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By Lymaris R.
Puerto Rico
Dog shampoo
September 2, 2022
Excellent for sensitive skin
By Quiquin
Santa Ana CA.
Best purchase ever
May 5, 2017
Excellent product, just like vets office.
By Ben
Bad Experience
September 26, 2015
I applied this shampoo for the first time on my Westie and after a few minutes she began to jump around and scream like I have never seen before. This shampoo did not agree with her skin at all. After one use I tossed out the bottle. I had been using Keratolux but it was not in stock. I also use Microtek shampoo which is very gentle on my dog.
By jsouthtom
Great shampoo
September 23, 2015
I have been using this shampoo for a long time. It's a great value and is very effective. Dogs skin is much better when I use this.
By 2carpoor
Universal Medicated Shampoo
August 27, 2015
Works well on dogs with mild skin conditions. Check with your vet for serious problems. Smells good. Suds up well. Rinses dirt, fur, and loose skin. Leaves pet looking and smelling good!
By georgia
VET isn't what I received?
August 25, 2015
I used VET Universal Medicated Shampoo for a lot of years and really liked it. It was a little watery which caused me to spill a lot, but otherwise it was very nice. This is what I ordered, but I can't tell if they sent something different, changed the packaging, or sent a whole different product.
By Trace
Tamarac, FL
June 10, 2015
Thank goodness I found Entirely Pets! My Vet stopped selling Vet Solutions products and were charging an arm and a leg for their version of this product. I got the shampoo my dog is used to at a great price!! Thank you Entirely Pets!
By Pekkle
Halifax Canada
Cleared Yeast iInfection
April 26, 2015
After 4 shampoos, no more odor, yeast infection and reduced scratching. I used it once a week.
By bowow
March 10, 2015
I just couldn't use this for the smell...
By Knuckle
A good product
February 18, 2015
Easy to use gives his hair a good feel and shine.
By Tracey
Universal Medicated Shampoo
September 7, 2014
I have a 2 year old German Shepard and he has itchy dry skin and a bad Oder . This Shampoo has been magical .After one use it helped relieve itchy skin leaving him with a fresh scent that actually stayed for three days! It is also safe to bath once a week with this shampoo.It has been over 1year I have use this product and recommend it for anyone who has a pet with skin problems or dermatitis any any won't be sorry and my Vet charges 8$ more than Entirely Pets so I know This is a great deal!
By Suz
West Mifflin, PA
Effective dog shampoo
August 14, 2014
This dog shampoo helped alleviate some itching. I'd recommend it for dogs with environmental type allergies that cause itching and licking.
By AllDogsGoToHeaven
Great Shampoo
June 3, 2014
This shampoo really gets them clean and deodorizes too. I first purchased this product from my vet.
By renee
great shampoo for dogs skin allergies
May 5, 2014
great price for medicated shampoo recommended by my vet for my dog who has skin allergies.Once a week, I leave the shampoo on my dog for about ten minutes and then rinse. My dogs skin and hair has improved and has grown back especially around the tail area.
By Rango
Cookeville, Tn
Best product on the market for our dog
February 11, 2014
We've tried other products for our Schnauzer who has very dry skin thru out the year. This shampoo really works for us. We've used this shampoo for 4+ years now.
Mansfield Ohio
Great product
February 3, 2014
Our dog has very sensitive skin and the Universal Medicated Shampoo is the only shampoo we now use on him. His skin issues are pretty much kept in check with this great product.
January 5, 2014
This is the best shampoo I've ever used!
By CareDog
Medicated Shampoo
October 3, 2013
Read about this medicated shampoo from several sites. The antibacterial/antifungal aspect interested me in solving the scabs on my dog. I followed the instructions and checked my pet a couple of days later. Sure enough, the scabs were braking up and going away. He might have had seborrhea or something, but this shampoo does the trick.
By Sam
Gentle Shampoo
September 15, 2013
I bathe my dog weekly so this shampoo is gentle. Have been using for over 4 years and the little extra you pay is worth it.
By MoodyWitch
Huber Hts, Ohio
Only Shampoo My Girls Will Use
May 30, 2013
I have been using this product for at least 6 years ...When my Corgi, Chelsea RIP had gotten a skin infection and the vet recommended it...I liked the clean smell so much that I kept using it even when I got The Girls Crissy and Cleo almost 3 years ago...I was told it was safe for puppies so I just stick with it...After going to a groomer for for a haircut and bath for my Fluffy Cleo they used something and I had to bring my girl home and give her another bath...I told her now you smell like family again...
By doglover
Livermore, CA
This was recommended by my Vet
May 15, 2013
This product was recommended by my Veterinarian when my dog developed a skin condition. I started using is right away while waiting to see a specialist. The shampoo started helping his skin immediately. It has a pleasant odor, lathers nicely and my dog was comfortable with the product sitting on his skin that had a lot of raw areas from losing his hair in patches and the dry skin that had flaked away. I continue to use the medicated shampoo on a regular basis, even when his skin isn't flared up and I am very happy with it.
By Sweetie
Cowden, IL.
Best dog shampoo ever
April 9, 2013
This shampoo was so much easier to use than the previous shampoo I'd bought !! This is the best product I've ever used that had a lasting effect on the itching !! Would recommend it to everyone !!
By IzzyLopez86
Zion, Illinois
March 13, 2013
At a great price and super good quality, I finally found a good shampoo for my dog that has Allergies. You dont have to use that much since it lathers on soo good. It also smells nice leaving my best friend with a shiny coat that lasts for a while. I will definitely keep buying this product. Highly recommend it!!
