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By Rose
New Stanton Pa
Great Product, best price.
February 4, 2015
This is the only medicine my vet gives me that clears my dogs ears up for yeast infection. I have pugs who get cronic ear infection and 1 is on routine care to prevent ear infections. The price is lower than when I have to purchase it at the vets, it's the exact same item. Works great and quickly.
By pat
January 21, 2015
A very useful product in combating both bacterial and fungal causes for otitis externa in dogs
By anid
lima, ohio
its the only thing to use for ear infection
January 16, 2015
my dogs vet used to sell this to us for infected doggy ears...but the prices here so SO much better. there is no better place to shop for doggy necessities.....the ear ointment requires no cleaning of the ears before use and after doing the 7 day treatment the infection is ALWAYS totally healed it's the best thing and so is the web store .
By Bucky649
Great product
January 16, 2015
My dog Shadow gets ear problems every now and then. It is very costly to go to vet. Office visit and then to buy the meds. I thought I'd give this a try. It works like a charm. Took care of problem. I'll keep this handy for any flare ups.
By flasunshine
Seminole, Fla.
relieves itching
January 16, 2015
My cat has allergies and the vet had prescribed these ear drops. They help to soften any build-up and relieve itching.
By Jj
Chronic ear infections
December 20, 2014
Zymox is amazing. Works better than anything the vet gave us.
By Happy T.
Vet asked for name of product
December 8, 2014
My lab spends a lot of time cooling off in the pool during the hot Texas summers. Many trips to the vet for persistent ear infections. He had his checkup today and the vet called me to ask me what I was using for his ears. This is a fantastic product and saved us lots of time and money to the vet!
By Becky
Summerville, GA
Best Purchase Ever
September 15, 2014
Zymox Otic has been a blessing for our dog. She has had ear problems since she found us and came to live with us 11 years ago. She is now 16. The vet has given us quite a few prescriptions over the years but Zymox Otic seems to work the best and clears up the problem for longer periods of time. Thank you so much.
By Navy M.
Bklyn, NY
Ear Magic
August 20, 2014
No more spending $$$ at the vet to ears mess that don't work this stuff is ear magic
By Cal
Stony Plain, Alberta - Canada
August 18, 2014
After 2 days treating my dog's ear, there was a noticeable improvement and less odour from the ear. After 4 days, it looked like it was clearing up. I persevered for a week but there was little difference between days 6 and 7 - she must have been a sever case because only after a full 12 days treatment, her ear was pink, smooth and odour free. She still gets a lot of wax build-up after a few days but a quick dose of the Otic and it clears it out nicely. Best product I have tried. More effective, faster acting and way cheaper than the endless antibiotics and expensive junk the vets kept peddling me.
By Sue
This WORKS!!!!!!
July 28, 2014
I used this on my adult lab for 7 days and his ear yeast infection is GONE!!! The smell went away about 3-4 days during use but I continued the Zymox and gave it to him for a week. I have been a pet owner for many years and I didn't know about this. You can rest assure I will keep Zymox on hand from now on.
By Gen
Hickory Hills, il
This product changed Rocky's life!
July 17, 2014
I adopted Rocky from a shelter last Fall. He is a nine year old lab mix. As I discovered, he had a chronic ear infection. We made several trips to two different vets; however, nothing seemed to clear things up. A friend recommended you to me and, also, suggested this product. After following the directions, there was a dramatic improvement in Rocky's condition. His suffering has gone and he seems to look forward to periodic maintenance treatment. Many Thanks!
By Liz
Review for Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
July 15, 2014
works really well in conjunction with the zymox cleanser.
By kyconeng
Fort Myers, FL
Awesome - works fast
July 6, 2014
After vet visits, months of treating, one week treating my pup's ear infection with Zymox Otic, it was GONE. And is still gone after 7 weeks. You get an ample amount to have on hand incase you need it again but, ....maybe I won't even need it :-) I can't say enough, it worked unbelievable fast. Please believe this review. Well worth the money.
By Sue
Great produce that works
July 1, 2014
These ear drops are great. I use whenever my guy starts itching the ears which keep the problems under control. Less expensive than the vet.
By Suzy
Great product!
June 14, 2014
Zymox Otic is the best ear product that I've ever bought. It works!!!! Thank goodness. Our poor Beau (Black Lab) was often miserable with whatever it is that is chronic in Labs. We desperately tried many things, and of course knew that we were going to have to go the expensive veterinary route, when we saw Zymox and thought "What the heck, it's not expensive." We actually could not believe it when, after one application, the relief that Beau felt was so obvious, and we were thrilled. It does not cure the condition forever, but whenever I see that his ears are starting to bother him, I get out the Zymox. Yes! Do your Dog a favor and buy this product.
By Greg
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!
