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St. Louis, Missouri
June 2, 2019
Keeps My Dogs' Ears Clear
TrizUltra is a great product which effectively keeps my dogs' ears clear, clean and infection-free. And that sale price can't be beat!
By Charles
January 31, 2019
Shortvexpiry date
Bought the larger size given I was given a small size from my vet. Expiry date on this purchase was under four months on receipt, the purchase from my vet had a one year expiry date. Be careful in being offloaded with expiring product. Product itself is good
By phphph
December 23, 2018
Good product, but expiration date too short
I received the product in 12/18 but it expires already in 3/19
By Pammy
July 12, 2017
Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs
Ever since my dog had a bad ear infection 4 years ago, my vet recommended this product to keep the ears clean on a regular basis. Works great! I don't buy anything else. Once I week, I squirt a little in each ear, gently massage, then wipe the excess with cotton balls. My dog doesn't always like the squirt in the ear, so sometimes I just soak a cotton ball first then wipe out my dog's ears with it. No more infections!
By Alisha
Haymarket, VA
June 19, 2017
Keeps Cocker ears clean!
I've only ever had Cocker Spaniels, all of which have had classic "Cocker ears." Regular ear cleaner seems to be hit or miss for me, depending on the dog. One of my dogs had constant yeast and fungal infections that kept returning after treatment. Once our vet recommended TrizUltra +Keto, I haven't used anything else since. Its a miracle worker and she hasn't had any ear problems since we started using it (5+ years). I clean her ears once every 1-2 weeks. It's much cheaper to buy online than at the vet's office. Love this product!
By Ginab
Hesperia Calif.
May 30, 2017
Ear cleaner
Love this product. Dogs do not mind getting their ears cleaned with it. No burning or stinging for my babies!
By Sif
Dexter, Missouri
May 14, 2017
Veternarian Recommended
This product is excellent . My Wicket had a severe bacterial ear infection . This product fixed him right up.
By Charlie's m.
May 10, 2017
Fantastic price!
Great stuff for flushing ears and anti fungal. My vet prescribed for my dogs ears. Fantastic price and quick delivery! Saves me money!
By Lonny
Fridley, MN
March 18, 2017
good stuff
tried many ear cleaners for my German Shepherd and this one cleans without over drying. also help smell.
San Diego, CA
August 6, 2016
Good cleaner
Used to clean dog's infected paw. Worked really well. Recommended by my vet.
By Bama
Dunbar wv
June 29, 2016
Review for DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto (12 fl oz)
This item was recommended by vet for my bloodhound. Love the product plus everytime I purchase. Quick delivery. Love this company
By Ruby
June 5, 2016
Really works
My Buddy has had problem with his right ear for several years. He has a lot of hair and with the heat and humidity he gets a yeast infection. This was prescribed by a vet at a much "higher "price. This product relives the itching and makes for a happier dog.
By Smarzull
Havertown, PA
May 18, 2016
Great Product
After taking my puppy (who I rescued) to her first vet visit, she was diagnosed with ear yeast. Upon using this product as prescribed and now its once a week, the odor is gone!!! Needless to say, we'll be purchasing this product for life.
By Sadie
May 17, 2016
Clean Ears
Trizultra Keto|DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto is a wonderful ear flush--safe to use with little problems...actually no problems. I have to cotton pads ready...and after a gentle minute or so massage, I take the cotton pad and wipe his ears...and all the goods come out...great stuff!
By Kathie Y.
Urbana IL
March 30, 2016
Good Product, it works
My dogs have on and off ear issues.This ear wash was prescribed by my vet originally. Every time the ears are smelly and have dark wax/yeast this product clears it up. I would ask your vet how often to clean the ears 1st. This product has worked every time, it's fantastic!
By cc
buffalo ny
March 23, 2016
Easy to use
This product is for my poodle mix which she has issues with her ears. I am glad I found this easy to use cleanser. I fill the ear and rub it around and them wipe the access out. It has a nice smell too. It works great.
By kw
February 11, 2016
good stuff it works
Very good ear cleaner reasonably priced.
By Dith
Bethesda, MD
December 1, 2015
An exellent ear wash
I like this product because it is not oily. After using it, my dog's ears are cleaner and healthier (I use this against yeast infections) and his fur is left clean and free of any oily residue.