By Abbysmom
Good product
February 9, 2013
Good for dogs with skin issues. Smell is a little strong
By cro56
Great product!!
January 10, 2013
Was introduced to this product in Vets office. My dogs were allergic to flea bites. After eliminating the fleas this product helped heal her skin and left her coat clean and soft. The price was much less than in the Vet's office.
By bibzie
plains, penna
December 21, 2012
this has done wonders for my dogs skin and hair. it was recommended by a friend of mine. i have a shih tzu. he is a happy dog
By Docheart
Rochester, NY
Perfect shampoo
December 11, 2012
Cleans well. Rinses off easily. Does not burn our dog's eyes. He smells great after bathing. Because he plays hard and gets muddy, he literally gets baths almost every day. It doesn't dry him out or irritate his skin.
By max'smom
My Vet's choice!
October 28, 2012
This shampoo was recommended for my dog who developed a mystery rash. His discomfort was relieved quickly. And, it smells nice!
By RayRay
Review for Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
October 22, 2012
Best shampoo for any dog on the market! I've used many other shampoo's and this one is the winner above all.
By Turtlynne
Aiken SC
Excellent results
August 19, 2012
this shampoo did exactly what it said it would do - and smells good too!
By Margaret
Vet Solutions Medicated Shampoo
August 17, 2012
This is the best shampoo for dogs and cats who have allergies. Helps relieve my dogs itching. Will buy again!
By Terry
Centennial, CO
Very good shampoo
July 18, 2012
I used this shampoo and it worked very well. My dog has subaceous adonitis and needs a bath quite often to keep her skin clean. I feel confident I can use this on her at least every two weeks.
Best Medical Shampoo
June 6, 2012
This shampoo has been the best thing I ever purchased for my Westie in helping his allergic skin problems.
By Effa
Good product
May 30, 2012
We use this for our dog who has seasonal allergies. This is part of the treatment we use yearly to help comfort her in the fall.
By country g.
South Louisiana
good shampoo
May 14, 2012
It's a good shampoo that I tried in order to replace another anit- bacterial /anti- fungal shampoo that is no longer available. My dog has allergies and sometimes his rashes and itching get severe. I use this shampoo and also cortisoothe. I wash my dog twice, once with each shampoo two times a week. This shampoo is working well and my dog only needs allergy shots in the spring and fall. In the past I had to get him medicine or shots every 6 weeks. I also recommend blue buffalo dog food.
By CindyW
Works great and fresh scent
February 20, 2012
We use this shampoo on all our pets, dogs and cat alike. It is especially good for any pet that may have allergies. It also has a nice fresh scent.
By Virginia
Review for Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
February 1, 2012
The shampoo worked great to help control odor regarding my dog and left him soft as well. It did not dry out the coat and It is an additional treatment that I am using with other products.
By Flaure
Miami Beach, FL
Medicated Shampoo
January 18, 2012
Excelent for sharpei / mixed dog skin issues. Super HAPPY!!!!
By doglover
Great shampoo for dogs with any skin irritations
December 29, 2011
My Chocolate lab has skin allergies and she breaks out on her belly often. We found this shampoo and it helps with the skin irritations but is gentle enough to use it each time we bathe her. Love this product!!
By Gus' m.
Southern California
Review for Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo (16 oz)
November 30, 2011
I bought this shampoo because my dogs are on the N-Zyme skin program and this is a recommended shampoo. I have lots of shampoo so I didn't really need it but bought it because of the skin program. I was surprised at how good it worked and, despite its name, it didn't seem like a medicated shampoo. It lathered nicely and rinsed easily. The dogs have a nice clean scent and it left their fur soft. I'd definitely recommend it.
By momi
Seminole Fl.
smelled niice
November 5, 2011
So far I have only used this once but it cleaned very good and she smelled nice.
By kidzkrnr
great shampoo
October 31, 2011
This shampoo lathers very well with only a small amount of product. It also rinses easily from fur. I purchased this product because it was recommended for dogs with skin allergies. I think it cleaned my dog very well without leaving any harmful stuff that would aggravate her allergies.
By dawner
October 27, 2011
Currently using on my Golden and works great. Live in Canada and had no issues getting it delivered. Great work Entirely Pets! Will order again.
By SMiller
July 12, 2011
Extremely happy with this product. We found a stray dog that was covered in sores and seemed to have an ongoing skin condition. This product was recommended to me and I was impressed that for a medicated shampoo, the scent was pleasant and didn't smell like the typical medicated shampoos. It's mild enough to use once a week. Most importantly, it's been over a year since I've had my dog and his skin condition is completely gone! The only pet shampoo I will ever use!
By Lab L.
Inveness, Fl
Best shampoo for itchy dogs!!!
May 3, 2010
Works great for dogs with foul odor, itchy/flaky skin. It's all I use for my chocolate lab:) I must say it does have a very sterile like smell, but works GREAT!!! I will continue to but this shampoo!! it is worth the price and recommended by my vet!
By Jezebel's m.
Great treatment for serious allergies
June 6, 2008
Hi all, Jezebel has an awful case of allergies coupled with a beautiful, blond, very thick coat. I wash her weekly in Universal Medicated Shampoo and Leave-In Aloe and Oatmeal conditioner, and it maintains her very nicely even without an antihistamine. She flares up when the seasons change, so I may start her on an antihistamine as well, but regardless her life would not be the same without the shampoo. Before I found it I wasn't sure what to do--and I wasn't even sure she was happy being alive! She is certainly happy now, and her beautiful, and very clean, coat attracts her LOTS of attention. Highly recommended.

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