June 13, 2014
My 4 year old Lab has suffered through the last year with a nasty yeast infection in his ears. He loves the water, and as a result, his ears were constantly infected. Vet visits, triazole chemistry creams, (including female OTC creams)--nothing worked. Cleaning his ears was a traumatic event for all involved. I read about Zymox on the internet. Began a 2 week regime, and within 3 days, he stopped itching. Ears are clean. Product is excellent!
By Joe
No More Itchy Dirty Ears
June 2, 2014
My dog is a Labradoodle with floppy ears that are prone to getting dirty/waxy and various infections. I have tried several products over the years ranging from those that don't work at all to those that do a halfway job. The Zymox immediately stopped the itching and head shaking and the ears were clean and shiny in 3-5 days. Especially easy to administer since it is a gel form and also didn't bother the dog like liquid. This was recommended by our Vet.
By Nitaruth
Elizabethtown, Ky.
Only purchase ever
June 1, 2014
This is the only medicine for my shitzu's chronic ear infections I can buy without a perscription that really works..Can't live without it and alot cheaper from Entirely Pets that regular pet stores....'
By Rosie
It works
May 27, 2014
Our pug has problems with itchy ears, this product works almost instantly and lasts. Best thing I've found yet to help her...
By littlewop51
woodsfield oh
great stuff
May 27, 2014
this zymox otic is great stuff, my dog gets ear infections all the time, I used to take her to the vet, which was always a hundred bucks, the zymox clears her ears up fast an is just as good as the stuff I bought from my vet., only its a lot cheaper, if your dog has ear trouble, this is the stuff to get,
By Babslynne
May 14, 2014
I am so happy I bought this product. My Pekingese has allergies so he kept getting this re-occurring ear infection. I used this product for him for 7 days, even though it looked like is was all cleared up by the 4th day. I will always keep this on hand!
By lcook130
ONLY thing that works for my beagle
April 30, 2014
I have an 11 year old Beagle who is extremely prone to yeast and bacterial infections in her ears. Her ears will swell so bad sometimes, I can't even get medicine down in them. Zymox is the ONLY product that works for her and works consistently. It is worth every penny I have ever spent on it.
By Daisy's m.
Omaha, NE
Seems to work as well as prescription
April 20, 2014
I've always gotten a prescription for my dog's ear infections, but Zymox has worked just as well and I believe it's a little cheaper than the prescription was. I've bought it a couple of times now and have been very pleased with the results.
By DogMommy
San Antonio, Texas
April 20, 2014
My lab mix had problems with her ears since she was a puppy with a dark waxy buildup and odor. She constantly scratched her ears and I tried a variety of remedies and vet meds through the years with no real improvement. I used this for about 14 days and it seems mild as she was quite tolerant of the application. Now her ears are NORMAL!!! I still use it once every 2 weeks as maintenance dose, but I'm not even sure she needs it. My dog and I LOVE this product!!!
By Bee
Keeps me from spending money at the vet!
April 16, 2014
My dog has had on-and-off ear infections for years. Sometimes vinegar and water would help, but only for a while. Othe times my vet would give my dog percrption medication--not inexpensive. I did some research and found this product and now I've been using this for years with my veterinaian's blessing. It works for my dog! I don't know how it would work on serious cases, though, because as soon as I see some debris on my dog's ear or smell that stinky yeasty smell, I treat. Zymox Otic is great!
By Mary
Palmer, MA
Zymox Otic
April 13, 2014
I was amazed at how well this product worked. My dog suffers from ear infections (yeast/bacteria) and it was frustrating going back & forth to the vets. When I heard of Zymox I just had to give it a try and with 1 bottle her ears are back to normal. Absolutely love it!
By shar
best purchase ever
April 4, 2014
My dog has allergies and his ears get infected, this stuff works, I don't have to take him to the vet when I know all it is is allergies, best stuff ever.
By CatGuy
Better than Rx
April 2, 2014
I have a cat who is prone to yeast infections of the ear. I have found this product to be more effective than the prescription antibiotic, and it is safe for long term use.
By minischnauzer30
March 26, 2014
This clears up my mini schnauzers ear infections and I use weekly to keep his ears happy.
By Vicki
Orlando, Florida
March 10, 2014
Our dog is prone to chronic ear infections, and this seems to be the only thing helping him.
By SueM
February 21, 2014
Thank You ,Just what we needed .Best Buy Ever
By Amarillodude
Amarillo, TX
An exceptional product.
February 17, 2014
This is the only product I have found to solve my dog's ear problems. When he starts rubbing his ears on the floor or grass, I immediately start the Zymox treatment. In a few days, his ears are better.
By Sharcaft
Healed my dogs ears.
January 30, 2014
My little dog had a long standing ear infection..ear was scaled, red, and lymph node under ear was enlarged.. Zymox was recommended by my google search, ordered it, and applied as instructed. His ear showed improvement in two days and after two weeks his ear infection appears to be healed.
