which required root canals and crowns. The hardest thing he got to chew on was a bully stick. At his annual checkup last month, his dental vet said even those were too hard and were damaging his teeth, and recommended these chews to help maintain his oral health. I also give them to the others after brushing their teeth. Doggie dentists are expensive and the fewer trips to see him the better!!
By Kathi
A nice alternative
March 17, 2015
I don't give these all the time, but when I do, the dogs love them. They are not your typical rawhide. This product is crunchy and the dogs really like them. I do think they help keep the tarter in check. I like to keep a bag around the house for an occasional special treat.
By Teisha
Good, but a bit over-priced
March 3, 2015
We get a lot of different dental products for our dogs, and these are one of the many we've tried. Our dogs like them OK, but this package is a bit expensive for what you get (about $1 per chew, and they don't last long).
By Sadie
Mesa, AZ
These come highly recommended
March 2, 2015
These chews were recommended by our specialty vet dentist for one of my dogs who has had extensive dental work. BOTH of my dogs love them.....and now expect them every night before bed!! :)
By sueblittle
Austin, TX
Tartar Shields are great!
January 31, 2015
My dogs love these. They were recommended by our doggie dentist--a vet specialist--who said these would be great to help keep the dogs teeth clean and would not make them sick like some kinds of rawhide can do. They are one of my dogs' favorite treats and their teeth really do stay much cleaner.
By Lily's A.
Pasadena, CA
Good for teeth
January 25, 2015
The chews help to keep Lily's teeth clean and avoid visits to the "CLEANERS".

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