September 1, 2015
Really Works
My DIL's King Charles cross had a nasty ear infection, crusty and deep red, within 7 days of steady treatment it looked 100% better. Same exact product that my BIL's Vet prescribed for his yellow lab when she had an ear infection.
By smoochie
August 11, 2015
Good Alternative
Good all around antifungal agent for pre-treatment of ears and abrasions. Must have for dog's bug-out bag.
August 8, 2015
By 4RK9Z
Walsenburg, Colorado
July 15, 2015
Great Prevention for Yeast Infection In Ears
I have a Weimaraner (Griffin) who is constantly getting yeast infections in his big flappy years. My vet recommended washing his ears with Trizultra at least twice weekly and it has kept these infections at bay.
By Jodi
July 9, 2015
really helps
This product has really helped to prevent ear infections in our dog. She was constantly getting infections and needed antibiotics and sometimes steroids- this has been a wonderful relief.
By Dixie r.
May 19, 2015
Excellent product!
My veterinarian gave this my dogs to treat a yeast infection in their ears and it has really helped and healed their ears due to constant scratching I will be using this product because it works!
By Andy
May 13, 2015
A great product for your dogs or cats ears. Will clear up any infections and leaves your dog or cat with a smile on their face. This is a well used product and I highly recommend it. It's also cheaper to purchase from Entirely Pets than from your vets office or clinic.
By Cyn
Tampa, Florida
April 21, 2015
Trizultra +Keto Ear Flush
I buy this product for my 13 year old cocker spaniel. She has such ear problems. This product is a true life saver for me and my dog.
By nml
Buffalo Grove, IL
April 14, 2015
Good Product
I use this product to clean my dog's ears and it work really well. I use it for general ear cleaning as well as when he has some "ear issues". I have been using this product for years and first saw it @ my vet's office. It is alot less expensive when purchased from Entirely Pets.
By Mama G.
Tustin, CA
April 13, 2015
Triz Ultra + Keto
Good product & I would recommend it. The shipping time was quick & I had no issues with it. The product arrived much sooner than I expected so I will use this company in the future.
By Adri
Antioch, CA
March 19, 2015
TriUltra Keto
The dogs have had an year infection for months. The vet has been seeing them almost in a weekly basis and the medicine didn't do anything, just gave side effects to one of the dogs. So in desperation I started to research and a friend of mine recommended the product and it was the only thing that helped her dogs hears. So we gave it a tried and we are glad we did. My dogs ears have improved a lot. One dog her hear are completely clean and one we are still fighting the yeast. This product is excellent, I recommended and I have already.
By special
September 27, 2014
Review for DECHRA TrizUltra +Keto (12 fl oz)
product seemed to irritate dog's skin? I used this product not as a ear cleaner but as a skin cleaner.
By Blsck G.
Mid Missouri
May 17, 2014
Best Ear Med
This is hands down, the BEST ear product out there.
By RubyCrystal
April 24, 2014
Helps Keep Ear Infections Away
I have a dog that is allergic to certain trees, pollens, grasses. and probably food, as well. She gets ear infections frequently. My vet. has been prescribing the Trizultra + Keto. ear flush. I use this product every other day and it seems to be helping a lot. I have not needed to take her back to the vet. for four months and counting. This product when purchased at this site is considerably less expensive than when purchased at the vet. I definitely recommend it.
By Kathi127
Baltimore, MD
April 17, 2014
Wonderful Product
I have a Golden Retriever who has terrible allergy problems that affect his ears and this product has proven to be the best for cleaning and keeping the yeast problems at bay. I highly recommend it.
By Squeaky
March 26, 2014
Great Ear Flush
Discovered this years ago with a spaniel with chronic ear infections. The local vet price is much, much higher for exact product. We use it routinely and have had no ear infections for several years now.
By Rileysmom
Seattle, WA
February 4, 2014
Great ear cleaner
My golden retriever mix has allergies, many allergies. Weekly baths and ear cleanings are necessary to keep him clear of bacterial infections. His dermatologist recommended this ear cleaner to prevent bacterial/ fungal growths. Since using this cleaner, my dog has not had a single flare-up, whereas before he had one every few months. It is wonderful to find a product that works and keeps my dog more comfortable.
