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Question Submission Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This tool is intended to provide answers to questions pertaining to specific products. The questions will be answered by EntirelyPets staff or other consumers and are aimed at giving you, a potential consumer, insight into how the product works. Think of this resource as a friend who recently purchased a product that you are considering trying out for yourself.

This means that, since the questions will only be answered by other customers, that any questions you submit should pertain specifically to the experience of using the product. Some examples of acceptable questions to submit to this section are included below:

  • Will using an Adaptil DAP diffuser bother my cats?
  • About how many times can you bathe a large dog (50-70 lbs) per 250-mL bottle of Malaseb Shampoo?
  • How often do you need to replace the batteries for the Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Training System?

If you have a question about shipping such as the cost of shipping to your location or the speed at which your product will be shipped, please visit our shipping section to see our policies and practices. For additional questions regarding shipping, delivery, orders, returns, payment, or promotions- check out our FAQ section. If this section does not answer your questions, you can contact our customer service department by e-mail, via online chat, or by calling 1-800-889-8967.