By Val
Good Stuff
January 13, 2014
Ongoing ear problems with English Setter. Food allergy problems. Been trying different food for 5 years (homemade for 3). Still haven't figured out digestion/allergy problem. Used up old ear med from vet - used for 7 days. Thought infection was gone but came back. Vet bills for cats exceeded $400 this month so excited I could buy this without prescription. Been using for 2 weeks - finally looks like cleared up but to be sure, will use until bottle is empty.
By Lynn
Bedford, Tx.
Good Purchase
January 7, 2014
This product has worked very well on my pet.
By Lady B.
A wonder product for floppy earred dogs
January 7, 2014
Zymox is an amazing product. I have owned cocker spanial dogs for years, and this product is the very best for treating their ear problems. And the strange thing is, after the dogs initially get used to the drops in their ears, and the relief from the itchy smelly ear funk, the dogs never resist the drops in their ears again.
By Jackie
Zymox Otic for my pets ears
December 30, 2013
I brought this in hopes that it would help with my little girls ear problems.The cost to take to the vets was so pricy so I thought give it a try. What a great product this is it cleared her ears up with in the first 7 days. Now I just keep a close watch on ears and first sign of any problems and I am reaching for Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone.This stuff is great and so much better then running to the vets all the time. I will keep this on hand at all times.
By allbeef
Worked like magic
December 20, 2013
This product saved us an expensive trip to the vet! Thanks!!
By Dmjbutler
Puerto Rico
Greatest ear product on the market
December 17, 2013
I would not buy anything else for my dogs. I have also started using the Zymox ear cleaner as well. Great product!
By sharpeimom
Fairborn, OH
December 14, 2013
Zymox seems to soothe my dogs pain that comes with irritated ears and heals them quickly. It is not as messy as some and has a thicker consistency that doesn't sling out when he shakes. It saved me a trip to the vet which is a blessing because he gets them often. Would definitely buy again.
By lee
Dauphin Island, Alabama
Works good
December 4, 2013
So far it has worked real good and kept him from scratching his ears so much
By jakenjuli
Austin, TX
Believe the hype!
November 6, 2013
I had seen that the product had over 1200 five star reviews on Amazon, and I read a few and felt confident this would work. I am a single mom and have very little extra money. I knew my pets were having trouble with their ears, and I knew it wasn't mites (I'd already spent over $200 to find that out), but I didn't want them to suffer, so I searched all over my city and could not find Zymox in stores. I ordered online and received a well-packed product very quickly and immediately began the course of administering the solution to my pets' ears. Within a day, the odor and scratching were gone. I followed the directions carefully and have not had another problem (it has been about 3 weeks since I stopped). I have posted a pic of the product on Facebook and recommended to all my friends. My pets, my children (who were very worried) and I thank you!
By Cate
Zymox Otic is great!
November 5, 2013
We have a cocker spaniel with recurring ear infections. The thick, goopy medicine the vet puts in her ears gets all over those long cocker spaniel ears and it takes forever to get it out of her hair. So, I decided to try Zymox Otic. What a difference! It is a clear liquid, no mess, easy to apply, no vet expense, no scratching of the ears, and the ear infection is gone!!! So glad I tried it!
By Cheryl
New york
November 3, 2013
My yellow lab mix has had ear problems since the day we adopted him. His ears would smell so bad and the poor baby would scratch and shake his head constantly. The rescue I got him from had him on antibiotics and it did clear up pretty well , but I noticed within a few days of going off them it would be back. We went through about four cycles of Antibiotic's with our vet with same results. I read about zymox and tried it, along with limiting the amount of grain, corn and soy in his diet the zymox works wonders. At first it was every day but now once a wk or ten days is perfect! And I've found the absolute best prices at Entirely Pets, by far!
By GwenCAz
Tucson, Az
Zymox Rocks
November 2, 2013
We have a three yr old Basset hound which we adopted 5 months ago. We've never had a dog with long, floppy ears so this was a learning time for us. After spending over $1000 in the first month on vet bills and medication it was time to find something new. Zymox worked after the first day and did what all those meds from the dr couldn't do: cleared up her raging ear infection and got rid of that awful funky smell. Thanks Zymox, you gave a customer for life !
By TanknBean
upstate NY
October 30, 2013
This is a great product for any pet! My pug gets a few ear infections, where inside his ears the lap part, turn red and he shakes his head a lot. After applying Zymox for the 7 days his ear clears up and he is more comfortable! I recommend this product entirely!
By Griffin
Awesome ear infection remedy
October 28, 2013
our dog suffers from chronic ear infections and what the vet sold us doesn't hold a candle to Zymox Otic with Hydrocortizone!
By maxie
Helps itchy yeasty ears
October 17, 2013
My cat has been using this for over 5 years as he has a yeast infection in his ears and this helps him
By Kimbo
Love this product!
October 16, 2013
We have Westies that get alot of ear infections. Once we see one starting we immediatley start the Zmox solution and by the end of the 7 days their ears are clear.

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