By irish3
Pittsburgh PA
January 21, 2014
amazing product
after 4 1/2 years of trying everything for a chronic ear problem, this ear wash along with the appropriate med fianlly cleared up the ear problem. Using it once a week to wash her ears, the problem has not returned. It's been over a year.
By Julie
January 15, 2014
Good purchase
This was a huge help to clear up my Maltese's yeast infection on her skin. Just wetted her down, massaged this non-diluted liquid into her skin, let stand for 10 min & rinsed. After just doing this once a week for just a few weeks, she was much better. Glad I got this
By Nonni
Hollis, ME
January 13, 2014
Good stuff
My English Bulldog has chronic ear problems. This is the only product I've found that doesn't sting. I'm down to swiping his ears only twice a week.
By gracigrey
Dallas, TX
October 31, 2013
Happy Ears!
My lil pooch's ears are floppy and happy, but not so happy with funk in her ears. After using the product, she now has back her Happy lil Ears! Comes highly recommended.
By San
Rossville, TN
October 2, 2013
TriZUltra works Great!
I have a dog who swims in my lake for hours every day, and is therefore prone to yeast infections in his ears. He also has horrible allergies & has to take shots. My Vet recommended TriZUltra and it keeps his ears clear, clean & infection-free. In addition, it's not oily and has no odor. I'll use it for the rest of his life. A FABULOUS product!
By mabru45
Muskegon, Mich
September 15, 2013
Works great under the circumstances
My dog does have an issue with his eardrum but also he gets a lot of hair inside his ear. This helps a lot to wash the loose hairs out. Also you have this for so much cheaper than my vet. Will always come her first. Thanks
August 20, 2013
A Must Have - for chronic ear problems
Our 8 year old German Shepherd acquired an ear infection during a prolonged period of Hypothyroid. After multiple visits to his Vet and a subsequent referral to a Dermatologist specialist Vet our dog was finally diagnosed with Hypothyroid and treated with a simple twice a day pill. Unfortunately during the wait time his ear got worse and worse and now he has an ongoing ear issue that will have to be treated daily for life. This particular ear wash is the ONLY and BEST ear wash for this pup. Our Vet would not recommend any other alternative. In addition to a concoction of antibiotic drops, this hard to find ear wash is a must that we'd be lost without. I only wish it weren't so expensive.
By Seneca
Annapolis, MD
August 7, 2013
Excellent product and value
My dog has persistent ear fungus problems. Consistent use of this product takes care of the problem much to her relief and mine!
By weluvpooches
Santa Rosa, CA
June 30, 2013
Boy does this help keep ears clear
Our dog had repeated ear infections until our vet put us on this as a regular wash. Now we just squire a little in each ear twice a week and let her shake it out. She has had ears clear of infections for over a year. Well worth the effort.
By sharingpuppylove
June 26, 2013
Keep yeast infections down
We use the ear wash here and it works the best!!!
By Biscuit
June 11, 2013
Second level anti-fungal
This medicine has begun to reduce the fungus infection in my dog's years. Fungal infections take a very very long time to get rid of. If your animal is not responding to the first more common one used switch to this sooner rather than later.
By watamix
Southern California
April 20, 2013
Our vet originally told us to use this to clean our dogs ears, and it worked wonders on both of them. So then when the bottle was running low, I searched for the same product and found it here, at considerably less cost, even including shipping. Great stuff!
By semfan
March 30, 2013
Great Product
This product is not just great for ears but skin as well. My vet recommended this product for my pug 9 years ago and I have been using it every day since. It works great for daily maintenance of my pug's nose wrinkle. On a small wipe I apply a few drops of this and wipe her nose wrinkle and surrounding area. It keeps her clean and infection free. I also use as weekly maintenance for her ears.
By Rappwizard
South Florida
February 20, 2013
Best Ear Cleaner
My breeder's vet recommended this product due to the "gunk" in my golden's ears. She didn't have an ear infection, just a lot of doggy earwax! I have been using this every time I bathe her (about once a week) and no more gunk. A large bottle lasts about 9 months or so. I am now on my second bottle -- it's so nice to be able to look inside her ears and see they're nice and clean. And the solution smells great! Nice fresh scent.
By Darcy
Raleigh, NC
January 27, 2013
On the recommendation of my vet, I use this product twice a week to prevent ear problems, and that's exactly what it does. Even since, I never had to worry about any ear infections.

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